Teresa and her Three Sons Ch. 02

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I luxuriated in the afterglow of being fucked and began using my fingers to rub myself and smear Lee’s spunk on to my clit as it seeped from my arse. I was still horny and began wondering what the next day would bring.

After a few minutes I headed into the en suite to shower. I soaped my lovely boobs and gave both nipples a few playing nips before having a play and a wash down below. Thankfully I had kept the enema attachment for the shower and gave myself a good clean out. Before snuggling into bed I used a nicely lubricated butt plug to be ready for any anal action my boys might care to offer when they awoke.

I fell asleep straight away and have memories of dreaming about sex, more sex and even more sex. I felt as though I’d only just closed my eyes but realised it was daylight as my firm bodied eldest son wrapped his arms around me and snuggled in beside me. “Morning Mum. You used to come and give us a morning kiss when we were small and it’s now time to repay the kindness.” He turned me on to my back and kissed me long and deep: his tongue playing with mine and his hand slipping under the covers and between my legs. I opened my legs for him and squirmed to encourage his masculine touch. There had been mornings when my husband Jack had done the same but now it was Jack Jnr.

“God, Mum, I love that you keep your pussy completely shaved. You feel so smooth both inside and out.” By now he had slid 2 fingers into my wet cunt. “I love being finger fucked, son. Stretch me and fill me.” I felt a third then a fourth finger ease into my willing hole. I’d been fisted in both kartal escort holes before but wasn’t sure if Jack would want to do that.

My thoughts were broken by the arrival of my other 2 boys. “Good morning Jack.” “Good morning Mum. Do you fancy sausages for breakfast?”

“Yes please boys. Come and get me.” I pulled the duvet off the bed to let them see their brother’s 4 fingers stuffed into my pussy. Jack changed position and knelt at my knees giving him the chance to push his fingers even deeper into me. Lee and Dan knelt at either side of my head. I took Dan’s hard cock in my mouth and began wanking Lee’s manhood with my hand. Both cocks felt nice and long and nice and hard.

“You naughty girl.” It was Jack. “What have you got in your butthole?”

“It’s only a toy, son. Not as nice as the real thing.”

“That sounds like an invitation.”

I could feel him turn and twist the plug and was glad I still had some lubrication inside me. To try and help he spat on me but I then felt him stretch to the side of the bed where the bottle of lub had been placed. It felt lovely and cool as he smeared the gel round my butthole and the plug. He began easing it in and out. I loved the feeling of my arse being stretched from inside to out.

“You look gorgeous with your butthole gaping.” I could now feel the plug sliding in and out. Jack was doing a great job stretching my sphincter but I needed him to use his cock and not just the butt plug. “Fuck me son. Stick your prick into my backside!”

Seconds later I could feel him slide his full 10 maltepe escort bayan inches deep into me. Lovely! I took the chance to swap Lee and Dan. I took Lee’s cock into my mouth and slid my hand along Dan’s erect length. I didn’t realise how much of my saliva covered his cock. It was soaking.

“Guys, you’ve no idea how good this looks. Arse stretched and filled. Cunt lovely and pink and wet. And those boobs. Bouncing left and right as she pleasures the 2 of you. Who fancies a look?”

Lee whipped his prick from my mouth and in double quick time had replaced his bother’s member in my arse. “Oh Lee, you might be my baby but baby that feels good.” As I finished speaking Dan placed his cock at my lips and let me give him another nice wet suck.

As my morning sex orgy continued with 2 sons, I was aware of Jack’s feet on my pillow. “Right Mum, you’ve had some butt action now it’s my turn.” I hesitated for a second then realised what he meant. “When you were young you got your bum spanked. Is it time to kiss it better?”

Lee, Dan and I did some quick reorganisation. Lee lay on his back, I knelt astride him and I took him deep in my pussy. “At last.” Now it was Dan’s chance to analyse me. Double penetrated by 2 of my boys. “Mum, I’m waiting.” Jack Jnr thrust his cheeks towards my face and with perfect judgement my tongue landed on his arsehole. I was so excited – I was having an out-of-body experience. I wanted to fuck my boys all day long. I rode the 2 cocks in my holes and I licked and licked Jack’s arse. I was coming like never before.

The escort pendik boys could feel the first orgasm ripple through me. Jack turned and let me suck his cock. “I’m gonna come any second.” It was Lee. “Go on son. Fill my pussy with your spunk. Jack and Dan, whenever you’re ready.” All 4 of us fucked hard. First I could feel Lee’s cock exploding in my cunt. He was still jerking as Jack’s cum splattered over my face. I came again as our orgy continued then screamed with animal delight as Dan dumped his spunk deep in my colon. Wow!!

We continued thrusting and touching for several minutes. Jack even kissed me even though his cum was all over my face. Finally the 2 cocks were removed from my holes and I collapsed in a heap on the bed. I loved the closeness of our bodies.

“Boys, we have a slight problem.”

“What’s that Mum?”

“I’ve not visited the toilet and all this fucking has put a lot of pressure on my bladder. I’m really desperate.”

I was aware of some looks and some nods. “Go for it Mum.”

My legs flopped open and a strong jet of urine burst from my pee hole. My eyes were closed by realised that Dan had started using his finger to spread the spray of pee. Lee spoke, “Lovely. I’m getting my prick washed.” “And Mum’s gonna get her tits washed.” I took a quick look and could see Jack standing by the bed aiming his cock at my boobs. Warm wet and very sexy. “Come on guys, help me out.” All 3 opened their bladders and covered my boobs, tummy and pussy with their love jets of champagne. I didn’t even care about the amount of laundry that was stacking up as I lay on the piss soaked mattress. In fact I scooped up a few handfuls and splashed them over my body.

“Well boys. That was some start to the day. Let’s get cleaned up and head out for a relaxing breakfast. Maybe we can chat about some other pleasures.”

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