Taken In The Shower Ch. 02

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August Ames

Taken While Sleeping

(This is the second part to the ‘Taken’ series. The first is “Taken in the shower”. I recommend you read that as well, preferably before you read this, just so you get a good idea of what’s going on. Let me add here, as I did in the first part, that this story is not about me and my brothers. Enjoy.)


He couldn’t really believe he was going to do this.

Since he had listened to his brother Dante fuck their younger sister Rina earlier that day in the shower, Melchiorre Scablio had fantasized about fucking her too.

He wasn’t going to lie and say he’d never thought of her in a sexual context. Of course he had. He figured all siblings did, once or twice in their lifetimes. And if they didn’t think about his sister in that way, then they were insane. She was gorgeous, tall and voluptuous, with beautiful skin, beautiful breasts, and a beautiful ass. Everything was exactly where it should be on a woman. She was graceful, feminine without being girlie, and both shy and bold by equal standards. In a completely non-lustful and brotherly manner, Melchiorre loved his sister very much. He was proud of her and his voice resonated with a great deal of affection whenever he spoke of her to other people.

But in a completely animalistic, depraved manner, Melchiorre wanted to bang Rina into next week.

Shutting his eyes tightly and taking a deep breath, Melchiorre carefully, quietly, and slowly turned the knob on his sister’s bedroom door until it clicked open, and then tip-toed inside. He shut it immediately, wincing slightly when it made a barely audible ‘snick’ sound. Then he paused and listened, waiting to make sure Rina was asleep.

She snored very softly, evenly, and Melchiorre knew she was out. He let his breath out in a slow sigh and glanced toward her bed. His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he saw his sister’s form as a lump beneath her lavender covers. The clock on her bedside shone faintly, and cast the side of her cheek in pale, watery blue. He moved closer, eyes locked on her face, shucking out of his boxers as he went. He’d come in only those, because it would have been stupid to get completely dressed in the middle of the night to seduce his sister in her sleep. Naked, Melchiorre stopped beside her bed and watched her dark lashes fanning a delicate shadow on her cheekbones.

She really was a pretty little thing, all round and lush with soft skin.

His cock twitched and came alive. His gaze traveled downward, and he reached out to take the top of the sheet between his index and thumb and draw it slowly downward as his eyes traveled the same path. The cotton settled on her feet, and he studied her, dressed only in panties and a sleep tank. The tank would be too difficult to remove without waking her, so he’d have to cut it off. He felt a slight twinge of regret at the thought, but it was quickly squashed by the blood flowing quickly to his cock causing it to grow and harden.

He quietly took her scissors from her desk drawer and cut the garment off her, then gently, gently, gently drew the material from under her. He vowed to replace the top the next time he went into town.

He drew in his breath soundlessly when her breasts were finally bare to his hungry gaze. He reached out to touch them, but drew his hand back quickly.

Not yet. He didn’t want to risk waking her yet.

He settled his gaze on her panties, running it down each long, creamy leg, then back to the apex of her thighs. The scissors made quick work of these too. Finally, she lay completely naked before him, and he could not refrain from touching this time.

His finger lightly touched the thatch of dark curls that shadowed her pubis, then twirled in them. He smiled a crooked smile, and glanced up at his sister.

She was sound asleep.

Melchiorre knew he would have to move quickly now, before she woke up, or he chickened out.

He licked his finger, then pressed it against the hood that hid her clit, and pressed a little and began to rub. All the while his eyes stayed glued to his sister’s face. He didn’t have to see what he was doing, but he needed to see whether Rina responded or not. She slept on peacefully. He slid his finger down a little further, parting the clean petals of her labias –he was surprised to find that she shaved them. They were like silk. His cock pulsed with desire.

He used his other hand to tease her nipples, which were not aroused, but soon began to peak under his teasing and feather-light ministrations. His index delved deeper into her labias, gliding down into the moistness and brushing over her opening. There was no reaction. Melchiorre thanked god that his sister had always been a heavy sleeper, and began to move that finger back and forth against it, rubbing and rubbing, trying to stimulate her body enough to naturally provide lubrication without arousing her too much that she woke up.

Had he not done this successfully before with previous girlfriends, pendik escort Melchiorre probably would have botched it. But he knew what he was doing.

He leaned over her breast to slick one nipple with his saliva before refocusing his attention on her face once more. His one hand began to gently massage the mound. The index finger of his other hand continued to rub in slow circles over her sex, pressing a little at the opening in a sort of tease. For several minutes Melchiorre worked his sister while she slept. Her body responded as programmed to do, but her consciousness remained blissfully unaware.

Finally, when Melchiorre decided his sister’s pussy had readied itself enough for intercourse, he stood and began to gently, carefully pry her legs apart. He bent her knees and spread them, and he slowly, inch by excruciating inch, crawled onto the mattress between them. It was a good, firm mattress, otherwise his added weight no doubt would have jiggled the bed too much and woken Rina. Still, he paused once he was kneeling between her spread legs, watching her face first for awareness, then letting his gaze slide down her supple body to rest on the shadowed area of her crotch.

Realizing he was breathing a little too hard in anticipation and lust, Melchiorre took a moment to calm himself, allowing his fingers to play idly in her dewy curls and brush the damp velvety petals of her sex.

Finally, he carefully wrapped his hands around her calves and lifted them, slowly, inch by inch, dragging her down a smidgen so that her thighs were draped over his thighs. Then he took his cock in hand and guided it to her moist entrance. He shuddered when his skin touched hers, and he had to remind himself to go slow and be gentle. He wanted this to last, but more importantly, he didn’t want to hurt his baby sister. Taking his time, he rubbed his cock head up and down her slick folds, parting them then pushing his head firmly at her entrance but not entering her. Every woman he had ever slept with loved when he teased her with his cock. It drove them absolutely wild. After only several minutes, they would be begging him to ram his cock in and fuck them hard and deep. He didn’t figure his sister was any different.

After about a minute of that teasing – the slow up and down rubbing of his flesh against hers, then a slight forward pressure against her hole, and repeating- Rina’s breathing began to change. It was only a slight deepening in breaths, but Melchiorre recognized it for what it was. He grinned, his teeth flashing white in the dark. She was starting to get worked up without even knowing it. He was going to have so much fun fucking Rina. And at that thought, his patience wore out. He had to take her now, had to be inside her now. She was ready, hungry even in sleep, for his cock. Biting his lip to stifle any possible noises he might make as he entered her, Melchiorre rubbed up and down once more, then pushed steadily at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed a little, drew back a fraction, then pushed, then drew back, then pushed. Her breathing hitched a little more, and she wiggled her hips back and forth, as if she were trying to assuage the itch he had awoken inside her. Melchiorre took this as a very good sign and pushed a little more firmly, feeling her flesh give steadily the harder he pushed. Her heat beckoned him, but he leashed his lust and vowed to go slowly.

Rina murmured something and tossed her head, one hand coming up to rest atop one of her aroused breasts. Then she settled and her breathing evened out again. Melchiorre rolled his eyes. She may have fallen back asleep, but she wouldn’t be asleep for much longer.

He pulled back out completely, shutting his eyes as the sensations of her tight, warm pussy disappeared, then went back to teasing her entrance with his cock. Only a few seconds passed before Rina’s breathing again deepened and she wiggled her butt. This time Melchiorre would take her. He began his slow entrance, watching Rina’s face. Her brows drew downward, crinkling, and she reached her hand down to where his cock head was half in her and tried to scratch. He caught her hand and placed it over his heart. He wanted her to feel how hard his heart was beating. Then he gave one good firm push and his whole head popped in. He groaned, he couldn’t help it. She was tight and wet and hot and he wanted to slide home completely and just stay there like that.

Soon, he promised himself, very soon.

At his penetration Rina woke up with a startled hitching gasp of breath. Her eyelids fluttered and she mumbled sleepily in confusion. Her hand fisted then flattened out over his warm skin, and she curiously allowed her fingers to rub over his nipple.

Melchiorre pulled out completely, then popped back in, and Rina came fully awake, eyes widening, mouth opening, hand pressing firmly against his chest.

“Melchiorre, noooo.” she murmured, staring into her oldest brother’s eyes in shock.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay.” He withdrew and slid escort pendik back in, going deeper. Her brows tightened and she took a deep breath, as if bracing herself. He did it again, going even deeper, and she made a low rumbling noise in her throat and wiggled her hips. He loved the way her heat enveloped him, the way her tight sheath gave slickly and enticed him to go deeper. The third time Melchiorre withdrew and pushed back in, he knew he had gone as deep as he could go. Surprisingly, she took five of his eight inches easily. He imagined in other positions, like cowgirl and doggie, he could go even deeper. The thought made him shudder, and he groaned again. He pulled out and slid back in once more before pausing to allow his sister time to adjust to him. Her inner muscles had clamped deliciously around him and she’d moaned when he hit the soft spongy tissue deep inside her. But her neck arched in instinctive pleasure and after the moan a barely audible gasp of delight escaped her.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. He slid his arms beneath her knees and lifted her legs, draping them over his forearms and gripping her hips. She gasped his name very softly, “Melchiorre,” and moved her hands to grasp his arms. Their gazes held, and he waited, waited for her breathing to slow, waited for her vaginal muscles to unclamp. Her nipples were tight, hard little points placed perfectly atop the two beautiful mounds of her breasts. After what seemed an eternity to him, Melchiorre began to move, pulling out all the way and then sliding fully back in. He set a slow and steady rhythm, watching her face intently while he moved deeply inside her. She was biting her lip, her brows slightly furrowed, and her fingers dug into his skin. He could tell she was fighting it.

He would have none of that. She had enjoyed what Dante had done, and she would enjoy what he did too.

Melchiorre bent forward, which angled him tantalizingly inside her and caused her to swallow a groan, and nudged her ear with his nose, then blew gently into it and flicked his tongue over the lobe. She tried to jerk her head away, but there was really nowhere to turn. He simply trailed his lips lightly down her throat and nuzzled her jaw, kissing the milky skin lovingly. His hands trailed leisurely up her tight stomach and molded over her wonderfully full and soft breasts. He cupped his palms over the turgid peaks and pinched them gently with the calloused flesh. Her back arched before she could control herself. Melchiorre smiled against her skin and nibbled and licked his way back to her ear, poking his tongue into it teasingly, then deeper, swirling it around the whorls of the shell and biting lightly on the lobe. She swallowed hard and her hands moved up his forearms, then back down them in an unconscious caress.

Melchiorre pressed his lips to her cheek, and to the cheekbone beneath her eyes, and then brushed his lips in a feather light kiss over them when they fluttered shut. Then he settled his mouth over hers, and held it there -not pushing, not demanding, not taking; just waiting. He forced her to breathe his breath, and greedily took in hers. It was an added intimacy. Her lips parted and he swept his tongue inside, still watching her.

She didn’t push her brother away. She made a distressed noise and tightened her hands around his arms, but remained still. Very very still, as if she were focusing on what he was doing to her, everywhere. Their skin sliding against each other, hers silky, his covered in crisp black hairs that would tantalize pleasurably. His hands massaged her breasts, pausing once in a while to tweak a nipple, then soothe it with the pad of his thumb and return to massaging.

Then as his tongue rubbed over hers her body responded. It was one long roll of her deliciously curvaceous form, starting from her head and working its way down to her toes. Her mouth pushed more insistently against Melchiorres, and her tongue hesitantly brushed his. Her breasts seemed to swell with the deep breath she took and filled his hands more. Her butt wiggled and lifted to meet one of his thrusts, and her legs tightened, trying to draw him closer. He felt her toes flex.

He took the kiss deeper, and she responded, still shy, but showing much more interest.

Thank god she was beginning to enjoy it. Melchiorre couldn’t wait to feel her come around his cock.

For several minutes they kissed as he slowly fucked her with deep, long strokes. Then he left her mouth and closed his teeth gently over her jaw, which caused her to gasp, and trailed his lips down her throat again, kissing along her collarbone to one shoulder, then back to the other shoulder. She was fragrant. She smelled of the lavender body lotion she applied after every shower, and never before this moment had it gone to his head like wine.

Melchiorre groaned and buried his face in her hair, squeezing her breasts a little harder, driving his thick shaft a little quicker into her tight sheathe.

She obviously liked it, pendik escort bayan judging by the way her hips did that trying-to-find-a-comfortable-spot wiggle. He moved back to her throat, nibbling and nuzzling away.

“Melchiorre,” she breathed in a plaintive voice. Her feet curled into his sides and her vagina tightened marginally around him. She took a deep breath, and her vagina tightened again. Her throat vibrated beneath his lips and he knew she had choked down another moan. She was losing the battle with her will. Her body derived too much pleasure from his attentions, and she wouldn’t be able to deny it for much longer.

Smiling in triumph, Melchiorre took his hands away from her breasts and settled them once more on her hips, then looked down so he could watch their middles each time he disappeared into her. He watched his cock pumping into her for as long as he could, then he had to stop looking or he knew he would blow his load too soon the sight was so erotic.

He glanced up and could just see her in the gloom. She was watching them too, her top teeth sunk into her bottom lip. Her hands gripped him almost painfully. She was beginning to pant. Her body kept tightening and tightening, and she couldn’t stop the imminent orgasm. Melchiorre rolled his hips when he was fully imbedded inside her and she gurgled, closing her eyes and grimacing. Her hips jerked once, twice, lifting and holding, then pumping in quick, short spurts, and she came.

Her vagina fluttered around his cock very delicately, and she looked so beautiful, her expression loose and blissful. She licked her lips and they curved in a delicious little cat in cream smile. Melchiorre felt like a god. His heart bumped beneath his ribs in a hard beat of euphoria.

The only sounds in the room were Rina’s breathless gasps and the juicy noise the siblings bodies made when their pelvises kissed.

He had entered earlier swollen with lust, but it had calmed in the face of his seduction. He knew that she would come a second time before he came a first.

When she came down from her orgasm, her eyes peeked open a little and Melchiorre knew she was looking at him. Her smile stayed in place as she watched her brother begin moving in her in a steady rhythm once more. She didn’t say anything, didn’t bother to deny she enjoyed what he was doing to her. Her hips pushed forward to meet each of his thrusts, and soon they were moving in tandem, slow and steady and deep.

He was surprised when her hands released their grip on his arm and trailed lazily upward to his chest. She spread her palms and rubbed them over the crisp hair, then brushed her fingers across the flat male nipples.

He hissed out a breath and narrowed his eyes at her. She smiled a little more and did it again.

“You like that Melchiorre?” she whispered hoarsely.

He nodded and began to pump faster. Her legs shifted restlessly, and she said, “Let my legs down Melchiorre.” He did as she wanted, and was rewarded by her wrapping them around his waist and anchoring her ankles at the small of his back. The move had tightened her silken tunnel and angled her hips higher.

“Oooh,” she moaned, her head rolling from one side to the other. “Oh yes.” Her nails scrapped tantalizingly down his hard chest to his washboard stomach. She played her fingers through the hair there, eyes shut in bliss. “Mmmm big brother, you’re so marvelously built. So hard and…” she gasped as Melchiorre began to thrust even faster. It took her a couple of minutes to remember her train of thought. One hand trailed down to rub idly over her clit, and the other cupped and began to play with her own breast. Melchiorre slid his hands beneath her buttocks and lifted her, rocking them as their bodies thrust and rolled.

“Oh god.” She murmured, and he felt her pussy begin to tighten once more. He knew she was going to orgasm any minute and he wanted to be there with her when she did.

Melchiorre sped up his thrusting until he was pounding into her. The bed rocked, squeaking every few lunges. She lifted her hands and braced them on her headboard, rocking her hips just as quickly. He watched, transfixed, as her breasts jiggled freely. Her pussy tightened and tightened, her head rolling from side to side mindlessly, her heels digging into his buttocks as she tried to draw him deeper and deeper into her. He released her ass and braced himself on his arms behind her hips, then leaned over her body, which angled him deeper and threw her over the edge. The first shout escaped, but he captured the rest in his mouth as he sealed their lips and kissed her deeply, carnally, moaning his own groan of release into her delectable mouth.

Their torsos jerked and their flesh spasmed and she milked every drop of semen from his overheated body. When the orgasms gave them back thought, she wrapped her arms around Melchiorre’s back and kissed him back just as passionately. He remained locked inside her by her legs, which didn’t loosen their hold. Not that he cared. Finally, she pulled her brother’s face away an inch to whisper raggedly, “Don’t go. Stay with me tonight.” Then sealed their lips again and slid her hands down to grip his buttocks, squeezing and humming in delight.

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