Taking What I Want for My 18th

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Public Sex

The night of my 18th birthday party was always going to be wild, but nobody knew just how wild I wanted to get. That was the night I was going to seduce my brother, whether he wanted it or not.

I should probably back up a bit. My best friend Veronica had been telling me she’d been having sex with her brother for a couple of years. Now, I don’t know if she was just saying that to tease me because she could tell I was in love with my older brother Adam, or if she actually did have a legitimate relationship with her own brother. Veronica said she couldn’t blame me for wanting Adam; he’s 6 feet tall, he has these nice big muscly arms and, thanks to his regular manscaping, his torso is completely hair free. “Fucking delicious,” she said. No way in hell I’d disagree.

So once Veronica had put that idea in my head, I couldn’t stop thinking about Adam and how to convince him to sleep with me. For a few months, I tried flirting with him, wearing less and less clothing around the house, but nothing worked on him. No matter what I tried, he just laughed at me and called me “kid.” After that, I even tried subtle hints to show him that I wasn’t just a “horny little girl,” like leaving my birth control pill in places that he would see it. Still, nothing.

Well, I was 18 now and like it or not, Adam couldn’t deny I was an adult. My party was a fairly average 18th, with lots of cheap drinks, a dozen or so friends from school, and my family all in the backyard. As part one of my plan to get into my brother’s pants, I took the liberty of pouring his drinks and mine. For every double strength drink I gave to him, mine had water instead of any alcohol.

By the fourth or fifth drink, I started teasing him, asking, “What’s the matter? Can’t keep up with your little sister?” By the eighth drink, Adam could barely stand, let alone talk properly. I called out to my dad, asking if I should bursa escort take Adam to bed. Once he realised what bad shape Adam was in, Dad agreed and praised me for being so responsible. I giggled, telling him that I wasn’t a little girl anymore.

Putting one of Adam’s bulky arms around my shoulder, I slowly guided him inside, down the hallway and into his room. Thank god I’m fit! I locked the door behind me, then whispered to my brother, “Now I’ll show you I’m not a kid anymore.” Adam mumbled some kind of nonsense reply.

I pushed him, barely conscious, onto his bed. I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my retro party dress, stripping down to my black bra, undies and stockings. “I’ve been wanting to do this for years,” I reminded Adam. He groaned, most likely in protest. I ignored him and, kneeling on the floor next to his bed, began unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly and liberating his flaccid penis from his boxers.

My brother moaned when I started massaging the shaft of his circumcised cock. It started off small, but soon it was growing into quite a nice size – thick and long. I spent a minute or two jerking his cock, feeling the warmth and hardness increasing with each stroke. At the same time, I felt a tingling warmth beginning between my legs, and my nipples began to harden against the silky fabric of my bra. I bit my lower lip and smiled, so happy I finally had my big brother right where I wanted him.

Adam groaned “No…” when I bent forward and put the hot and hard purple tip of his cock into my very eager mouth. Ignoring his drunken slurs, I wrapped my lips around the ridge and licked his cockhead in slow, deliberate circles. Five laps clockwise, then five counterclockwise. He tasted so great – the small amount of precum that started to come out of his tip was a wonderful combination of salty and sweet. The actual head of his cock had the usual penis flavour bursa escort bayan of skin, saltiness and a vague musk that’s hard to describe as anything other than the taste of cock.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” Adam moaned. I couldn’t tell if it was a happy moan, a pleasure moan, an angry moan or some combination of them all. He didn’t stop me, though, which was all that mattered. Holding his dick steady with one hand, I slowly lowered my head, sliding my mouth down his hard, hot cock, pressing my tongue to the underside. I took as much as I could into my mouth, stopping just short of gagging, then slid my lips back up towards the tip. This continued for some time, and each time I increased the speed a little. Meanwhile, my brother moaned softly, no doubt relishing the feeling of his cute little sister’s mouth on his big, delicious dick.

With my spare hand, I managed to wrestle my panties off, sliding them down my legs and kicking them off my feet. Holy shit, was I wet and ready. I stood up and climbed onto the bed and made my way on top of my brother’s body, straddling him. I held his warm cock steady in one hand and lined it up with my pussy. I almost regretted not tidying up my pubic hair before tonight, but then again, Adam wasn’t really able to study my body in any great detail in his current state.

I slid myself down my brother’s cock, doing my best to stifle my instinctive moaning. But good god! The feeling of his wet, hard, thick, warm cock finally parting my hungry, moist pussy lips and fully penetrating me after years of lusting after him…It immediately topped my list of the best sex I’d ever had, and we’d not even begun. I grabbed his shirt in my hands and used it for leverage while I started to ride my brother’s awesome dick. I didn’t even care that he was barely conscious anymore. I finally had him inside me, and there was no way I was going to stop now. I rocked my hips escort bursa back and forth, grinding my tight pussy on his dick while at the same time lifting my ass up and bouncing back down, taking the full length of his eight inches inside me.

Adam stirred, grunted another slurred “No…” then resumed laying back and letting me fuck him.

So I did. I rode my big brother’s big cock with increasing speed and passion. Soon I was pounding my body up and down, my breasts bouncing in spite of my tight bra. Adam’s breathing grew steadily faster as I had my way with him, gyrating my hips and slamming my body into his. I got him closer and closer to orgasm, squeezing my pussy even tighter against his throbbing dick.

Then he came. Hard. His breathing stopped for a few seconds while his stomach tightened, then he moaned sleepily while he spasmed, his cock throbbing and shooting his white, hot cum deep inside my tight, wet pussy. I kept riding him hard, addicted to the feeling of his hardness inside me. I felt every sticky wad spraying inside me, coating my insides with my sexy, drunk brother’s semen. After about 10 seconds of non-stop pulsating, his cock was empty and my pussy was full. Tightening my pussy as much as humanly possible, I slid off my brother’s rapidly deflating ride and tried to stop his cum from leaking out of me long enough to put my dress on.

Once I’d zipped myself back up, I kissed my now-snoring brother on the cheek and whispered, “Thanks, Adam. That was the best gift I could ever get from you. Sleep well, studly. I hope we can do this again real soon.” I paused while I considered retrieving my panties, then decided to leave them on the floor. Why not leave him a little memento? A little something to remind him that he spent his night with a girl. No, with a woman.

I let myself out of his room and went back to my party. I apologised for my absence, explaining that “Adam took some convincing tonight, but in the end, he finally let me take him to bed.” Everyone seemed satisfied with that, and I don’t think anybody even noticed Adam’s cum as it dripped down my stockings.

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