Tales of Dick Ch. 21

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Big Tits

I sipped some coffee then placed the mug on the counter. It was a Friday afternoon and to my surprise, the day was slow. Normally on Fridays it was buzzing with customers but for some reason it wasn’t. Worry filled me as I began to think that maybe that skate shop down the street was taking my customers away. Thankfully, I still had enough business to maintain the shop. But that was just it, I was barely making enough to keep it open. I had to find out what that other shop had that I didn’t.

The bell above the store door rang and the door swung open. Immediately my eyes were glued to the person who walked in. He was tall and in shape, with a light blue button up shirt that was tucked into his light blue jeans that hugged his bottom half very well. He wore brown cowboy boots and a cowboy hat of the same color. For a second, I thought I was in Texas.

He stood across the counter from me and said, “Howdy, are you Richard?” his Texas accent was heavy. His face was clean shaven and his black hair was cut short.

I composed myself and said, “Yeah, this is him. Are you a Texas Ranger?”

The man laughed. “No, but I am from Texas. My name is Liam and as a matter of fact, I represent Tejas BBQ restaurants. And we’re looking to…”

I interrupted him because I already knew what he was going to say, “To buy my shop?”

He smiled, “I guess I ain’t the first to come with an offer.”

“Nope, and you won’t be the last.”

“I might be able to change that. You see, we’re willing to offer you a really good deal. However, it is a bit of a big one.”

I stared at his bulge for a few seconds and said under my breath, “I bet it is.”

“What’s that?”

“Sorry, I was staring at your big belt buckle,” he did have a big belt buckle. It was the shape of the state of Texas,, “I’m willing to look over this deal.”

“Awesome! There is a really nice coffee shop near my house that makes a mean cheese cake.”

“I’d like that. Just let me close up the shop.”

As I closed up the shop, Liam looked around it. Which gave me the opportunity to check him out even more. His pants were so snug that they showed off his bubble butt. I wanted to ride him so hard, but I wasn’t sure if that was even a possibility. But in my experience, there was always a possibility a guy would say yes. All I had to do was seduce him.

With the shop closed, we walked to his truck, Which was a Branco. Because of course he drove a Bronco. I got into the truck and we drove to the coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, Liam was across from me on the table. We had our coffee cups and slices of cheesecake. Liam noticed I didn’t put cream or sugar in my drink, “I see you like your coffee black”

I gave him a nod, “Yeah, it’s my preference.”

His coffee was brown from the cream and sugar he had poured, “I grew up with my coffee like this. Mostly because of my grandma,” I said, taking a sip.

“I see, that’s cute,” Liam smiled. Which seemed to be more delicious than the cheesecake itself. Which was pretty good. Liam then brought out a folder and placed it in the middle of the table. I grabbed it and opened it up. My eyes widened. The deal was a good one. Better than the juice place had offered. But I couldn’t just let the store go. Despite the good offer and the good looking person offering me the deal.

“This is a really good deal,” I said.

Liam smiled, “It is and we value the location a lot.”

“Of course, it’s off two major freeways in Los Angeles. Plus it’s near a high school. And those kids can eat.”

“Yeah, we’ve done the research. And I don’t expect you to say yes right now. We will give you time to think about it.”

“I appreciate that.”

There was some allure towards him. As if we were meant to meet. I just couldn’t tell if he was gay or straight or bisexual. But I did enjoy his company and more importantly that smile. The smile can burn away any dark rain clouds.

“So, Liam tell me about Tejas BBQ.”

“My grandpappy opened up the first one in Austin, which is where I was born, then ten years later he opened another one in Dallas. And he kept opening them up. In Texas alone we have six restaurants open. Here in California, we only have one open, in Downtown Los Angeles. And hope for a second one, soon.”

“But don’t you think my store is a bit too small for a restaurant like yours?”

“Yes, but considering the location and the lack of parking, it would be perfect for pick up. We already have deals with various pick up and delivery services. And we know a lot of people from this area do want one.”

“Yeah, I bet,” it did make sense istanbul travesti to have another food area on my street. To be honest, my store was the only one on the street that didn’t sell any food. Maybe that was something I could look into if I choose not to sell the store.

“Give me a few days, and I’ll come back to you with an answer.”

“You have my number” Liam winked.

The next day, I spent the entire morning going over the deal. I withheld the deal from the rest of the household for right now. Not that I didn’t want their opinion, especially Jason who was my employee, but I wanted to think it over for a bit. The deal was really good, but it was my shop. Like Daisy had told me, it was my shop. However, a new location wouldn’t be so bad. I could just move the shop. The money from this sale would allow me to move closer to the new house and maybe get a bigger space. Plus with the money, I could move the skate ramp out back.

But then I noticed something interesting, an error. An error that would benefit me, but anyone else would take advantage of it, I just couldn’t. This could come back in a lawsuit, plus Liam was really attractive.

I decided to call up Liam. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. The plan was to just call him about it, but then I wanted to see him again.

“Hello, this is Liam,” he said. Even on the phone his voice sounded so manly and rough.

“Hey, it’s Richard.”

“Howdy, Richard, how are you doing today?”

“Pretty good. So I’m calling because I noticed an error in the deal and I was wondering if we could meet up to discuss it.”

“We can do that, how about my apartment in like an hour?”

“Sure, that’d be great.”

Liam gave the address and I immediately got ready to see him.

Liam’s apartment was really close to the shop, a few streets away from my old apartment. I headed up to the floor he was located on and knocked on the door. The door opened up and there was Liam standing, “Hello, there Richard.”

He wore the same color jeans he had on the other day but this time his shirt was a white button up; which was also tucked into his pants. The boots were white along with the hat.

Liam brought me into the apartment, “So, are you always in cowboy attire?”

“Always, I even sleep in.”


“No, I’m just pulling your leg. I just came back from the restaurant. Want anything to drink?”

“Sure,” I sat down on his couch while he grabbed us some drinks. Liam asked if a beer would be fine, “Yeah that be fine.”

He placed the beer on the coffee table and he sat across from me. I took a sip and then handed him the booklet and explained the issue. As he read it over, I couldn’t resist staring at the bulge in his snug pants.

“Alright,” he placed the booklet on the table, “You are aware we’re going to have to reduce the price.”

“I know, but I mean it would feel wrong if I did. Plus, if you looked it over and saw it it could come back as a lawsuit.”

He smiled, “My father would probably sue the pants off of you, but I wouldn’t”

“It wouldn’t take that much to take my pants off,” I said jokingly.

The two of us laughed. Liam then stood up, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a phone call to my pops. Please, make yourself at home.”

Liam stepped away and got on the phone.

While he was on the phone, I walked around the apartment. It was nicely kept and well organized. Above the tv was a shelf with pictures. They consisted of him with what I assumed were family members. There was one of him atop a horse when he was young.

“That was the year I won the Austin Texas Rodeo, at 16,” I heard him say. Now standing behind me.

I turned to him not realizing how close we were. Inches away from each other. “My pappy really wants your store. So he’s willing to keep the offer.”

My eyes widened in shock, “Are you serious?”

“As serious as my Texan attire.”

The two of us laughed.

“Okay, give me a couple of days. I need to talk to my employees about it.”

“Actually, he said he’ll keep the deal for 24 hours. After that, he will reduce the offer.”


“Well, we are losing a bit based on the actual space of the building. But he’s willing to do so for a quick sale.”

I walked past him and said, “one day is too soon.”

Liam placed his hands on my arms and pulled me closer to him, “I could convince him for an extra day.”

Nerves began to fill my body. Which was unusual, I was rarely nervous when it came to guys. But Liam was different. “You would do that?”

“May I be frank?”

“I thought istanbul travestileri your name was Liam,” the two of us laughed.

“From the moment I met you I had this special feeling towards you,” I gulped and let him continue, “and I just couldn’t figure out how to…”

I cut him off with a kiss on the lips. It was just instinctually the thing to do. He was clearly hiding his feelings.

After the kiss, he was stunned. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t know how to say it.”

“I had the same feelings, I just wasn’t sure if you were straight or not,” before Liam said anything else, I kissed him again. Then I got down on my knees before him. My hand landed on his bulge and slowly rubbed it. My eyes stared up at him while I undid his oversized belt buckle. Then I opened up his pants. Liam wore white Calvin Klein briefs, which looked really good on him. He began to undo his shirt while my lips peppered his growing erection through the fabric of his underwear.

Liam tossed his shirt onto the ground, leaving just his undershirt on. My hands pulled his pants down to his ankles. Then my fingers slipped under the waistband and pulled them down just below his balls. His member was fully grown at 8 inches in length about 5 inches in girth. The cut cock felt good inside my right hand.

One of his low hanging balls went into my mouth to get sucked while my hand gently stroked his phallus. Slowly, Liam closed his eyes and titled his head back. For a few seconds I massaged each ball with my mouth. Then I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft until I reached the tip. The rosey colored tip glistened in the precum for a few seconds then I took it into my mouth. My hands cupped his balls while my head slowly moved up and down. Liam began to let out moans as I continued to pleasure his manhood. His hand naturally fell onto my head and guided me on his cock. While he did that, my hands moved around his thighs, feeling the leg hairs brush in between my fingers. Then my hands moved up to his toned butt where I caressed his cheeks. First through the fabric of the Calvin Klein underwear, then I peeled them off, leaving them just below his cheeks. My fingers crawled towards his hole where he let me slip in a finger without any protest.

With my finger inside of him, I gently pleasured his prostate while my mouth pleasured his cock. This caused Liam to let out a series of moans. With his hand still on my head, he moved my head up and down on his cock at a fast pace. The movement stopped when he pressed my head all the way down, shoving the thick cock inside my throat. I held it as long as I could then he let go. I looked up at him to see a satisfying smile on his face.

Liam’s hands went under my arms and he lifted me up. I looked up at him. He was taller than me by a few inches, but that never seemed to bother me. We stared into each other’s eyes and we locked lips. Our hands landed on each other’s bodies and we began to caress each other.

As we kissed, Liam’s hands went under my shirt and slowly removed it. Slowly, his kisses went from my lips down my neck and then my bare chest. As he continued down my slim body, he pulled up his briefs and got down on his knees. Without hesitation, Liam opened up my pants and my briefs instantly swallowing my cock. His hand was wrapped around the shaft and twisted up and down while his mouth worked the tip. My head was tilted back and I was lost in ecstasy as he pleasure the hell out of my cock.

For a few glorious seconds, Liam had swallowed my cock into his throat. I bent forward almost losing my balance because of how good his deep throating was. Then he let me go and we stared at each other. “Fuck, you’re good,” I said.

He smiled up at me as he adjusted his hat, “I’m glad you liked that.” Once again, he took my cock into his mouth.

After almost making me cum, which I had to tell him I was close, he pulled my cock out of his mouth. Then he stood up. I removed my pants and stood in just my briefs. We once again locked lips and slowly walked to his bed.

At his bed, I removed his tank top and before I did anything. I stared at his body. He had the body of Adonis. Beautifully sculpted pecs, biceps, abbs. He had a V-line that led to his crotch. His thighs were thick and were also well sculpted. I began to kiss him on the neck and slowly moved down his amazing body until I reached his crotch. His briefs came off entirely and his rock hard cock stood in front of me once again. I began to suck on the upper half while my hand stroked it.

However, the dick sucking was cut short. Liam pushed me onto travesti istanbul the bed and lifted my legs to remove my briefs. Next, something unexpected happened, he held my legs up and I felt his tongue on my butthole. Pulses of pleasure shot through my body as he continued to lick my hole. My eyes had rolled back and moans escaped my mouth. Not many men did this to me but when it did happen, it was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

When Liam stopped licking my hole, he rose up and removed his briefs entirely. He was about to enter his cock inside me when I stopped him, “No, lay down on the bed.”

Liam smiled and did what I asked. His back was resting against the pillows as I climbed on top of him. He was about to remove the hat when I said, “No, keep it on. I’ve always wanted to fuck a cowboy.”

Slowly, I lowered my bottom onto his cock. A wince on my face indicated the short pain I experienced when the thick head entered me. Slowly, the thick cock traversed inside me until my buttcheeks rested on his pelvis. I leaned forward and held myself up with my hands as I slowly moved my pelvis up and down. Within seconds a cacophony of moans filled the room as I found a rhythm.

Liam’s hands were clamped onto my butt cheeks as my bottom pleased his cock. My head was tilted back completely lost in ecstasy. He was fucking me like no other man had. I was in love with his cock and I barely even knew the man.

Liam decided to take control and give me a break. He bent his knees and began to move his hips. The thick cock slid inside me constantly rubbing against my prostate which led me to let out moans.

My body was lurched forward with my hands holding onto his shoulders as he had sped up the fucking of my tight hole. The two of us gazed at each other as he drew closer to climax. His mouth widened and a gasp left his mouth. Followed by a slowly spoken, “I’m cumming” His load began to shoot out which resulted in the thrusting to come to a slow. He continued to fill me with his yummy load and when the last shot came out, he came to a complete stop. Liam then used his right hand to stroke my member. I lowered myself and we locked lips. As we kissed Liam stroked me rapidly and I myself was getting close to ejaculation.

The first shot of cum spattered onto his abbs followed by the rest. When I was done, from his chest down to his belly button, was covered in cum. He didn’t seem to care that I had left his chest with the translucent goo. Instead, he brought his lips onto mine.

We broke off the kissing, “Holy shit, that was probably the best fucking I’ve ever had,” I said to him.

He smiled, “Really? I think so too.”

“I honestly, didn’t think you were gay.”

“Well, yes and no,” he began to say, “You see, I’ve dated women in the past. But I always had a thing for guys. But growing up in Texas, it’s hard to express yourself towards another man.”

“So you’re bisexual.”

“Probably, I really haven’t put a label on it. But I can’t tell anyone. My daddy would kill me if he found out I was sleeping with men.”

“Then for now, we’ll keep it a secret.”

There was a silence between us as we stared at each other’s eyes. Liam was different from any other guy I had been with. I barely even knew him but for some reason I felt he was the one. The one who I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.

“Richard, I really do like you,” Liam said, breaking the silence, “And to be honest, from the moment I met you I felt something between us. I just hope I didn’t rush into it.”

I placed my hand on his chest, “No, I don’t think you did. I felt the same way too. It’s like destiny or something.”

He smiled, “Or somethin, I’d like to see you again.”

“Like to fuck or a date?”

“A date, then maybe some fuckin,” the both of us laughed.

Liam let me use his shower to clean myself. While in the shower I began to think that maybe Liam was seducing me to sell the store. But part of me didn’t want to believe that. Maybe Liam was truly the one. I just had to find out if it was genuine and not just some scheme to get me to sell the store. I really hoped it wasn’t the latter. It was a long time since I felt this way about a person.

A towel was the only thing I wore when I walked out of the bathroom. Liam had just finished cleaning off his chest and was walking around in his Calvins. I walked over to the bed and began to put my clothes on.

Liam turned to me and said, “So how about tomorrow night. We can eat wherever you like.”

I stood up to put my shoes on and said, “Sure, you can pick me up because I don’t have a car.”

He smiled, “That sounds like a great-ol plan.” I grabbed my things and we went back into his Bronco and he took me back to the store.

As I saw him drive off in the Bronco, I began to think if this was truly the beginning of something amazing.

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