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“I don’t think it is a good relationship, you know. I know Lisa and Al are friends, but you going out alone with Lisa is not helping her drinking problem. You are kidding yourself.”

“Well, you don’t know that. I like her and the others like her but won’t go places with her. We have a good time. And I like going out with her. And since you had your affair, I am going to have a little fun once in a while, not hang around the house doing housework!”

Jill Kelly felt completely vindicated by this argument. She continued getting ready for Lisa to pick her up for a night at a club or two. She snapped the brassiere and tugged it around her waist, then pulled it up over her shoulders and settled her heavy breasts into the cups, leaning toward the mirror.

The pantyhose, she secretly knew, were a safety garment to help ward off errant men’s hands in case they became too forward. In the bars of course, something like that could happen even if she did not encourage it at all. Her plan was simply to listen to the music, share complaints with her friend, have a few drinks and come home. The problem could sometimes be having too many drinks, but she did not let that thought linger.

Lisa rang the doorbell and Jill hurried to button the black dress and put on lipstick.

“Al’s out of town, who knows where. I don’t. He doesn’t tell me shit, Ben, you know that!” She had a deep laugh but her blue eyes didn’t laugh with it. “How have you been? How come you aren’t out of town too?”

“Next week, Lisa, next week I am in Boston. You two will be careful, right? And don’t forget you have to drive.”

“Who knows, Ben, maybe we’ll get lucky. Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t say that, should I?”

Ben thought ruefully that she might just mean it, though.

Jill came down the stairs in a cloud of perfume. They were quite a pair. Both attractive, one brunette and the other blond with her hair up on top of her head showgirl style. Both dressed stylishly in black dresses that showed their impressive shapes. Jewelry sparkled here and there. Their high heels clicked through the hall and out the door.

“We won’t be late! Make sure Jeffrey does his homework.”

Ben knew they would in fact be quite late and probably quite tipsy, if not drunk. He could only hope for the best.


“Where is Al?”

“How would I know? He doesn’t tell me anything! Well, maybe Atlanta, he might have mentioned it. I don’t give a crap. Let’s go to Johnnie’s and dance a little.”

“OK. I should be home before midnight, Lisa. Right?”


They pulled into the parking lot that swung all the way around the low flat roof building with the tall sign announcing “Johnnie’s Pastime Club in red neon script.

Their heels made a scrunching noise until it turned from gravel to pavement near the entrance.

“Wouldn’t you think they could pave the damned parking lot?” Lisa grumbled. “They charge enough for the drinks.”

“No cover charge ladies, it’s Ladies Night” Chet was a familiar face and didn’t charge these two at any time.

“Oh, Chet, you are so sweet! It’s always ladies night, isn’t it?”

“Yes for you two it is always ladies night. How are you Jill?”

“I’m fine. Nice to see you. Are there any seats left?”

“Plenty, if you can?t find one, come back and I will find you one.”

They entered under the neon lights of the front and stopped a minute to let their eyes become accustomed to the darkness of the large bar and dance floor.

“Over there?”


Jill followed Lisa among the tables as she said an occasional hello or patted someone on the shoulder.

Lisa ordered a screwdriver and Jill ordered a Manhattan cocktail on the rocks. “Don’t let me drink these all night!” she urged the waitress. “They make me crazy!”

“This is a nice band, eh?”

“Yes. Nice.” Jill replied.

They put their heads together to talk above the crowd noise. Lisa complained about her husband and trouble with the children at school. She had been called to the school for her oldest not attending again. She really was a caring and concerned parent, but her demeanor and language was a bit of a put-off to many of Jill’s friends.

Jill was a sympathetic listener and so after the second round of drinks, they were deep into commiserating.

“Can we join you ladies?”

Lisa smiled at the two men and motioned them to sit down.

Jill was not always comfortable with Lisa’s easy ways but did not protest. She was the friendly outgoing person in her family. When she was out with her husband, she was always a little afraid of strangers approaching because Ben came across as not very friendly to strangers. Usually he was not in the mood for the small talk it required.

But Jill herself was at home with strangers and very engaging with small talk needed in a bar setting.

Jill switched to white wine when the waitress came back. They had a third round with Bill and Kyle and Bill asked her to dance. They all got up and went to the dance floor. Bill canlı bahis şirketaleri was a good dancer it turned out and they fell easily into step on the swingy country song being played. She was soon laughing at his jokes and teases and having a good time. She was feeling very happy and feeling the alcohol. She was a bit wary, but having a good time. They were becoming friends.

The music slowed and they stayed on the dance floor. Jill felt his prick bumping into her tummy. She was sure she should back away… But they were being friendly and she relaxed against him. It was just enough that she was aware of it as their bodies moved together with just a little movement side to side. She could feel it slide slightly against the dress and the pantyhose underneath it. Just a nice pressure. What is he thinking? She wondered. Was he thinking about the feel of the dress against the nylon underneath, or was he not aware of that at all? She was not naive, but she always had a positive thought about things like that.

“Like the music, Jill?” he asked, turning his face so that she would hear.

“Yes, I love it, don’t you?” she replied, aware that she was probably blowing in his ear. He pressed his cheek against hers and pulled her just a little closer. She felt the warmth of his prick, which seemed to be getting firmer… warmer. Jill pressed her tummy against it… just a little. After all, that’s natural when you dance.

“That’s a pretty perfume.” He said.

“Thank you! Not too heavy, is it”?”

He took a deep breath with his nose nuzzling her hair. “Mmmm, perfect.”

Jill put her head on his shoulder, and squeezed his hand.

They had another round waiting when they came back to the table holding hands.

“It looks like you two are hitting it off!” Lisa whispered.

“Oh shush. We?re just dancing.”

“But he’s nice?”

“Yes, he’s very nice. Cute, too.”

“Want to go to the little girls’ room?”

They excused themselves and went off to the Ladies’ room.

“She’s hot!” Kyle said.

“Jill” or Lisa?”

“I meant yours, Jill. But mine has great tits!”

“Yes, Jill is good. Nice rack on her, too. Good dancer, too.”

“Think she’ll do it?”

“You never know. I would like to though. She is one hot MILF.”

“I’ll bet. How long has your old lady been gone?”

“Six months.”

“Shhhiiiit!” Kyle laughed and slapped his thigh.

They didn’t feel the need to get up when the girls came back.

“Jeeze, look at those things sway when she walks!” Kyle said quietly turning his head to the side. The two did look statuesque in their high heels. They were dressed a little better than most of the women and attracted a lot of men’s eyes.

They had another round of drinks and Jill could feel her face was a little flushed and her words flowing easier. Her laugh was more frequent and her smile very open and friendly. Her knee touched both men when they leaned in for conversation. She made a point while talking and placed her hand on Bill’s wrist when she talked.

They went back on the dance floor for a slow number and didn’t move very much except against each other. She felt his prick now and it was quite firm against her tummy. Jill knew that it was making her moist between her legs and she enjoyed the feeling. He seemed very nice and she let him kiss her. They stopped while the kiss soaked in… how long? She wasn?t sure. It was pleasant. She let the tip of her tongue barely slip out between lipstick lips. It wasn’t much, but he felt it and slipped his tongue against her lips, her teeth. She opened her mouth and let him give her a deep soul kiss… there, right there on the dance floor, with all those others doing similar things. Rubbing her mound against him and taking his tongue into her mouth. Her married mouth. She suddenly thought about that… and decided not to mind. His hand was below her waist, the top shelf of her bottom. He traced her panty-line, through dress and pantyhose; he found the trace of her panty leg over the cheek of her ass. She knew what he was feeling. There was a plane on the side of the cheeks of her ass and she knew that it was a fascination for men. Not completely round, her flank had a flat spot that was quite sexy. And he had found it and was fondling her there. She enjoyed the light touch across her bottom and slipped her hand across his broad back under his jacket in a sensual caress.

Bill rotated his hips in a clearly sexual way against her mound and felt her softness against the underside of his cock. He had carefully adjusted it to stand vertical under his pants before they got to the dance floor. In a few seconds, he felt the pressure returned. The attractive woman was fucking him back! She looked up into his eyes and they kissed again. Her tongue dueled with his and he was afraid he might ejaculate right there against her tummy. He tried to calm down. He moved his hand across the width of her bottom, caressing and exploring across the lovely double loaves of her ass and into canlı kaçak iddaa the interesting crease between them.

There was something almost innocent about her. He almost thought that she wasn’t thinking of the meaning of pressing her pussy against him like that. It just seemed the natural thing to do. He had no idea why he thought that, but it was just a fleeting thought because mostly he was thinking how nice it would be if she let him put his eager cock into that pussy and let him pleasure both of them. He was breathing a little heavy, and finally let her lips escape his. He smiled down into her brown eyes and she smiled at him. She was slightly drunk, he was aware of that. He brought their hands up between them so he could feel her tits. They were real. Real and soft and firm at the same time. Would he get to take her brassiere off tonight? He thought of that and traced the wide band across her back. Wide because she needed a strong brassiere to hold that load, he thought. Maybe a Maidenform that he used to look at in his mother’s catalogs and in his mother’s clothes basket.

The music had stopped but he didn’t notice and kept moving against her. She giggled against his chest and pulled him toward the table.

“Kyle wants us to go out to Bill’s house in the country. He has a hot tub and he says it is a nice place. Shall we go for a while? Are you up for a hot tub”

“Oh, I don’t know, Lisa…”

“They seem nice enough. I would like to.” Lisa replied.

There was a long pause.

They had another drink and Bill slipped his hand up her arm so that their hands were touching each other’s elbows while they talked. “Kyle suggests that we go out to my place. It’s nice out there. Would you like to go out for a nightcap on the back porch in the moonlight? I would love to show you my place.”

She looked into his eyes carefully. “I shouldn’t.”


She looked into his eyes and nodded. “Just for a little while?”


They climbed into the big shiny pickup truck and Bill put on a large cowboy hat and looked at her playfully.

“Ohmigod, you’re a cowboy! It’s Clint Eastwood!” she laughed.

Lisa and Kyle got into the rear cabin and went quiet almost immediately.

Bill pulled her over to him on the smooth bench seat and she didn’t resist. She thought about the fact that he had not mentioned the hot tub. Clearly that is where Lisa was thinking of going, though, Lisa and Kyle. Lisa and Kyle who were entangled and kissing in the back seat.

She felt his strong rough hand snag against her stockings and her skirt was well above her knee. She didn’t object, and put her hand on top of his as a form of control. He wriggled it a little, taking baby steps up her thigh. She didn’t have to hold it back too firmly, just a little backpressure and he didn’t fight it. She smiled into his eyes and patted the big warm hand on her nylons. It felt nice and he seemed safe. She glanced at the clock. It was a little before eleven. Plenty of time, she thought. It will be OK. We just won’t stay long.

“We probably should shoot for 12, or no later than 12″30 Lisa….” She glanced back just long enough to see that Jill’s legs were spread wide and Kyle’s hand was fondling her panties. She closed her mouth and snuggled closer to Bill, slightly wide-eyed at how quickly Lisa was moving.

The house was very nice. A bit messy like a bachelor might have it.

“What about it, are you ready to go back to Manhattans? I’m going to have one, so I have the fixin’s.”

“Oh, I shouldn’t.”

“That’s your favorite expression, ‘I shouldn’t’ am I getting that right?” he laughed in that open boyish laugh.

“OK, I will have one more Manhattan!” she said with a grin.

“Can we have a house tour? This is quite a place.” Lisa wondered.

“Sure, bring your drinks along.” Bill led the way upstairs and showed them the five bedrooms on the top floor. There were signs of children having moved out taking most of their stuff and leaving lots of holes in the walls and few pictures and posters remaining.

Back on the main floor, he led the way into the master bedroom. “I don’t use it… some bad memories, I guess… at least not every night.

“Oh, that’s sad… I am sorry.” Jill caressed his bicep and stood close to him, looking into his eyes.

“No… not necessary… I have moved on! Thanks though.”

“My god… look at the size of that bed! We could all sleep there in an emergency! ” Lisa said, bouncing on the bed. “Come here Jill, try this.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t…” Jill said quietly.

Bill joined Jill on the foot of the bed and urged Jill to try it.

“Try it out… maybe you’ll like it! I hope, I hope, I hope.” He grinned.

Jill came closer and sat next to him, laughing a little.

Kyle joined them and pulled Lisa up the bed and they lay there kissing.

Bill urged Jill to do the same and she relented. “Remember you are not going to let me get stupid and do something a married girl shouldn’t”

“Oh, canlı kaçak bahis sure….” He agreed. The other two laughed and continued necking.

Jill lay back tensely in the crook of his arm and held the drink to be put on the nightstand. His arms were around her and his tongue into her mouth immediately.

“Look at this baby.” Kyle said holding a clicker. He clicked and the lights dimmed. Another click and music came on. A third click and an adult movie started.

“How the hell do you know so much about this bedroom?” Lisa whined.

“I was the builder! “

“That’s true.” Jim confirmed. “Knows more about the place than I do.”

“You sly dog! Here’s something I didn’t build!” He jingled a chain attached to the corner post of the four-poster bed and showed them there was a black leather wrist cuff with bright little studs decorating it.”

“Ohhh my god!” Lisa laughed, “What did you do with those?”

“From my old life. Sorry about that.” Bill flushed slightly.

Jill started to ask a question, but Bill’s lips silenced her. His hand slipped under her skirt but she kept her legs together. She turned toward him to hide from the others when she noticed that Lisa’s skirt was already up to her panties. They were kissing noisily.

Jim’s hand smoothly caressed along the outside of her nylon covered thigh all the way up to her waist, moving Jill’s skirt ahead of it. He ran his hand up and down the taut nylon, then found the seams and leg elastic of her panties under the nylon and ran his fingers along each seam coming finally to the one arching over her pussy. He could feel the extra thickness of her patch of hair holding up the layers of panty and pantyhose. He sought entry between her tight closed thighs and Jill relented and loosened herself to allow one finger to slip between her thighs.

“Mmmm, you are so soft and feminine.”

She almost felt sorry for him being deserted in this big house and slowly parted her legs so that he could put his hand between her and cup her warmth.

“OH…. I’m sorry… I am moist down there… from dancing with you… Is it terrible?”

‘Of course not.” He reassured her and continued fondling, feeling the soft silk panel of the pantyhose and the soggy panty crotch covering soft wet pussy lips. “Oh course not… wonderful!” he whispered into her hair, kissing along from her lips to her earlobe. Jill shivered with the excitement of his caress. Bill noticed and moved his hand up over her mound, up over her tummy. He found the elastic of the pantyhose and then her panty and slipped his big hand inside, finding the hair over her mound and combing his fingers through it and then into her wet slit.

“Uhhh!” she cautioned.. But then she opened to make it easier for him to part her pussy lips and slip into the cream between her lips. It was uncomfortable fighting the elastic and his hand slowly pulled out. He pulled his tongue out of her mouth and substituted his wet finger. Jill was surprised, but then reengaged with her tongue, joining his in wetly licking her juices from his fingers.

“Ohmigod!” she said quietly and then they pressed closer and their tongues rejoined the duel inside their mouths. Jill felt herself lubricate even more down there between her legs as his hand began fondling her breasts.

Jill snuggled against his warm body and his thigh pushed between her nylon legs keeping her skirt pushed high on her thighs. She glanced over her shoulder to find Kyle lying on top of Lisa, between her legs. She wondered if he had unzipped his pants and taken his cock out.

She felt the round firmness of Bill’s cock pressed hard against her as it had been on the dance floor.

‘Mmmmmm!” she heard herself moan.

Bill’s hand was on her ass pressing her against it and he was making hardly perceptible little fucking thrusts with his hips. He pushed her skirt up and Jill cursed herself for lifting a bit so he could bare her from the waist down. Essentially, he was able to fondle her entire pantyhose. She admitted that she liked the caresses.

He took his prick out and slipped it between her legs and she allowed it. “Oh, Bill, careful!”

She closed her thighs around its warm roundness and couldn?t help rolling her pelvis slightly.

“Ohhhhh… my god.” She murmured breathily.

“This is nice! And you are safe…” he reassured her.

Jill nodded slightly against his cheek and kissed his neck. As long as it didn’t go further, it was just like dancing at the club. Nearly.

“I didn’t say you could take that thing out!” Lisa snapped. ” I thought we were going to see the whole house?”


The lights came on brighter than before.

“Right… that’s where the hot tub is too!” Kyle said brightly.

‘Ohmigod! ” Lisa said in her she-bitch kidding tone. “C’mon you two, or are you staying here?” she laughed.

Bill was struggling to put his prick back in his pants and Jill couldn’t get her skirt down until he was decent, she thought. She didn’t want to let the others know she had his prick between her legs.

“Coming!’ she said. Looking down to see how big the thing he was putting away was.

“Lisa was lining up a shot on the pool table when Bill and Jill came red-faced into the lower floor recreation room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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