Sweet Sister Ch. 15e

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Ch.15-5 The Party Part 5

I re-entered the room with Aunt Polly and had to do a double take. There were three nuns standing by the fireplace locked in busy conversation giggling and pointing out various sights around the room. I looked quizzically at Aunt Polly.

“Aunt Polly,” I asked, “there is apparently three nuns over there. I didn’t realise this was fancy dress.”

“No, no dear.” Aunt Polly replied unfazed. “Those are real nuns. They are from the convent just outside the village. We let the Mother Superior know when the parties are on and they usually turn up at quite late. They come in through the back for reasons of discretion but there must be sixteen going on seventeen of them that turn up from time to time.”

“But they’re nuns!” I protested.

“Yes dear, they are. Even nuns have the occasional bad habit, you know.” She smirked. “Come I’ll introduce you.”

The nuns had focused their attention on my brother and the twin by the time we got to them. Alan was between the girls who were absently stroking his stiff cock and fluid balls while they watched Mr Datchet plough into his daughter’s behind while she sucked her brother’s cock. They broke their reverie as the nuns approached them.

“What a blessed thing that is, young man. May I?” one of the nuns asked pointing to Alan’s erect member. Without waiting for an answer she bent down to softly stroke the rampant flesh. “Mmm, quite lovely.”

“Ahem.” Coughed Aunt Polly gaining attention. “Really, Sister Maria shouldn’t you wait to be introduced before handling a young man’s equipment.” She smiled.

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Chimed in a second nun.

“May I introduce you now?” carried on Aunt Polly. “This is Sam and the young man with the painfully stiff erection is her brother, Alan. April and May you already know. Sam, Alan this is Sister Maria, Sister Berthe and Sister Margaretta.”

“Pleased to meet you, we’re sure.” They responded in unison.

“What a delightful young lady too.” Said Sister Margaretta reaching out and gently caressing my left breast.

Sister Maria looked fidgety. “May I, er um …” she mumbled.

“Oh, carry on Sister.” Said Aunt Polly understanding fully.

The nun resumed her examination of Alan’s prick by bending over and running her pink tongue over the head. Falling to her knees she enveloped a good two thirds of the shaft into her mouth in a well practised swoop.

“Candles.” Said Sister Berthe.

“Wha..?” I queried.

“Candles, my dear child.” She continued as if reading my mind. “We practise on candles at the convent to hone our penis sucking skills. Don’t quite taste the same though and the wick can tickle the throat a bit too. It’s been a bit of a mountain to climb but as we nuns say, climb every mountain ..”

Sister Margaretta slid her hand down softly between my legs and as she slipped her finger through my wet slit added, “Mmmm, and ford every stream.”

“Aaaah,” I moaned as her finger grazed my clit, “I would have thought you nuns would have had enough of playing with other girls being in a convent and all.”

“Oh quite the contrary, Sam.” Sister Margaretta smiled and licked my juices off her finger, “The local priesthood often visit us. It’s taken a while, right enough, to break their predilection for choir boys and getting them to favour vaginal sex was a struggle. Our confessional must be the only one in the country with a glory hole!” She laughed. “Now where were we?”

She nonchalantly placed her fingers back into my cunt slit and slid them around in my juices. At the same time she guided my hand up to her heavy breast urging me to caress it through the woollen habit. She gasped as I found her stiff nipple and closed my finger and thumb around it, “Oooh, I’m going to have to teach you some manners, young lady. I’m going to lick you into shape.” She grinned.

April and May rearranged themselves on the large sofa and pulled me down between them. With a leg each they split me apart upturning my lower half so I was on full display to the nun. Their hands slipped down my thighs and oozed into my sex gently pulling my pussy lips apart and showing off the glistening pink flesh within. “Sister Margaretta, perhaps you would like to start licking Sam into shape here?” they chorused.

“Mmmm, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” She hummed. “Ooh a wet pussy hole, a juicy enlarged clitoris and a beautifully tight little anus. These are some of my favourite things.”

Sister Margaretta pounced. Falling to her knees she slowly licked her way down my thighs towards my honey pot. On arrival she used the tip of her tongue to rain little butterfly kisses on my outer lips driving me ataşehir escort bayan insane. It seemed to go on forever.

“Pleeeeeeese Sister,” I groaned, “please put your tongue into my pussy. I’m sooo wet I can feel my juices trickling over my bum. God, I need your tongue sooo bad.”

“Now young lady, no blasphemy please.” She scolded. Then with a lightening stab of her tongue, “Here?”

“Oooh yes”

“Or here?”


“And what about here?”

Ooooooooh yeeeees!” I yelled as her tongue wormed itself into my anus and her nose buried itself in my sopping hole. The twin beamed at me then fell upon my aching nipples tonguing and sucking them into their velvet soft mouths.

Next to me, not that I could give a toss at that time, Alan was getting the blowjob of his life. Sister Maria had his cock all the way down her throat and was lightly bobbing her head. The sight of her face framed in wimple and veil with her lips stretched around Alan’s shaft was erotic to say the least. The look on his face was ecstatic as he tried to hold back from exploding down her throat. Finally he had to give in to sense and pushed Sister Maria back leaving his rock hard cock dripping with her saliva.

“Ooooh Sister,” he moaned, “that was terrific. Now how about letting me find out if your pussy is as expert as your mouth.” He crudely ventured.

“Reckon you can handle me, big boy?” She teased. Lifting her habit around her waist she revealed a nicely trimmed bush and further down her pussy lips were completely shaved. “Oooh this will never do.” She fussed and pulled the whole garment over her head. Her pendulous breasts bounced down from the confines of her robes and swayed heavily as she mounted my brother. “Here suck on these while I get that lovely hard cock into me.” She commanded.

Alan’s face disappeared amid an ocean of rolling flesh as Sister Maria thrust her monumental chest forward. Reaching under her she located Alan’s throbbing shaft and guided it to her pussy hole. Lowering herself in one movement she impaled herself with a loud groan.

Meanwhile Sister Margaretta had stepped up her lapping at my pussy. Her tongue rasped over my hole and centred for a few agonising seconds against my clit before trailing down and burrowing into my leaking cunt. Behind her Sister Berthe lifted leaned forward, lifted Sister Margaretta’s habit over her behind and inserted two fingers into her friend’s pussy.

I felt the tongue force forward and a loud groan vibrate through my pussy as Sister Margaretta received a rapid fingering. Lifting her head momentarily she moaned to her friend, “Fuck me Sister, aaaah .. oooh .. get down and fuck me now. Make me suck this little girl to orgasm.”

Sister Berthe lifted her habit and …

“Bloody oooh … aaah ..hell! What the … oooh .. uh .. uh fuck’s that!” I managed to exclaim.

Sister Berthe had raised her habit above her waist and there in the middle of her crotch was an enormous cock with a pair of bull sized testicles dangling below. Sister Berthe was … was … was a Brother! A Big Brother at that. His cock must have been 10 inches at least and that was probably just the girth.

She/He grinned a big broad grin. “Not your average nun, eh?” He laughed easing the head of his cock against Sister Margaretta’s expectant hole. “Still the Sisters aren’t likely to rat me out, now are they?” He continued thrusting the full extent of his manhood deep into the Sister’s pussy.

“Yeeeeeeooowwww, fuck.” Balled Sister Margaretta. “Fuck, yes …oooooh … aah ..aaaah … ooooh. Always … aaah .. aaah .. gets me ..oooh .. ooh .. even though I know aaah … aaaaaah .. its coming.”

The scene was too much. I grabbed Sister Margaretta by the veil and slapped her mouth back into my cunt. Her tongue at first in my hole, flicked out and thrashed against my super sensitive clit. “Holy shiiiiit, Sister I’m going to cum” I screamed as the rapid fucking she was getting rammed her against my crotch. “Here it …aaah … aaah … ooooooh …. Uh .. uh .. uh .. uugh … cummmmmmmmmmmms.”

My body jerked involuntarily forcing myself harder against the rocking nun’s face as wave after wave or orgasmic bliss washed over me. I tried to come down but Sister Margaretta was being rammed so hard her tongue continued to thrash all over my dripping slit. Eventually the twin had to help me out of the way before I passed out. April and May’s soothing hands roamed over my aching body and they placed little kisses over my breasts and thighs.

“Ooooh yes, Sister Berthe, fuck yesss …oooh aah … aaah … aaaah,” Sister Margaretta’s shrieking tore me from my reverie. “Fuck ..aaah .. aaah … oooh I’m going .. aaah …oooh .. to escort kadıköy cum … yes … yesss … ooooooooh sweeeeeeeeet jaysuuuuuuuuuuuussssss.” She yelled as ‘Sister’ Berthe’s cock fucked her to a tremendous orgasm.

I just had to see this massive cock pounding her pussy. The three of us rolled off the sofa and gathered around Sister Margaretta’s rear end. We stared in amazement as Sister Margaretta’s pussy lips sucked onto Sister Berthe’s cock and pulled in and out with each stroke. The gigantic beast was flecked with white and glistened with cunt juice but was nothing but a blur as it tore into her.

I reached round and weighed Sister Berthe’s balls, gently squeezing and fondling them. I felt like Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny playing with those ball bearings (I just love the old films, don’t you?). My attention was making Sister Berthe groan.

“Oooh Sister M, I’m going to cum soon.” He moaned.

I thought: “I need to see this”

We had gathered quite a crowd and I caught the eyes of Bobby and Martin in the audience. I beckoned them over taking a few seconds to become re-acquainted with their small but effective organs. Taking each in turn in my mouth I made sure they were dripping wet when I finished. Then I pointed at the twin bottoms beside me.

After some moments of frustration, getting them to understand my signals, they each grasped a twin set of hips and eased their young pricks into a vagina each.

“Mmmm, wondered what I was missing.” Moaned May pushing back against the invader.

“Oooh yes, Bobby, fuck my hot pussy.” Gasped April.

The boys had beaming smiles on their faces as they poked their stiff pricks into the twin’s hot tight pussy holes. Grinning into the crowd Bobby yelled, “Look Mummy, I’m fucking April’s cunt hole.”

“Boys, be sure to give those girls a big hard cum before you shoot into their lovely wet pussies.” Their mother called back. “Mummy’s watching now. Oooh you’re making Mummy so hot,” she groaned rubbing her shaved slit.

“Oooh girls, I’m cumming.” Shouted Sister Berthe. “Watch me spurt .. oh yesss.” As he pulled his immense prick out of Sister Margaretta’s hole.

April, May and I all gasped as his shiny cock was presented to us to lick. I swear I heard a rumble like a volcano about to erupt, then his cock strained hard as he pulled the foreskin back, almost painfully to the base. A long rope of jism ejected from the cock slit ricocheted off my cheek and fired over Sister Margaretta’s shoulder. It splattered on the back of a bucking Sister Maria and rolled down the crevice of her twin cheeks and dripped onto Alan’s dancing balls. Wow!

A second, as powerful as the first, erupted but our lapping tongues and open mouths were ready this time. Three sets of tongues flicked through the stream and three open mouths sucked in the thick cream. Our faces, hair and shoulders not to mention Sister Margaretta’s back and bottom, ended up streaked as a third, fourth and fifth salvo arched from the straining prick. Our mouths were full as we worked overtime on the massive load, our tongues entwined and cum travelled from cheek to mouth to mouth.

Eventually the flow ebbed and Sister Berthe smeared his sticky cockhead in the folds of Sister Margaretta’s pussy lips as she moaned her appreciation.

“Mmmm, ” I intoned. “Sister Berthe, that was .. slurp .. something else. Got any more?”

The Sister laughed. “Not for a little while.” He said crudely rubbing his sticky head through the cum on my lips and cheeks. “Your brother looks like he might be ready to feed you though.” He nodded in the direction of Alan and Sister Maria.

Alan didn’t look like he’d surfaced for air since Sister Maria buried his face in her ample bosom. However he was still bucking into her pounding pussy and muffled moans were coming from deep within the mountainous flesh.

“Oooh Alan, fuck Sister’s pussy darling boy.” Sister Maria panted. “Give me all that lovely boy meat. Fuck me ..uh .. uuh … uuh ..stick it right up my cunt, yess. Ooooh I’m going to …uuuh …aaah … aaaaah … cum all over your ha .. haa. hard cock. Here I cuuuuuuuuummmmmm.”

She ground herself into Alan’s lap forcing his cock deep inside her sloshing pussy. Alan’s legs stiffened and I knew he was pumping his cum into the nun’s womb.

Moments elapsed and Sister Maria rolled off my brother with a wet slurping sound. His cock was soaking wet and a dribble of his cum still leaked from his cock slit. I eased myself over to him mesmerised by the dripping state of his manhood. Looking up at him I took most of the length of his still hard prick into my mouth and proceeded to lick him clean.

When I had finished I tipped my head back on his thigh. bostancı escort Sister Maria understood immediately and stretched her leg over my head easing her cum full pussy down onto my lips. I drank deep tasting both her copious flood and Alan’s cum mixed together. I felt a mini orgasm shiver my body as the last dribble of cum slid down my throat.

Alan stroked my matted hair as I lay there unable to move while Sister Maria ran her fingers around Alan’s softening cock and played with her well-fucked pussy. We idly watched as the two boys fucked the twin.

Sister Margaretta seemingly unfazed by her rabid fucking directed operations. “Now boys move your hands around the girl’s tummies so you can reach down and play with their clits while you fuck them,” she instructed.

“Ooooh fuck, yesss Bobby play with my clit. Oooh pinch it, squeeze it,” cried April.

“Yes, likewise Marty, rub it real hard and make me cum.” Sobbed May rocking to the severe pounding in her cunt.

“Now boys,” continued Sister Margaretta, “how about you fuck their tight little arseholes with those lovely, slippery little peckers of yours.”

“Oooh yes, Sister,” chorused the twin, “make them fuck our arseholes, pleeeease.”

“Yes, yes.” Encouraged the boy’s mother. “Like you did to Mummy boys. Push it deep into their hot little bottoms. You love that don’t you?”

The two boys looked at each other and grinned broadly. Slipping their cocks out of the twin’s pussies they both pressed their stiff pricks against a respective anus and pushed home.

“Nrrrrrgh yesssss.” Groaned May.

“Mmmmmgggh fuck, yess.” April responded as her anus spread to accommodate the intrusion.

Both boys started pumping hard into the twin’s hot bottom holes as the girls moaned and panted in ecstasy. Sister Margaretta beckoned over the boys’ mother as she knelt down beside April and Bobby. Her hand traced slowly over the boy’s back and started to fondle his silky bum cheeks. She signalled to the mother who followed suit with her son Martin running her hands over his arse cheeks and softly stroking the cleft between.

Both women now reached under the girls first gently squeezing their firm little titties then moving down so that they could rub the stiff little clits. As they did so the other hand was exploring the boys’ bouncing ball sacks before each pressed a finger firmly against a young lad’s anus.

“Oooh Mummy, ” cooed Martin as he bucked harder into May’s tight button hole, “yes Mummy, please play with my bottom. Push your finger inside, pleeeese.”

“All in good time Martin,” his mother gently replied, “Mummy’s going to help you cum deep inside May’s hot little bumhole. I want to feel you spray your lovely hot juice up her tight little hole. Wait ’til Mummy says then pump your cum in her.”

“Oh God, keep rubbing my clit, Sister, ” moaned April pushing back hard against the stiff prick in her rectum, “Ooooh … aaah .. aaaah .. you’re both going to make me uuh .. uuh .. cum soon.”

“Oh Sister, Margaretta, “grunted Bobby, “aaah … your finger’s going in my bottom … ooooh … aaah … aahhh . That’s luuuuvly. I can feel a cum going to happen Sister, mmmm yes. Make me cum in April’s arsehole.”

Sister Margaretta looked over at the mother as she slipped the tip of her finger into her son’s anus. “Guess we ought to help these guys and girls out, eh Momma?”

At her signal both women slid their fingers deep inside a boy’s bottom. The other hand flicked quickly over a sensitive clit and all the youngsters yelled out together.

“Aaaaah … ooooh .. I’m cummnmmming.” Screamed May.

“Oooooh .. uuuh … uuuh … I’m going to spurt in you April, ” cried Bobby as he emptied his tight balls into her bowels.

“I’m uuuuh … uuuuh … aaaaaah …filling you up aaaa .. aaa .. May. Here I cuuuuuummmmm.” Balled Martin as his prick pulsed in her rectum.

“Nnnnnnrrrrrg .. me …. Aaaaaahh … uuuh … uuuh …. Uuuh toooooooooo.” Yelled April.

The boys’ pumping slowed and ceased and the women extracted their sticky digits from their bottoms. The girls sighed and fell forward their heads buried in the carpet with their full bums in the air still panting and cooing as their orgasms subsided. Sister Margaretta sucked Bobby’s dripping cock into her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue and the boys’ mother did the same with Martin lapping contentedly at the mixed juices.

Both looked up at the girl’s bottoms as a small stream of boy cum started to dribble from their anuses. Having cleaned the two pricks they moved forward each running a tongue along a twin’s open pussy slit scooping up the trail of cum as they went. Having reached their target they each probed and lapped at the still open rosebuds until the girls were shiny clean as well.

There was a spontaneous round of applause from the gathered crown most of whom were in some state of arousal.

“Oooh lovely,” smiled Sister Maria, “That’s the sound of music to my ears.”

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