Temptation of the Islands

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The bigger the line, the greater the temptation to cross it. To tell the truth, she hadn’t run into much temptation in her young life. That was about to change.

He was not tall, dark, and handsome, the way a romantic hero was supposed to be. He was tall, and yes, also dark, but handsome? Try heart stoppingly sexy. Try so hot she felt the soles of her shoes go liquid. Try breathtakingly, awesomely, ridiculously yummy. She couldn’t believe she was using that word, but there simply wasn’t anything else to take its place. He was yummy, in an all too edible way.

He had eyes too friendly to be magnetic, and yet somehow she still couldn’t make herself want to look away. She knew it wasn’t polite (or attractive) to stare at someone this much, but it hurt too much to look away. The deep blue of his eyes was so dark it was nearly black; his light brown hair was thick and slightly shaggy. He wore a brown wife beater tank top that did nothing to hide any of the perfection underneath. His black board shorts had matching brown Hawaiian print around the waist band. The small patch of tanned skin she could see peek between his shirt and shorts was tanned deeper than even the flowers. Her heart skipped a beat as a vivid image of her tongue laving just that spot popped into her head. What would he taste like?

She shuddered lightly and finally pulled her eyes away from him. This was the longest elevator ride of her life. All she wanted from this vacation was time away from her confusing and stressful life. Of course she’d had fantasies about meeting some hot guy and falling into bed with him for a fling. She’d never let herself go before. Never had a one night stand, never really danced, never even really drank to excess. This was the moment she had chosen to allow herself to let it all go. To let herself spiral into that wildness that others seemed so frantic to capture. Still, she hadn’t expected she’d follow through on her gutsy plans.

She glanced back at the man through her lashes. Could this be the first step? He was looking at her now that she’d stopped her blatant perusal of his form. He didn’t seem entirely repulsed.

She looked down at herself. Sun dress cut to hide all her flaws, a light blue she was pretty sure showed off her eyes to good effect, silver sandals that were as close to come fuck me shoes as she dared to wear. She was more ready for a tryst than she thought. Her hair had behaved itself better than usual that day. It was waving down her back nearly to her waist since she’d spent a hellish year hiding it under hats to get it through that awkward growing out period. Her skin was clear; her makeup light since she’d known it would be humid. She took a deep breath and thanked heaven she’d been silly enough to invest in new underwear she hadn’t thought she’d need.

He was still looking at her and she could feel his eyes like lasers on her skin. The chords of his neck flexed in a brief movement as he tensed his jaw muscle. She wondered what that meant. Good or bad? Yes, I’d like to take her back to my room?

The elevator opened on her floor and she stood rooted to the spot. The hallway beckoned, light and open, decorated in beautiful tropical colors. Still, she stood, dumbly thinking that she hadn’t had enough time to admire him.

The doors closed and he turned to her. “Was that your floor?”

She blushed prettily. “Yes, but I just…” She trailed off, realizing how stupid she was sounding. Her head dropped a little as she stared at the wall, thinking of something, anything to say that might explain.

He placed a rough finger under her chin and forced her eyes back to his. He looked at her a moment and then laughed. “Silly, isnt it?”

“What?” She asked, trying not to read more into what he was saying than he might actually be trying to tell her.

“To feel so connected to someone after thirty seconds of standing next to them?” He smiled charmingly, if a bit too confidently at her.

She blinked at him. “Thank you for that. For saying that. For saying anything really. I’m not good at this kind of thing. I tend to start talking and never say anything real and then once I’ve started I can’t stop and well, I guess you can see how it goes…” She heaved a sigh and hoped he didn’t think she was too much of an idiot.

He escort ataşehir laughed again and brought a hand up to her cheek. He leaned down, looking in her eyes. His lips met hers and she thought she felt the elevator go into free fall. She clung to him, not even left with enough common sense to be scared, simply too elated to fear for her life.

She could feel the warmth of him seeping into her. She hadn’t felt cold, what with the thermometer resting at a breezy eighty five degrees, but all of a sudden she only wanted to sink into his warmth.

He pulled back, keeping the kiss brief and casual. “Want to go to lunch?”

She said yes and then looked at her bags in consternation, But, I’ll have to take my bags back.

Before she could push the button, though, he grabbed her hand. “We can put them in my room.” The doors to the elevator opened just then. “You can come get them later.”

He led her out of the elevator and down a hallway identical to the one shed failed to walk into earlier. He led her with a hand at the small of her back and she thought of how she’d longed for that touch, without even knowing what she’d been longing for.

He opened the door to a small suite, perfectly decorated in washes of tropical colors. The walls were a clear ocean blue, the drapes and bed coverings a gauzy white. The large four poster bed was so large it had to have been assembled in the room. The carvings looking just like something that a rich pirate might have had commissioned for his illicit hiding place. There were acres of mosquito netting draped over the posts and trailing to the floor.

It was like the set of bad– scratch that– really really good pornography. She turned with a start when she heard the door shut behind her, all of a sudden feeling her nerves again.

He smiled again, reassuring this time. She wondered that in the space of five minutes she knew three of his smiles to mean different things. She tried to smile back but probably came off as merely wistful.

“So, um, where do you want to go for lunch? I just got in so I dont know what might be good.” She gestured dumbly to her bags. His grin turned slightly feral as he crossed the room to her. He put one hand around her waist and grabbed her other hand to hold it aloft. Before she could blink he was twirling her around the room and out onto a large balcony.

“I know this place… It’s small, but the service is great.” He said this as he led her to a white table and helped her sit. He jogged back into the suite, looking like an overexcited kid. She quietly laughed at his retreating back, glad to see him less than completely cool and composed.

She drew in her surroundings like water while she waited for him to return. She could hear him ordering food and decided not to be affronted that he ordered for her. The beach was a beckoning stretch in the near distance, sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The palm trees above the red stucco walls of the hotel were waving softly. It was so beautiful it seemed blinding in its perfection. The whole thing seemed too fantastic to be real. All the more reason to go with the dreamlike flow of things. After all, it couldn’t be real, so it couldn’t really hurt to let herself go a little.

He returned to the balcony like a God reappearing on humble earth. She had to focus on breathing deeply and steadily to keep her heart from fluttering into palpitations. He sat down and took her hand in his, tracing the back of it with a small smile on his face.

“I’m Asher, by the way.” The smile now was ironic.

“Oh! Hi. I mean, um, I’m Eva.” She looked away from him, more blinded by the way he looked in full light than she had been by the scenery.

He chuckled lightly and she wondered if all his laughter was because he found her charming, or because hed done this too many times to be nervous. Better not let her thoughts walk that path if she truly wanted to go through with it. Whatever it turned out to be.

The knock on the door startled her. It was too fast to be the room service, so she was curious to see who was coming for him. He got up to open the door with an exasperated look on his face. She stayed behind the barrier of the frothy curtains, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t see her.

The kadıköy escort young man at the door was nowhere near as beautiful as Asher, but he was appealingly clean cut. Not quite able to hear what they were saying, she saw the man smiling and laughing as he tried to cajole Asher out of the room. He was shaking his head and talking quietly but the other guy wasn’t getting it. She stepped into the room just far enough for him to see her and saw understanding dawn. He slapped his friend on the shoulder as if in congratulations and made a hasty retreat.

If reality was going to crash down on her and ruin this interlude, now was the time. She waited for it. Waited for the guilt and the fear and the knowledge that she shouldnt scorn the rules of society so brashly. They failed to materialize. Instead, she waited for Asher to walk back to her and when he did, put her hand up to his face. She stroked his cheekbone with the back of her hand, thinking that they really didn’t come in these pretty packages back home.

He looked at her with smoldering eyes and before she could think she was trapped between his big body and the sliding glass door. He slammed into her, hip to hip, chest to chest, mouth to mouth. He ran his hand up her smooth leg and under her modest skirt. The material all of a sudden didn’t feel luxurious enough. She wished she had worn something in silk or satin.

The low growl in his throat brought her back to the moment and out of silly thoughts. She ran her hands over his shoulders and held onto his biceps. His arms were not sculpted beyond seeming natural, but they were strong and hard. She sank into him when his tongue entered her mouth, altogether too lost in sensation to form a single coherent thought. His breath was hot and sweet as it mixed with hers and she felt her body begin to glow with sweat.

His hand was on her ass now, shaping the generous curve, molding her pelvis closer to his. She couldn’t believe she was being held against a wall by an unbelievably hard man in the space of twenty minutes on the island. This truly was heaven on earth.

His other hand was holding the back of her head. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her to him as he deepened the kiss. His wonderful tongue was stroking hers, building fires she hoped he meant to put out soon.

He pulled back and looked at her for a moment. He didn’t speak, simply let his eyes devour her face as he took her hands and backed toward the oversized chaise longue in the living area of the suite. It was something like the size of a twin mattress, a gently sloping back covered in a luxuriant white fabric. He sank onto it and pulled her down on top of him.

Far from feeling uncomfortable, as she usually would, the look on his face made her feel like the lightest, airiest of fantasy women. She didn’t even feel real to herself anymore, becoming in total a part of this waking dream.

She leaned forward and saw him eyeing her breasts through the cotton dress. Be Brave, she thought to herself. Stopping short of kissing him, she shifted slightly upward and offered her breasts instead. His eyes lit as he studied them.

He lifted a hand and slowly cupped one, then the other, testing their weight in his callused palms. Even through the dress and her bra, she could feel the roughness of his hands, the heat of them. Her nipples, usually shy to respond, puckered easily before he’d even touched them. He rubbed his thumbs across them appreciatively. He looked up at her face with a question in his eyes and let his hands drift to the hem of her skirt. The fabric was already hiked up her thighs, accommodating their position.

She let him lift it over her head, still repeating her new mantra, Be brave, Eva, be brave! She sat above him with less inhibition than she would have thought possible, completely reassured by the fire banked in his eyes, by his hardness pressing into her.

The breeze ruffled the curtains and fanned her heated skin, as if it too wanted to play. She smiled lightly at the thought.

Asher shifted up to her and ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arms. He caressed her thighs and moved his hands back up her body, past her waist, to her breasts. They ached for him now, already they knew his touch. He put maltepe escort bayan his mouth to one, licking and suckling through her sheer lavender bra. The lacy confection was an impulse buy that barely kept her contained at all. She’d thought it a useless extravagance at the time, but now it seemed altogether too perfect.

She arched her back into him, making his penis jump against her heat, suddenly in such close contact. The moan that came from her throat sounded foreign to her, as if she weren’t in possession of her own voice. She writhed on him as he increased the pressure of his suckling. He moved from one breast to the other and she nearly wept for the pleasure of it. She reached behind herself to undo her bra, moving herself against his mouth in the process. He grinned against her skin as he let her move the straps off her shoulders. Moving only so briefly from her, he removed the flimsy garment completely.

She ran her hands through his wavy hair, holding him against her for a moment. He moved his hands over her ribcage, still laving her nipples gently, alternately giving attention to one, then the other.

He grabbed her waist and switched their positions on the chaise. His hands continued swiftly down her body, caressing yet urgent. He looked only briefly at the purple lacy panties before he stripped them from her. Crouching at her feet for a moment, still fully dressed, she watched as his eyes burned trails of heat over her skin. He stood and returned to her, pulling his shirt off before meeting her lips in another kiss. She couldn’t keep herself from biting his lower lip gently, moving her hands to the waistband of his shorts at the same time. The ties just above his pelvis gave way easily and she freed him into her hand.

She ran her fingers around the hard shaft, testing his weight, feeling the wet proof of his eagerness. She nipped his mouth again and felt him jump in her grip. He was certainly stretched to the limit and the knowledge of that sent even more moist heat to the juncture of her legs.

He half thrust in her hand as he went back to her breasts, seemingly enchanted by them. She wondered at it, as she’d never considered herself to be a tempting woman.

She fondled him lightly with one hand, using the other to explore his body. His sac was tight against his rod, ready for the final act. His nipples were small and brown, like pebbles on his hard chest.

She let go of his shaft and opened her legs so that he could settle against her. He groaned into her neck and broke the spell of silence that had settled over them. “I have to be inside you. Now.”

She bucked against him in compliance, biting his shoulder and then kissing the small pain away. He reached for his shorts, pulling a condom out of the wallet he’d stashed in a pocket.

She took it from him, rolling it on his hardness and licking her lips in anticipation. For once there wasn’t any nagging worry on her brain. No thought harassing her into tense action, merely the urges and responses of her body.

When they were both protected she guided him to her. She moved the round head of his cock against her clit, once, twice, letting her moisture coat him, readying herself. She slid him down and into her in one fluid motion, letting him take over.

He took his time, seating himself slowly within her heat. Her head rolled back and her breasts thrust forward, stretching her neck in an unknowing moan of invitation and welcome. He grasped her hips as he withdrew, so slowly she thought she might faint.

He thrust into her harder, but withdrew just as slowly, thrusting hard once more. She shifted her feet to his back, bringing him into her as deeply as possible.

She could feel him stretching her to her limits, pounding into her until she wondered if he touched her spine. She raked her nails over his back and the backs of his arms, his name leaving her lips with each downward thrust.

Her body convulsed around him continually, in one long constant state of orgasm. He found her clit with his strong fingers, moving in just the right way to send her body into deeper, more profound climax. Her heels pounded at him as he seated himself in her once more, twice. “I’m going to come.” He growled out as he thrust inside her one more time. He caught her lips with his, thrusting his tongue in her mouth as his body emptied itself between the still trembling walls of her sex.

She smiled into his neck, licking the divot between his neck and shoulder. This vacation was turning out far better than she’d expected!

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