Taboo Hypnosis

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The content of this story should be obvious given the title and the category. Again constructive criticism is welcome, although if you like it that’s fine too. If it isn’t obvious all characters in this story are at least eighteen years of age and the rest is pure fantasy.


Katica walked down the hall to the bathroom desperate for the toilet, the door was not completely closed, but it was usually open all the way when unoccupied, and she opened the door without thinking. Just as she was opening the door she realized that the shower was going and stopped. She looked over to the shower, realizing that her father, Yanick, was in the shower. Katica was about to close the door when movement caught her eye, he was moving where she could see him and she hid to avoid his eyes. As she looked to see if she had been spotted, Katica looked between his legs drawn by what she saw, it was about five inches she guessed and it was still fairly soft. Katica had been with a few guys and knew that as soft as he was it meant that when fully erect he would probably be about eight inches, the thought made her gasp and she quickly put a hand to her mouth to stifle it.

Thinking about her dad’s cock was also having an effect on her sex as she felt herself starting to get wet. Carefully closing the door she almost ran back to her room, but then she remembered why she had gone to the bathroom in the first place. After stopping in the other bathroom, Katica immediately rushed back to her room locking the door as soon as she closed the door.

The attractive twenty year old stretched on the bed, her long black hair flaring out as she did so. Swiftly removing her clothes to reveal a fit body with medium dark skin and breasts that she occasionally felt were too small, but quickly discounted that given how much attention her boyfriends had lavished upon them. Katica spread her legs, hands going right to her needy sex as she thought about her father, she had never thought about him in this way before. Katica thought about his thick but well-trimmed hair, black like hers, his dark, kind eyes, his strong nose and his full lips that she now suddenly wanted very much to taste. Her mind’s eye continued down to his broad shoulders and muscled frame that she had seen on occasions when they had gone swimming.

Next lower still as she thought about his muscular stomach, maybe not quite as flat as it had once been, but still very attractive she felt. Finally she recalled how his cock had looked in the shower and though about how it would feel, especially when it was hard, and even how it might taste. At last as she began thrusting two fingers into her pussy while stroking her clit with the other hand, she imagined how it would feel to have her father’s cock thrusting into her.

When she came it was hard, harder than she could ever remember cumming before and as such had to moan into a pillow to avoid being heard. As she cleaned up Katica considered, could she ever make this fantasy a reality? She spent the rest of the night considering how this might be accomplished and fell asleep wondering as she idly stroked herself.

The next morning Katica awoke, more horny than usual, by her alarm clock. She groaned looking at the clock trying to remember if she forgot to turn it off or if she had somewhere to be at this hour. As expected realization dawned, it wasn’t school, but a class on hypnosis that she had been taking for months. Katica wasn’t certain how interested she was in the class, she had mainly signed up because her best friend Moira didn’t want to be the only girl in the class, she needn’t have worried, the class was about two-thirds girls and even the teacher was a woman.

The reason she didn’t quit right away was because the class wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t through her school, so a full refund wasn’t simple. Katica suppressed the urge to curse, as she was usually loud when she cursed, and got up to shower and prepare for class. She almost played with herself in the shower, but thought better of it because she simply didn’t have time. The drive was fortunately brief as she didn’t have the patience to deal with being in the car and dealing with traffic. As soon as she entered the room she spotted Moira at their usual table and sat down next to her.

“Hey, Moira what’s new?” Moira looked up smiling.

“Not much Katica, psychology is still a drag, but I’m managing. But what happened, no one else would notice, but it doesn’t look like you had much sleep.” Katica froze and could feel herself start to blush as she thought about her response.

“Well there’s a guy…” She paused as Moira gave her a knowing smile. “I was thinking about him and I couldn’t help myself, I was up late.” Moira only smiled more, now on the verge of laughing. “But nothing’s going to happen between us.” Moira’s smile disappeared.

“What do you mean, you’re amazing Katica, any guy would be lucky to have you.” Katica nodded her mood worsening as she thought about the situation.

“I’m sure he knows that, but he would never allow anything ataşehir escort bayan to happen between us.” Moira put her hand on Katica’s and attempted to make eye contact.

“Is he married?” Katica nodded. “Who is he?” Katica shook her head. “Maybe you should hypnotize him.” Katica’s eyes went wide at this suggestion.

“Hypnotize him, are you serious?” Moira smiled nodding.

“Why not, hypnotize him, have fun and afterwards he won’t have to remember.” Katica stared openmouthed as she thought of the idea. Before she could respond the teacher, Miss Collier entered the room. After class Katica sat in her room considering how she might hypnotize her dad. As she considered this she knew that she had all day, because he wouldn’t be home until evening and it wasn’t even noon yet. Katica wasn’t feeling very confident that she could hypnotize him and wasn’t sure what to do about it. Then she heard her brother, Vlad, coming into the house and a thought struck her, maybe she should practice before her dad came home. Now, excited that she had a plan she stood up and went to her brother’s door and knocked.


“Can I come in?” There was a short pause before he responded.

“Sure.” Katica entered to find him sprawled on his bed, apparently working on homework with a furrowed brow.

“Hey, bro what’s wrong?” He seemed to brighten up when she came in.

“It’s calculus, I’m really struggling right now.” Katica smiled and sat down on the bed.

“I have a way to help you, I can hypnotize you allowing you to focus better so that you can learn it.” Vlad’s eyes went wide, but his brow was noticeably less furrowed.

“Really, you mean that hypnosis class is actually good for something.” Katica nodded.

“Okay, now put your books aside and lay down, get comfortable.” He quickly complied putting his books on the floor and lay down in the middle of his bed. “Close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of my voice, listen and go deeper and deeper.” Katica continued until she was able to hear that his breathing was smooth and even. Katica was excited, it worked, but she had to be sure that he wasn’t merely asleep as she saw the bags under his eyes. “Vlad do you hear me?” He nodded. “Good, now anytime I…pat you on the head and say “good boy” you will return to this trance state, obeying my every command. Do you understand?” He responded in a monotone without moving or opening his eyes.

“Yes, Katica I understand.” At first she was elated, when she heard this but then she frowned.

“From now on my pet when you are in this state you will call me mistress. Understood?”

“Yes, mistress I understand.” Katica was feeling amazing, but couldn’t resist one last test to determine how much control she really had.

“Alright petboy, undress completely.” Vlad nodded and swiftly removed his clothes dropping them on the floor. When he returned to laying on the bed she took in his nude body, like their father although his eyes and skin were a bit lighter in color due to their mother. At last her eyes reached his groin, he wasn’t hard, but she had to admit she like what she saw. “Now stroke yourself until you are fully erect, but do not cum.” Vlad’s hand went to his cock and started stroking it, soon he was fully erect, about seven inches, almost as big as their father. Katica hadn’t planned to go any further than hypnotizing her brother, but she had been horny all morning and the sight of his erect cock was making her wet.

Katica made her decision, standing up she quickly undressed and returned to the bed. She was too horny for anything else and straddled him moving his cock to her moist entrance, she was so wet that he entered easily. Katica hesitated only a moment once he was all the way inside before she began sliding up and down, however this was not enough.

“Thrust into me petboy, fuck me hard.” Vlad immediately responded by thrusting up into her, filling her and then almost emptying her before returning. Katica felt the pressure building and she pressed her hands into his chest when she came all over his cock. Her pussy lips contracted around him and he came filling her pussy. Katica lay down on top of him until her breathing returned to normal and his cock softened until it fell out of her. She turned around to grab his cock, but found that he wasn’t up for another round. Disappointed Katica carefully got to her feet and was about to dress when she realized that Vlad’s cum was still in her pussy, she would need to clean up before she could dress.

“Petboy, you will clean yourself and only remember what happened when you’re in a trance. From now on you will study calculus carefully and when you need the information you will have no trouble remembering the information.” She paused to consider if there was any other instructions that she wanted to give. “If you see any member of this family naked or having sex, regardless of who with, you will ignore them and continue with your day.” Vlad nodded as Katica gathered her clothes and went to the shower. Once escort kadıköy in the shower Katica thrust her hand between her legs, but it wasn’t the same. Katica stepped from the shower frustrated, wondering if it would be worth it to check on her brother, when she heard the front door, indicating that her younger sister had come home. A thought struck her maybe practicing on her sister, Martina would better prepare her for her father. Drying herself she quickly dressed and went to her sister’s room. Her knocking was swiftly responded to.

“What is it? I’m changing.”

“It’s Katica, can I come in?” The pause wasn’t long.

“Alright.” Katica entered the room to seen Marina halfway through removing her shirt.

“What?” Martina looked over as she finished removing her shirt.

“Hey, Martina still struggling with physics?” Martina frowned and nodded. “Well I have a way to help you. I just hypnotized Vlad to help him with calculus and I could help you.” Martina pulled her new shirt down sat on her bed.

“Are you sure?” The look that Martina gave her was so cute, but so full of an almost desperate hope.

“Yes, I am it will work. Just get comfortable and I will begin.” Martina nodded and lay down on her bed. Katica ran through the same procedure that she had done with Vlad until she heard her sister’s breathing become smooth and even. Katica thought about what she wanted to do. She smiled to herself.

“Martina from now on you will be able to concentrate on physics and when you need to you will be able accurately remember physics as you need. Whenever you’re in a trance you will call me mistress and whenever I pat your head and call you my “good girl” you will return to this state.” Katica paused as she thought about what to do next and then she looked over her sister and got curious. “Petgirl, undress.” Martina complied revealing her tight young body, skin and hair a tough lighter than her siblings and her breasts on the small side, but Katica thought they looked cute. A though struck Katica, she had always been curious about sex with a girl, but had never found a girl that she was all at interested in. Katica climbed onto the bed. “Okay petgirl, start stroking by pussy.” Martina started lightly petting between Katica’s legs, her juices were already flowing.

“Now use your tongue and make me cum.” Martina lay down between Katica’s legs and started licking, seemingly with an eagerness that surprised Katica. Katica began moaning and struggled to keep quiet as Martina spread her lips and began licking between. “Your…fingers too, pet.” Katica barely gasped this out. Martina started thrusting her fingers into Katica’s pussy and sucking on her clit. Katica grabbed blindly for something to stifle her moans and when she found something she bit it. Katica moaned into it as she came all over Martina’s face. Katica held onto Martina’s face until her breathing returned to normal. Katica looked down at her sister’s face covered in her juices, makeup smeared and smiled.

“Petgirl, get cleaned up and dressed, you’ll only remember this when you are in a trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress.” Katica felt more arousal when she heard this.

“Petgirl, if you see any member of this family naked or having sex, no matter who they are with, you will ignore them as if nothing were happening.” Martina nodded and Katica went to her room and cleaned as best as she could as she didn’t want to take another shower. Tired despite being very horny, Katica dozed softly until she heard the front door opening. For a moment Katica though it was her father, but then she saw that it was only a little after three, meaning that her dad wouldn’t be home for about two hours, so it must be her mother. A thought struck her, if she could hypnotize her mother, then she could be certain about hypnotizing her dad. As she got up and headed to her parents’ room, she also thought about how horny she was and how much she enjoyed her sister. Katica reached her parents’ room and knocked.

“Who is it?”

“Katica, can I come in mom?” Her mom hesitated a moment before answering.

“Alright, baby, come in.” Katica entered the room, her mom had just finished changing from the semiformal clothes that she wore for her volunteer work and was now wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “What is it, anything wrong?” Katica looked her mom over, her bright hair, pale skin and green eyes, however under those eyes she saw bags that she had seen starting to develop recently.

“Still having trouble sleep mom?” Her mom’s eyes went wide, but she quickly recovered as she sat heavily on the bed.

“I guess I should know better than to hide things from you, honey. Yes, I haven’t been getting enough sleep in the past week.” Her mom, Amina looked down frowning.

“I can help mom. I’ve used hypnosis to help Vlad and Martina.” Her mom looked up.

“You didn’t us this as an opportunity to get back at them did you?” Now it was Katica’s turn to look shocked. However her mom held up a hand and smiled. “I’m kidding, sometimes bostancı escort honey I think you can be too serious. If you think you can help me than I will let you. What do you need me to do?”

“Just relax mom and listen to what I have to say.” Once again she ran through the process drawing her latest family member in. Soon her mother’s breathing was smooth and even just as her siblings’ had been. “Now, petmom from now on when you are in this trance state you will call me mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress.” Amina’s response was just as much a monotone as her siblings’ had been.

“Good, whenever I pat you on the head and call you my “good girl” you will return to this state. Anything that happens in this trance state you will only remember when you return to this state and if you see any member of this family naked or having sex, no matter who with, you will ignore them and go on with your day. Finally you will sleep completely each night and wake up on time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress.” Katica smilled and still feeling horny, despite have sex with her siblings, decided to continue.

“Petmom, undress.” Amina quickly removed her clothes revealing a fit body of a woman in her mid-forties, not perfect, but signs of hard work paying off were in evidence, a stomach that was flat if not perfectly tight and topped by breasts that were a touch more than mid-sized. Katica considered how she wanted to proceed. Katica decided to try a few things that she hadn’t before. Katica undressed and sat on the bed. “Pet are there any fantasies that you have unfulfilled?”

“Yes, I have always wanted a good spanking from a dominant lover, but your father is too gentle in all things, it is his one flaw that I wish I could change, even if just occasionally.” Wow, though Katica, mom’s a little kinky.

“Lay across my lap pet.” Amina moved to do as ordered. As soon as she was in position Katica began to spank her, one cheek than the other, back and forth until both were a bright red, the whole time Amina moaned even through hypnosis. Katica was feeling wet, domination clearly turned her on. “Do you know what it is to sixty-nine with someone?”

“Yes, mistress, I have done it in the past with a girl in college.” Katica’s eyes went wide, but she smiled eager to begin. Katica lay down on the bed. “Lay down on top of me in position for a sixty-nine.” Katica watched as Amina’s pussy descended upon her face and filled her nose with the rich scent. “Begin.” At once her mother’s tongue plunged into her pussy, Katica quickly lost track of what Amina was doing as she was lost in the sensations and the taste of her mother’s pussy. Her mouth filled with Amina’s juices as her tongue sought ever drop it could find. After she had thoroughly explored her mother’s pussy the woman on top of her began to tense and suddenly a different flavor began to flood her mouth, Amina had cum, moments later Katica came into her mother’s mouth. Despite her cumming her mother was still going and she was starting to feel sensitive. “Stop.” Katica managed to gasp this out and her mother stopped. After she had finally calmed down enough to think straight.

“Petmom, clean up, get dressed and remember what I have told you.” Katica rose and got dressed heading back to her room to wait for her dad to come home as she considered exactly what approach to use with him. Around five she heard her dad’s arrival and waited a moment before going to him even though the wait was excruciating. After waiting she went downstairs to find her father as expected, sitting on the couch collar open, shoes off and remote in hand. He looked so tired and Katica knew exactly how to help.

“How was work dad?’ Her Father Yanick looked up at her.

“Hi, Katica, what is it honey?” Although he smiled when he said this, it was clear the weariness in his voice made it clear how tired he was.

“Dad was today stressful too?” He nodded. “Well I can help, I have been using hypnosis to help the rest of the family. If you want I could help you too.” He looked at her and didn’t answer right away.

“I don’t know honey. Can you hypnotize me?” She smiled.

“I’m sure I can and even if I can’t, it will help you relax.” He paused to consider, but the sudden slump of his shoulders told her everything she needed to know. Finally he nodded.

“What do I need to do?” She turned off the TV and turned back to him.

“Just relax and listen to my voice.” Katica ran through the process for the fourth time that day, surprisingly it didn’t take long at all for his breathing to enter that smooth and even pace that she had come to recognize as a sign that her subject was under. I guess he was so tired that he just caved, Katica thought to herself. “From now on whenever you are in this trance you will call me mistress, and whenever I pat you on the head and call you my “good pet” you will return to this state. If you see any member of this family naked or having sex, regardless of who with, you will ignore them. Finally whenever you feel the stress becoming too much you will find a way to excuse yourself and go to a quiet place in your mind and release the stress. Whenever you come home you spend twenty minutes doing this and you will sleep completely each night and wake up on time. Do you understand?”

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