Tales of My Slutty Sister

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Author’s note: Welcome to my April Fools’ contest entry. Being this contest is in the spirit of having fun at another’s expense, I decided to have some fun by making this story about…us! Literotica plays a key role as a frustrated young man turns fantasies of his big sister into the hottest new series on lit. Enjoy.

Tales of My Slutty Sister Chapter 28

Samantha Rides For A Ride

By Hot4mysis

Cole sat back in his chair, idly searching through porn videos. He doubted he would watch one, but just looking at the small thumbnails and lurid descriptions, kept his cock hard.

Not that he needed much help. He’d been hard for most of the last half hour because he knew what was coming, and it was going to be him. He smiled at the computer as he worked his way through the seemingly endless selection of bother sister videos on his favorite site ‘The Taboo Zone”

Most people watched movies like this because they fantasized about them happening with their sibling. They were a release for something they could never have in real life. That wasn’t the case for him. Cole loved these movies because there wasn’t one scenario he hadn’t experienced with his sister, Samantha.

Samantha, who was currently downstairs begging their parents for a ride to the concert she had tickets for tonight. She needed a ride because she’d somehow managed to back into a telephone poll hard enough to crease not just the bumper, but the trunk and break every rear light.

The folks were ripping mad and the only reason she was even still able to go to at all was because the tickets had been a birthday gift from their grandparents. But they were adamant she had to find her own ride. She wasn’t taking either of their cars, nor were they dropping her off and picking her up.

The friend Samantha was going with didn’t drive at all. Cole was sure Samantha couldn’t go with anyone else because she’d already given her friend the ticket.

Making things harder on her, dad had informed her he wasn’t going to let her get picked up by one of the guys she knew because there was no way she was turning this into a date. Mom added the only way a guy would do her that kind of a favor would be if he were ‘expecting’ something as she put it.

Cole had to smile at that one. Mom and Dad were a bit out of touch, but even they knew how Samantha played, and played with, guys. After all, she hadn’t earned the nickname ‘Slutty Samantha’ by keeping her legs, or for that matter her mouth, closed.

Samantha was going to be down to one option; her awesome younger brother, Cole.

Being the amazing brother that he was, Cole would be more than happy to help Samantha get to that concert. He’d even pick up her friend on the way and get them after the show.

But he’d want a little something in return. After all, shouldn’t he be rewarded for being such a great brother? Seeing Samantha was always broke, and there really wasn’t anything he needed her to do for him in the way of chores, that left only one way for his big sister to repay his generosity.

By doing what she did best; suck his cock and fuck his brains out.

That’s right, other guys who have a thing for their sister-and he bet there were a lot of them-had to settle for watching the videos he was scrolling through. Watch them and jack off all over themselves while wishing that load was going in their sister’s mouth or in their tight little snatch.

Meanwhile, Cole was doing what they could only dream about, and due to Samantha’s penchant for getting in trouble and doing stupid things he got to do it quite often. As if on cue, he heard dad bark loudly downstairs, “For the last time, you need to find a ride to the damn show, or you don’t go.”

Cole smiled at the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, and his cock jerked in his pants as if it sensed his sister getting closer. Close enough to knock on the door, and when he pretended not to hear her, call out;

“Cole you in there?”

“No!” he replied, his hand straying to his aching cock, rubbing it as he teased her.

“I really need to talk to you! Can I come in?”

“I really don’t feel like talking. Come back tomorrow.”

“Come on, Cole! Don’t be a jerk!”

He remained silent, mentally counting to ten. At eight came the whiny, high pitched “Please, Cole? Please!” that used to annoy him, but now excited him.

“Fine, otherwise you’ll just hang around outside my door until I come out.”

Samantha entered his room, closing the door behind her, and Cole had to resist the urge to lick his lips at the sight of her. As always, Samantha was dressed trashy, once again reinforcing the reason for the nickname she’d earned in high school.

Her current ensemble was one of his favorites. A pair of black shorts made from some type of stretchy material so tight they showed a hint of camel toe. The rear view of the shorts showed off her one of her best features, her incredible ass.

They exposed the full length of her long legs, another of his favorite parts of her. Oh, who was he kidding? bursa escort He loved every inch of his older sister’s tall, athletic build. From the tips of her currently red painted toes, to her long curly black hair, and everything in between.

Samantha’s top was another one her endless collection of tight t-shirts that left her flat tummy bare, showing off the small silver chain dangling from it. More importantly, it hugged her tits perfectly.

She wasn’t big on top. In fact, she was a bit on the smaller side, but they looked just right on her slender frame. Better than that, they were absolutely perfect. Round, firm, perky and tipped with tiny pink nipples, the right pierced with a silver hoop.

That piercing had been yet another instance of Cole being a good brother and not ratting her out to her parents. For that good deed, he’d asked to be rewarded with one his sister’s porn star quality BJ’s that ended with her jacking him off all over her recently pierced tit.

Unfortunately for Samantha, her penchant for dressing slutty, and not being the brightest bulb in the house, got her found out anyway. She’d gone out to a club, and as she often did, Samantha had slipped her bra off to slut around in her painted-on shirt, showing off her titties.

She’d forgotten to put it back on and Dad had still been up when she’d come strolling in, thinking everything was fine because she’d beat curfew. The lack of bra, and piercing were obvious, and dad had unloaded on her and grounded her for a month.

During that month, Mom and dad had gone away for the weekend leaving Cole to make sure his sister didn’t slip out over the weekend. Cole was nice enough to let her slip out both nights, but only after she let him slip into her mouth and pussy several times over that memorable weekend.

But those fond memories were just that, memories. Right now, the only thing on Cole’s mind was the latest encounter he was about to have with his hapless, trashy, but sexy as fuck big sister.

“Are you even listening to me?” Samantha cut into his stroll down slutty sis lane, and he smirked at her.

“Sorry, were you talking?”

“Yeah, but you were too busy staring at me to listen.”

“Can’t help it, you look a lot better than you sound,” he shrugged. “Are those shorts sprayed on?”

She gave her head a toss, sending her curly hair away from her face. “God, you’re so creepy. I’m your damn sister.”

“I know, that’s what makes it even hotter.” He smiled at her, then gestured at the laptop and the brother sister videos featured on the screen. “Matter of fact I was just thinking of you,” he winked. “Wonder why?”

“You promised not to talk about that stuff,” she reminded him.

“That stuff? You mean the times you let me fuck you?”

“Cole, please. Bad enough you’re such a sleazebag you make me do it.”

“I don’t make you do anything,” he said indignantly. “I just give you a choice and you’re the one who chooses to be such a slut who’ll have sex with your little brother to get me to do you a favor.”

“Doesn’t it make you feel like an asshole that you can’t do anything for me without sex?”


“You’d rather treat me like a pig than just help me?” She pushed her lips into a pout. “Why are you so mean to me?”

“I’m not mean to you,” he spread his arms out. “I licked your pussy and made you come last time. How is that mean?”

Samantha’s pout turned into a frown, and her face reddened in embarrassment. He let her stew on the fact she might always put up a lame fight at first, but truth was Samantha totally got into fucking him.

While he waited for her to get around to asking him for a ride, Cole focused on his sister’s mouth. Samantha’s mouth seemed a little big for her face due to her lips being on the plumper side.

She had a bit of a crooked smile which accentuated the size of her lips and went a long way towards giving her the look he found to be such a turn on. Her borderline thin build, slutty mode of dress, long wild curly black hair, and fair, borderline pasty complexion all caused the words trashy, or at times when he was pissed at her, skanky, come to mind.

Samantha looked like the kind of girl you’d take home from a bar at two am, fuck her brains out, then toss her out of bed and send her on her way. Not that at eighteen Cole had any experience with things like that, but he’d seen enough movies to know that type, and Samantha screamed cheap tramp to him.

Shit, she even had a tramp stamp! The large black rose on the small of her back with flames spread out over her ass cheeks was both bad ass and hot as hell, especially on her white skin. Cole had used it as a bullseye more than once when he finished fucking her doggy style and loved the way his white cum looked on the black flower.

She had two other tattoos, both on her feet. Her name was written in a calligraphy style font along the outside of her right foot, and three small butterflies in a circle on the top of her left.

Cole had painted both of those when on a whim bursa escort bayan he’d had her wrap her feet around his cock and jack him off with them.

That had been one of the first things he’d grown the balls to ask her to do to him to help her out of her endless messes. The first had been a hand job with her topless and jacking him off on her tits.

He’d come a long way-pun intended-since then, culminating in fucking her in the ass last month when she’d backed into Mom’s car and dented it and he offered to take the blame. What was two weeks grounded compared to the exquisitely taboo thrill of listening to his sister squeal into a pillow while he pounded her ass and even busted a nut inside it.

“What’s the matter, sis?” he teased. “Got nothing to say about how hard you came in my face?”

“Fine, you’ve made me come a few times, but you don’t do that for me. You do it because you’re a pervert who gets off on going down on your sister.”

“Guilty!” He tapped his chest and laughed. “You might get on my nerves, but you taste great.”


“Pretty tight too, which is surprising considering how many guys you let fuck you.”

“I’m not a slut, I just like to have fun.” She crossed her arms over her chest, propping up her tits. “Its okay for guys to fuck anyone they want.”

“And we couldn’t do that without trashy girls like you, so…” he paused, then laughed. “Thanks sis!”

“Cole, I need a ride.”

“To the concert, right?”

“Mom and Dad will let me go because the tickets came from grandma and grandpa, but they won’t let me drive and they won’t take me.”

“Hmm, that sucks.” Cole pretended he hadn’t overheard the argument. “Unfair to Grandma and Grandpa is you can’t get there. The tickets weren’t cheap.”

“I told them that, but they said I’m lucky I’m even going, so its up to me to find a way, and they won’t let a guy take me.”

“I’m a guy so I guess you can’t ask me.”

“You’re different. They think I’ll end up fooling around with the guy, you’re my brother so they know that’s not happening.”

“Not that they know of anyway.”

“Because they don’t know you’re a sick fuck who likes to make me do dirty things.”

“You love those dirty things,” he pointed out. “And calling me names isn’t going to get you a ride.”

“Sorry,” She walked over to stand in front of him, and as he stared at her stomach, he had to resist the urge to kiss it. “Do you think you could take me and Cindy?”

“I’m supposed to drive fifteen minutes the other way, turn around then drive forty-five minutes to Worcester, hang somewhere for three hours, then bring her home?”

“Yeah, she was supposed to sleep over after the show, but I’m punished.”

“That’s my whole Saturday night,” he stroked his chin. “Gas, hanging around that crappy area, and having to listen to you and Cindy giggle like idiots.”

“We don’t giggle.” She shrugged. “Unless we’re stoned.”

“And Cindy’s always stoned, and I’m sure she’s going to want to smoke on the ride up, meaning you’ll want to. That’s another favor, not telling dad you smoked.”

He sighed and drummed his fingers on this desk. “That’s a lot to ask.”

“You weren’t doing anything tonight anyway, you usually work.”

“And this is my first Saturday night off in two months and you want me to spend it as an uber driver?”

“I’ll give you $25, its all I have until I get paid.”

“Twenty-five bucks?” he scoffed. “That’s gas, what about all my time?”

“This concert is a big deal and if I can’t go then grandma and grandpa wasted their money!”

“That’s your fault for backing into a pole.” He gave her a waked smile. “Then again, that’s not the first pole you’ve backed into, is it?”

“Please stop with that.”

“Really? What about all the rear-ended jokes I can make?”

“Cole, will you please give me a ride?”


“Oh My God, thank you!” She clapped her hands, then leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“But you have to give me one first.”


He pointed behind her. “Lock the door.”

“Are you kidding me?” Her baby blue eyes widened. “You’re going to make me fuck you again?”

“You want a ride; I need a ride. Seems fair.”

“But…” she pointed to the floor. “Mom and Dad are home!”

“That’s why you’re going to lock the door.”

She stared at him, her lip out and trembling, and he shrugged.

“Like I said, sis, I’d never hurt you or force you to do anything, but if I’m going to give you something you want, then I get what I want.”

“But you always want sex, and I’m your sister!”

“My skanky hot sister who’s only good at one thing, so why shouldn’t you share that talent with your helpful little brother.”

“Stop talking to me like I’m some dumb slut.”

“Stop acting like one and I will,” he grinned. “After all, I can ask for whatever I want, you’re the one doing it, and you end up getting into it every time, so I don’t know why you fight it.”

“Dammit, Cole! Can’t you just be nice?”

“Tell escort bursa you what, when you come in here and just give me head for no reason other than wanting to be nice, then I’ll do you a favor without asking for anything. But when you’re not asking me for something, you’re a bitch to me, so this is what you get.”

“Not a bitch, you’re just an annoying little shit sometimes.”

“You’re two years older than me and have always teased and picked on me. Last few months, I’ve been getting some well-deserved payback, and you have a lot to make up for.”

He pointed to the door again.

“Now make up your mind. Go lock the door or go in your room and sulk all night.”

“Such a jerk!” Samantha spun on her bare heel and walked over to the door, she turned the handle and for a second it looked like she was going to leave.

Then her shoulders slumped, and his cock jumped at the sound of her thumbing the lock on the doorknob. She turned to face him, and as she approached was already stripping off her shirt.

“Boy, I’ve got you trained, don’t I?”

“Let’s just get this over with.” She tossed the shirt onto the end of his bed and unhooked her bra.

Cole’s comeback died in his mouth when she flipped the bra off and he caught sight of her tits. By this point he’d seen them quite a few times, but the effect they had on him always made it feel like the first time.

She dropped to her knees between his legs and popped open his jeans.

“Look at you, I didn’t even ask you to blow me.”

“You always want me to suck it, you little freak. I’m just doing it before you make some crack, I need to use my mouth for what it’s made for.”

“Jeez, you can really take the sexy out of things.” His words came out in a whisper as she yanked his zipper down, and reached into his boxers, her fingers wrapping around his aching dick.

“So does always being an asshole and only doing things if I blow you.” Even as she spoke, she pumped his cock while tugging on his boxers with her free hand. “Get these off, I can’t suck it if I can’t get at it.”

“Bitchy!” Cole lifted his hips and pushed his jeans and boxers down. “This could be fun if…Oh, shit!”

The second his cock was free Samantha had it in her mouth, bobbing her head along his shaft while she jerked him off, her fingers following the wet trail her mouth and tongue left in their wake.

Cole relaxed back in the chair watching the always incredible sight of his sister gobbling his cock like it was a competition. He knew it wasn’t enthusiasm making her suck like that, she just wanted to get it over with, maybe even make him come so she wouldn’t have to fuck him.

Then again, she’d learned that lesson last month when she’d thought she was funny sucking even after he told her to stop and getting him off all over her tits. She thought she could leave, but instead he had her get on the bed and sucked on her pussy until he was hard again, then fucked her.

Since he’d already blown a load, he’d lasted longer than usual and pounded her doggy so fast and hard he’d felt like a damn porn star. If she wanted to do that again, he was fine with that, heck, he’d prefer it as he’d get to come twice.

His parents were home though so he couldn’t turn this into a long drawn out romp filled with the bed rocking and her yelping as he hammered her tight pussy with a cock even Samantha couldn’t pretend wasn’t damn big.

Big enough to cause her to make gagging sounds as she opened wide and worked her lips down to the base of his shaft.

“Right there.” He put his hand on the back of her head, keeping her mouth where it was. “Damn, those lips really are made for cock sucking, aren’t they?”

She stared up at him, giving him a dirty look as her eyes began to water from having her mouth stuffed with his full length. He let her go and she resumed bobbing her head, but faster than before.

Cole sighed and for the next couple of minutes the only sound in the room was his sister’s noisy slurping on his cock as she drooled all over it, then sucked it back up.

“Nickleback was onto something with that you look cuter with something in your mouth.” He sighed. “My dick looks damn good in your face.”

Samantha rolled her eyes, and kept going, but he stopped her by tugging on her hair. “What’s the rush? My balls are getting awfully jealous, you know.”

Samantha slipped his cock from his mouth, a trail of spit briefly stretching between the head of his cock and her lips until it dripped down her chin. She pushed his cock back and sucked his sac into her mouth.

He moaned as she swirled her tongue around them as she sucked, while stroking his cock. He took in the way her slender fingers barely touched around his thick shaft and how good her red nails looked around him.

“Hey, sis, how do Deez Nuts taste?” he couldn’t resist the joke, and releasing his balls from her mouth, she spit angrily on his cock.

“Stop being a prick.”

“Just suck my cock, you haven’t even earned the ride to pick up Cindy yet.”

That got him another nasty look, but she went back to working his dick, fluttering her tongue around the head of his cock, then quickly licking up and down his shaft before, engulfing him between those big soft lips.

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