TGTN: Incest is Best Ch. 04

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Emily sat under the shower water, her wet hair against the wall as she played with herself, pinching and sucking her hard tits. Simeon watched her from the toilet, his little feet not even reaching the floor as he jerked his juicy man-sized dick.

She loved times like this, being watched by her beautiful little boys as she masturbated, watching them exert the same pleasure on themselves. Another thing they loved doing was her straddling their legs and rubbing her pussy along their length of their cocks at alternating paces, watching them stiffen before she swiftly slid them into her cunt or mouth, not letting a drop of their precious seed go to waste.

Watching his mother play with herself as she watched him was such a turn-on. Her beautiful green eyes traveling up and down his length. He thought he was going to be more nervous rubbing his cock in front of her, but once he started it was like all the other times he jacked off, only his cock felt more sensitive. He didn’t pound it as fast as he normally would, doing his best to hold off gushing.

He kept his eyes glued on his mother’s pussy. She was dipping her middle finger into her hole, then stroking up the center of her valley to her clitoris.

“You like seeing that, don’t you baby?” she asked, “Seeing Mommy put a finger into herself.”

“Yeah,” he managed to say.

She moaned and started to finger-fuck her wet little hole. Her cunt was making gushy, sucking sounds, her wetness soaking her fingers. She played with her entrance with one hand, and then started to caress her sexy tits with the other.

She asked him, “Does your cock feel good?”

“Oh yeah. Does touching yourself feel good too?”


A few droplets of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock, spilling down over the head. Emily watched them form and being taken away by his pumping hand as he crowned the head of his cock with his hand and slid down the sides.

“Are you close, Simeon?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Good. He want to see you squirt.”

He started rubbing harder, pumping fast, looking hard at his mother’s spread pussy, her fingers skirting her hole and dipping inside. Then she did something that caused him to explode.

Emily plunged her middle finger deep into herself, and then brought her wet finger out and up to her mouth. Then she sucked it into her mouth, licking it clean.

Simeon grunted and a fountain of thick, white cum gushed straight up into the air. Before that had even come back down, a second load was rocketing up into the air as well, all of it landing back on his cock and legs.

Emily yelled, “Holy fuck!” as she watched her baby boy spurt.

His lap was soaked in his own juices. And the head of his cock was smeared in the gooey white mess.

Emily was now caressing and rubbing her clit again.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Do it again for me baby. Will you keep playing with it, Simeon? Until I have my orgasm?”

He instantly said, “Sure.”

This was a new experience for him. Normally he would clean up right away after cumming, but now he was rubbing his cum-soaked cock for her. The sensation was wonderful. He was still hard and his mind was still focused on his mother’s pretty pink pussy.

She really got into her masturbation session, caressing up and down her valley, dipping her finger into her wet hole, and then rubbing her clit. He got to enjoy several more minutes of her playing with her pussy before she came.

Hearing her moan and say, “Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” sent a shiver down his spine and caused him to nearly orgasm again.

She rubbed her clit faster and Simeon mimicked her ministrations, turning his cock toward the shower and quickly jerking out 20 blasting shots, each hitting one of his mother’s stiff nipples before it was washed down the drain.

He lay his head back against the wall, his swollen prick going limp and slapping against his thigh. Emily smiled and turned off the water, carrying her baby to his room and laying him on his bed, a smile across his peaceful face.


As Emily and Simeon we’re getting off to each other in the bathroom, Thomas was watching television in the living room. On screen, a busty blonde broad was roughly riding an insanely large cock, which had already burst inside almost 9 times which she lewdly choked on another, jizz sprayed all over her face and breasts.

The door opened and in walked Cassidy, wearing a short tank top which showed off her belly button and a jean skirt which came no farther than her ass.

“How was the movies?” Thomas asked.

“Fine,” she replied, “you have no idea how many girls wouldn’t give their boyfriends and husbands head in the dark. It made for some good fucking in the bathroom though.”

Thomas laughed as she walked up, seeing the woman now spread eagle, both men savagely using her body. Cassidy couldn’t see an inch of skin on the woman not covered in cum.

“That’s so beautiful,” she said, watching her ass ripple as one heavily bursa escort tattooed man pounded her ass furiously while fisting her pussy. She looked down to her brother’s lap and saw his large cock at full capacity and began to stroke it.

“I could use a fuck like that right now big brother…” she said as she reached up and kissed him full on the mouth, letting her tongue shoot past his lips.

Pulling back from her lips, Thomas managed to say, “Fuck that feels so good… I’m going to blow my load if you don’t stop soon.”

Cassidy giggled, having given so many explosive handjobs, she knew when a boy was going to blow. “I know. So you cum, if you want to. But if you do, don’t think that you’re done for the day.”

She slid onto the couch, pulling him closer to her. She then put her face right up to her brother’s cock and slowly began to stoke his cock with her hand. As she did this, Cassidy was delighted to see that Thomas had a good ten inches.

“Come on, Thomas, let me see this thing spew. I want to see cum flying out of your gorgeous cock. Come on, show me!!”

As Cassidy stroked his dick, the pre cum began oozing out the dip of it. This let her hand fly across Thomas’s swollen cock and driving him to ecstasy. To add to his pleasure, she took her other hand and began to massage his balls gently.

“Come on, Thomas. Don’t hold back. I want to see you cum. Just let it go.”

Thomas couldn’t believe how wonderful her beating felt. Her well lubricated hand stroked his cock with just the right amount of pressure.

She would reach the tip of his cock, and then grab just the knob while making circular movements with the hand on it. Then she would open her fist and let it run back down the length of his shaft a few times before repeating the whole thing all over again.

It was driving him over the edge quickly. He was barely able to stand it.

Cassidy continued to stroke her brother’s cock and watch it swell. The cock head began to turn a purple red and continue to ooze pre cum. All the time, she kept her face only inches from it, but never touched it except with her stroking hand.

Adding to the feeling, Cassidy opened her lips and blew on Thomas’s stiff cock. This was all he could take.

“Oh, sis,’ he groaned one last time before he let go. He could feel cum boiling out of his balls.

Cassidy watch as his ass clenched tightly, his cock expand even more and his hips shoot forward. Then, suddenly, wads of thick and ropey cum blasted out the tip of his cock. She did not stop her beating of his cock for a second. Instead, she stayed on her knees, his cock pointing at her tits, and let cum shoot all over her chest. Taking her hand from around his balls, she began to smear cum across her tits.

“God, Thomas, you really know how to pump a load,” she said as her brother’s explosion began to subside, “it’s almost as big as dad’s.”

Cassidy slowly rose from her kneeling position, and let his cock drop from her hand. It still had cum oozing out of its tip. She leaned forward and pushed her cum-smeared tits into his chest. She then reached up to her brother’s lips, and ran her tongue across his lips, slowly inserting it into his mouth.

“Thomas, that was wonderful. But I’ll bet that you can get yourself up again with a little encouragement, and fuck a girl like she deserves.”

“Cass,” Thomas panted through his lips, “I’d fucking love that!”

Cassidy reached down and held Thomas’s cock in her hand, slowly and gently stroking it. It was still leaking his cum, but she could already feel some response from it.

The two quickly made out before both ran to Cassidy’s bedroom. Just as they reached the bed, Thomas reached out and grabbed Cassidy around her waist from behind. He pulled her to him, pressing his front into her back. He put both arms around her and pulled her close, the two kissing passionately.

With that, Thomas turned her around and bent down. This time it was his turn to slide his tongue into his sister’s mouth. He ran it across her lips, and as they parted, he tongued her teeth. Soon their tongues were running across each other’s.

Slowly Thomas pulled away from his sister and began to slip down to his knees, stopping to caress her neck. When he reached her breasts, he first kissed one than the other. He then gently bit each nipple as it grew due to his love making.

“Thomas, it feels so good. Don’t stop,” Cassidy groaned as he worked first one nipple, then the other.

Thomas slid his hand around Cassidy, grabbing her by the ass and pulling her closer to him. With his other hand, he reached down and gently began to work on her pussy. Her pussy hair was shaved, just like most of the women of the house.

First, he ran his hand across her entire twat from front to back, feeling the beginnings of her juices leak from her cunt. At the same time, he rubbed her clit with the heel of his hand.

“Oh, God,” groaned Cassidy as she felt her pussy begin to twitch at her brother’s caresses. “It feels so good,” she moaned, pushing her cunt into his hands. bursa escort bayan Between his lips on her tits, his one hand rubbing her cunt and the other squeezing her ass cheek, Thomas was beginning to make Cassidy’s cunt drool even more.

Slowly Thomas worked his fingers along her cunt lips, and as they became wet from her juices, he let his finger slip into her pussy, working it across the top of her cunt to her clit and back again. At the same time, he kept on nibbling at her tits.

“Aaaugh,” moaned Cassidy at the feel of her brother’s finger sliding across the cunt lips and clit. “Thomas, Thomas, God, you’re wonderful. Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.”

Stopping was the last thing Thomas wanted to do. The more that he rubbed his sister’s clit with his fingers, the more the juices ran from her pussy. As with his cock, Cassidy’s clit grew as it became engorged from his actions.

Then suddenly, he pulled away from her tits and dropped down to his knees. Reaching around her, he grabbed both ass checks, one in each hand and pulled her pussy to him. Kneeling before her, he reached out his tongue and buried it into her pussy, lapping at her clit.

“Thomas! Thomas! Oh, God,” screamed Cassidy as she reached down and pulled his head into her crotch. She pushed her hips forward and spread her legs so that he could get further into her twat. Cassidy may have given mind blowing blowjobs but her brother was a master at eating pussy.

“You feel so wonderful. Please, don’t stop!!!!” she cried in ecstasy. She could barely keep her hips from twitching out of control. His tongue was driving her crazy, lapping her juices up at the rapid rate they were flowing.

Then suddenly, her eyes flashed open. As he grabbed each ass cheek, he spread them apart. Then suddenly, he was fingering her asshole with his finger which was slimy from her cunt. He slowly massaged her asshole, then let his finger slip into it, first to the first knuckle, then to the next.

Cassidy couldn’t believe what was happening. She always wanted her brother, but now here she was, he was kneeling in front of her, his tongue buried in her cunt and one of his fingers up her ass. It was driving her crazy. Thomas kept this up until she was ready to explode.

As if sensing her coming climax, Thomas pulled his tongue out of her cunt. He slipped his finger out of her ass and grabbed the back of her leg. With his other free hand, he reached behind her back and slowly pushed her over on to the bed holding all the time. Feeling the bed against her back, Cassidy pushed herself more on to the bed with her elbows so that Thomas could join her.

Thomas now took both of his hands, reached under Cassidy’s thighs and pulled them upward so that they were pressing against her tits and her cunt was totally exposed.

He was planning on feed his engorged cock into her pussy, but seeing it wide open the way it was now, he knelt down and again buried his tongue into it.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Cassidy couldn’t help herself anymore. She was almost completely out of control. She wrapped her legs around Thomas’s head as her sucked on her clit, driving her further over the brink. He worked his tongue back and forth over her tenderest of spots.

“Please fuck me, please,” Cassidy begged her brother. But Thomas had promised himself that he would give Cassidy the best fuck that she ever had or would ever have. But not succumbing to her begging, he slowly pushed her farther over on her back, exposing her asshole, and slithered down her pussy and into the cleft of her ass.

With a cheek on each side of his face, he began to tongue her asshole, just pushing it in far enough to cause a groan from Cassidy’s lips.

“No, no,” she screamed, chills zooming through her body.

Tonguing back and forth, asshole then cunt, Thomas kept on driving his sister to higher ecstasies. Now, sweat was beginning to pour from on her.

Her chest was red from her excited state, her hair was matting on her forehead. Her head was turning from side to side and all she could do was moan.

Again without warning, Thomas rose from his kneeling position and came up on all fours. He let Cassidy’s legs down as he positioned his engorged cock over her cunt. It drooled down onto her pussy further coating it.

Taking his cock in his hand, he began to run the tip of it up and down Cassidy’s slit.

“Thomas, Thomas, please. I need it. Please fuck me. I need it. Hurry, please.”

And with that, he gave into his sister. Holding his cock in his hand, he directed it to her cunt and began to slowly feed it into her sopping pussy. He stopped after an inch of it was in her pussy. He wanted to feel the pleasure of her warm, moist cunt grasping his stiff rod.

It felt like a gloved hand was holding on to cock, she was so tight. He couldn’t believe he was so lucky.

Then he began to feed the rest of it into her pussy, inch by inch, until the whole ten inches were buried to the hilt.

Feeling his balls come up to her ass, Cassidy knew that he was completely buried in her. escort bursa She felt that her pussy would burst, but when Thomas slowly began to stoke his cock in short movements, she knew that she was in for one hell of a ride.

After Thomas knew that she was lathered up, he pulled his cock all the way out so that only his cock-head stayed in her cunt. Then he fed it back into her until he was completely buried again. Then he started a rhythmic motion, in and out, tip to base, in and out again, slowly driving her to a frenzy. Cassidy’s tits bounced up and down in response to her brother’s pumping motion.

“Auuugh!!!!!” Cassidy screamed. Her head was whipping from side to side, sweat pouring from her. So excited were the both of them that froth began to form around Cassidy’s pussy every time Thomas’s cock withdrew from it. Cunt juices ran down the crack of her ass forming a stain on the bed.

After a few minutes of this, Cassidy couldn’t take any more.

“I’m cumming TOMMY!!!!! I’m cumming. Ohhhh, God,” Cassidy screamed in one last convulsion. Her hips rose up so that even Thomas couldn’t keep her ass down on the bed. She picked him up and began shaking uncontrollably in a climax, the magnitude that she never expected.

Seeing what was happening to his sister, Thomas all of a sudden felt his balls tighten along with his stomach muscles, and his cock let go one more time.

Thomas grabbed Cassidy’s hips and let his cock pump everything that was still in them. He began to pump load after load of cum into his sister’s pussy. He couldn’t believe that he still had it in him, but after a few jerks of his cock, cum began dripping out of his sister’s pussy adding to the mess on the bed.

“Cass, take it, take it. I’m cumming again,” he groaned as he filled her cunt with his cum.

The two teens, one pressing up with her hips while her brother pushed back trying to drive his cock in as deep as he could get it, climaxed together. Thomas pumped load after load into the deepest recesses of his sister’s pussy.

Slowly the powerful climaxes passed. Both were drenched in sweat, and panting as they never had before.

Feeling his cock weaken, Thomas looked down at his sister. She was coated in perspiration.

Mouth open, puffing for air, she reached her hand up to his cheek. “I can’t wait for you to knock me up big bro. A strong and hard cock growing inside of me…”

Thomas smiled as he felt his prick slowly slip from her pussy. Slowly the pair caught their breaths while they kissed again, enjoying their dying sensations.


In the Incest is Best offices across town, every one of the devoted employees was naked, typing files and order requests to publishing companies, all with a furtive glance or grope at another.

It was all fine and good, Kyle had told them often. Sex isn’t made for a set time or private, it should be out in the open and whatever time the person sees fit.

Sharona walked in and greeted the hardworking employees. She then walked to Marie and Kyle’s joint office.

“Oh god yes!” Sharona heard as she neared her hand to the knob, “FUCK YEAH!!! SHOVE IT DEEPER!!”

Kyle was towering over his immaculately endowed mother, slapping and squeezing her flopping breasts while he fucked her ass like a man possessed. His teeth clenched as he slapped her juicy tits, Sharona watching her employers going at it like animals.

“HARDER!” Marie bucked her body off her son’s hips, frantically fucking her hung child as fast and as hard as she could.

“Unh . . . unh, it feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby!”

Kyle fucked his horny mother as hard as he could, panting into her sweaty face as he drilled his enormous fuck-pole wildly in and out of her juice-filled pussy. Marie humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter, her pussy-slit contracting repeatedly around the satisfying stiffness of his fucking prick.

“OH GOD!!!” Kyle moaned, gripping the creaking desk with his strong hands, occasionally feeling up his mother as their sweaty bodies pounded together.

Mother and son fucked in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the torrid energy of their coupling. Their bellies slapped wetly together, and Kyle’s pistoning fuck-tool relentlessly pounded into the gushing depths of her pussy.

Finally, Marie felt her pussy starting to spasm and contract uncontrollably, and she knew she was about to cum all over her son’s rampaging cock.

“Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother! Unnggghhh! Oh shit!!!! Kyle, oh, fucking shit! I’m cumming now! Fuck me, fuck me hard! I’m C-CUMMING!”

Marie’s pussy spasmed violently, nearly making her faint with the convulsive intensity of her orgasm. Her fuck-oils spewed out of her cumming cunt, making her pussy-slit suck audibly around Kyle’s cock. Kyle gasped and sank against his mother’s back, burying his huge prick to the balls in his mother’s cum-throbbing twat.

Marie felt her son’s second load of jizz for the day fill her cunt, bathing the well-fucked inner walls of her pussy with a soothing tide of warm, creamy cum. Kyle’s virile young cock seemed to swell even more, stretching his mother’s ravaged fuckhole to delicious limits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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