Sweet Young Kaylie Pt. 04

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I woke up late the next day and decided to work from home. As I was eating breakfast my wife called and asked me how my week was going. In some part of my mind I wanted told her about Kaylie and her hot body is and how sweet her pussy tastes. How she doesn’t need to worry about not wanting sex as much anymore, that I would just pay Kaylie or other young girls to let me service them. But in reality I just told her I was working a lot and going to bed early. About 11am I decided to text Kaylie.

“Hey sexy. Any chance I could take you to dinner tonight before or after we meet?”

“Dinner? Maybe. Where?” Kaylie asked.

“Anywhere you want. Wanna go crazy and hit a nice place? I can buy you a dress if you don’t have one.” I offered.

“Really? I just saw a dress last weekend that I loved but couldn’t afford. If it’s ok I’ll go get it. My parents aren’t home so you can pick me up here at 5 and you choose the place.” Kaylie texted back.

“Of course it’s okay. See you at 5 then.” I responded.

I pulled up to Kaylie’s and texted her that I was there. When she walked out the door my jaw hit the fucking floor. She had on a black dress and black high heels. I jumped out to go around and open the door for my date.

“You look unbelievably hot!” I told her as she stepped into the car.

“Thanks. And just so you know, I’m not wearing panties.” Kaylie informed me.

She knew that would drive me crazy the whole night. God I love this girl!

We got to the restaurant and pulled up to the valet. The valets were visibly wondering how the hell I was with a hot young beautiful girl like Kaylie. I smiled and put my hand on her lower back and lead her inside as they parked my car.

Once inside, we got many of those same looks. I’m in my 40’s and decent looking, but Kaylie is clearly very much younger, sexy, and beautiful.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and had great conversation. I asked her about school, her friends, and her future plans. Conversation flowed very well the whole evening.

Thinking all night about her being pantyless, right after desert I asked, “Ready to go?”

“Yes güvenilir bahis I am,” Kaylie said with a devilish smile.

On the way to my place she hiked up her dress exposing her bare pussy. I took that invitation and put my hand between her legs and began to rub her clit. She got wet right away and spread her legs wider for my fingers to have access. I stuck a finger in her pussy and pulled it out and brought it to my mouth to taste her.

“You’re so naughty!” Kaylie said.

I continue playing with her slit all the way home. She had laid back in the seat a little and pulled the top of her dress aside so I could see her big firm tits too.

When we got to my place I parked in the garage and we entered the house through there. Kaylie quickly dropped her sexy dress to the floor and walked in just her heels in front of me to the bedroom. My cock went from soft to fully hard in a few seconds of watching her nude ass bounce as she walked.

When Kaylie got in the room she climbed on the bed and got on all fours with her ass toward me. I knew immediately what she wanted me to do first.

“How’s the view?” She playfully asked while looking at me over her shoulder.

“It couldn’t be any better!” I responded.

“You can get naked if you want.” She offered.

“Sure. But no sex!” I said with a big smile.

I got undressed with Kaylie watching me and me staring at her perfect ass and pussy. Not to mention her C cups hanging down towards the bed.

I got on the bed behind her and began kissing her back while reaching under her and massaging her big boobs. I felt the weight of her melons and the hardness of her nipples. Of course my hard penis was poking around the back of her legs and ass but it was never a thought that we’d fuck.

I moved my kissing toward her lower back and down to her ass cheeks while one hand was exploring her soaking wet crotch. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back into my face as I plunged my tongue deep in her asshole.

“Oohhh” I hear sweet Kaylie murmur.

Maybe without even knowing she began to bounce her ass just slightly. It was so türkçe bahis sexy knowing that she was loving what I was doing back there. My hands moving from her tits to her ass to her pussy while I tongue kissed her pink pucker.

“I’m cumming” Kaylie announced.

And yes she did cum. Quite a body shuddering orgasm as well. Her legs tensed and shook, her back arched high, her rib cage expanded with her heavy breathing, and her cunt released the sweet nectar us men love so much.

I just continued to make love to her ass with my tongue and enjoy the feel of her entire body with my hands.

After a long analingus session with Kaylie on her hands and knees she pulled away and flipped onto her back. Her face was flushed, she was panting heavily, sweat beaded on her forehead and between her perfect tits.

“I want to feel your lips on my clit,” my insatiable young lover demanded.

Without hesitation I dove between her legs and took her throbbing clit in my mouth. I lightly chewed, kissed, sucked, hummed on, and flicked her love button until she was screaming in another orgasm.

“Oh fuck that’s good!” She shouted. “Keep going please!!”

I had no plans to stop until my young mistress pushed me away when she becomes too sensitive. Kaylie was arching her back, raising and lowering her legs, moving her arms about, and grinding her hips into me as I continued servicing her sweet pussy.

Kaylie let out a groan. Contorted her legs and put one hand on the back of my head and the other on her tits. Her whole body shook and vibrated and I heard her yell at the top of her lungs, “I’m cumming so hard. I’m cumming.”

Just then her pussy clenched and then opened and Kaylie squirted her love juice all over my face and bed. She lost all control and was drooling and talking gibberish as her orgasm took over her body. Her clear liquid came in forceful squirts a few times and other times ran from her cunt and down to her ass.

When Kaylie finished this earth shattering orgasm she looked down at me with a look of embarrassment. Kaylie had never squirted before and she didn’t know if this was normal güvenilir bahis siteleri or if it I considered it to be not desirable.

I wanted to quickly assure her that I loved every minute of it and said, “oh sweetie that was so hot! You taste so good!”

Kaylie smiled and laid her head back onto the pillow. I don’t think she had the energy to speak. I placed my lips back down to her honey hole and gently kissed her pussy lips. Her body recoiled because of the sensitivity of her clitorus.

After several minutes Kaylie told me, “Oh my god that was the best thing ever!”

I just said, “good,” with a smile.

“I didn’t know I could cum that hard! Did you cum?” She asked.

“No sweetie but I’m ready. Wanna watch?” I figured I’d jack myself off.

“You know I do. Do you wanna cum on my tits?” As if she would even have to ask.

“Sounds hot!” I told her and moved up next to her. I grabbed my cock shaft and was about to start to stroke and Kaylie reached over and pushed my hand away. Then she wrapped her hand around my dick and began to pump it.

“Are you sure?” I inquired.

“Shut up and enjoy it!” She laughingly said.

Kaylie watched her own hand piston up and down my cock. When she got to the top she made sure to give the head some friction and she went down all the way to the base.

I went from watching her hand jerk my cock to watching her tits bounce from her movement to surveying her entire hot body.

When I was ready I announced, “I’m going to cum baby!”

Kaylie pointed my dick at her big beautiful melons and kept stroking. I grunted and started blowing my load all over her globes. She was smiling and jacking and shot after shot of hot spunk covered her tits. She let go of my dick when it was obvious I had no more cum to release.

“I hear this is good for the skin,” Kaylie said as she rubbed my cum all over her tits and gave me a big smile.

“I’d being willing to provide you with as much as you need sweetheart.” I told her.

Kaylie looked at the clock and said, “holy shit it’s 10:30!”

We had been going at it for hours. But I could stay between her legs all night truth be told.

“Would it be weird if I slept here? Just sleep?” Kaylie gingerly asked.

“Sleep in my bed princess. I’ll be in the living room watching tv for a bit then in the spare bedroom. Goodnight.”

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