Temptation Ch. 03

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Mary sat at the motorway services drinking her tepid coffee. She had received a text from John about two hours ago asking her to meet him. She had showered and put on her favourite perfume. Mary put on her silky pink panties and the matching lacy bra, her nipples protruded into the lace. She put on her ankle black heeled boots Mary loved the sensation of zipping up the tight leather around her ankles and stroked the leather with her hands.

Mary loved touching leather, her previous lover had worn leather trousers and a long leather coat whenever he wanted to turn Mary on and it used to work a treat. John had told Mary to dress casual so she wore her long red skirt and her black shirt that she knew he liked.

He was late. Mary hated that in a man when they arranged to meet she wanted him to be punctual. She was so turned on right now she knew her panties would be getting wetter by the moment and if John didn’t turn up soon she would have to remove them and go commando. Mary checked her watch he was now 15 minutes late if he didn’t arrive soon it might be called off. Mary would give him another 15 minutes then if he wasn’t there she would go pleasure herself in the car reluctantly.

5 minutes later her phone went off it was John ‘Hey huni been watching you sitting there in the window come out and get in my car!’ Mary smiled he had been watching her frowning and getting all hot and bothered, he was probably sitting there all excited and this made her excitement grow. She started pulsing between her legs and Mary walked out of the services and scanned the car park for John’s car.

As she stood by the entrance John drove over to pick her up. ‘Leave your car I’ll drop you back in a bit’ John said as he lowered the passenger side window. Mary got into the passenger side seat and John told her to put her seatbelt on. She complied with his instructions and they drove off.

‘Put this on’ he said as he handed her a blindfold ‘and I want no arguing. I’m going to take care of things today. You know you can trust me now so we are going to see how much you do. For today I want you to call me Master.’ This excited Mary she had always been in control and she had told John a while ago that she wanted to loose control even once would be a dream come true.

Excitedly she put on her blindfold, everything became black and Mary found it difficult to relax but all she could do was think of what John had planned for her and she sensed herself getting wetter and wetter between her legs.

They drove for a while until Mary sensed they had left the road as the car lurched upwards and downwards as if they were driving over uneven ground. John stopped the car and turned the engine off. ‘Stay there!’ John said and he left the car shutting his door. Mary sat rigid in her seat her bosom straining against the restraint of the seatbelt. John opened her door and reached across her to undo her seatbelt she could feel him breathing on her, Mary could tell from his heavy breaths that he was already quite excited.

John hesitated and ran his hand up her leg from her foot under her skirt and touched her panties as he leaned forward and kissed her soft lips. ‘You are so wet already you naughty thing might have to punish you for this don’t want you getting too much joy today you are here to work Mary.’ güvenilir bahis With that he took her hands and put a hand on her head to help her out of his car.

John took her hand and led her down a path. He explained where they were a little wooded area, as he wanted to have a bit more room than in a car. John also explained that she would have to be quiet as there were lots of people milling around in the woods and if she didn’t want to be seen she would have to be quiet. If they were seen they would be moved on or arrested so there was an added incentive to be quiet.

Mary loved to make a lot of noise when having sex this was going to be torture. He saw from her facial expression that she was nervous so John whispered ‘don’t worry you’ll be fine if you want to stop just say aubergine and I’ll stop I promise.’

They soon stopped walking and John cupped Mary’s face and kissed her lips putting his hands around her waist and pulling her towards him so she could feel his already obvious excitement pressing into her. John moved away from her and instructed her to hold her arms out in front of her. ‘Yes master!’ Mary said as she reached her arms forward. John put his hands around her wrists and Mary realised that he was tying her hands together with something rough.

John explained that he was using rope to tie her and that he was going to throw it over a branch so that her arms would be above her head. He questioned her if she remembered the stop word. Mary nodded ‘Yes master its aubergine.’

John pulled on the rope and her arms raised gently. He advised her that should she need it there was a low branch that she could rest on if her arms became tired. John then started unbuttoning her black shirt exposing her. He moved closer to her and removed her panties and Mary could hear him smelling them and telling her he would pocket them as a trophy. He then hitched her skirt up and tucked it into the waistband of her skirt.

John cupped her breasts out of their lacy cups and she felt so exposed. ‘You look divine. It’s a shame only I will see this. I should have brought my camera and then could have published them on the Internet. Maybe if I spot someone walking by I’ll ask them to stop and look at you and if you are very naughty I will ask them to join in!’ surely he wouldn’t do that.

Mary would die if someone else could see her right now but she was strangely excited at the thought of someone, a stranger watching her right now or even for that matter touching her or fucking her. ‘Oh I can see that you like that don’t you? You dirty little slut!’

‘Yes master I….I…..I do like the thought of that’ she stumbled out of her mouth. John slowly moved closer to her. She could feel his breathe on her chest. He extended his tongue out and was flicking her nipples. After a short time his mouth moved and covered her right nipple sucking on it gently at first but growing in intensity. He moved his hand to her left nipple and pinched it as hard as he could. Mary gasped and when John asked her if she wanted him to stop Mary said ‘no master I like it’.

John then went on his knees and breathed gently on her pussy. He kissed her up her thighs and inserted his long fingers inside her first two then three then four. She was so wet that his fingers slid in easily. John expertly türkçe bahis moved his fingers around her clit and as it grew larger and larger he from time to time would pinch it tightly in his fingers until it would slip out because of the amount of juices flowing around it.

Soon John was licking and kissing her pussy lips. His tongue stiff entered through her wet folds as they had done numerous times before.

Mary wanted to relax and enjoy it but she couldn’t help thinking that someone might be watching her in such a compromising position. She could feel the start of an orgasm buzzing away deep inside her but she also knew that she couldn’t relax enough to let it grow into a full blown orgasm. John sensed this and stopped licking and teasing her vagina. He told her he was going to loosen the ropes somewhat.

It felt good for her hands to not be above her head and John moved Mary to a low branch and told her to lean and be supported by it. He then tied the rope around the branch so that no matter how hard Mary tried she could not longer stand up. Then she heard some whispering behind her as she leaned on the branch. She could distinctly make out John’s voice but whom was he talking to with her in such a position?

Oh my God surely he wouldn’t would he? Had John arranged to meet someone here and for them, a complete stranger to fuck her? Mary started struggling at her restraints. They had been tied very securely and she couldn’t budge them. What was that word? God she couldn’t remember. Mary didn’t want anyone else to touch her.

Suddenly she could sense someone behind her. They lifted her skirt and roughly threw it up her back revealing her bare buttocks. Mary strained at her restraints how could she be sure that this was John touching her? Damn she couldn’t see and she couldn’t remember the word to stop. ‘Stop stop please stop’ she started.

‘John is that you?’ no sound was heard from the person behind her. Whoever it was grasped her buttocks and moulded them tightly. Whoever it was they were mighty strong.

Mary felt someone kick open her legs so that she was standing with her legs quite wide apart. ‘Stop please stop I can’t remember the word John please stop.’ With that the man moved away from her.

‘Do you really want to stop? Don’t you trust me? This is all planned for your excitement. I can stop if you want but you’ll regret it if it does.’ John could be heard saying. He reminded her that the word was aubergine. Johne then told her to just say the word if she wanted him to stop and they would stop and go back to the car.

Mary thought about it she had talked about doing exactly this for a long time and John had always been so good to her. She had said that she trusted him so she decided to carry on. Mary shook her head gently. ‘Good girl’ Mary could hear John say happily.

The man returned behind her and she felt him slap her arse harshly. Mary let out a sharp yelp. He then rubbed her arse with the flat of his hand soothing the sensation before slapping her again on the other cheek. The stinging sensation was arousing in a way Mary had not expected. When he did it a third time Mary found herself saying ‘thank you master’ which she continued to do for the further four slaps. She clenched for the next slap but it never came.

Instead she felt güvenilir bahis siteleri a hard cock pushing inside her vagina. It was so sudden that she felt violated but she was so wet at this point that she needed to be fucked hard. Mary no longer cared if it were John or not or if anyone was watching she just needed to be fucked. Whoever this was penetrating her he was good and Mary started to enjoy it.

Mary’s inhibitions were gone and John could have lined up a group of big dirty men to fuck her one after another and she would let them. She just hoped that they all had cocks as big as the one in her at the moment. The more Mary relaxed the bigger the orgasm was that was growing inside her. The thought of people watching her being fucked like this was now turning her on and on. Wave after wave of orgasm was flowing through her now. His balls slapped against her pussy and Mary started swearing and cursing.

Each time she swore the guy would spank her and the sting would travel through and add to the orgasm. Mary hadn’t come this much in years and she loved every moment. Suddenly the cock was pulled out of her vagina and she felt a warm spurt of cum on her back. He smoothed it into her skin. Before she knew it she could feel a tongue on her arse cheeks. Hands were now parting her arse and she could feel a tongue licking at her tight hole. Was this the same guy or had it now returned to John?

It was an interesting sensation no one had ever done something like this to her before. Mary wanted more. He put his hand through her legs and rubbed her throbbing vagina momentarily before returned to her arse. He put a finger slowly inside her probing her virgin arse. He rotated his finger in a circular motion inside her very tight hole. Mary’s body was tired but another orgasm came very quickly and her muscles clamped around his finger until she could take no more. Reluctantly she said ‘aubergine’ and the finger was withdrawn slowly.

Her skirt was lowered down over her arse and the ropes were loosened from her wrists. ‘Good girl, you’ve been such a good girl today’. She could hear John say, as he must have been the one untying her. There was some more whispering and then John was standing next to Mary kissing her soft lips. ‘You need some water huni you’ve been a busy girl today. I’ve got one in the car. Leave your mask on until we get back to the car!’ John instructed her.

Mary held her hands out to be lead back to the car. ‘Think you better sort out your clothes first in case anyone sees you or do you like being seen now?’ John asked laughing briefly. Mary’s hands reached down and she cupped her breasts back into their lacy cups and buttoned up her black shirt and tried to look presentable. John didn’t give her the panties but Mary didn’t ask for them as she assumed he wanted to keep them.

John led Mary slowly down the path to the car. He removed the blindfold from her eyes. The daylight hurt her eyes and she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sunshine until they became accustomed. John was leaning against the car. She was so happy to see him that she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. ‘Right lets get you back to your car’ John said they broke their embrace.

‘You do know it was me don’t you?’ he asked whispering into her ear. Mary nodded gently although inwardly she had been a little disappointed but she didn’t want John to see it. They drove back to the services and Mary got out of Johns car and waved him off whilst her head was swimming with recollections of the day’s events.

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