Taking Ch. 05 – Loathing

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Chapter 5: Loathing

Susan woke up to the ringing of her cell phone, and the soft comforting embrace of her daughter. At the moment they would have seemed close but not sinful to an outside view, and yet she could still taste Kristen on her tongue. She felt a little weird and she figured fucking your daughter might do that to a woman. Still it felt like it might be something else. The memory of last night replayed in moistening slow motion. The younger woman’s soft smooth flesh gave to her experienced touch, and… the phone went silent as she pulled the covers up over her head. A morning snack was in order.


The phone dropped from Scarlett’s hand. She hadn’t had time to grab anything else. Sleep mere seconds in the past was a distant memory, as an eternity seemed to claw at her. Arms bound behind her in the tight grasp of an eight-foot-tall monster as it impaled her on its dick. Impaled being accurate as it painfully spread her to an inhuman width and depth, using her cunt as a stroker, and not in the sexy way. Okay kind of a scary sexy way.

John’s Pov

John was lost in a nightmare, watching threw eyes that he knew were his but at the same time no longer under his control. Nothing was under his control anymore, it was all under the control of the lust, an all-consuming lust that pulsed to his multiple hearts. *boom boom boom*… *boom boom boom*. In the night he had felt a fever come upon him, his bones breaking and repairing with an agony that drove at him madly, maddeningly, mad, mad was he. The pain drove him into the magic he had stored till it was empty, and he was hollow. He needed to replenish the bottomless hole.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett made an effort to activate a tattoo and felt an electric charge shake through her. The electricity stripped the pain away, and made every nerve in her body charged with ecstasy. The monster was raping her, and she was lost to the pleasure of it like a stone dropped in a well. The fall was not hard, not even really a fall, just a release. A wet shuttering shaking endless release.

John’s Pov

John screamed at his body to stop, banged on the walls of his will, and carnal lust, but it was useless. Scarlett’s pussy was like water in the desert, and his new body needed hydration. Needed. He did not want pleasure or magic, not like this, but he needed to have his cock in something, to feel the release of another though him. He needed to fuck her, it was not a choice, and he hated himself for it, hated himself more and more with each thrust.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett was vaguely aware of the thing which magically morphed her body to be able to accept its full width and length. She had a notion that the thing doing this had used magic to amplify every sensation it gave her, and every sensation was made to give her pleasure; a pleasure that was beyond what simple reason could imagine.

John’s Pov

John watched through the misty window of his own eyes, as Scarlett’s lean tattooed body perpendicular and limp shook and rattled as it was pulled up and down on his third leg. Her tits bobbed about and with a slight thought to them his tongue slithered out coiling around a nipple and secreting an aphrodisiac directly into the end. She was incoherently blabbering, whilst the latest of the orgasmic onslaught pulled her mind out of the equation and left her body driverless.


Roxy sat on her bed panties still on the floor dildo still sticky with her juices, phone in hand. John’s number stared at her expectantly, she knew it had only been a night since they fucked but she didn’t give many shits about looking desperate. He was some sort of angel or demon or something and she was most definitely desperate for more of that. He could have her soul or whatever, she just wanted that thing he had with the woman he kept calling his aunt. Plus, something was wrong.

A connection she didn’t understand was formed between them, and it was being twisted now. Like some slash villain from a movie had just shoved a chainsaw into her gut and just tangled it all up. The phone went to voicemail again, and again she redialed. Busy line, she texted instead. Then she called. Something was wrong, people always gave up too easily in horror movies.

Maybe I can find her address somewhere. I know its super fucking creepy but, so is a tentacle monster fucking you in broad daylight. Who cares if they think I’m a creep as long as they’re okay. She dialed again, pulling out her laptop to try and find them online.


Scarlett woke again, the second time she had woken up fear had hit her again, and she had noted the tears flowing from the monster’s face, but just like the first time, before she could even gather the energy for a spell she was driven to a series of magical orgasms. They were magical in onset and effect. It was odd having the most pleasurable morning you’ve ever experienced, also be the most frightening and painful.

John’s Pov

John could see the outline of his cock kocaeli escort all the way up to her belly button and with a hand rubbed on it. The runes faintly glowing through the skin as they changed her, and pleasured her all at once. The pressure seemed to push on her womb and the a-spot nearby. Fluids poured from her cunt like rain, and he was growing to enjoy the pleasure of it all, the taking of her. No, that was the incubus’ pleasure. Taking a woman like this was repulsive and hate turned to loathing, within himself, as both feelings though separate still existed within, a thin separation in the mind. The conflict, and the hate drove his wild thrusting to grow even more savage as a result.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett felt the increased speed of the monster, and soon felt nauseous as she was lifted and dropped with an accelerating rate. The creature was driving into her like it was trying to push its cock all the way through her. Her legs finally coming to her attention kicked out weakly, striking only air, his cock found a way to slam into her stomach from below, and just like that she was vomiting onto the monster. Pleasure was gone as the vomit came up, and in that clarity she asked the most important question of the day. “Where’s John?”

John’s Pov

Vomit hit his chiseled chest and steamed as his body heat cooked it. In the next moment he was violently casting a spell upon the disgusting mess and choking Scarlett so she could not repeat the performance. The danger of what he was doing, blocking off the trachea. NO, what the incubus was doing; the act of it hit him with more fear and loathing than before. The fact that he and it were less separated in his mind as time passed only fuelled that fearful hate.

Scarlett’s Pov

The monster, John roared with anger, my body was still weakly suspended upon his mammoth cock. Fear, my pure unmitigated fear. Suddenly I was dropped on the bed, and he was in my closet. I could not move, as my body was reverting and trying to heal all at once. He turned to me after a moment, and I saw an eye like a galaxy eternal, and another, John’s. Tears streamed down both, but where one was lost in the hunger and desire it saw when our eyes met, the other was afraid.

I could not go to him, fear was still filling me, but it filled him too, and still my body could not go to him. I was a failure and a fraud, if I could not help him now. My thoughts were cut off as I saw what he had found in the closet, a knife. For the briefest of moments, I thought it was for me, and though that moment was too small to measure, I still hated myself for it.

John’s Pov

I looked away from her. How could I do that to someone I loved so much. Easy, I was a monster. The cold metal felt almost good to my hot skin. A small rivulet of blood traveled down from the base of my cock, where the knife met the flesh. I blinked away the glassy tears from my eyes, and breathed. With three hearts I was sure to pump away all my blood in seconds. No one I cared about would be hurt from this thing ever again.

A cold hand clutched mine, and a warm pair of lips kissed the head of my cock.

“It’s okay. I can take it” Scarlett’s words were a whisper, yet so powerful were they that I could hear nothing else. Her voice was shaky, her hand slightly trembling.

“No. You can’t” my voice was alien to me. Coming out from my mind more than my mouth.

“You don’t decide that. I have hunted monsters since I was a girl, and you Johnathan are no monster” she insisted. He knew she was lying, and yet her eyes said he was wrong.

“I am barely holding back right now, if I give in even a little, I give in all the way.” Palpable fear trembled the voice of sensuality.

“I know.”

Scarlett’s Pov

The knife dropped and his hands rose. She shivered at the sight, his magic restoring her, the same as it had broken her, the same as him. His hands the size of her head met her ears, and lightning passed between them, blinking out logic before easing ever so slightly. As through a pinhole she looked out at the world, as a penis head the size of her calf neared her lips. The muscles in her jaw unhinged, and feeling grotesquely monstrous herself she pushed every once of saliva she could find into her yawning mouth. The taste of her own cum on his cock closed the peep hole in her mind and she was once more a cock sleeve.

John’s Pov

Giving in to the urge, gave him more control over the incubus within, than fighting it ever did. He could now feel every glorious sensation that was working through him. The three pulsing hearts worked in a rhythm that moved a massive amount of blood to each morphed appendage with ease. That alone was like a clear minded, wide awake high, but then the magic that literally crept across his skin was like the embrace of God. He was his true self in this moment, all notions of purpose and identity found.

Found in the sensation of his cock’s crown sliding like silk across Scarlett’s lips, to graze roughly against the roof of her mouth. Her mouth kocaeli escort bayan modified for gratification, ended with the slightest satisfying resistance, before relenting to the wet textured confines of her swallowing throat. Her legs were trembling as he entered the orifice, a particularly strong orgasm expanding the pool of juices beneath the warrior woman. The electricity he was working in her head was clear to his observation, now that his attention was away from resistance and more towards what his raw animal instincts had been doing.

A person’s brain can only have so much activity before a seizure or worse causes the system to have a… reboot. Anatomy of humans has his to peruse within himself, like a bird knowing where north is, he knew the anatomy and he knew how to fuck. His cock pressed to the opening at her stomach, and he pulled back just as slow and easy as he’d gone in. Every nerve entering the brain was funneled into the pleasure center. Hormones were being made and used in a constant cycle, and his magic was filling in all the missing nutrients. All the slut needed to do was be his fuck sleeve and she’d be happy her whole existence. The incubus was happy with that, if it wanted another one it could simply do so, and moving on to another when this one bored him. But John wanted more.

He pulled some activity away from the pleasure center of her brain, and opened a path for her consciousness to come through, her light to be processed in her eyes, for her memory of the event to be stored safely. John wanted to own Scarlett, but also love her, use her as a fuck toy, but know it was HER. SCARLETT the sleeve, not just any sleeve, he’d used any sleeve before, and this was not that. A growl roared in his throat as he built into fucking Scarlett’s face, his harem were toys but HIS toys and they would not be lost, broken or discarded, a man, an incubus does not lose things of value, things he loves.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett’s eyes blinked open, the pinhole lost in a fog had come back, and engulfed her, throwing her out to the real world, the world where everything was pleasure, and pleasure was everything. Drugs played on the chemicals in your head, and he was skipping the middleman and playing with her chemicals directly. The warm pulsing rod of fire which stretched her face plunged itself into her and she felt her cunt spasm like he was fucking it while fucking her skull. His godly cock filled the throat sleeve she had grown for him, her stomach roiled in anticipation of him filling it with his hot cum. She did not feel pain, but further pleasure as though her nipples were being sucked.

John’s Pov

Tears rolled down the sluts face as he let his pelvis work back and forth, bounding off her face. Unlike the sex shop her nose did not bleed against his mons, however the effort might have seemed given the ferocity. No he had strengthened her body for a time, the time being however long he could fuck it.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett had had a monster boyfriend lose control with her in the past, and she merely waited till he came, was spent, and could then be dealt with relative ease. John was not spent when he filled her. Yet still his electricity stopped and full awareness came upon her. It was still stained by a long time of bliss, and pleasure that she could not shake. Shake in orgasm though, she did, a pulse of lava eclipsed the fire from before, and his cock thickened before a stream pumped into her stomach directly. His tip sawing in and out of the throat sleeve she had become for him.

John’s Pov

It was John’s turn to lose conscious awareness, as the pleasure he built in Scarlett was glimpsed by him, in his climax, a climax he’d been edging for the past hour and a half.

Scarlett’s Pov

Scarlett felt drunk on cum as she felt the fluid move into her stomach. Her orgasm had lasted at least a full minute if not five (time was so distorted for Scarlett’s pleasure filled brain), but he’d kept cumming into her for at least twice that. His retreat was brief as he patted her head and grasped it once more. The runes on its shaft pulsed in sync to his multiple hearts, the hearts that were needed to keep a cock as glorious and godly as his erect.

John’s Pov

John slid his shaft across his aunt’s face, dragging the runed mascara like food on a plate, through streaks of pearl white cum and obsidian black paint all over her heaving dirty face. The warrior wanton slut was begging for it, licking at it with every chance, and he was going to enjoy it, but she hadn’t begged him for it yet, and that was so very nice of him, too nice. The incubus inside, was meeting the John who he was, and as he opened his mouth, it was they together who spoke, two beings one voice.

“Beg to worship at my cock painted whore.”

“Please let me be a slave to your pleasure my lord, my God, my love” Scarlett had never sounded more like a bitch in heat than in that moment, and she loved it. He didn’t need the electricity inside her to feel pleasure when he bottomed izmit escort out in her throat. She was his, John’s, John the incubus.


John was an incubus, a monster. Unchecked he was more monster then John, and he would always hate himself a little bit for going full monster. but he would never hate Scarlett for liking it, and that meant he could never hate himself for liking it too. The runes on his cock did not hitch on her lips but instead amplified the magic that was being made around it.


Truly magic.

“Suck my balls.” He ordered pulling out and laying the behemoth atop her face.

“Mmmmmm. Thank you sir.”

Her lips smacked together as she sucked each ball in and swirled it around before suction pulling them whilst grinding her face against his cock.


Susan felt a tingling tug on her scalp, as she moved a tongue deftly between the labia of her daughter Kristen. The delicious juices of a girl that came out of her was a forbidden drink that brought the heat right from her head to her cunt. A cunt older and more hairy but a cunt her new lover was almost as interested in as she was in this moment with any, and every part of Kristen.

Kristen could feel the loving detailed tongue of her mom spread her open, and play. Play around in the playground that she had made decades ago. Soft subtle kisses mixed with tight deep sucking kisses lined her pussy lips, all but the clit. Her opening was juicing constantly, and she bucked at the tongue that teased the child she used to be. She thrashed like she was throwing a tantrum for not getting what it wanted, what she needed.

Susan’s hands met the encounter with little interference, for now, and instead held open Kristen so she could slurp on some of the fresh juices that were being channeled down the tunnel. Her nose breathed on Kristen’s clit, and she smiled at the jolting spasm that brought the girl to the edge. Momma wasn’t born yesterday, and she wasn’t about to let both her kids have their way with her… at least not right now. The idea had pulsed in her cunt like John’s cock had the day before.

Kristen felt a cold blowing on her now opened up clit and a slow licking under it at the base of the hood. Mom was a devil, and a sinful sadistic one at that. A fingertip circled her hole, and as she tried to push into it, it vanished only to have a hot wet mouth slurping out her girly cum all over again. She felt like a mad woman living just on the edge where every move her mom made, each sliding right past a critical button.

Susan slid her middle finger in up to the middle joint and found the textured g-spot within her slutty daughter, and ignored it. Curving the finger down she rubbed at the opposite side of her tunnel still licking on her lips next to her clit. Susan’s free hand felt the smooth, well maintained skin of her daughter’s mons, pulling teasingly at the landing strip that was cut with the precision she knew her daughter took pride in.

Kristen’s head rolled from side to side, hands now moved to bunch up the blankets at her side thrusting at the roving mouth that kept her at the precipice. Then nothing. Her mom’s hands had stopped moving and her mouth was missing from the throbbing engorged labia.

“Please mom. I’m so close pleeeease,” she whined petulantly.

“So close to what baby?” Kristen asked, mouth still covered in cunt juices.

“Please let me cum mom please. I’ve been good, I’ll do chores whatever, just… I’m so close to cumming.”

“How am I supposed to help you baby? Please be more specific.” Susan’s hand slid a second finger into Kristen’s cunt as she spoke. Neither moved… for one… drawn out second. The question hanging on the edge of an inferno that they both knew stood ready to consume them.

“Lick my clit, finger fuck my pussy. Please. I’m begging mom, please fuck my slutty little pussy.” She was heavy of breath, moaning, and begging. Straight gyrating into the hand. “Pinch my nipples, they’re soo lonely and hard. My mouth. I need a tongue in my mouth to suck on. I got a dildo in my drawer if you want. I can eat you out while you do it or, or you can just-*YELP!*”

“SILENCE!” Susan’s free hand pinch and pulled a nipple all at once very hard. “So you want your mommy to fuck you? That’s very naughty daughter o’ mine.”

“I know mommy. But my pussy is aching and I need help.” Kristen’s voice shrank in age as she played into the fantasy. Last night she had taken charge and now her mom, no mommy wanted it and she was more than willing.

“Well if my child needs help, who is a mother to deny them.”

Susan sucked on her clit like it was air, vacuuming the bud from its hood, and tonguing it, like her tongue was a pen and she needed to finish writing a report as soon as possible. Kristen was off the edge within seconds of her mommy’s lips meeting her flesh. Then falling even harder when the fingers in her depths shifted to the roof with a practiced flurry. A tit was groped blindly and sensually like every inch was an erotic zone. A moment later mommy’s mouth left Kristen’s clit to blow cool air on the overheated nubbin, whilst her fingers rolled and pulled a nipple like it was an icing bag.

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