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I guess you’d call it your pyjamas. I suppose it is, given that’s what you slept in the night before.

Not your normal style though, this was laziness. A long t-shirt – one of mine in fact – that barely covers anything below your waist.

The weather is warming up so it’s not like you need to stay warm overnight, and my shirt fit the bill perfectly.

I rolled over during the night and there you were. The shirt had ridden up or twisted on you, exposing your bare ass to me. I ran my hand along it softly and you stirred. Not enough to wake you up, but that wasn’t the point.

I watched you get out of bed. Watched the shirt settle just above the bottom of your ass. Beamed back at you when you looked over your shoulder to ask me if I wanted a coffee. Effortlessly sexy.

It was your turn after all. Normally I’d lay in bed and you’d bring me a coffee. Usually we make out while they cool down. Most times my first sip will taste mostly of you. I love it. Your pussy followed by a strong espresso are my favourite way to wake up.

Today is different. Today you’re there. Exposed. Your regular pyjamas are hardly impossible to get into, but there’s just something about today that’s pulling me towards you.

I follow you out to the kitchen. It’s a beautiful crisp day out. Light is filling the room through the big, glass sliding door. I look at you going about your morning routine. The coffee shelf is high enough that you need to get on your toes. Your shirt rides up as you reach and I enjoy the brief glimpse of your ass.

Pale. Round. Perfect.

And there it is, the kettle is boiling as I cross the room and place my hands on your hips, under the shirt, slowly tracing the curve of your naked backside to where it meets the top of your thighs. I run my fingers up towards the base of your spine and wrap them around you, pulling you back against me.

My head escort kartal is angled down, my nose in your hair, tracing my way up the back of your neck. My lips meet your neck as your arc your head back towards me. Each kiss moving down your neck and across your collarbone.

You sharply inhale and push your ass back against me. My hands trace your cheeks again this time going further down the back on your thighs. Down to your knees and back up again.

I can’t tell if it’s me or you that moves your thighs apart. Maybe it doesn’t matter. We clearly want the same thing.

I slip one hand up the front of the shirt. Over your belly and up to the top of your chest. I move it back down, this time gently teasing your nipples with my fingers. My other hand slips between your legs, running a finger tantalisingly close to the bottom of your pussy.

Your legs slip wider. No doubt that was you this time.

I move my hands back to your beautiful ass. This time firmer. Digging my fingers in. Groping. Taking your ass in my hands greedily.

You’re not pushing back into me any more, instead you’ve bent forward slightly. Inviting me. Wanting me.

The shirt is still on, but resting at the top of your ass. You’re exposed and vulnerable. In my hands.

I slip my hand between your legs again, slowly tracing up and down your pussy. I avoid your clit. For now.

Your wetness is dripping down my fingers as I push two inside you slowly. I want you to feel them enter you. I want you to need them to go deeper.

I know you love this position. I do too. My thumb drums against your asshole intermittently as my fingers explore the depths of your tight pussy. I feel you start to push back against my hand. Good girl. It’s time.

I turn you around and kiss you deeply. My wet fingers slide across your body, almost leaving trail down your belly showing me where maltepe escort to go.

I don’t need it. I know what it is you want. I drop to my knees and look up into your eyes. I wish I could look into them as I pull your pussy lips apart gently and slurp my tongue against your throbbing clit.

This is why I made you wait. I want you to need my tongue. You do right now.

You lift your leg to help me get a better angle and it settles over my shoulder, against my back. This is better. I can swirl my tongue around your greedy pearl. I can lash it. Suck it.

I plunge my fingers into you. Two filling you up, pumping in and out as my tongue dances across your clit.

You’re getting louder. I love it. Going down on you is sensory heaven. The feel of you grinding against my face. Your sweet, sticky juices running down my chin and arm. Your beautiful moans and gasps. There is nothing that turns me on more.

I know you’re getting close. Your hands find their way to the back of my head. Holding me where you need me to be. And there it is.

The first wave shudders through your body. Your legs tight around me. I always feel like you may snap my neck when you come. I don’t care. What a way to go out.

Your hands are still holding my head. Good. I’m not ready to stop.

I start to work your clit harder. My tongue swirls and flicks it. Trying to find the angle that will push you over the edge. My hand is soaking and I reach up, wiping it all over your body again.

I remember you once asking me if I could tell you were about to come. Of course I can. But this is by far my favourite. A deep, guttural groan escapes your mouth and I know what’s coming next.

My fingers furiously work your g-spot and I fight to keep my mouth auctioned on your cunt as your hips go from grinding to violently bucking. There’s the change. The taste. Fuck yes.

I pendik escort bayan pull my hand from you and sit back, leaving my thumb rubbing your clit as you gush all over my face and down your thighs. My shirt is soaked. There’s a puddle below you. Is this what you expected when I grabbed your ass from behind?

I look into your eyes again, smiling, and get to my feet. You grab me and kiss me. You love the taste almost as much as I do.

My cock is throbbing for you. Aching. It always is after I’ve made you squirt. It’s unfathomably sexy.

I grab your ass again, pulling you back towards me. A well-placed slap leaves a red mark on your milky skin. I slide my cock into you and reach my hands under the shirt.

I love how your boobs hang and sway when we fuck like this. I love when they slap together gently as my balls slap against your ass. One hand is pinching your nipples, the other slips back down between your legs to your clit. Sensitive and swollen and insatiable.

I feel your wetness dripping down my balls. I feel it coating my cock. I can still taste it on my face. I’ll need my head back between your thighs when we finish this. Probably with you on the kitchen counter. Maybe the dinner table.

I pull my cock from you and spin you around. This is closer to what you expected when my hands squeezed your ass cheeks. You kiss me and drop to your knees. Hungrily you wrap your lips around my throbbing cock, savouring the taste of your pussy mixed with my precum. The taste of us.

I move my hands down to your head. Running my hands throw your hair. Pulling it. Guiding you.

My cock hits the back of your throat, almost by surprise. Maybe you’re as lost in this as I am. It brings a little tear to your eye. So fucking cute.

My first pulse of cum shoots almost straight down your throat the second hits your chin and starts to ooze down your neck. The third hits the t-shirt, pulled up to expose your hard nipples.

You lean back, looking up at me as I had done to you. There you are. A masterpiece of womanhood, in an oversized t-shirt with cum on her face and a day of being spoiled ahead of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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