Teasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 07 Pt. 01

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After the previous fun I had with both Frank and William (Bill), Mike and I had a long and serious chat.

We talked things over about how I enjoy having fun with my two older friends and about why Mike has such a thing about me not fucking them.

After a long and steamy chat and then fucking session we came to a joint decision.

This is how Saturday 26th March 2011 went.

Mike was due away on Sunday for a trip down to England.

After our chat he decided to leave a day earlier on the Saturday afternoon. I hurriedly informed Frank of this.

Frank made sure that Bill was aware Mike was going away and that I had told him I was keen to see the two of them again.

Frank and I were keeping up our pretense of Mike not knowing anything ; of me being ‘the cheating wife.’

This gets us all immensely turned on.

Saturday morning came and Mike packed.

In the afternoon at about 3 pm Bill arrived downstairs at Franks, they knew what time Mike was leaving.

I saw Mike off at his car an hour later, giving him a kiss goodbye and whispering to him not to worry, telling him how much I love him.

On Mike getting into the car both Frank and Bill, ‘accidentally’ popped out into the garden at the same time. They both spoke to Mike, asking where he was going etc.

I moved into the garden behind the wall at our front. Still talking to Mike and the two guys.

As I stood behind the wall, and as Bill spoke to Mike, he was at the same time rubbing my arse with his hand, feeling my cheeks and reaching around to rub the front of my jeans with his fingers.

He was doing so thinking Mike was totally unaware, again me being the younger, tarty, cheating wife.

Mike drove off and we all went inside. As soon as I was in the front door of our shared hallway Bill shoved me gently against the wall.

He planted a long, wet sloppy kiss on me and continued where he had left off rubbing my crotch of my jeans.

“Jesus Bill,” I said. “Mike might have seen you.” Again keeping up the pretense.

“No he wouldn’t,” was Bills curt reply. “Your’e fucking hot down there already aren’t you?” gesturing to his hand rubbing over my fanny area of my jeans.

“I’m getting wet already I know,” I shamefully responded.

“That’s my girl,” Bill replied.

Frank was standing beside us keenly egging Bill on. “Oh shes gorgeous eh Bill, what an arse in those jeans eh, what a pair of legs.”

“Yes she is and shes fucking dirty too,” was Bills filthy reply. “her fucking husband’s just gone and the young fuckers already güvenilir bahis wet from me rubbing her off.”

“I hope I’m gonna get wetter,” was my dirty reply.

“You can fucking bet on it,” Bill said as he stopped rubbing me.

“Now lets get inside and get this young tart really horny Frank.”

Frank looked at me smiling.

“I’m gonna get changed for you both first, ” I said.”What would you like me to wear?”

“As little as possible,” was Bills eager response. “A pair of stockings and your sluttiest heels maybe,what do you think Frank?”

Frank responded by nodding.”Pointless wearing too much Anna love, I reckon it would be off pretty quickly!”

I smiled, and as the two of them went into Franks I went upstairs.

Once there I text messaged Mike and let him know things had begun. I simply put…

‘Love you, the two of them are so horny. They have felt me up and now I’m getting changed’

Once ready I went downstairs. As I walked down the shared flight of stairs, I could feel my fanny leaking my cum already. I rang Franks doorbell rather than just entering and waited for him to let me in.

Frank answered and once the door was opened he called on Bill.

“Come and see this Bill,” he shouted back into his flat.

Bill quickly came to the door. He leered at me as I stood back brazenly leaning against the wall outside.

“You look fucking gorgeous,you dirty bitch.” Bill told me as his eyes devoured me.

I was stood with these two guys, each in their seventies staring at me.

I was ‘dressed’ in only my highest heels and a pair of black suspender style tights. Nothing else.

“Can I come in please?” I coyly asked.

“Only if you promise to be a very naughty girl,” Bill mockingly said.

“Oh I promise!” I said.

We went in, Frank and Bill both feeling my arse up as we did so.

Once in Frank got us all a drink.

“I’ve really been desperate to see you both again,” I shamefully admitted to them.

“I’ve been wanking about you non stop,” Bill told me. “My wife thinks she’s done something. I keep getting a stiffy all the time, she told me to stop being so dirty the other day.”

“If she could only see what you are up to now,” I flashed back at him.

“You both ready for me then?” I then teasingly asked.

“More than ready,” was both their eager responses.

With this we all moved toward each other and the two of them began licking and nibbling my titties.

“You gonna put some porn on Frank,” Bill asked. “I bet Anna would love to get dirty while it was türkçe bahis playing.”

“Oh yes please,” was my simple reply.” I really want to be so fucking naughty with you both today.”

“All day?” Bill asked.

“All fucking day and night,” I said in return.

I was now really getting wet and feeling incredibly turned on.

Frank moved away to put a DVD on. Bill kept sucking my right tit.

I parted my legs as I stood for him. He dipped a finger down to my cunt and easily ran it along its wet, open length.

“You’re fucking soaking you bitch,” he spat at me.

“I know,” I said.” I’m soaking for you both.”

“You dirty cow,” Bill swore at me.”You’re fucking cock mad aren’t you?”

“I’m fucking mad for yours,” I lustily replied.

Frank had returned and was now unzipping his trousers.

“Finger fuck me,” I ordered Bill.

He readily obliged and thrust a couple of his stubby fingers up me. As he did so the DVD began. It was one of Franks new amateur style ones.

I stood eagerly watching the trailer as Bill thrust his old fingers up me, nibbling on my tit as he did so. His hard cock was now evident in his pants.

Frank was now naked.

“I want you all day,” I gasped. “Can you both last all day?”

“Too right” Bill said. “I can spunk easily three or four times for you Anna,what about you Frank?”

“No problem,” he said in reply. “Oh Anna, I fucking want you so bad.”

Bill moved away and quickly took all his clothes off. Frank took his place fingering me gently as we watched the first couple sucking on screen.

“Let me suck you too,” I said to Frank.

With this I dropped to my knees, spreading my legs wide to let Bill see my glistening wet pussy as I began to suck Franks throbbing,stiff,red cock.

Bill urged me on.

“Take it deep Anna, lick his shaft, lick his end, suck it hard,” he directed me as he completely stripped off.

The phone then rang.

It was Bills wife, she began to leave a message.

All the time I was kneeling, sucking on Franks hard cock, the DVD was quickly muted as the couple on screen fucked doggy style.

Bill picked up the phone,interrupting his wife’s message.

“Sorry love, we were both in the kitchen,” he lied.

I motioned to Bill to sit down. He looked at me inquisitively and did so.

Once he had sat down I crawled like a bitch on all fours over to him. Wiggling my ass as I did so.

“I’m not sure love” Bill was saying.

I moved closer and ran my hands up his thighs…I moved closer and began to lick his inner güvenilir bahis siteleri thighs alternately.

Frank was now behind me and was lapping at my arse cheeks like a dog with his tongue.

I slowly moved up to Bills cock and began to wrap my hands around its girth. I moved my head down and flicked the tip with my tongue.

Frank was now plunging three fingers up me as I was on all fours in front of Bill.

He kept the conversation with his wife going…..

“Yes love we are going out for a pint, I may have to stay the night if that’s OK?”

I now had his full length of prick in my mouth.

I pouched it in my cheek and gazed up at him.

He smiled at me, a dirty knowing smile.

My first climax was about to be set off by Franks fingers.

I furiously came off, my mouth stuffed with Bills cock as I did so, muffling my sighs and groans.

Frank expertly used his fingers up me, pounding my open, sloppy gash whilst his other thumb was working away on my rock hard clitoris.

My cunt poured with sticky juice, my violent orgasm sending me into heaven.

“Yes we will be careful love” … Bill was saying to his wife, whilst his old, rock solid cock was bulging in my younger, tarty eager mouth.

I wanked him into my mouth furiously as my huge climax subsided.

Frank was kneeling behind me.

I looked over my shoulder at my naked lover,a man almost twice my age.

I mouthed at him…

“Fuck me.”

He stared back at me, his eyes asking ‘pardon?’

Again I mumbled softly to him.

“Fuck me, Fuck me Frank, get your cock up me now!!”

I was sucking away like mad on Bills prick and bucking my black suspender encased arse back at Frank.

Bill was smiling down at me his prick growing redder and thicker with each wank, suck and slobber of my eager mouth.

My spit ran down his cock shaft, making his stiff prick resemble a dripping candle,

Frank again looked at me in disbelief.

“Go on fuck it, fuck my cunt!” I spat the words at him.

Bill was muffling the phone with this hand and glaring at me for being so loud.

I didn’t fucking care.

I just wanted cock up me.

Frank moved closer. I could feel his body heat behind me. Feel his warmth of his body and of his thrusting, engorged prick against my nylon clad arse and wet gaping cunny lips.

I was on all fours, Bill sat in the chair with me still sucking on him. He had just finished the call from his wife. Frank was behind me, between my nylon clad legs.

I urged Frank,”Go on get it up me.”

He again asked,”Are you sure?”

I hadn’t told him of my talk with Mike, of our decision … That I could now on special occasions go the full way with both Frank and Bill … I wanted it to be a surprise for him.

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