Taken In Ch. 03

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Jennifer had been home for over three weeks now. Although I was happy to have my friend back, I missed playing house and having free access to Hal. The pleasure derived from late night trips to each other’s bedrooms had begun to stale. The sneaking around and silent love making in the still of the night had become a burden; I needed to scream and moan loudly while Hal gave me what I needed. The same question found its way to my mind over and over, “Was it time to tell Jennifer now?”

I was startled from my pondering my next steps when Jennifer burst open my door and dove in bed with me. Quickly she pulled the covers back and slid under them before laying back and turning her face to within an inch of mine.

“My dad is seeing someone!” Her eyes flashed. “Do you know who it is?”

I choked on my words, “He is? How do you know?”

“I found a pair of panties in his room when I was cleaning.” Her face was smug at the evidence. “You haven’t seen or heard anything? He’s probably just being secretive to protect my feelings.”

“No, but now you have me curious.” I was relieved to not be suspect.

“Do you know what we should do?” Her dark eyes flashed with her rhetorical question, “We should go out for the night and give him some privacy.”

My heart sank; there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to have her out for the evening while I spent time with Hal. “That’s a great idea Jennifer.” My words came out weakly.

“I have it all planned out. Your mom is lonely so we are going to have a sleep over there.” She smiled proudly.

“My mom is gone to my aunts for the week.” I frowned.

Jennifer brushed me off with a hand, “He doesn’t know that. Does he?”

I shook my head, “No.”

“Perfect! We are going to have so much fun. I have a couple friends coming from school that are renting a hotel we can stay at.”

“What?” Jennifer frowned when I made a puzzled face, “What friends?”

With a roll of her eyes and a dismissing hand gesture she responded, “You worry too much. These guys are awesome.”

That night after Hal snuck in and made love to me in my bed, I told him about the conversation with Jennifer and her master plan to leave him alone so he could have his girlfriend come visit. When I mentioned the double date she had planned for us, Hal just smiled and kissed me.

“You are a beautiful young woman. You should be out meeting guys your age.” He kissed me again.

I pouted, “But I want you.”

Saturday came quicker than I could ever want; it was the first time I dreaded a shopping trip with Jennifer. We were shopping for date clothes and I just couldn’t get in to it. I sat impatiently like a man waiting for his wife as Jennifer put a full fashion show on for what seemed like hours. Eventually, she settled on a red satin micro dress with a halter top. If it wasn’t for her big 38C boobs, that dress would fall to the floor fast. Her naturally wavy hair bounced just above her shoulders.

I smiled at her choice, “Only a raven haired beauty could pull that dress color off. You look shmexy!”

With a runway spin, she smiled and disappeared back to her change room. As we combed through the mall, I finally got the much anticipated details of the evening. Mitch and Derek would get two rooms at the Holiday Inn. As she put it, there was a room for us and one for them unless of course things went well. Naturally both these guys were “To die for sexy”; unfortunately we never had the same taste in guys so I was not optimistic.

“You girls look like you are up to something.” Hal’s acting skills should have won him an Oscar.

I sat silent at the kitchen table as Jennifer spoke, “We’re going to have a girl’s night with Laura’s mom tonight.”

“Well that is nice of you ladies.” Hal smiled sweetly.

Jennifer interrupted, “So…we won’t be home tonight. Probably not until after lunch tomorrow…you escort kartal know…in case you wanted to make plans.” The last part came out as a question unintentionally.

Hal laughed, “I will take that in to consideration.”

Jennifer grabbed my hand and proceeded to drag me upstairs. I rolled my eyes over my shoulder at Hal hoping somehow to be rescued from the evening of horror this would surely become. Hal just smiled at me and shook his finger disapprovingly at my attitude before blowing a kiss at me. We packed our bags and barely made it to the bottom of the stairs when the taxi showed up.

I threw my bag in the backseat and looked at Jennifer, “Just one minute, I forgot something.” I raced back in the door and wrapped my arms around Hal. He kissed me deeply sucking the breath from my chest.

“Go have fun.” He opened the door and shoed me out.

The cab pulled away and I looked back hoping to see him, but he wasn’t there. I fell in to a daze as we drove down the street until Jennifer told me to get changed.

“Here?” I raised a brow.

With an infamous eye roll she spoke to the East Indian cab driver, “Don’t look pervo!” With those words she pulled her sweater over her head and began to remove her pants. In an instant she was naked and fighting with her new dress; it looked like one person twister and was quite comical to watch. Her naked breasts were pushed down her dress stretching the fabric to its limit.

“You changing?” She pushed herself back in to the seat exhausted from the fight.

I laughed, “This is what I’m wearing.”

“You suck!” Jennifer couldn’t hold the laughter in.

I was wearing blue jeans a sheer black sleeveless top and black calf boots. It was perfect for a blind date and I was not lead to believe we were going anywhere fancy. Naturally I had a rescue dress packed in my back just in case. As it turned out, my clothes were entirely appropriate.

Our fine escorts for the evening were wearing jeans and t-shirts. Mitch was tall and judging by the greeting that Jennifer gave him, was her choice for the night. He was a decent looking guy, but the skater look really didn’t do much for me. I held my hand out and introduced myself to Derek due to the complete lack of introductions once Mitch and Jennifer embraced one another.

He seemed nice enough and fit the tall dark and handsome to a tee. I couldn’t place his ethnicity and found myself wondering if he was Arab or maybe half black. Not that it mattered really; this was purely an exercise of appeasing Jennifer. Once Jennifer and Mitch broke their extremely awkward greeting we headed to the car.

Derek walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in. As I opened the door, Mitch pushed past me and dragged Jennifer in to the back seat with him before I finally climbed in beside Derek.

“You girls hungry for some meat?” I rolled my eyes at his choice of words and Jennifer giggled like she was back in high school.

A few minutes later we pulled up in front of a Harvey’s burger restaurant. I had to challenge myself to keep my inner monolog intact. Are you freaking kidding me? Harveys? This is a restaurant you take a girl you don’t know on a date? Worse than the choice of restaurant was the next segment of our double date; we were going to a drive in movie.

When the second feature started, Derek put his arm behind me. I just looked at him and he took it away. “I’m just going to use the ladies room, I’ll be back.”

Once safely behind the concession stand I pulled my phone out.

MeYou will never believe the fine cuisine I just had.


MeBurgers at Harvey’s.


MeNow I’m at the drive in with creepy hands

HalCall me!

My conversation with Hal was not what I expected at all. I anticipated he would be jealous and find a way to rescue me. Instead of jealousy, I was reminded maltepe escort that I was young and needed to have fun with people my own age. I tried to snap him back to reality with a ‘he wants to fuck me’, but Hal was not phased and only responded with ‘I can’t blame him’; I was speechless.

“Is he at least cute?” Hal inquired.

“He’s not you.” I pouted my words.

Hal spoke slowly, “If I wasn’t in the picture, would you be more interested?”

“I dunno, maybe.” I was rattled.

“Try and have fun. I won’t be mad if you do little girl.” I could hear the sincerity in his voice.

The dome light was surprisingly blinding as I opened the door to see more than I ever expected. Jennifer was hunched over Mitch’s crotch sucking his cock. I climbed in and closed the door inhaling the distinct smell of sex.

“That’s it you little slut. Suck that cock!” Mitch’s words were grunted.

I couldn’t believe we were 15 minutes in to the movie and Jennifer was sucking Mitch and leaving me alone with creepy hands. Derek was turned sideways and watching the events in the back seat with a smile. His free hand rubbed at his crotch while his eyes darted between mine and the back seat.

“We could have some fun too baby.” He smiled at me.

He wasn’t creepy; I was just being a bitch. Without Hal in the picture, I probably would have given him some first or second base action. I’m sure that the cars on either side knew when Mitch came. He screamed do loudly and Jennifer gagged as he held her head down on his cock. Without a word I handed a few napkins back over my shoulder for Jennifer to clean up.

The rest of the movie was spent keeping Derek’s hands from draping around my neck or touching my thigh. I would give him an A for persistence. The movie couldn’t have ended soon enough and we were on our way back to the hotel. My plan was to claim a room and turn in for the night, but that was not to be.

Mitch took a long swig from a bottle of cheap whisky before passing it to Jennifer who gulp some down. Derek flopped on the bed and retrieved the bottle from Jennifer. His first gentlemanly act was to offer me a drink first although I declined the offer. I stared at the room that door of the adjoining room as I planned my exit strategy.

Jennifer threw herself on the bed and Mitch quickly climbed on top of her. That was exactly what I needed to take my leave. Quickly standing I made my way to the open door and in to the other room. As I entered the room it was apparent that I had company; Derek had followed me in to the second room.

“I guess this is our room.” He smiled and sat on the edge of the only bed in the room.

With a firm stare I shook my head in disagreement, “I don’t think that is going to happen. This will be Jennifer and my room.”

My heart raced when he stood and walked towards me, “I paid for the room…so if you are staying get your cock teasing ass in that bed or get out.”

Backing up to the door I put my hand on the knob, “Guess I’m leaving.”

After a ‘whatever slut’ he walked through the adjoining room, “Looks like we’re sharing your bitch!” He proceeded to slam the door.

I quickly opened the door to see Mitch taking Jennifer from behind. Derek was undressing beside the bed. When I asked her if she was alright she just glared at me and grabbed Derek’s cock pulling him to her mouth. It was clear that she didn’t have any problem so I made my way home.

In the cab I texted Hal and told him I would be home shortly. Barely entering the house, Hal put his arms around me and kissed me, “How was your hot date?”

“Mine wasn’t going as well as Jennifer’s, so I left.” I laughed to myself. Hal didn’t need the details. “We are alone for the night.”

I walked up the stairs slowly; playfully looking over my shoulder at Hal, “Coming?”

Stepping in the ensuite bathroom I indicated pendik escort bayan I would be out in a minute. Removing my jeans I adjusted the tiny red thong before stripping the remaining clothes off. When I opened the door Hal was laying on the bed propped up against the head board.

I stood in the doorway and spun around showing my ass to him, “See anything you like?”

“Oh yeah!” He smiled and stroked his cock.

Slowly I sauntered to the bed staying an inch out of reach as I sensually slid my hands over my body.

When Hal could take no more he leaned forward and pulled me down on him. We were overdue for a good down and dirty session. Hal pulled my leg making me straddle him. With a quick movement my thong was pulled to the side and his swollen tool was pushing at my opening while he sucked one of my nipples in to my mouth.

Wiggling my hips I worked myself down on his cock keeping my breast pressed in his mouth. His hands pawed at my ass with a finger finding my back door while I rode his cock. I bounced up and down plunging his cock deep in me.

“Jesus Laura, I’m ready to cum already!” His words were panted.

I finally got to say the words he wanted to hear, “Give it to me. Cum in my pussy baby.”

Hal’s eyes lit up, “Seriously?”

I barely nodded and he began to groan. His cock pulsed and squirted its load in my hungry pussy. I could feel the warm wetness of his cum and it felt so wonderful. I had been timing my ovulation so I could surprise him.

Hal held my hips down on his cock until he softened in my pussy, “That was fucking amazing!”

I smiled, leaned forward and kissed his lips. Sometimes it’s about need and not finishing. I felt so wonderful with his potent seed swimming around in my pussy.

As we lay snuggled in bed Hal spoke, “I should get snipped.”

“WHAT? NO!” I smacked his chest. “Why would you do that?”

Hal caressed my hair, “Then we could do it without worrying about getting pregnant.”

I smiled quietly at the gesture. I had been cursed with a latex allergy that I had to explain the day Hal brought condoms home. To add insult to injury I have a very unhealthy reaction to birth control. I had an IUD for all of 24 hours before it needed to be removed; needless to say I was almost destined to have babies.

In the morning I woke to Hal’s tender tongue licking at my pussy; once he noticed I was awake he got on his knees to show me his erection. After a quick stroke I got on my hands and knees before wiggling my ass at him. Hal entered my pussy easily using the lubrication he shot in me only a few hours ago.

“I have to cum in this little pussy while I can.” Hal pounded himself in me making my breasts bounce and sway wildly. He stretched my pussy and I was in heaven with every thrust. I imagined that I would be impregnated when he shot his seed in me and the thought alone made me orgasm.

Hal could only thrust a few more times as I came before he had to pull himself from me, “Don’t make me cum yet dammit!”

Lying on my back he pulled me to him as he stood beside the bed. The tall bed was perfect for this position; he had the traction of the floor and nothing could stop him from burying his manhood in me.

His thumb toyed with my clit while his other hand squeezed one breast before moving to the other only to repeat over and over.

“You ready baby?” Hal lifted my legs over his shoulders and began to pound me. “Tell me you want me to cum in you!”

I was in heaven and on the brink of my second orgasm, “Cum with me!”

Sweat beaded on Hal’s forehead, “Tell me to shoot my load in you baby!”

My pussy exploded on his cock, “YES! Shoot that load in my little pussy!” I screamed it out. I flailed my head back and forth as Hal unleashed his cum in me.

“Dad? Laura? What the fuck is going on?” Jennifer stood in the open bedroom door. “You guys are fucking?”

Before either of us could say a word, Jennifer stormed off. I could feel Hal’s cock continue to pulse in me un-phased by the intrusion. Hal kissed my forehead and reluctantly stood and slid on pajama pants before leaving to find Jennifer.

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