Teaching Those Eyes

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Author’s Note

There are some sexual acts in this story, but really this story is building a relationship and the more juicy moments typical of stories on this site don’t occur until Teaching Those Eyes 2. Also standard disclaimer, everyone mentioned in this story is eighteen years old or older.


Dismantling His Armor

Mr. G knew from the beginning that Catherine was trouble. She was eighteen years old, 5′ 6″, dirty blonde with highlights, dark brown eyebrows, tanned skin and deep blue eyes. Every Monday she swung by his desk on her way in to ask him about his weekend. She seemed genuinely interested and her smile didn’t dim when he gave his short curt responses. Then she’d give a couple of unsolicited details about her weekend. Every week he tried to play himself off as being busy, but he always found himself stopping to listen to her talk about her weekend. In those moments, staring into her deep blue eyes, it was hard to not smile, but he tried.

He really didn’t want to be rude to her, but he had been down this road before. Three years ago, he was just innocently having friendly conversations with Alaina and then they were making jokes and then sexual innuendos and before he knew it she was in his bed. It was amazing while it lasted, but it never lasts. Alaina got revenge by fucking another student on his teacher’s desk after school. She got expelled for that stunt.

There were others too. Nicole and McKenzie assaulted him when their relationship ended. Amber and Maddie would likely tell you that he assaulted them. There was just always so much pain and suffering in the end. Yea the next time could always be better, but it could be a lot worse. If just one parent or coworker finds out then he’s done, career over, life over. It’s just not worth it.

Of course he was being far too extreme. Catherine would have to want to be with him on some level for anything to happen and he knew she didn’t want that. She was just a friendly and bubbly person by nature. Yea she was a bit flirty, but she was that way with everyone. She was the type of person that made everyone in the room light up when she entered. There was absolutely no reason for him to be this standoffish with her, and yet… why take the chance?

Still she persisted. By the third week she got him to smile. “Oh thank God,” she declared. Mr. G gave her a strange look. “You’ve been so serious. I was really afraid this was going to be a terrible class.”

“Calculus is no walk in the park. There are plenty of other options if you wanted an easy senior year.”

“Oh I know that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Smile! Let’s have fun while learning.”

Mr. G shook his head and smiled while looking into those deep blue eyes. “You know the research agrees with you. If you’re having fun, you’re engaged, you’re more likely to remember what happened.”

“See,” she said with an even greater smile.

Two weeks after that she got him answering her questions with more than one word answers. He tried to still keep his answers short, but she was always ready with a follow-up question. Before long he was regularly telling her and the rest of the class stories. Nothing that disrupted class time too much, but maybe a short 2-minute story at the start of the class when they worked on the bell-ringer or a quick 5 minute story at the end while they started their homework.

The entire class appreciated the lighter atmosphere she helped foster.

Wearing Green

Homecoming week came in mid-November. There were all sorts of special activities planned that week ending with a dance on Friday. For the most part the added activities didn’t affect him. The only added responsibility was during period 1; at the start of each day he had to take a count of who dressed up. There was a different theme each day and all he had to do was count how many kids dressed up. Then at the end of the week the class of students that racked up the most points earned bragging rights or maybe some minor perk. He didn’t really care; it was just another thing he had to do.

Tuesday’s theme was Saint Patrick’s Day. Every single one of them was wearing green. Well, all except one. Catherine, the one who you would think would be the most gun ho about this Homecoming Week thing was the only one not wearing green.

“Catherine, no green?”

“I’m wearing green.”

“Your shirt is pink. Those aren’t even close.”

“My underwear is green”

“Doesn’t count.”

“What? I’m wearing green.”

“Look the instructions are simple and clear, see green, give points. No green means no points.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Ideally, show more school spirit and wear green in a more visible way. Now I’d like you to accept the fact that you’re not wearing green, earned no points and drop it so I can move on and start the lesson.”

“But I am wearing green. Come on Mr. G this isn’t fair,” Catherine protested as she stood up.

“Fair doesn’t mean you just get whatever you want. Fair means the rules güvenilir bahis are the same for everyone. Look at everyone else wearing green.”

“But I am wearing green.”

“No one but you knows that.”

“Wait.” Catherine unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She didn’t lower them but opened them up wide so you could clearly see her green panties beneath.

“Catherine you slut!” shouted her best friend Mary.

“He left me no choice.”

Mary stood up and placed her hand on her hip. Her finger slipped under her jeans, looped around the strap of her panties and pulled it up so that everyone in the room could see a flash of pink. “See just do this, no need to expose yourself.”

“Girls sit down! Everyone just stop showing your underwear.”

“What?” Catherine exclaimed. “I had to do it for the points.”

“How was earning 24 out of 25 points an unacceptable outcome?” Mr. G asked.

“What? You’re still not going to give me points!” Catherine exclaimed.

“Jesus, yes you’ve earned your points, 25 for the class,” Mr. G said as he threw up his arms and walked to the front of the room to start teaching for the day. It was an awkward start but he muscled his way through the lesson. He asked less questions than normal that day and in general gave them less opportunities to speak.

At the end of the period Catherine came up to his deck. “Whatever it is, we can talk about it tomorrow,” Mr. G said without looking up from his computer.

“I need to make up the quiz we missed yesterday.”

“Right,” Mr. G said as he looked up from his computer, but still didn’t look at Catherine. Instead his eyes looked out overseeing the rest of the class. “Let’s do that tomorrow after school.”

“I have a field trip tomorrow,” Catherine said.

Mr. G sighed, “Thursday then?”

“Thursday will be hectic because I’ll be making up everything I missed on Wednesday. I studied for a long time last night. Can’t I just take it today?”

Mr. G sighed again. Now he looked her in her eye, those deep blue eyes. “Yea, I can do today after school.”

“I can’t stay after school today.”

Mr. G threw his hands up in the air. “Well then what do you want me to do?”

“Can I take it now?”

“The period is going to end in like 2 minutes.”

“I have photo next. Mr. Kelly won’t care if I’m late.”

“That’s for him to decide.” Mr. G pulled out a piece of paper and began writing a note. “I’m off next period, so you can come back and take it IF Mr. Kelly signs off on it. Otherwise you’ll have to take it Thursday.”

“Thanks Mr. G.”

The bell rang and the room emptied. Catherine returned 10 minutes later. “I didn’t think you were coming,” he said.

“I just had to show Mr. Kelly that I’m making progress on my project. He said he doesn’t care if I miss class as long as I make the project deadlines.”

“Alright sounds good to me.”

Catherine took a good twenty minutes to finish a ten minute quiz. “I think I did really well,” she said when she finally turned it in.

“That’s great to hear.”

“Can you grade it now?”

“I really don’t like to grade in front the student.”

“Oh come on Mr. G.”

“I mean I don’t have the key on me, so it’ll take longer.”

“There’s still twenty minutes in the period left. Please.”

He looked into those deep blue eyes. “Alright.” He sat down next to her and slid the quiz away from her. He wrote a large check next to the first problem.

“See I told you I did good.”

“The first one is very good,” he confirmed. He was fidgeting with the pen in his hand, but he froze as he read the second problem. And then he made a tsk sound.


“The second one is off though.”

“How?” she asked while sounding slightly offended.

“I don’t know, give me a minute.” He stared at her work for a solid three minutes before finding the mistake. “Ah I see. Right here in the middle of the problem you lost a negative sign.” He wrote a minus one on the page.

“Oh come on that’s such a small mistake.”

“And minus one is a small amount off.” As he spoke, he spread his legs so that his knee touched hers. She immediately shifted herself so that their knees were no longer touching.

“But it’s such a small mistake and the problem is only worth five points.”

“Yea, you’re right.” He crossed out the one and wrote minus half a point. She nodded in agreement.

Then he flipped the page over to see the last problem on the back and made another disappointed sound.

“What? What’s wrong now?”

“It’s not terrible, but it’s not right.”

“So like minus one?”

“Minus three.”

“What? Come on Mr. G. That’s not fair.”

“Oh that’s fair. Study section 3 before the test.”

“I did, but the quiz problems are just so much harder than the homework.”

Mr. G pulled out the textbook and opened it to section 3 of the chapter they’re on. He pointed to the third problem from the homework set. “Do this one again.”

She stared at the problem for a couple minutes, türkçe bahis but she didn’t pick her pencil back up to work on the problem. “Alright fine,” she eventually said. “So three and a half points off. That’s not too bad. I was really afraid I was going to have to take the L on this one. I did not get to study nearly as much as I should have last night.”

“You told me you studied for hours.”

“I wasn’t going to be more ready on Thursday so it was time to just get it over with. I mean I studied just not for the hours I had originally scheduled. To be honest I fell asleep when I got back from my run yesterday. That threw a wrench in all my plans.” Mr. G chuckled. “Here check it out.” She opened her laptop and pulled up a map to show him the route she took.

“Wow that is long. You run cross-country?”

“Nah, I just do it on my own to stay fit.”

“Hey look, you ran right past my house,” Mr. G exclaimed as he pointed to the map.

“Maybe next time I’ll stop by for some lemonade.”

Mr. G smiled just as the bell rang. He looked back at that clock. “Wow time flies.”

“Bye Mr. G,” she said as she picked up her books and left.

Fall Final

“Alright you have 60 minutes for the final. You will need a calculator on some of the problems. Good luck.” Proctoring tests was by far the most boring part of the job. You’re just watching other people think through problems. There’s no talking, no communicating and nothing really to think about either. He could grade or get on his computer or let his mind wander, but that would lead to him dropping his guard and opening the window for a student to cheat.

Catherine was suspiciously looking down at her lap instead of at the test on her table. Students think it’s subtle, but it is a real unnatural posture to stare at your crotch. She could have anything down there, a piece of paper with notes scribbled on it, her phone to search answers on the Internet.

Mr. G walked over to the side of her and discovered that it was just her calculator. Some students hold it down there. It was weird, but nothing dishonest about it. He let out a sigh of relief. He had grown fond on of her and really didn’t want to have to bust her. He’s done it before and he’ll do it again, but the process is nightmare. There’s paperwork, angry emails from the parent and ultimately the principal second guessing his decision before hopefully backing him up, but not always.

While checking her lap for unapproved items, he couldn’t help but take note of her clothes. Catherine was wearing these tiny pink athletic shorts; there was no way she had anything hidden in them. The shorts definitely didn’t pass dress code, but the dress code was relaxed during finals week.

Damn those legs of her were lean and mean. They were skinny but athletic, the legs of an amateur distance runner. They looked amazing. He had to move before he spent the full hour staring at them. Catherine sat in the back row so he circled around to the front of the room. He took a glance back at her and his mouth literally fell open.

She was sitting with her legs spread eagle. With him on the other side of the room, he had a perfect view underneath her table. It was so beautiful. He could see every inch of those legs. Those tiny pink shorts might as well have been just panties for all that they covered. He wanted so badly to just dive under there.

Mr. G moved on to continue circling the room. Catherine’s dress and posture finally made supervising fun. He was actively interested in monitoring the students now. Of course watching Catherine was much more interesting than the others, but he knew to not stare. He kept his eyes moving and kept a strict eye on all the students, but every pass his eyes made sure to pause on her. Overall it was probably the best supervision job of his career.

One by one the students handed in their exam, but Catherine and a few others kept working. Then the bell rang and most of the students filed out of the room. There were five students still working. “I want you to give your best, so I can give you a little extra time, but you guys need to wrap it up. If you’re working that’s one thing but if you’re just staring at a problem then the answer probably isn’t going to come to you at this point.”

Ben handed in his test first out the group. He averted Mr. G’s gaze and then quickly left the room. Mary was next, “I tried.”

“That’s all that I ask,” Mr. G replied. “I’m sure you did great”

“Thanks, we’ll see. Have a good break.”

“Thanks you too.”

Emma turned in her test next leaving behind only Catherine and Lester. “Mr. G this test is so hard,” Catherine complained.

Mr. G looked at the clock. It was 5 minutes past the bell which means there was only 5 minutes left until the period 2 final started. “What final do you have next?”

“I have photo period 2. There’s no final.”

“Good so there’s no pressure on time. Just keep working, take as long as you need. You got this.” She shook her head doubtfully. She returned güvenilir bahis siteleri to her seat but she didn’t pick the pencil back up. Mr. G really should call time, but he had a soft spot for her plus he was also developing a hard spot for her. Once Lester was gone he could bend the rules more, but until then there was only so far he could go.

She didn’t outlast him though. Two minutes later Catherine stood up and walked towards him. “Can I bribe you?”

Mr. G raised his eyebrow. This would be the moment if only Lester wasn’t still here. “I don’t think you can afford the price.”

“$100,” Lester jumped in.

“You think I’m going to risk my job for less than 1% of my salary? That’s not a serious offer. Get back to work.” Lester smiled and turned back to his test, but Catherine still stood there.

“I only need a 75%. What about if I offer you free babysitting for a year?”

“I don’t have kids. And even if I did, that’s a better offer than Lester, but still, that’s not a good enough offer. You have to offer me something I really need.”

“Mr. G, I am dead serious. What do you want me to do for a C?”

Oh fuck, Mr. G thought. Did she word it that way on purpose? That was the moment if only there wasn’t a fucking witness in the room. “You’re asking me to do something that could get me fired, so you really have to think of something that I couldn’t just get on my own.”

“Nobody will know,” she pleaded.

“That’s what they always say, but things have a way of working their way out.”

“Come on Mr. G. Why did you have to make it so hard?”

“Just give it a couple more minutes. Think deeply through each problem and I think the answers will come to you,” he hinted, but she didn’t get what he was saying. She handed in her test and left.

Exactly 25 seconds later Lester stood up. “Ok Mr. G, I’m done. You have a Merry Christmas.”

You cock blocking son of a bitch is what Mr. G wanted to scream at him. Everything was falling into place perfectly. She didn’t have a period 2 final and as fate would have it, he didn’t have a period 2 class. They would have been alone together for an hour. There’s a lot he could do with that time to her to help get that grade up just like he did with Maddie two years ago.

“Have a good break,” is what Mr. G actually said in reply with a fake smile on his face. They shook hands and then he departed. Mr. G closed the door before cursing out loud.

Finals Are Stupid

Catherine was the first one to talk to him on the first day back after break. She walked into his room promptly at 7:20 AM. Her attitude was not quite as chipper as usual. “You gave me an F!”

Mr. G looked up from the lesson he was writing. “That’s the grade you earned on the final but your overall semester grade averaged to a C.”

“Is there any way you can still change it?”

Mr. G bit his tongue as he mentally vowed not to speak of the missed opportunity before break. “I’m sorry I already submitted my finalized grades for the semester.”

“You can’t even curve it a little bit?”

“Um, I did actually. It’s still below a 60% even after the curve.

“Finals are so stupid. We shouldn’t have them.”

“Finals are a good way for me to test how much of the material you actually know.”

“But I already passed the chapter tests.”

“Yea but the final sees if you retained the knowledge and can draw connections between chapters.”

“Finals are so unrealistic. When am I going to have to do timed problems where I can’t look up any reference materials? There should be a project instead of a final.”

Mr. G sighed. He could tell her that she should know the material a lot better than what she showed on that final but he looked into her deep blue eyes and decided not to fight. “You know the research in education agrees with you. Project-based learning is very big.”


“But that’s incredibly difficult to plan and implement correctly. Finals may not be a perfect system but they are efficient.”

“Oh so I have to deal with finals because you don’t want to do more work,” she teased.

Mr. G did not find it amusing. “Do you have any idea how many hours I spent working over Christmas break? Not just grading but planning for this semester and you just want to add more on top of that? How much studying did you do over Christmas break to stay fresh?”

“You know you regressed,” Catherine informed him. Mr. G looked puzzled so she explained, “I worked so hard to get you to drop that no fun Mr. Mean attitude and I see you have slipped back into it over break.” Mr. G was speechless. “It’s my fault. I came in here all upset about my grade and I never asked you about your break. Sorry you had such a rough one.”

“I, uh…” and then he lost control. He just started laughing uncontrollably. He laughed in frustration and in confusion and he laughed because he couldn’t stop her from making him smile. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand you,” he said when he finally regained his composure. “I’ll tell you what. No promises, but over Spring Break I’ll try and see if I can write a project-based final.”

Catherine clapped her hands and did a small hop in joy. “Thanks. You’re the best.”

“No promises,” he said again with a smile.

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