Taming My Twin Stepdaughters Ch. 01

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This story is a continuation of the two series, “Daddy Horsecock” and “Getting to Know My New Stepdaughter”. Though a lot of this story can stand on its own, I recommend that you start by reading “Daddy Horsecock” chapters 1 – 4, followed by “Getting to Know My New Stepdaughter” chapters 1 and 2.

Happy reading!


The next day, Jenna came back from New York.

When Mary decided to cut short her mother-daughter trip to the city so she could rush back and greet Evie, Jenna had pleaded with her mother to leave her behind in New York. After all, she argued, they already had the plane tickets and the hotel room booked. Wouldn’t it be just as easy, Jenna said, for Mary to fly back alone and leave Jenna in a hotel room that had already been paid for?

Mary could never refuse anything to either of her daughters, so she said yes. Just as predictably, Jenna had then abused the privilege that her mother had granted her. When Mary left her credit card with Jenna to cover incidental expenses, Jenna took advantage of the situation, maxing out on ATM cash withdrawals and charging expensive meals to her mother’s and my account.

This came as no surprise to me – I’d expected as much as soon as I learned Jenna had been left alone in New York with her mother’s credit card. When I checked the account online, I confirmed my suspicions within seconds of logging in.

I was alone in the house when the airport shuttle dropped Jenna off in front of the house. She waltzed in the front door smiling as if nothing was wrong. “Hey, Daddy!” she said. “How’s it going?”

“Not so great if your name is Jenna,” I growled. Expecting her arrival, I already had my laptop out on the coffee table, opened onto the credit card website.

I pointed at the screen. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice how much you charged on our credit cards?” I asked.

“It’s not as if I maxed it out,” she said.

“Not for lack of trying,” I answered. “Come sit here next to me and look at this screen. I’ve got some questions for you.”

Jenna dropped her bags in the middle of the room and sat beside me on the couch. Over the next few minutes, I pointed at various line items and grilled her about what she’d done. “And this!” I said at one point, “What the hell is this? You filled up a gas tank at some gas station? You didn’t even have a car! Whose tank were you filling?”

“What’s it to you?” she complained. “I met this guy. He seemed cute. We went to a bar together and . . .”

“. . . And you fucked him?”

“What?! No! We did a few lines together, that’s all!”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed. “Snorting god-knows-what up your nose with a strange man in a strange city! That’s the most reckless thing you’ve done yet! How stupid ARE you?”

“Hey, fuck you, Danny. You don’t have a right . . .”

“I have every right.” I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her over my knee. Still grasping her wrist, I reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“No!” she screamed. She struggled to get up.

“Take it!” I yelled, and smacked her with my open hand on her bare bottom.

“NO!” she screamed again. “I won’t . . .”


” . . . let you . . .”


” . . . do this again!”


“Please, Daddy!”

My hand let go of her wrist. I reached under her and began grabbing at her tits. I tore at her blouse to get to her bare flesh. “You spoiled little bitch!” I shouted just before I smacked her again on her bare bum. I was already leaving a hand-shaped red mark on one ass cheek.

“Not my new blouse! Please Daddy!”

After ripping through the buttons of her blouse, I grasped her bra and pulled it upward, toward her neck. Her big tits flopped out, and I immediately began mauling them. I smacked Jenna on the bottom again and she began sobbing.

“Oh, Daddy! Please!”

I stuck a finger in her twat and Jenna’s head snapped back and she uttered an intense gasp. She was wide-eyed. “Fuuuck!” she moaned. “Oh fuuuuuuuck!”

“You knew your were going to get this treatment when you came home, didn’t you?” I said as I spanked her ass again.

“I don’t . . .”

“You knew I’d see the credit card expenses and punish you for them. You twisted little bitch, you WANTED me to punish you, didn’t you?” I hit her again on her bottom, then immediately thrust two fingers in her pussy and began pumping them in and out. Jenna began humping her ass up and down on my lap.

“Fuuuuck!” she moaned.

“Admit it!” I kept pumping in and out of her tight pussy. My other hand was roaming freely all over her amazing chest.

“Fuuuck yeah! I fucking wanted this! Spank me some more! Fuck Fuck FUUUCK!!”

At that moment, Mary walked in the front door carrying her work laptop satchel and a bag of groceries. She stopped, standing frozen in the middle of the living room, squinting as if she either couldn’t see very well or else couldn’t absorb at the spectacle in front of her. Or maybe both. Given the weird medications she’d recently been taking, I had my doubts about her eyesight.

Jenna, bursa escort sprawled across my lap, was in complete disarray. Her long black hair was tousled. Her blouse, thankfully, was torn open and hung loosely, hiding from Mary’s sight the fact that I had pushed Jenna’s bra out of the way and was playing with her tits. Jenna’s underwear was tangled up near her knees. Her skirt had been flipped up to her waist, baring her reddened bum.

Not having much choice in the matter, I decided to brazen out the situation. “I’m punishing your daughter,” I announced to Mary, who had a look of shock on her face. “Do you know she nearly maxed out our credit card during that extra time in New York?”

“Jenna, is this true?” The way Mary was peering at the scene in front of her made me think again if maybe her array of medications was having a long term effect on her eyesight. Lately, she seemed to have difficulty focusing. If so, it was a lucky thing for me at that moment.

Jenna, equally shocked as her mother at being caught in the act of one of our “discipline” sessions, looked wide-eyed at her mother through the tangled hair that hung over her face. She said nothing.

I smacked Jenna on the ass. Both mother and daughter jerked in surprise at the sight and sound of my open palm hitting Jenna’s ass. Mary dropped her shopping bag, and a couple of apples rolled across the floor. Mary remained frozen in position, standing in the center of the room. “Answer your mother, Jenna!” I ordered her, and spanked her again.

Jenna began shivering in what seemed to be a complicated melange of anxiety, pain and sexual excitement. “It’s true, Mom,” she said. “I blew a bunch of money in New York. Daddy caught me. I deserve to be punished!”

“You see?” I said, looking Mary in the eye. “She admits it.” I spanked Jenna again, and both mother and daughter jolted simultaneously. “She needs this.”

“Daddy’s right, Mom! I deserve it!” I had to suppress a smirk as Jenna continued, “Daddy needs to spank me!”

Mary, in a sort of shock, backed up a few steps and sat down dazedly in a chair. “You really think so?” she asked. “You WANT him to spank you?”

“Yeah, Mom! I need it! I need Daddy to show me a firm hand! Spank me some more, Daddy! Give me what I need!”

I could hardly believe that I was getting away with this – that WE were getting away with this! Jenna was a twisted little bitch who loved to piss people off. She loved even more to be caught and spanked for it as a prelude to fucking. She got off on the combination of pain and sex. And now here she was, putting her spanking fetish on display right in front of her mother.

“Yes, Jenna! Yes! I’ll spank you as much as you need!” I cried. I started hitting Jenna’s ass even harder, over and over. My cock was as hard as an iron bar.

Jenna began blatantly humping her ass up and down, meeting my thrusts. “Yeah, Daddy! Yeah! Yeah! Punish me, Daddy! Oh God! Punish me! Give me more! More! More! More!”

With Jenna’s torn blouse blocking Mary’s view, I continued to maul Jenna’s soft tits from below at the same time that my other hand was making her ass cheeks redder and redder.

Jenna’s gasps after every blow from my hand sounded exactly like cries of sexual ecstasy. “Aah! Aah! O God! O God! Do it to me, Daddy!”

For the millionth time, I marveled at the fact that my wife’s naivete and rigid preconceptions about the innocence of her daughters, coupled with the social cluelessness of her Asperger’s Syndrome, meant that she was unable to grasp what was happening right in front of her.

Finally, after almost a minute of spanking the shit out of crazy little Jenna, I looked up at my wife. “I think I’ve spanked Jenna enough. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young lady. Mary, would you please go to the bathroom and get some lotion?”

“Lotion?” Mary was still so disoriented by what she was witnessing that I think she would have obeyed me if I had asked for a winch and pulley to hoist Jenna up and hang her by her feet from the ceiling. “Uh, sure.”

A few moments later, Mary returned with a vial of skin lotion. “Squeeze it onto your daughter, will you, honey?” I asked sweetly.

Mary took the plastic container and squirted thick white lotion on her daughter’s backside. It looked exactly like sperm decorating her daughter’s bare ass.

While Mary watched, still dumbfounded, I proceeded to rub the lotion into Jenna’s ass, sensually working it into the girl’s soft skin. “A little more, please, Mary,” I instructed her. Mary obediently squirted more white goo on her daughter.

As I rubbed her daughter’s ass, I explained to Mary, “It’s important, after a discipline session, to remind a child how much you love them. It’s the old, ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ lesson that they teach in church.”

“Huh? They teach this in church?” asked Mary, still in a daze. Once again, I had to refrain from smirking. Mary was an incredibly literal thinker. She was almost as incapable of understanding metaphors as she was unable to detect irony. Mary backed up again and plopped backwards bursa escort bayan into the easy chair.

“By massaging Jenna, taking the hurt away,” I explained, “I’m letting her know that we’re closing the chapter on her disobedience, and that we still love her.” Taking advantage of Mary’s partially obstructed point of view as she sat on the side looking at us, I surreptitiously slid my finger back into Jenna’s pussy and gently sawed in and out.

Jenna squirmed in response. “Ohh, Daddy!” she moaned.

“That’s right, Jenna,” I said in a reassuring tone. “Mom and I still love you.”

“Love me some more, Daddy.”

As I continued to saw my fingers in and out of her twat, Jenna lifted her head up, propped herself up on her elbows, and looked her mother in the eye. She gave her mother a triumphant grin. Then she wiggled her ass, smirking at her mother as I finger fucked her right before her mother’s eyes.

“Are you allright, sweetie?” Mary asked, concern in her voice.

Jenna gave her mother a wide-eyed, open mouthed, crazy grin, all the while gyrating her bare ass on my fingers. “Oh, yeah, Mom. I’m fine now. Daddy’s really making me feel great!”

I smiled at Mary across the room while I fondled her daughter’s big boobs and pumped my finger in and out of her pussy. Jenna’s ass felt amazing in my hand as she humped up and down on my crotch, all the while grinning triumphantly as she stared into her mother’s eyes.

Mary squinted back, a confused expression on her face. She definitely needed glasses.

“You see, Mary?” I said soothingly, “Jenna needs her Daddy’s love just as much as she needs her Daddy’s discipline. Isn’t this what you need, Jenna?”

“Oh, yeah, Daddy. I REALLY NEED THIS!”

“Good girl,” I said. “Now sit up on Daddy’s lap and give me a nice hug.”

Jenna sat on my hard cock with both legs on one side of me. In that position, she had her back to her mother, so we were free to touch each other without Mary seeing most of what we were up to. Jenna put both her hands on either side of my face and gave me a deep, soulful kiss. I responded by caressing her big tits for a moment, then moving my hand back down to her clit so I could finger her.

Jenna had a silly, shit-eating grin on her face. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said.

After more than a minute of sitting bare-assed on my cock and necking in front of her mother, Jenna stood up and turned to Mary. Mary’s eyes bugged out again when she saw that Jenna’s blouse was open and her bra was dangling around her neck.

“Thanks, Mom,” said Jenna, “for understanding what I need from Daddy.” Jenna turned and went to her room.

I turned to Mary. “I think I’m really making a lot of progress with your daughter,” I said, smiling.

“Uh, are you sure?” Mary asked. “Did you see . . . I mean, did you see that her blouse and bra were undone?”

I tried to adopt a concerned expression. “Yes, I did,” I said with as much seriousness as I could muster. “But I didn’t want to draw attention to it. You told me yourself a couple of weeks ago that you didn’t want to make Jenna uncomfortable by criticizing her for not dressing modestly around the house.”

“That’s true,” said Mary. “I did say that, didn’t I?”

At that moment, Jenna reappeared, leaning against the door jamb leading to the hallway. She was still only half dressed, with her blouse buttons undone and her bra dangling around her neck, exposing her huge jugs. She had her hips cocked provocatively. One hand had hiked up her skirt in the back so that she could caress her bare bottom right in front of her mother and me.

“Daaaddeeee!” she whined. “My bottom still hurts. Can you come into my bedroom and put some more lotion on it?”

“Don’t you want me to do it?” asked her mother.

“No,” said Jenna firmly with a childish pout on her face. “I want Daddy Horsecock to take care of me.” She turned toward me and crooked a finger at me, gesturing me to join her. Her grin was positively evil. “Come on, Daddy. Come to my bedroom and finish what you started.”

I turned to Mary and shrugged. “This may take a while, honey,” I told my wife. “Why don’t you take a long, hot bath and relax? I’ll take good care of Jenna.”

I took Jenna by the hand and she led me to her bedroom.

After we entered Jenna’s bedroom, I paused for a minute until I was certain I heard the bathroom door close, followed by the sound of the bathtub faucet. Mary was preparing for a long bath.

“Undress me,” I ordered Jenna.

“Yes, Daddy.” She reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt while I did the same for hers. Then I grasped her nearly useless bra and motioned for her to lift her hands over her head so that I could disentangle it and remove it. By the time she started to unfasten my pants so she could get at my cock, Jenna was topless.

When she had finished taking off my belt, I ordered her, “Get on your knees and suck your Daddy.”

Jenna spent the next several minutes kneeling before me, worshiping and servicing her step Daddy’s cock. While her mother relaxed in the tub on the escort bursa other side of the thin wall, I towered over little Jenna and mercilessly face-fucked her, pushing my cock as deep as it would go down her wet teenage mouth. Jenna’s black hair flew back and forth, in and out, as her head eagerly plunged up and down the length of my cock. The rhythmic sound of her gagging was like music.

When I felt the pressure getting to be too much, I pulled her face off of my dick. Instead of finishing that way, I forcibly grabbed her by the armpits and pulled her to her feet. I swiftly spun her around and forced her toward the bed. Reading my mind, she knelt on the bed facing away from me, with her knees on the edge of the bed and her feet dangling off the end of the mattress.

Still standing, I entered her from behind.

From the other side of the wall I began to hear Mary singing in the tub. She had a fair to middling voice, and she loved to sing musicals while in the shower or bath. This time, she was singing a Barbra Streisand tune.

With Mary’s singing in the background, I began pounding into her daughter. “Ooooh, Daaddeee! It feels so good!” Jenna screamed, clearly intending for her mother to hear her. “You’re the best Daddy in the whole wide world!”

I grabbed Jenna’s hips and rammed her even harder. Over and over. Deeper and deeper.

“Yeah, Daddy, yeah!”

I looked in Jenna’s dressing table mirror. There, I saw an image of the two of us in profile. Jenna’s long black hair hung down on either side of her head, completely obscuring her face and turning her image into that of a horny but faceless, busty slut. Her huge breasts hung down and swayed in and out with each thrust. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” she screamed. Each time I pulled on her hips, yanking her ass onto my dick, was another triumph over my bitchy, but now conquered stepdaughter.

“Put some cream on me! Cream me, Daddy!” she screamed over the sound of her mother’s singing.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more of the intense sensation. Jenna’s tight little pussy was so fantastic that I couldn’t hold back another second. With a triumphant gasp, I thrust deeper than ever and held her tight ass against me as hard as I could, while sperm erupted from my cock and flooded her vagina.

When I finally let go of Jenna, she collapsed forward in a sweaty heap. Her tangled black hair covered her face, and when she used her fingers to gently pull the hair out of her eyes, I saw that she had a glazed, shocked expression on her face. She looked over at me in a daze, her eyes unfocused but riveted on her Daddy’s cock, the source of her domination and pleasure.


After that first day, there were several occasions when Mary came home to find me holding Jenna over my lap, spanking her.

“Daddy’s punishing me for failing to get my term paper done on time,” Jenna explained the first time Mary caught me disciplining her daughter. Jenna arched her back, thrusting her ass up in the air and flaunting in front of her mother the fact that her naked ass was exposed for my pleasure. She propped herself up on her elbows and, without a trace of embarrassment, smiled as she looked her mother in the eye. “I need it, Mom. Daddy’s doing a great job of keeping me in line!”

Mary simply stared open-mouthed at the spectacle. But then after a half a minute, she silently carried her grocery bags into the kitchen. I went back to spanking the bare ass of her daughter. As soon as Mary moved into the next room, I thrust my fingers into Jenna’s twat.

“OH GOD!” Jenna screamed.

I looked into the kitchen to gauge Mary’s reaction. I saw her pause briefly at the moment of Jenna’s scream, but then she went back to putting canned goods onto the shelves. I went back to fingering her daughter.


Mary’s hand shook slightly as she opened the refrigerator and started putting away the vegetables and milk.


Mary turned aside from us so she could put away the flour and sugar in the pantry. While she faced away from us, Jenna quickly sat up and placed herself on my lap. She hugged me closely, which prevented her mother from seeing that her blouse was completely open. With one hand hidden between our two torsos, I began furiously fingering Jenna. I used my other hand to cup one of her bare ass cheeks.

With her chin propped on my shoulder, Jenna shivered through an orgasm even as she faced her mother in the next room. “What’s for dinner, Mom?” she asked as I diddled her clit.

The third time Mary walked into the house and caught us, I explained between swats, “Jenna was late for class twice this week. Our daughter needs discipline, honey!” I smacked Jenna again. “Discipline!” Another smack. I gasped and reared my head back. “Oh, God, so much discipline!”

“Yeah, Daddy! Yeah! Spank my ass!”

“Do you want to sit and watch, honey?” I asked my wife. I paused in the spanking as I spoke to Mary, my hand resting momentarily on Jenna’s reddened ass. I smiled into my wife’s eyes as my hand caressed her daughter’s soft round ass. Jenna swirled her ass in all directions as she stared into her mother’s eyes. I took advantage of my hand’s stationary position to surreptitiously finger Jenna’s asshole.

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