Tess Claims Her Power

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Note to readers: I think the relationships and situations that lead up to sex are a big part of the eroticism…so my stories can be long. If you want to skip straight to the hot stuff, scroll down to The Date___. All characters in this story are 18 or older.


Friday night, and I was home alone watching tv. I had partied too hard last night, and was still feeling a bit hung over, so I bailed when my buddies headed off to the bar.

“Bzzzzz – Dong.” Stupid doorbell had never worked right…and what was it doing ringing at 9 on a Friday night anyway? Everyone I knew would’ve banged on the door and started hollering – some salesman or Jehovah’s Witness must be desperate. Preparing to pass on both the Best-Deal-Of-My-Life AND my Heavenly Reward, I opened the door to see two pretty girls, dressed for Friday night.

At first, I figured they must be some of my buddies dates, mistakenly looking for them here. But no, these girls looked too young – high school girls, trying to look hot and older. The one on the right caught my attention first; dirty blond hair, dressed just this side of slutty, good looking face and a bored expression like she knew it. The tall one on the left was slim, dressed in tight jeans and a – hey, wait…I know this girl…it’s the Kid! I haven’t seen her in a couple of years. Let me see – what was her name? Something with a bunch of s’s in it…Janessa, Cleressa…no…Tessa. Yeah, that’s it.

“Well, hi Tessa! Haven’t seen you in a while. Who’s your friend?”

“This is Courtney,” she answered, “we want to know if you’ll do us a favor.” She never had been too talkative, but this was a bit much. Opening the door wide, I said:

“Yeah, it’s good to see you too. Come on in, sit down. How’s your sister?”

Courtney rolls her eyes in teenage boredom and pops her gum, while Tessa grabs her arm and pulls her into the room. They sit on the couch, and Tessa says; “Fine. She’s home with Mom right now. Look, we’re headed to a party, and I want to know if you can buy us some beer. We have money.” She stands up, tall and lanky, and starts trying to work her fingers down into her front pocket. It’s not easy…her low riding jeans look like they were sprayed on, and it takes a while for her to snag a folded up $5 dollar bill and try to hand it to me.

“Whoa, whoa. Hold on. I haven’t seen you in a couple of years, and you show up trying to get me to buy you beer. You’re just a kid, I could get in trouble for that.” I was going to tell her she was too young to drink anyway, but having started hosting keggers by the time I was her age I figured I couldn’t do it with a straight face.

“I am not! I just turned 18, and that’s old enough to drink in some states. It should be here in California, too.”

Wow…18. I had pegged her as a sophomore, maybe junior in high school. Not convinced, I looked at her friend, and asked “And how old are you?”

Courtney’s eyes threw daggers, then dismissively looked away and stood up. “Come on Tess, I told you this wasn’t going to work.” As she started to pull her friend to the door, my dislike for her crystallized and I decided she was going to be wrong.

“Sure Tessa, I’d be happy to. It’s cool to see you again.” I take the beat up old 5, smile at Courtney The Bitch and head out the door, throwing a “Be right back” over my shoulder.

The liquor store is only a block away, but it’s still enough time for me to engage my brain. What the hell was I doing? I knew Tessa (I guess it’s “Tess” now) a couple of years ago as a kid from the neighborhood – she sort of hung out/visited a few times when my buddies and I would sit in the front yard and drink beer. But that’s all…I hadn’t seen or heard about her since. Hell, they could be ripping off my place right now!

But damn it, that Courtney pissed me off. Fine, if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it right. I add a few bucks of my own, get ’em a couple 6 packs of Corona, and head back to the apartment.

When I walk in, Tess jumps up with a relieved look on her face. I smile, hand her the beer, and she smiles back for the first time. Courtney looks in the bag, and obviously sees more than she expected. “Dude! Thanks. C’mon Tess,” and heads out the door.

“My pleasure. Now, you kids go have fun! Don’t do anything I’d like to do,” I say with a grin. Courtney’s gone, but Tess stops in the doorway and looks at me for a moment – and I remember how she used to do that. Not overly talkative, she would sometimes just look at you instead of answering…and her face never hinted at what she was thinking – bet she’s a good poker player. She paused, half smiled, gave a little wave and was off.

As I watched her walk away, I noticed how her tight butt and long, long legs moved inside those jeans. Tall and slim, with small high breasts and flat hips and belly, she didn’t have a voluptuous hour glass figure…more coltish than womanly. But damn; she looked good. Eighteen, huh? I went to get myself a beer, sat down and thought back escort ataşehir to a couple of years ago.

2 years ago_____________________________________________

It was my second year at community college, and I was renting a small house in a kind of run-down residential area with one of my football teammates. Most of our buddies were still living at home, so our house became the go-to place for hanging out. Sports/video games in the living room, or shooting the shit in the front yard while watching the people and cars go by. We tried to keep the music from getting too loud, limited our parties, and were helpful to our neighbors – cops didn’t come by very often, and we never got kicked out.

When football ended, we didn’t have to go to practice, so we could start hanging out in the afternoon. Usually a half dozen guys, sometimes with a couple of girl friends, and that’s when we started seeing all the kids walking home from the middle school on the next block. Some just walked by, some crossed the street to stay as far away as possible…and some of the braver tried to get noticed by Those College Guys Who Hang Out And Drink Beer. The dudes would try to show off on their skateboards and bikes (the crashes were hilarious), while small gaggles of girls would walk back and forth holding each other and giggling. We just ignored them, unless we had to brush off some of the more optimistic guys.

The first time I noticed Tessa, she was hanging by the fence talking to my roommate. Tony DeLorca, a backup linebacker fresh from New Jersey, looked – and acted – like he just walked off the set of Jersey Shore. Lived by the three B’s – booze, babes, and bragging. I was with him on the first, mostly with the second (not as single minded or heartless), and opposed to the third. He was a bully and a peacock, and we’d mixed it up a couple of times already. Seeing him dialoguing what looked like a 14 year old girl set off alarm bells, so I figured I’d better go check it out.

“Yo, Tony. C’mere…I need your help with something.” He looked at me, looked away, and kept talking to this cute young thing. She was taller than most of the other kids, soft pretty face and flat boy-like body, and seemed interested in whatever lines Tony was throwing. Screw this, I thought, and walked over and nudged myself between them.

“Hi. I’m Josh, Tony’s roommate. I gotta borrow him for a minute.” I turn to Tony, put my hand on his back and use my body to turn him and crowd him towards the house. He’s resistant, I’m insistent…so we end up in the living room.

“What the hell, Josh? I was talking to her.”

“Dude, don’t be an asshole. She’s just a kid, some girl from middle school…leave her alone.”

“No she’s not. She’s in high school, says she’s 16. Well, almost 16. And 16 ain’t too young.” He gets that greedy look in his eye.

“Yeah, if YOU’RE 16. You’re not, you’re 20. You try and tap that, you’re gonna end up in jail with a bunch of boyfriends named Bubba. I’m ok with that, but I don’t want to lose your rent money.” I smile at him.

“Yeah, well fuck you. Mind your own business, DAD. I wasn’t going to do anything.” And he goes into the kitchen to get a beer.

I head back out front, and the girl is still hanging by the fence, waiting for Tony to come back. I walk up to her and say Hi again, and ask her name.

“Tessa,” she says. “You’re Josh, right?”

“Uh huh. Tony tells me you’re in high school. Do you go to Harris?”

She nods, tells me she’s a sophomore, and says she walks by us everyday because her Mom makes her walk her younger sister home from middle school. I ask where her sister is, and she blushes and tells me she dropped her at home already. Right…got it. Walks her sister home, then turns around and walks back alone and ends up talking to my roommate. She’s cute, brave enough to walk up alone, and apparently interested and playing on the edge of this grown up boy/girl stuff…but no fucking way – she’s way too young.

I smile again, tell her to say hi next time she walks her sister by, and just look at her till she gets the idea and starts to wander off. Tony scowls at me when I walk back in. I slap him on the back, and tell him he’ll thank me in the future. He tells me to fuck off again, and sits down to play some GTA.

Sure enough, she walks by the next afternoon, younger sister in tow. Tony’s in the house, but she gives me a little smile and wave as they pass by…little sister fearfully staring straight ahead. I go inside to smoke a joint with the guys, then we pile out into our lawn chairs to watch the daredevil boys eat pavement. That’s when Tessa walks up.

She’s changed her clothes. Gone are the shapeless jeans and baggy shirt – now she’s in cut off shorts, open button-down shirt tied at the waist with a yellow tube top under it. With her baby face and bee sting titties, she’s obviously really young. Yet, something about her naked flat belly and long smooth legs grabs attention. I’m kadıköy escort not interested (she’s a KID!), but I keep finding my eyes on her. And I’m not the only one.

Tony comes out and walks straight to her, ready to take up where he left off yesterday. He says something, she looks at him for a second then nods, and he opens the gate so she can walk into the yard and join us. I catch his eye and shake my head, but he just smirks and sets her in the chair on the end of the row and sits next to her. Fine, asshole…I get up, bring my chair over and sit on her other side, making a Tony/Tessa/Josh sandwich.

She seems kind of nervous, but excited at the same time. Answering Tony’s questions, we find out she and her sister live alone with their Mom. No Dad mentioned, Mom’s on disability for some vague affliction…without much money, the girls pretty much have to stay home. No new clothes, cell phones, or even internet at home – no social media partly explains why she has trouble fitting in with the other kids. The picture we get is of a somewhat poor, lonely kid who is in awe of us College Boys, and is having the time of her life being invited to sit in the fabled Yard with us (her presence here is definitely noticed by the skateboard/giggling crowd – her social standing must be rising by the minute).

A couple of the guys have overheard her story, and we look at each other over her head with the same understanding – poor girl, she deserves a break. I drop my eyes to Tony, and give the guys an exasperated look; a couple shake their heads and Bob starts to laugh…we all get it – we gotta keep the Italian Stallion away from this wounded dove.

As soon as Tony puts his hand on her shoulder, Bob gets up and walks between their chairs – breaking the contact and almost knocking Tony’s chair over. I get up to act like I’m helping, and in a moment there’s 2 or 3 big football players milling around between my roommate and the Kid. She’s confused, but Tony gets what’s happening and stomps into the house with a “GodDamit” under his breath. The boys take turns talking to her, and after 15 minutes or so sort of gently walk her to the gate. All very friendly, very nice but firm…and she’s on her way with a proud smile on her face.

The boys and I touch hands, then we go in to lay down the law to Tony. Tessa is protected – no one touches her, no one offers alcohol or drugs, no one invites her into the house. And “no one” means you, DeLorca. Tony responds with the expected “Fuck you,” and we go off to Albertos for some burritos.

And so, she hangs out for a half hour or so once or twice a week. Some days we weren’t out front, sometimes she and her sister didn’t walk by; but when we were out front as they walked home, she would usually show up 15 minutes later. And she always changed into one of her two tops that showed as much skin as possible. Her yellow tube top, and an old see-through fluffy blouse that ended with elastic right under her breasts (she always wore the same white bra with this top…she didn’t need the support, only the coverage).

It was becoming obvious that the Kid was not just hanging with us for the social advantages – she was curious, excited…and trying to flirt. I don’t know if it was pheromones or what, but you could just FEEL it when you were around her…this girl was ready. Scared, skittish…but brave and undeniably drawn. The situation was getting dangerous.

It all ended the next week. I had a late lab class on Wednesdays, and on this day we showed up to find the lab locked and a note on the door canceling. I drove home, parked in the back next to Tony’s car, and walked in the back door. Tony and Tessa were sitting next to each other on the couch, a couple of open beers in front of them, passing a joint back and forth. She was wearing her see-through blouse – but no bra underneath. I got that old red flash in my head…but calmed down, took a breath, and said:

“Tony! We need to talk. Out back.” He looked at me shocked for a second, then controlled his face and said “Yeah. In a minute.”

I walked up and grabbed the joint out of his hand, leaned into his face and said “Now!” He jumped up, stared at me for a second, then stomped out the back door with me right behind.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” he yells as we get out the door. I flick the burning joint in his face, and lean in as I spit out “I told you – WE told you – you leave Tessa alo…”

I had already had two fights with Tony in the past. I knew he liked to cheap shot first, then go for a knee in the groin. He was fast, but had no steel…as soon as he started taking damage, he’d quit. Well, I was too pissed, not thinking straight, and missed the punch coming for my mouth…but not the knee afterwards. Dazed from the punch, I was still in time to raise my knee to block his, then two quick jabs to his face and a right hook put him on the ground (growing up with brothers had it’s advantages). He held his bleeding nose, maltepe escort bayan looked at me with fire…but didn’t get up.

I turned around, wiping the blood from my split lip…and saw her standing in the doorway. Crimson face and mouth open in shock behind her hand, she turned and ran out of the front door. I looked down at Tony, and told him he was out by the end of the month. He spit out some blood, mumbling “No shit.”

The next day Tessa came by, dressed in her normal frumpy school clothes, and with head down and no eye contact told us she couldn’t talk to us or come by anymore – her sister had told her Mom about her visits and she had been grounded for a month…and banned from us for life. I felt sorry for the girl, but was relieved that this dangerous situation was over. I told her we would miss her, and to come by if she ever needed anything.

And promptly forgot about her, and didn’t see her for a couple of years.


And then she shows up out of the blue tonight. Same cute innocent face, but her body is a little taller and she’s added some curves. Not many…her hips are still slim, but have a sweet curve into her waist and flat stomach. Long, long legs, and perky little breasts riding high on her chest. Innocent face, but the new smouldering look in her eyes when she looked at you hinted otherwise.

I didn’t have a girlfriend, and hadn’t gotten laid in a couple of weeks, so I figured I’d go up to my room and beat off, watching porn and fantasizing about Tess. Turned out it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I had only seen her as someone I’d needed to protect from some sleazy guy trying to get into her pants. Now, I was the one thinking about slowly pulling that little zipper down, and helping her wiggle and squirm out of those tight jeans. Then, I’d think of Tony trying to get her drunk and grabbing her little titties a couple of years ago and get mortified. Finally had to give up, get her out of my mind, and switch to MILFs with big tits to get off.

I went to sleep early, then woke to the sound of my drunk roommate blundering home after closing down the bar. He won’t be up till the afternoon, and I fell back to sleep doing math. Let’s see…I’m 23, and she’s 18. Nothing wrong with that. Tony was wrong because he was 20, and she was 16 – no wait! – ALMOST 16! Yeah, that was it…that’s just sick. 23 and 18 is fine. My brain was convinced, my conscious not so much. Didn’t matter anyway…probably wouldn’t see her for another couple of years.

Wrong again.

The next morning, I was up by 9, watching ESPN and eating Froot Loops when the crappy doorbell went off. I’m not really dressed for company – gym shorts and baggy muscle t – but if you come to a bachelor’s home early in the morning, you can’t expect formality. I answer the door…and there she is.

Shoulder length brown hair, sunglasses perched on top of her head. Pretty brown eyes that looked right at you, small nose and pinkish red lips. No makeup, and a smattering of light freckles across her upper checks and nose, showing up against her pale skin. Not a model’s face, not “beautiful” in the classic sense…but…damn!

She was wearing a short little white sleeveless blouse, buttoned down and ending an inch above her belly button. Creamy smooth skin of her long flat stomach and sides, gently curving out to her pretty hips – hugged by a pair of light pink cuffed shorts – low riding and very short. Finally, those endlessly long thighs…morphing into a pair of dimpled knees, then calves on down to her small sandaled feet. Standing in the doorway, with the morning light behind her…she simply took my breath away.

Cereal bowl in one hand, spoon in the other, I stood there open mouthed and stared. She started to say something, then stopped and just looked at me as I drank her in, a small smile spreading across her face.

“You gonna invite me in?” she asks, as she traps my eyes with hers.

“What? Oh…yeah! Come in, come in. You want some cereal?” Jesus dude – get it together.

“No, thanks,” She sits in the living room, while I duck into the kitchen to get rid of my bowl and spoon. “I wanted to thank you again for the beer last night. I’d sorta promised Courtney, but I couldn’t get it…you kinda saved my butt.”

Going back out to the living room, I see her sitting on the couch – legs folded up with her feet tucked under her – a position that only girls seem to find comfortable. I sit in the chair next to her, taking the chance to get another good look at her long lean body as I sit down.

“No worries. I always liked you, and felt bad how things turned out last time. Plus, you’re friend’s attitude pissed me off.”

She laughed at that, and said “Yeah, Courtney can be a pain. But, she’s popular, and if I go with her, I can go to some cool parties.”

“That’s bullshit. You’re hotter than she is…she should be following you to parties.” Well, I guess my conscious has been convinced. Those little pink shorts…DAMN!

She stops, and gives me one of those inscrutable looks. I just look back, slowly smiling, and she finally says, “You think I’m hot?”

I slowly shake my head no, smile widening, and say “No. I KNOW you’re hot.”

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