Sweet Young Kaylie Pt. 05

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I peaked into my room about 8:30 the next morning to see if Kaylie was awake. She was still sleeping. The covers only pulled up enough to cover one of her firm naked breasts, her hair spread out on the pillow, and what might be a slight smile on her face. I thought I should wake her in case she needed to be somewhere.

“Kaylie sweetheart. Wake up.” I said in a voice loud enough to wake her but not loud enough to startle her.

Kaylie stirred and rolled over onto her front side. Taking the blanket with her, her back was exposed almost down to her perfect ass. She had flawless skin. I could just stand here and stare at her just like this all day. But back to waking her.

“Kaylie, its Dan. Wake up.” Again I was not trying to scare her.

She rolled back over and looked at me through mostly closed eyes, both her breasts now out in the open.

“What time is it?” Kaylie asked in a gruff morning voice. She noticed her tits were exposed and pulled the sheet up over them.

“It’s 8:30. I didn’t want to wake you but I wasn’t sure if you had to work or needed be somewhere. Didn’t want you to get in trouble.” I explained.

Kaylie smiled and said, “I probably should have told you this already, on Wednesday I quit my job. I didn’t want you to think anything bad but since you were giving me so much money I decided didn’t want to spend all my time in that restaurant.”

“Why would I think that was bad?” I asked.

“I didn’t wanna seem like a prostitute. Like my only money comes from being paid for sex. Or paid for oral. Or whatever.” Kaylie said.

“Oh my gosh sweetie. I couldn’t possibly think anything bad about you. I understand completely and I’m glad for you. You’ll get some time to yourself and to visit friends while your home.” I told my young mistress.

Truthfully, I wanted to tell her to transfer to a school near here and she’d never have to work again ever! I’d gladly fund her in exchange for allowing me to pleasure her regularly.

“Thank you. I guess I should get going. My parents might wonder where I am. I never told them I was staying out. Can you drive me home?”

“Absolutely. I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re dressed and ready. If you want to wear some of my wife’s sweats or even jeans you can since you only have that dress. You don’t even have panties!” I excitedly reminded her.

“Thanks,” my beautiful young friend said as I walked out the door.

Kaylie came into the kitchen 15 minutes later wearing a pair of my wife’s leggings and one of her hoodies. While my wife is still in pretty good shape and attractive for her age I have to admit that Kaylie looked so much better in them. She had her dress folded up with her and was carrying her heels. I had breakfast made and sitting on the table.

“Oh my gosh I’m starving. Thank you!” Kaylie exclaimed. “Would your wife have a pair of flip flops I could wear for now?”

“Yes I’ll get a pair for you.” I said as I went to the closet. “Anything else you need?” I asked when I came back.

“No thanks. What time you want me to come over this evening? Wasn’t sure when your wife was coming home.” Kaylie inquired.

“Well first I’d like to give you something. Here’s $1000. I know it’s more than we talked kartal escort bayan about but I want you to have some extra money when you go back to school.” I said as I placed 10 one hundred dollar bills on the table.

“You gave me so much this week already. I think you more than compensated for your time with me. And it’s not like I haven’t enjoyed it too! Plus you bought this dress and it wasn’t cheap.” She said pointing to her new sexy black dress.

“No worries my dear. I just want to help you out.” I pushed the money over to her and started cleaning up breakfast.

On the way to Kaylie’s we talked about the previous night very candidly. She was beginning to feel very comfortable. She told me how much she had enjoyed the ass play. Kaylie even complimented my cock and the man grooming I do. We decided we’d meet back at my house at 6. My wife doesn’t get home until noon the next day so I’m hoping my young college girl stays the night again. Even if I don’t get to sleep with her.

There was a knock at the door and I heard it immediately open. “Hello! It’s me!!” Kaylie announced.

I was in my home office. I looked at the clock and it was 5:45. I love punctuality!

“Hi sweetheart.” I said as I walked toward the front of the house.

When I got into sight of Kaylie she was standing in my foyer naked. Her clothes lay on the floor under her. Every time I look at her it’s like I realize again that she’s my ideal. Her legs are in shape but not too muscular, her shoulders are fit but not broad, her tits are perfect firm round globes with slightly darker than pink nipples, her hips are wider than her slim waist giving her a curvy shape, and her blondish pussy hair is manicured into a small triangle above her slit while everything else is waxed.

“Wow! You’re ready to go I see!” I said tripping over my tongue as I looked her up and down.

“Follow me,” Kaylie said and walked into the kitchen.

I love watching her walk from behind. Her ass bounces ever so slightly with each step. I love a great ass and I’d put hers next to anyone’s.

Kaylie turned and jumped up onto the island counter and spread her legs. “You eat yet?” She naughtily asked.

“No.” I told her and without hesitation I put my face between her legs.

I grabbed Kaylie’s legs and spread them as wide as she let me while I licked, kissed, and tongue fucked her already wet pussy. She must have been wet thinking about doing this on the way over. And my how courageous she had become since the first night we met.

Her hands were running through my hair and massaging my head as I ate her pussy like it was my last meal. In a way I guess i felt like it was. After today who knows if I’m ever going to see her again.

I went back and forth tonguing her pussy to kissing her inner thighs. Kaylie was leaning back and supporting herself with her hands and I was holding her legs up and spread. I spun her on the counter so she was lined up with its length and told her to lay back, almost like she was on an examination table. This way I was able to explore and kiss more of her body.

I moved to Kaylie’s right side and began sucking in her long hard nipples while burying on hand between her escort maltepe legs. My mouth went from each boob and back while my fingers rubbed her clit and slid into her wet hole.

Kaylie’s hand found my cock hard but it was covered by clothes still.

“Why aren’t you naked yet?” She asked.

I continued to suck her perfect c cups while I took my pants and underwear off. I then proceeded to walk over to Kaylie’s other side kissing my way down her body, taking my time on her hip bones, all the way to her feet and back up her legs and torso to her neck. When I got back by her side she reached and grabbed my rock hard member and lightly stroked it. I leaned over and went back to eating my sweet coed’s pussy. From this placement my head was inverted now, so I was looking at her cunt as if we were in a 69. I lapped at her juices and sucked her clit in my mouth. Kaylie came right away when I began to hum on her clit.

“Oh yes. That’s it right there.” She let me know I was in the right spot. Plus her hand was picking up speed on my cock and soon I was shooting my load all over the cabinets below the counter she laid on.

I walked around to the end of the counter where Kaylie’s feet were and put her feet up on my shoulders. I started kissing her feet and ankles and as I went farther up her smooth legs I pulled her body across the counter towards me. When her ass reached the end I pushed her legs up and back and spread them a little. Then I leaned forward and stuck my tongue into her pink ass sphincter.

Kaylie cooed and moaned as I tongue jacked her gorgeous asshole. My nose was poking and fucking her pussy while my tongue traveled in and out of her butthole and one hand rubbed her clit. Kaylie had orgasms now coming in succession.

“Fuck I can’t understand how you do that! I’m cumming so much!” Kaylie yelled to me.

I quickly looked up at my 18 year old friend to see her in the throes of pleasure. Her eyes shut, head rolling back and forth, and her own hands tweaking and pulling on her nipples. I continued to work her ass and pussy over which brought me pleasure in itself. I was rock hard again!

“It’s coming. It’s coming!” Kaylie warned.

With that her body shuddered and she started to orgasm so hard and squirt into my face. Kaylie hands grabbed each side of the counter and her hips bucked with each squirt. I continued to lick her asshole while her liquid sprayed into my face. At one point I moved my mouth to her clit and placed my index finger all the way in her ass. My lady just continued to shake in orgasm.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Kaylie was screaming.

I was having the time of my life. Pleasing this hot young lady was showing me my submissive side. Showing me that I can get sexual satisfaction just from pleasing a beautiful young lady. I mean of course I love fucking, but this is right up there too!

My actions were abruptly interrupted when Kaylie pushed my head away and told me she was done.

“I can’t. Too sensitive.” She said speaking in half sentences.

I stood up and surveyed my hot young lover. She had sweat on her brow and beads between her tits, she was breathing heavy, and laying in a puddle of her own cum. I walked around to gently pendik escort kiss her tits as she caught her breath.

She placed her hand on my head while I was at her breasts and said, “I can’t believe what you do to me. I just can’t believe it. I might be ruined for the next guy.” She smiled at the thought of that.

I was hard and ready to cum again so I told her, “Kaylie, I’m going to cum baby.” And I stroked my cock.

Kaylie looked at me and slide herself off the counter. She got into a squatting position and said, “I know you want to cum on my face and tits.”

Before she finished the sentence my jizz shot like a bullet out and the first stream hit her nose, mouth, and chin. Because she was still in mid sentence I’m certain that first spurt got in her mouth. She tightened her lips and awaited the next shots.

One after another my loads pasted her face, neck, and tits. I couldn’t believe I had this much in me after cumming once already. This is a testament to how much this girl turns me on.

When I had expelled all of my semen I felt my legs quivering under me. I had cum as much and as hard as I ever had. Kaylie stood up, my cum running down her face and upper body, and asked if I wanted to watch her shower.

“Fuck yes I do!!” I probably sounded like a teenage boy with my excitement.

What a crazy night. Kaylie showered while I watched. I showered after while Kaylie blow dried her hair. In a way it felt like we were a couple.

Afterward we decided to order Chinese food and watch a movie together. As we sat on my couch I couldn’t help but wonder in my head if this relationship could happen. I mean we seem to get along great, we have no problem talking, we both love when I eat her pussy and ass, and I make enough money to give her a privileged life. But then my senses come about me and I realize this could never happen.

After the movie my young lover laid back on the couch and asked if I was in the mood to eat her out again. I spent more time between her legs until she had cum enough to over sensitize her clit.

Kaylie accepted my invitation to stay the night again and sleep in my bed. I slept in the spare room again but took the liberty of waking my young house guest by going down on her in the morning. When I brought her to her limit again we got up and I made us breakfast.

It was time for Kaylie to leave. My wife would be home in about 2 hours and I had to clean up and change sheets.

“Well I guess this is it.” I said to Kaylie.

“Thank you for a great week and for being so generous. I can’t believe what you showed me and how it felt.” Kaylie admitted.

I walked her to the door. “So you leave back to school Monday?” I asked.

“Yes” she confirmed.

Kaylie walked out the door and I stood watching her walk away. I was replaying this in my head and wondering if all this actually happened. She waved and smiled as she drove away.

I snapped out of my daydream and got busy cleaning the house. I changed the sheets in my room, checked the bathroom for any evidence that a woman was here, and did a quick once over of the house. My wife was 10 minutes away and I was all squared away. Just then my text alert went off. It was Kaylie!

“Hey Dan. Not sure if you’re interested but I’ll be home for a week in March. I’d love to get together. Just wanted to give you a heads up.” She wrote.

I probably sounded desperate but texted back, “For sure sweetie. I’m available anytime, anywhere for you.”

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