Swinging Softly 1st Time

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The week began like most normal weeks, but by Thursday it had changed and become the most wild and sensual week of our lives! Lori and I have always had fantasies during sex, most of them we never planned on happening but things changed. Lori got a call Thursday evening that an old co-worker, Janet and her husband Tim were coming through town and wanted to stop for dinner out and maybe a drink or two. She said of course, and I could see her wheels turning after she was off the call. I remembered that there was one work buddy that was always a little wild, hit every party and most of the guys and even a few of the ladies were interested in. I was trying to remember who that was when Lori looked at me with a wink and says “this might be interesting”. I ask her if this was the party girl and I saw the answer in her eyes. Yes this is the swinger party girl! We were expecting to hear about some wild adventures and instead we became the adventure.

They pulled into the driveway about 5pm so we had time for a drink or two before dinner and our conversation was pretty basic. When their company was sold, a lot of employees scattered around the Midwest and into various IT positions. Some were happy and successful and some others not so much. Lori’s new job had turned out well; working from home is always a plus! Janet had pretty much stopped working, living off of her husband’s income and life seemed to be good for them. The ladies had a glass of wine and Tim and I finished off a couple of beers.

About 6:30 we decided to head to the local steakhouse for dinner, which included of course more wine and more beers… Ok much more wine than beers! I did not drink too much since I had to get us all back to the house in one piece. Dinner was great, and the group really seemed to have a connection with similar views on things from politics to sports. Eventually Janet began telling a story of one of her after work happy hours in Dallas. Seems a few of her coworkers had some “activity” in a corner booth at this club. You could see in her eyes and how she told the story how much she enjoyed watching the show. Janet commented that the guy in the booth is believed to have a nine inch dick. She said she had seen it, and believes it! I commented that I thought that would be incredible to watch someone having sex at such close range.

Then was a moment of quiet as our minds pondered the discussion. Now when Lori has a few glasses of wine, she seems to open up and canlı bahis talk about pretty much anything. Well just then she said something that I was shocked by, she softly said… “Wow, this is like one of those erotic stories where couples suddenly start talking about sex and then immediately start doing each other… I don’t think that is how it happens!”

Our guests were not shocked and in fact Janet quickly said… “Yeah sometimes it does with us”. She then went on to tell us a little about their story and the parties they have attended. They do not do full swapping, what they usually do she described as soft-swing. The couples were in the same room and both couples separately have sex… with their partner. Now she explained that sometimes there is foreplay, and touching with the other couple but it never goes past penetration of any body parts with the opposite couple. And as she was telling us this, she was coming back from refilling her glass and I was standing next to the couch where Lori was seated. Tim was in the easy chair. She said if often begins something like this… and as she sat close to Lori, Janet put her finger under Lori’s chin and gave Lori the softest and sexiest kisses that I had ever seen.

Now I know Lori and I know that she had at least had fantasies about doing this with Janet many times but was too scared to try. Lori had never imagined that she would actually get to experience it. It was soft, slow and sensual and I noticed that Lori had taken her left hand and placed it on Janet’s cheek close to her mouth. They were obviously both enjoying this and of course I was. They parted lips and Janet leaned back on the couch and said “that is how it begins, with one person brave enough to take the first step. My beautiful wife could just say “wow”, and then took my hand and pulled me down to kiss her as well… and that may have been our best kiss ever. I think she was signaling to me that she was ok with this and let’s see what happens next.

Well it did not take long, shortly after the kiss Janet got up, walked over to her husband Tim and kneeled on the floor in front of him, kissed him and while undoing his belt and slacks. In one easy move she had his huge cock out and it was hard and heading for her mouth. It was a beautiful sight that must have inspired Lori because I felt her tugging at my belt. I was still standing beside her and a few seconds later she was pulling my pants down to my ankles and placed one hand bahis siteleri on my ass, one on my cock and began licking and sucking my hardening dick. When she gets like this, she goes at it with one mission… to see me cum. But I think tonight I had other thoughts and wondered if we should go a little slower?

After a few minutes of cock sucking, Tim and I looked at each other with a stunned but evil grin. Both of the girls were at an angle to where they could see the other couple in full view and I know my wife was admiring Tim’s cock and Janet’s lips wrapped around it. Consuming it. It seemed thicker than mine and a little harder and I know she liked what she was seeing and hearing.

By this time, juices were flowing well and boldly Lori asked if we should move this to the bedroom with the king bed? After discussing a few ground rules like only fucking our spouses and no non spouse penis penetration anywhere either. Only thing that can be used on another couple would be fingers, hands and lips. And if at any time someone said stop then we STOP. No questions asked and no hard feelings… After all four of us agreed, we filled up the wine glasses, popped a couple of more beers and made our way to get comfortable.

I was the last one in and by then, Tim already had Janet on her back on the bed and her skirt was gone and from my view the panties were gone as well. She had her head resting on a pillow, and Tim was kissing his way up her thighs soon to be licking her pussy. Lori was lying next to them with just her unbuttoned blouse on and she was watching them closely. She then leaned over and began to kiss Janet in that same soft passionate method as before… I took Tim’s lead and slid up between Lori’s legs and easily I could tell that she was enjoying what she was seeing and feeling. Her pussy was glistening and slightly opened with arousal. I went straight for her clit and she loudly gasped and moaned.

Tim knew that this was kind of new for us so he guided my right hand which was between us and placed it over Janet’s clit as he was sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. I stopped licking my wife’s pussy and was watching our action with Janet. It’s been a while since I had seen let alone touched another pussy that Janet’s. She was getting very vocal and appeared to have at least one orgasm while we were both touching her. After a few minutes of this Tim sat up, and sort of waved me over… I took the hint and realized that I bahis şirketleri was about to taste another woman pussy. Slowly leaning down with my tongue ready, I slid it over her opening and up to her clit. I circled around her clit for a little while, hearing her moan with pleasure. By now, Lori and Janet were kissing again and I realized that I could get used to this! I took my tongue and tried to press it into her pussy. She was squirming and she moaned with pleasure loudly, then I heard another moan even louder. It was Lori and Tim must have had one finger in her tight pussy and his tongue on her mouth because she loved that!

This continued for what seemed like an hour, but probably was only about 15 minutes… But at this point both Lori and Janet had already cum a few times each, and Lori even came once when Tim was licking her pussy and Janet was nibbling on her tits! Tim and I decided silently that it was time for us. He slid over and got between Janet with his rock hard dick pointing out and slid it into her pussy as she screamed with pleasure… Lori was already on her knees waiting for me, I think partly so she could continue to kiss Janet while we were all fucking.

My cock was hard, much harder than usual and easily went in to her warm and very wet pussy. I was on my knees with her ass in the air and when we fuck like that it does not take long for Lori to orgasm and she quickly did… this set me off and I could not hold back… While she was leaning over kissing Janet, my cum was rising up my shaft I knew I was close. Just then Tim grunted loudly and was cumming… he pulled out of her just as his load shot on her belly and chest. What an incredible sight but I did not have time to admire it. Right after his second shot of cum, I went over the top… pulled my dick out of Lori’s soaked pussy and stroked it once before my warm cum also began shooting out. Three big loads and the first one landing far up her back close to her neck while the others coated her lower back.

Oh my this was incredible… but it was made even better when Tim and I were able to watch Lori licking the cum from Janet’s breasts and belly, then moving up to kiss and share it with her work buddy. The ladies were obviously very happy and satisfied. We invited them to stay the night in the guest room and invited them to stop here anytime!

After talking with Lori about it the next day, it seems there was a time after a work happy hour that the two ladies had kissed, but surroundings and nerves had made them stop. But there was no stopping them that night at our house. Our new found fun will continue as Janet and Tim will be back in a month.

Incredible women… lucky men!

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