Swap Time Day 01: Poppy Brown

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I kept well out of trouble all week and at last it was Friday afternoon, 4.30, home time.

I was excited as Daddy had agreed with my dad I could stay the weekend as he had a training weekend planned, but I had no idea what it could be.

After dinner I cleared everything away and went up to join Daddy for my bath.

As I soaked in all the bubbles I was told this is a special weekend and I would find out more tomorrow at breakfast.

Daddy said tonight I would sleep with him and P, I knew it would not be a good restful sleep and I was right.

I was sent up to warm Daddies place at 9.30 and at 10.00 him and P came up to bed.

P got in first and told me to put my hands above my head to prepare me for Daddy when he had showered.

It was a lovely evening, so loving and still no spanking.

It being weekend I woke them at 7.00, Daddy took P and I was told to shower.

Just toast and coffee for breakfast and I saw P had brought an overnight case down and put it in the hallway.

“You are to have an adventure today Poppy and over the weekend.”

“Yes Sir.” My tummy began to knot up.

“We will drop you at the railway station and you will go to Leeds, then change platform for the Sheffield train.

You will be met outside the station foyer by a Mr. K. who will be stood just through the glass doors under the clock with a bottle of wine in his hands.”

“Yes Sir.” I felt a tear run down my cheek, I put my toast down, my appetite had gone as my mouth dried up.

Daddy wiped my tear.

“Darling girl, you do not have to go, no one in life will ever force you, this is a big part of the trust, respect and obedience training.”

P spoke, “You know no one would ever put you in danger Poppy and we mean never?”

“Yes Ma-am, I know, sorry for blubbing Daddy.”

“Mr. K will obviously be referred to as Sir. He will deal with you much as you are dealt with here and at home, strict, but fair.

Mr. K. ataşehir escort is a dear friend of P and me, we have known them over 30 years, you frowned Poppy, please ask anything you need to know.”

I coughed, “Daddy, you said them.”

“Yes popps them, but she will be here, this is your first, of, many in your life, swaps.”


“Was that an, over the table for a train ride belting, or was it an, i won’t let you down Daddy, Oh?”

I stood and cuddled Daddy, tighttttttttttt, “Daddy, it was both Sir, may I take a rain check on the belting, please?”

My tears let me down again, P joined in the cuddle.

“Of course littleone, ready?”

“Yes Sir.” I remember giving a big Snifffff as I went for my case, I had no idea what was in it, no nighty for sure.

Daddy and P drove away from the station, I did not look back, tears rolling down my face.

“Poppy Brown?”

“Yes Mr. K, Sir, pleased to meet you, thank you for being here to collect me Sir.” I kissed his cheek.

He was mid 40s I guess, well spoken, very smart and as we made our way to his Porsche, successful.

“Before you put your seat belt on, remove your knickers and pop them in the glove compartment.

I too the liberty of getting you a take away Costa, Latte, no sugar.”

He passed me it, damn tears, “Thank you Sir, perfect exactly as I take it.”

We stopped in a secluded place on a hill overlooking the City, I felt a spanking coming on for sure and a big sigh crept out.

“What are you thinking Poppy?”

“That I am about to be spanked here and now Sir, and wondered if I would be naked?”

“Would it worry you, an outdoor, naked spanking?”

“No Sir, my Daddy said he trusted you with his life and so do I, should I get out and strip naked Sir?”

“No Poppy, it’s too cold but, Good Girl.”

Good Girl, Sir said those magic words, the words every girl in the CDD lifestyle longed to hear, I was a Good Girl.

“May kadıköy escort I thank you though Sir?” Where in heavens name did that come from?

Sir pushed his seat right back and unbuckled my seat belt.

I raised my skirt to my waist and lifted my jumper under my chin, no bra and as it was so cold my nipples were stretched and glowed like beacons.

My Lord I was so tingly.

I leant over to his seat and seductively unzipped him, everything Daddy had taught me on wanking came into my head, fumble as I remove his cock from his pants, as though it’s so big I can hardly handle it in my tiny hands.

When I have him out watch for his reaction as I rub the base, then top of his shaft, stroked his ball sack and then squeezed his balls in rhythm of my wanking.

As I leant over to suck, did he like his pee hole sucked as much as his cock and balls.

I also remembered to move my body, so his fingers have easy access to all areas he feels he needs to poke or squeeze.

His willy was not as long as Daddy and not as thick as my dad’s, but we both enjoyed the attention I gave him.

I took him fully in and the muscles in my throat massaged his end, as Daddy once again had taught me.

Sir respectfully pushed my head back a little as he cum to allow me to swallow it all, every drop.

I thought we would be moving off, but no, he reached into the back of his car for a rug and pushed it under my bottom and from his steering wheel reclined my seat and pushed t back.

Was I now to be fucked, wow what a recovery from Sir?

No, he fully serviced me with his tongue, teeth, lips and fingers, and not just once or even twice or…

We got to his house, not too sure what it looked like from the outside, I was somewhat taken aback by a man, in a type of uniform who came to meet him and take my case.

“Take Poppy to her room please Jones.”

It was 1.15, I wondered how the rest of the weekend would bostancı escort bayan pan out, I did not have to wait long, Jones came in excuse me calling him that, I don’t know what else to call him.

He ran me a bath, obviously under instruction, then spoke.

“I am instructed to undress and bath you Miss Poppy.”

I stood and he did just that.

“Oh, my knickers are in the car glove box and as you see, not much point in wearing a bra.”

I went to walk to the bathroom when he sat on the bed gently pulled me over his knee and spanked me to tears, not the hardest ever, but ouch.

“That is a taster of what will happen if you are a naughty girl Miss Poppy.”

He stood me up and popped me in the bath and gave me a gentle but thorough wash also inspected my pussy for any rogue hairs.

When I got out, I was walked down the corridor, still wet and into Sir’s bedroom.

He was at in a chair by his desk and turned it round.

“Thank you Jones.”

Jones nodded and closed the door.

Now Poppy Brown what did I owe you?”

“A spanking Sir.”

He spun me round “I see Jones warmed you up?”

I lowered my head as I nodded.

He patted his knee and I went over, as taught, my hands gripping the bottom rail of his chair, legs apart until my pussy lips opened and bottom as high as I could without raising off his knee.

He spanked me from the back of my legs to just above my waist.

Did I cry, oh yes I cried and cried and yelped, but I had it coming?

He stopped and rubbed my bottom and I went into the thank you position and stiffened him to just above slack.

He pulled out of my mouth and moved to his bed and I followed.

He simply laid me over and fucked me, pretty rough, that’s said in fairness to him, my bottom very sore and he kept giving me the odd slap of superiority.

Jones knocked and was bid in, he took me back to my room and put me in the shower.

When I got out he was sat on the bed, and I instinctively went over for a spanking, but he creamed me all over, it was so soothing.

He went to the wardrobe and got out a fairy costume, no knickers of course and he dressed me and took me down stairs and into the kitchen.

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