Teasing Sally

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My wife Sally’s body always inspires me with awe and, especially when naked, with lust. Naked she was, and I was licking the lower curve of her left breast. Every lick was in the direction of the nipple and each ended near but not touching it. Slowly, I worked around the circumference until every beautiful inch of her enticing orb glistened with a fine coating of my saliva, except the now perfectly erect nipple and its tiny goose bumps. Sally has never been much of a talker during sex, but her body did her talking. She squirmed and twisted trying and trying to push her nipple into my tongue. She needed contact. She needed my tongue and lips on her nipple. She lifted her back, twisted her torso, and jammed her breast at my face. I was absolutely certain that she needed that nipple sucked now!

So, I moved to the right breast and did it all over again. Soon, both breasts were glistening, both nipples were straining, and I was moving back and forth between them so that Sally was never quite sure where my tongue would be next. This was my queue to move on. I put my fingers to work lightly stroking in almost random swirls and flourishes across her belly. Almost random but drifting lower, lower, ever lower until they gained focus and circled Sally’s navel. I licked the edges all the way around then darted my tongue into the tiny opening. Her navel, however, was just a distraction along the road to the promised land.

I continued the light swirling touches, once again drifting south. In my mind I imagined invisible panties then made sure not to touch anything that they would have covered. The imagined, invisible elastic became a barrier to my fingers, my lips, and my tongue. I licked, kissed, and touched, but avoided ataşehir escort bayan that especially sensitive area. After a few minutes, I skipped to Sally’s knees and resumed the kissing, licking and massaging. Now however, everything was drifting north. Those invisible panties still barred entrance. They did not bar the sight of red and swollen and very wet outer pussy lips nor did they bar the delicious aroma of her excitement. I alternated legs moving a few inches north then switching to the opposite, a few inches then back, left, right, left, right, left, right…. When l I reached the crease between her leg and her body, I trailed my tongue up one and down the other of those boundaries.

I allowed my brain to remove the imagined panties so my fingers could wander through Sally’s wispy blonde pubic hair. I let my hot breath wash over her pubis to add a third stimulus to what I hoped was an erotic mix. It must have been working; several times Sally lifted her hips and almost pushed her pussy against my tongue. Almost but not quite, I was determined to make this last and was quick enough to pull away. She began moaning and her hip lunges became more frequent.

I relented, kind of, and moved my kisses to the small areas between her thighs and pussy lips. I spent several minutes kissing and licking there while continuing to let my fingers wander through her southern hair. A big difference was that my hot breath was intentionally directed onto her outer lips. I wanted to stimulate her pussy, but still deny physical touch. Once in a while just to tease, I let my nose touch the lips. Each time she jerked toward me like she was trying to impale herself on my nose.

Sally let out a long escort kadıöy sigh as I slid my tongue around the rim of her vagina. I kept most of the contact just outside the opening just behind and just in front. Her breathing and the little twitches of her labia told me that these were the most sensitive areas around the opening. Moving upward, I licked the outer labia and sucked them one at a time into my mouth, pulling each to the side. I lifted my head and exhaled on the newly exposed pussy surfaces. I think Sally liked that, she jerked her hips up trying to restore pussy contact with my mouth. Sally has a very sensitive little ridge that runs from her clit down to the opening of her vagina. I concentrated on the licking the sides of that little ridge. You may have guessed by now that I stopped just short of her clit. Although Sally may have wanted that last quarter inch, her moans and twitches said that she was getting a lot out of even the limited contact. After every twenty or thirty tongue strokes, I blew a stream of hot air up and down the length of her pussy.

Her clit obviously needed some attention and this was one very hot, wet, and slippery pussy. Also, I was more than slightly excited myself. I pulled up and laid my prick along the length of the outside of Sally’s pussy. Still outside, I slid up and down rubbing the big vein on the bottom of my cock against that ridge between Sally’s pussy lips. At the top end of the strokes, the head of my cock would rub directly against her clit. After about ten strokes, I went back to licking. It turned into a rhythm. Lick for a while, tickle with some hot breath, and then rub her clit with my cock.

The changes in stimuli did exactly what I wanted. maltepe escort It kept Sally right on the edge of an orgasm for many minutes. I found the situation very stimulating as well. The smell and taste of Sally’s pussy, the wetness and slipperiness of her pussy against my cock, and her moans and obvious excitement were all having a predictable effect on me. Lick, blow, rub, lick, blow, rub…. Once in a while my aim was off and on an up stroke I would slip in. The squeeze from Sally’s vaginal walls told me that I was welcome there, but did nothing to help me retain my focus on pleasuring Sally.

About the tenth or twelfth time that I slipped in, Sally gave me her patented triple squeeze and I exploded, drenching her vagina with my cum. I exclaimed, “Oh shit!”

As I rolled off and slumped into post-orgasmic lethargy, Sally said her first real words of the love making session, “I’m so close, please finish me.”

How could I possibly deny a request from the love of my life? I was re-energized. I would like to say that my cock bounced back like a porn star’s, but it did not have that ability even when I was twenty-one. That left only one choice. I rolled back and resumed kissing her pussy. I never thought about doing something like this before so was amazed by how much I liked it. The aroma of Sally’s pussy had an extra muskiness to it and it was wetter than I had ever seen it. The taste carried an extra edge. I could not get enough; I licked every square millimeter of Sally’s super sexy pussy. In just a few seconds she started twitching again. The twitches grew and deepened and turned into spasms that I could see in her pussy. Her clit was the largest I have ever seen it, and pulsed with the blood engorging it. Likewise, the lips were pulsing.

She must have had round after round of triple squeeze as all of my cum pumped back out of her pussy. This was such an amazing orgasm I just kept licking and kissing until she could not take any more and pushed my head away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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