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At the time, we lived down in Florida, in a high-end gated community outside of Orlando. We had a large home that we enjoyed, particularly the large Jacuzzi and pool. We spent many a night naked in the hot tub, cocktail in hand, watching the Disney fireworks six miles away and then making our own fireworks. But this isn’t about one of those times.

Another feature that I truly appreciated was the oversized, gourmet kitchen. At one end of the kitchen was a dual island – one side was for prepping food and the other side, higher by six inches was an area for eating. One night, quite by accident, we discovered that the island was perfect for sex.

I’m quite tall, 6′ 6″ so the prep side of the island was slightly below crotch level. After the kids had gone to bed, Trish was finishing the clean up in the kitchen. I came down the second staircase, which ended in the kitchen on the other side of the island. I quietly stopped at the end of the steps and watched her finish up. The waning sunlight was coming in through the window over the sink, lighting up hair with a halo. That night she was wearing a one piece sundress and she was going commando – no bra or panties. The dress clung to her delicious curves and I enjoyed watching her as I felt the familiar stirring in my loins.

She turned around to put something away and spied me spying on her. She smiled and I came into the kitchen and to her. I kissed her and caressed her in the small of the back, something that always puts her into the mood. After several minutes, I picked her up and put her on the island and continued to kiss her. I pulled her to the edge of the counter so she could wrap her legs around me. It was then that we made the discovery that the island was the perfect height for us to make love on, as the bulge in my pants bumped into her crotch. We both realized at once the possibilities.

I reached for my belt, unfastened it and undid the snap on my jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Trish reached for my cock through my boxers and freed my seven-and-a-half inches of hardened flesh. She pushed up her sundress and guided me to her smooth, shaved pussy, leaning back against the breakfast bar portion of the island as I sank into her up to my pubic hair. I started a leisurely screw, taking my time entering her and sliding out of her.

Trish lay there with a smile on her face and reached down to play with her clit. She teased herself with light flicks and harder tugs at her nub. I soon recognized from her heavy breathing and her rolled back eyes that she was about to come. I sped up my plunging and we climaxed together as my knees buckled slightly as I shot into her. It wasn’t a long fuck, but it was memorable, not only for that day, but for what happened several days later.

We were going out to meet friends for a late night of drinking and dancing. I had just put our daughter to bed while Trish was finishing getting ready for the evening. She came out of the bedroom wearing a tight, black cocktail dress. She looked amazing as her breasts were highlighted by the low v-neck of the dress. She came into the kitchen and I couldn’t help myself; I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I kissed her and backed her to the island, again picking her up and placing her onto it and pulling her dress up to her waist. She tried to push it down, warning me that the babysitter was due shortly, but I persisted and convinced her we had time for a quickie.

I plowed into her and soon came. I pulled up my pants and Trish slid off the counter and as she did, some of our mixed juices came out of her pussy and onto the counter. She turned around, scooped it up and put it into her mouth. She then grabbed my head and slid her tongue into my mouth sharing it with me. Our kiss was broken by a knock at the back door. Our babysitter, ataşehir escort Tiffany had arrived; we had finished just in time.

We went out and had a great time with our friends. The next day, Trish went shopping and I worked out of my home office. Around noon, the bell rang and I went to answer it. I was surprised to see Tiffany there and I invited her in. She accepted my offer and I led her into the kitchen to find out what I could do for her. She walked past the island and swept her hand over it and then stuck a finger into her mouth suggestively, sucking it deep into her mouth as her lips formed an “O” around it. What was that all about; had she seen us the night before. She then hopped onto the island and turned to face me.

“Mr. R,” Tiffany started, “I saw you and Mrs. R. last night and I haven’t been able to put it out of my mind. I played with myself after you left and several times until you came home and again this morning. It hasn’t helped. I want what I saw last night.”

I couldn’t believe this. Not only were we busted last night, but here was our babysitter wantonly coming on to me. Tiffany was 19 and living at home while commuting to a local college. She was short, only about 5′ 2.” She still had some baby fat but it only contributed to her sweet innocent look. Her red hair and green eyes accented her milky white and fair skin. However, it was difficult to see her face as your eyes were drawn to her chest. She had a large chest, at least a 38D and she liked to show it off, wearing low neck lines and fancy, colorful push up bras. Many times I had seen her tits as she bent over to pick up our daughter. Many times I had thought about what they would look like without the shirt and bra and now it appeared I might have my chance.

As all this went through my mind, Tiffany cocked her head, crooked her finger towards me and motioned me to come. I didn’t resist; my wife and I have always been open about sex and though neither of us had ever strayed before, had talked about taking advantage of special opportunities and Tiffany certainly qualified as special. I walked over to her and slid her towards me. She wrapped her legs around me and flicked her hair back as she leaned in for a kiss.

Our tongues met in a frenzied dance as we hungrily kissed. One of my hands went to her chest and through her shirt, I fondled her tits. As her nipples became erect, I tweaked and tugged on them. I pulled her shirt from her short shorts and slid my hand up and found a silky bra. Further exploration found that it fastened in the front. I quickly unsnapped it and freed her breasts. They didn’t sag at all, in spite of their heft, when released from their support, an advantage of youth I suppose.

Tiffany was now moaning slightly as she broke our kiss and kissed my cheeks and made her way over to my earlobe. She nibbled it gently and then started tonguing my ear. God, she was making me hard. I continued to play with her tits as she whispered in my ear to continue to play with her nipples and to start doing it harder. “Mr. R. I love that. Keep pulling on my nipples. I love that and I can come if you do it right.” Several minutes later she was making loud exclamations as her body went rigid and then relaxed. I must have been doing it right since she had just come. It was the first time I had seen someone have an orgasm without being touched down below.

“Mr. R., I’d love to have you take me here like I saw you do your wife last night, but let’s go to the bedroom, where I think we’ll be more comfortable.”

Who was I to argue? As I followed, her through the family room, she kicked off her sandals and pulled off her top and let the red satin bra that I had unfastened earlier fall to the floor. My eyes were glued to her ass, ensconced in a pair of Daisy Dukes kadıköy escort bayan that stopped just where her ass met her legs. I pulled off my shirt and undid my pants stepping out of them as I walked through the doors to the master bedroom.

Tiffany stopped and turned at the base of our king sized bed. She looked amazing. Sweet innocent face a top her large, beautiful, full tits. She smiled and wriggled out of her shorts. As they made their way past her hips, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing panties. Shortly, her pussy came into view. Her lips were full and peeked out from underneath fine red, pussy hair that she had trimmed into a small heart above her large clit.

My dick throbbed and was harder than it had been in some time. I hooked my thumbs under my waistband and pushed my boxers to the floor. I walked to her and pushed her onto the bed. We wriggled up to the pillows as our hands were busy exploring each other. My hands were all over her tits and ass while she had taken my cock into her hands and was gently stroking it. I kissed my way down to her tits and after kissing all around them, I sucked a nipple into my mouth as flicked my tongue over it. She started to squirm a bit. One hand started to stroke her thighs as I continued to suck her nipple. I became a bit more aggressive, nibbling and then biting her large nipple. She panted, “yes, yes” and squeezed my dick in her arousal.

After 10 minutes alternating between each nipple, I kissed my way down her tummy. She didn’t have a flat toned stomach like my wife, but a slightly soft tummy covered in a layer of baby fat. She wasn’t overweight at all; she was just a girl becoming a woman and hadn’t lost all of her baby fat yet. In a weird way this was exciting as I kissed her stomach, flicking my tongue into her belly button. I continued my journey down and kissed her pubic mound. I took her fine, downy hair into my teeth and tugged gently. I kissed past her clit and pussy lips and kissed her inner thigh down to her knee and back. I alternated between kissing gently, sucking her soft thigh and biting gently. I kissed my way past her pussy and down her other thigh. As I continued back up, she couldn’t take it any longer and took my head and pulled me to her slit.

I kissed her pussy and licked up the abundant juices that had built up. I took her clit in my mouth and teased it with light, tongue flicks and then pulled it between my lips where I put pressure onto it in a soft bite. She went nuts, screaming, panting and coming. Her juices gushed over my face as she came in a frenzy. I lapped them all up eagerly. As she came down from her powerful climax, I crawled back up to her and lay next to her cuddling.

She rolled over onto her side so she could gaze at me. “Mr. R. That was amazing. None of my boyfriends would ever eat me out. They thought it was disgusting. I’ve never come like that before. It was incredible.”

I smiled and told her that I was glad that she enjoyed it as it was my favorite sex act of all. I loved to eat pussy, particularly pussy as tasty as hers. She giggled and told me it was her turn. She grabbed my dick and gave it a playful tug. She bent towards me and took a nipple into her mouth and between her teeth. Through her clenched teeth she told me that turn about was fair play. I wasn’t going to argue as I loved having my nipples sucked.

She did so for only a minute or two before she went down further. She pulled my dick up so that she could get to my balls. She licked them and then sucked one nut into her mouth, sucking and flicking her tongue around. She was driving me nuts. She then released the one nut and took the other one into her mouth. After several minutes, she tried to get them both into her mouth but was unable to.

She continued to play with my escort maltepe nut sack and then pulled them up, along with my dick. I was surprised when she did this but she grinned as she lowered her lips and tongue to my asshole. Her tongue darted in, out and around my sphincter as she gently tugged on my cock. I was close to coming and she sensed that. She squeezed at the base of my cock to stop me from coming. She waited a minute as she gained control of my coming and then kissed my asshole one last time as she kissed her way back up. Kissing my nuts, she then made her way to my hard, throbbing cock.

She ran her tongue up one side and down the other. She kissed around the base and then up the back side to the head. She sucked the head into her mouth and began to suck gently as one hand slide up and down my saliva moistened member. Her other hand went to my balls and then to my asshole. She slid one finger into my ass as she continued to give great head. That familiar feeling started again, but this time Tiffany didn’t squeeze my dick to stop it. In fact, she started to suck more aggressively while her tongue danced around my head. She sucked my entire shaft into her mouth so the head was deep into her throat. She pushed her finger up further into my ass as she pulled my dick from her throat. This was too much as I exploded into her mouth sending jet after jet of cum into her mouth.

When I finished, Tiffany removed her mouth from dick and immediately came up to me and kissed me. She forced her tongue into my mouth and shared my cum with me. Our tongues twirled as we shared my juices. When we finished, she broke the kiss and told me, “That was the part which caused me to play with myself so much. I loved seeing Mrs. R share with you last night. I’ve never been with a guy who would taste his own cum. It was so hot.”

We took each other into our arms and cuddled for several minutes without talking. After a bit, our hands began to wander again, mine to her tits, ass and small of her back and she to my cock and balls. Her gentle stroking soon had me hard. Without a word, she got onto her knees and straddled me. Looking me straight into the eyes she lowered herself onto my turgid shaft as she sank all the way to the base. She was incredibly moist and incredibly tight. She stayed there, clenching her pussy muscles so that my dick felt like it was in a velvet vise. It was incredible.

Slowly she began to rise up and we soon established a rhythm. She leaned towards me so I could take a nipple into my mouth. She reached behind me and gently squeezed my balls. Having come just a half hour ago, I wasn’t going to come quickly. I released her nipple from my mouth and without leaving her, turned her so that I was on top. I plunged into her hard as I started to massage her clit. Maybe I wasn’t going to come quickly, but she came again, the third time in the past hour.

Again, I changed positions. I had her get on all fours so I could fuck her from behind. Gazing upon her perfect heart-shaped ass I quickened the pace. She reached underneath herself and started to massage her clit and shaft. I licked my ring finger and plunged it into her ass. She started to come again and this time as her cunt gripped my dick, I came in her. Exhausted, I collapsed on the pillow. She crawled up over my face and asked me to clean her out and to share the cum with her. I happily complied, sticking my tongue between her lips to suck out our juices. I gripped her thighs and pushed her onto her side and kissed her shoving my tongue and our juices into her mouth. She greedily sucked what I offered.

We lay there for several minutes before she got up and we both got dressed. She stood on her tiptoes as we kissed gently. She asked if we could do this again and I told her of course. I walked her to the door and as I did, my wife entered the house.

“Oh, hi Tiffany,” she said. “What brings you by the house?”

“I bought Mr. R. something to eat,” Tiffany replied.

What a thoughtful girl, my wife said as Tiffany bounded down the front walk. She sure is, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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