Taken to Forgotten Pleasures

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BY: truexxx… Pen Name: L. Deane Licec

I hadn’t seen him in what seemed like forever, and today he is going to stop by on his way through town. There was a time when I would have done anything he asked. I guess I still would. I made the mistake of letting go all those years ago and he moved on… we all did… but here he was stopping by to see me. I almost could not contain myself.

Watching the clock and the driveway was about to drive me crazy. Thinking about him has always made me very hot and wet. This was no exception. If he didn’t show soon I’d have to go change my panties, again. I just hoped he would not catch me staring out the window waiting for him… I did not want to seem desperate. All at once there was a knock at the door. He parked on the other side of the house and snuck to the door. I almost screamed from the shock of it.

I slowly opened the door and there he stood. I would recognize him any day of the year… and those eyes… make me melt. As he stepped inside I was about to say something and he laid his finger gingerly on my lips, then grabbed me and kissed me more passionately than I have been kissed in many years.

He then took a step back as I regained my composure. He looked me up and down and simply said, “Strip!” I hesitated because we were standing in the middle of the kitchen and anyone could come to the door, at anytime. He seemed a bit perturbed by my hesitation and ordered, “Strip, Now!”

Blushing from head to toe I quickly did as I was told and in no time at all was standing there in all my glory for his approving eyes, in the center of my own kitchen. He looked me up and down again and signaled me to turn around which I did quickly. He said, “Close your eyes.” And I did it without thinking. I heard him moving about the kitchen, and over by the table. I was getting a bit nervous. Then out of nowhere… SMACK! Came a hard hand across my ass. “That’s for hesitating when I told you to do something,” he snapped. “I won’t again,” is all I could say.

“Ok, open your eyes.” As I did I saw him standing before me totally nude also. There was a towel on the floor in front of his feet… and I knew what was coming next. “On your knees my beauty,” were his words which I quickly did and all but swallowed his cock on the first stroke. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get enough of it. I guess I had just wanted it for so long.

After a couple of minutes he pulled me to my feet, led me to the end of the table, sat me on it, and kissed me again… with as much passion as the first one. Then he started kissing down my neck… nibbling a bit as he did. This was driving me wild. Then güvenilir bahis he nibbled my earlobe… I almost fainted it felt so good. He again worked down my neck to the center of my chest till he came to right between my breasts.

He slowly worked his way to my right breast where he kissed the whole breast being careful not to come in contact with the nipple. Once the whole beast was covered in kisses he placed a simple kiss right onto the nipple before devouring it into his experienced mouth. Alternating between licking, sucking, and nibbling…. The sensation sent me into my first of many to come orgasms.

As I came down from that he quickly kissed to my left breast and repeated the pleasurable feelings on it…. Again I came, a bit more intensely this time. As I started down from that he started kissing down my body while slowly laying me backwards onto the table. I was truly glad I had taken time to shave myself totally clean that morning because I was truly looking forward to what was coming next.

He sat on a chair between my legs and pushed them back to my chest while also spreading them as far as they would…. And damn, they hadn’t spread that far for anyone in a very long time. Before continuing he looked at my very bald mound, looked up at me, whistled, and licked his lips. The way he did it made me almost go over the edge again.

Seeing my reaction he grinned and lowered his head slowly between my milky thighs. I could feel his breath on every part of my fully exposed pussy… and with the way my legs were spread, it was too. He started simply licking up one side then down the other making sure he did not touch my hypersensitive clit. Then he just blew across my hot button sending shivers of pleasure through my body.

Seeming to be watching for the right time in my pleasure he started circling his tongue around it now. With each time around and over it my climax continued to crescendo. Then he sucked it as deep into his mouth as he could and started to hum. “OH GOD”, I screamed, not caring if anyone heard. By now I was bucking my hips into his face and had no control over my own body.

I was slowly coming down as he released his oral grip on my joy button and ran his tongue the full length of my sopping slit several times before dropping it down to my anus and running it in circles around it. I hadn’t felt that in years and I was really liking it when he rammed his tongue all the way into my willing backdoor, flipping my clit with his right thumb as he did.

He continued tongue fucking my anus until I was about to come again, then pulled his mouth away quickly and replaced his tongue with two türkçe bahis fingers on his left hand and diving back to my clit. I EXPLODED! I was shaking so hard the table seemed to be moving across the floor, and I was babbling incoherently. Only occasionally could I make out, “YES, YES, OH GOD YES!!”

No one had touched me like that in so long that I forgot how good it felt when someone who knew what the hell they were doing was doing it. My climax seemed to last forever with him licking my clit and finger banging my ass the whole time, and at some time during my delirium he had inserted a third finger deep into my dark hole. With three fingers in my ass and a talented tongue working over my sensitive bump I was sure I would pass out if I didn’t come down soon.

Almost sensing this he slowed his tongue and slowly removed his fingers from my reluctant sphincter. “I Love You More Than You Know”, is all I could muster saying before he laid across me and kissed m, letting me taste how hot I was on his tongue. With that he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and placed me on the bed before pulling me up on my hands and knees. I moaned deeply and lustfully in anticipation of what was to come.

He knelt behind me fondling my ass before again running his hot tongue in and out of my asshole a few more times. He pulled my hand between my legs to my clit, which I stroked instinctively. Then he got close and ever so slowly eased his rock hard cock into my nether region. I had not felt so stretched back there since… well I think he was the last one I let in there so many years ago.

Once he had eased it all the way in till his balls were against my bare pussy he started stoking in and out. Every time he bottomed out his balls would slap my pussy making me squirm in pleasure, not to mention the pleasure of having my ass filled with his wonderful manhood. My climax was again building at a fevered pitch. By now I was pushing into him on every stroke and moaning like a bitch in heat. I could no longer concentrate on rubbing myself as his balls were slapping my gushing pussy into a higher level of heat.

I was having orgasm after orgasm… and they all seemed to run together now till I lost count, and was on the verge again of losing consciousness. I was beginning to come down a bit when he started to pull free. “Please, leave it in there a bit longer” I begged, and he obliged with great pleasure on his face.

After a few more minutes… seemed like an hour… he pulled out and spun me around on the bed and stuffed my mouth full of his cock again. I had never sucked a cock after it had been in my ass, my pussy yes. By now güvenilir bahis siteleri all I wanted to do was pleasure him and in so doing felt even hotter in doing something like this. I thought he was going to explode down my throat, but he only let me suck him for a brief moment before pulling me up to kiss again.

As we broke that kiss he laid me back onto the bed and eased into my very willing womanhood. As he started slowly stroking in and out he kissed me again. We continued to kiss with him fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples as he made slow, steady love to me. This seemed to last and last. Soon he started to really plow away at my twat with his hardness and broke the kiss as he started pounding away.

By now I was out of control again screaming, “FUCK ME, YES FUCK ME!” as I went over the edge of my climax I started to shake almost uncontrollably and he started coming deep inside of me, which made my own orgasm go through the roof. As we both came down a bit he pulled out and lay down beside me holding me in his arms.

After he caught his breath he did something I did not expect. He crawled back between my now sticky thighs and proceeded to lick my entire pussy clean, even where it was running down into my crack and even tongued my ass again for good measure. When he came up we kissed again and I could taste both of us on his tongue and it made me have another tiny orgasm, which by now was about all I could muster.

We lay arm in arm for a few minutes before I lead him to the bathroom, started the shower, and we both got in. I very slowly washed his entire body and he did the same for me. Then he picked up the shampoo and washed my hair like I’ve never had anyone do before. It felt wonderful. Once he finished rinsing my hair I showed my pleasure by getting down and sucking his now hardening cock into my mouth again. He’d given me more pleasure than I had know in so long, that I wanted to return the favor.

I started sucking slowly at first but could not control myself and was bobbing and sucking for all I was worth. Within minutes he grabbed my head and started face fucking me till he exploded down my throat, and I swallowed every drop. As he pulled his now softening dick from my lips I licked the tip to get the last drops of his precious seed. As I stood up he rinsed off again and we got out of the shower.

We dried each other off, playfully licking and nibbling at each other’s bodies as we did. Once dry we reluctantly got dressed and he kissed me good-bye, till the next time he could get away. As he drove away the phone rang. It was my husband and he was on the way home for lunch. It was then that I realized, it had been three whole hours since the whole ordeal began this morning… and we were within minutes of being caught… the thought made me wet all over again! Well, I’ll just save that thought for the next time.

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