Thank You Sis Ch. 2

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I wrote ‘Thank You Sis’ as a complete story, with no plans for additional chapters. However, there were many requests for more, so here is chapter two.

Personally, I don’t think this chapter is as risqué as the first, but in its own way, I like it very much. I hope you do, too.

I did try to write this as a stand-alone story, mostly. There are, however, some references to events that happened earlier in the timeline, so if you have not read chapter one, I encourage you to do so before reading this section.

Finally, thank you for the kind feedback. I was flattered.




I did talk to both Jill and Liz about getting together with Joie and they were both very enthusiastic. Unfortunately it took three weeks before we all had the same evening free. Liz’s comment about my spending more time with them individually rather than together now seemed to be prophetic.

During that time Joie and I met at her apartment and continued our story telling and our masturbation. Each time was the same as that first Wednesday after my party. We would talk for awhile and when the conversation got us hot enough we would both strip down and pleasure ourselves to orgasm. We missed the timing a couple of times but usually we were able to cum together and I would ejaculate into her mouth, and on her face and breasts.

Each time she would scoop up as much cum as she could and swallow it greedily, wondering out loud about her increasing taste for me. As usual, we never touched during these exquisitely erotic sessions. In fact, the only real touching we ever did was during ‘hellos’ and ‘good byes,’ very brotherly and sisterly hugs and kisses.

I had told Jill and Liz everything about my relationship with my sister, and they had accepted it with aplomb and were even more anxious to join us at the first opportunity.

Jill and Liz are two extraordinary women who my sister discovered and brought to my thirtieth birthday party. They were the presents. They, and another babe named Pam, had agreed to help my sister make the celebration of the first anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday a world class event. They succeeded in spades.

Jill and Liz liked it so much they offered to stay in my life, at least for a trial run, and the three of us are quickly becoming a ‘couple.’ Among my colleagues and others who are aware of the situation, I am a most envied man.

Jill is five-seven, has auburn hair and is a real beauty. She has a great sense of humor, a perpetual smile, intensely green eyes, a slender, athletic body, and prefect breasts. Her skin is milky white, silky smooth, and as soft as a baby’s tush. I love her madly.

Liz is five-ten, has long brunette hair, and stops conversations when she enters a room. She has a radiant smile with perfect teeth, beautiful brown eyes, deeply tanned skin, and huge breasts, which she carries well on her large frame. Many a wife or girlfriend has had to poke her fellow in the ribs to get them to stop staring at Liz. I love her madly, too.

Joie, my sister, is the third woman in my life. She is a blonde, five-seven like Jill. Both Jill and Liz have told me they wish they were as attractive as Joie so that will give you an idea of how truly gorgeous she is. Like Jill, Joie has a slender, athletic body with full, firm breasts. Joie is also a lesbian, which may help explain her wonderment at enjoying the taste of my cum so much. I love Joie more than anyone else in the world.

Finally, three weeks after my party we were going out to dinner. It was a Wednesday and we all worked, so we started at a reasonable hour and met at a nice place at eight.

The girls were dressed conservatively, in either pants, or knee length skirts, and there was no cleavage to be seen among them. Still, what a sight they were. Three classy broads who knew they were drop-dead gorgeous, but didn’t make a production out of it. Have I mentioned I am one lucky guy?

We sat at a table in the main dinning room and enjoyed both the dinner and each other’s company. Eventually the conversation turned to planning a more intimate gathering. Saturday evening was free for everybody but Joie, who in turn assured us she would break her date and join us. The evening was set.

Jill, who it turned out, was a great one for details asked Joie, “Are we planning what I think we’re planning?”

“I hope so. At least I’m thinking this will be a chance for me to both satisfy my depraved desire for my brother, and get to know you both a little better.”

“A lot better, I think,” said Liz.

“Are you uncomfortable about it?”

“No. Jill and I’ve tried it a couple of times, you know, like a test drive, and it’s OK. I kind of like it and with you, Joie, I bet it’s going to be great.”

Jill added, “If it’s as hot as it was before, it’ll be awesome.”

Liz then put the finishing touch on the planning. Looking at Joie she said, “Jill and I did a little shopping for something new to wear for Phil. We’ve had him individually since the bursa escort party, but this is the first time we’ll be together with him since then. We wanted to help him celebrate having us both at the same time for the second time.”

“Looking at me, Liz grinned and said, “You are gonna just love it.”

Joie said smiling, “I can take a hint. I saw a little something last week that should be acceptable for entertaining my brother.”

We all laughed and then we went our separate ways, after lots of hugs and kisses in the parking lot.

Saturday was a long time coming but it finally arrived. I cleaned the condo and ordered a deli tray from, of all places, a deli. When I went to pick up the food I also bought a case of the same champagne Joie had supplied for the party. I’m such a sentimental fool. I also stopped at the florist and made arrangements for a dozen long-stemmed red roses to be delivered to each of the girls. The lady who took my order couldn’t decide to be impressed with me or disgusted. When I addressed all the cards to ‘One Hot Babe’ and signed them with ‘Love forever’ she settled on disgusted. She may not have thought a lot of me, but she was obviously a capitalist. She took my money and invited me to shop there again, soon.

My last stop was for candles. I’m not a candle kind of guy, but this seemed like a great evening for candles.

When I got home, I stashed the food and the wine, set the candles around, and got myself showered and shaved.

As for the party last month, I dressed in a button-down cotton broadcloth shirt, and slacks. This time the shirt was gray and the slacks were black. I decided not to wear shoes or socks. Looking in the mirror I said to myself, ‘Don’t analyze it. Just go with it, and love it.’

Joie arrived a little early. She was wearing a cut little red dress with matching stockings and shoes. The dress was low, tight, and short.

“Nice outfit,” I said as we kissed in greeting.

“Wait till you see what it’s hiding.”

Changing the subject she said, “I came early because I want to ask you, again, about Jill and Liz. They really want this, right? There’re not doing this just for you are they?”

“No, of course not,” I answered as I lit the candles.

“Are you sure? We’ve talked a couple of times. We got together for lunch and they are both really smitten with you.” With a huge grin she continued, “I can’t figure out what they see in you, but I think either of them would do pretty much anything if they thought you wanted it.”

“No, you’re wrong about this. They expressed a desire for this long before Wednesday. Hell, Jill started talking about it right after you and Pam left the party.”

“OK. Maybe it’s just me, but I want this so much I guess I’m being a little paranoid, thinking it won’t be as perfect as I’ve imagined it. They may be your girlfriends, but they make me hot just thinking about them.

“Oh, and thank you so much for the flowers. They’re lovely. Do you know this is the first time you’ve ever sent me flowers? I liked it. Do it again soon.”

The bell rang and I ushered Liz and Jill into the living room. We kissed and hugged and then they both went to Joie and greeted her with the same enthusiasm. It was great watching them linger around Joie, showing real affection for my sister.

Jill was in a bluish gray dress that looked stunning on her. It complemented her complexion perfectly. She was wearing dark gray stockings and black pumps.

Liz was in pink, a shade that accented her tanned skin and dark hair. Her stockings were the same color as the dress, only her shoes were black.

Both of their dresses were high necked, but very short.

When they had finished their greetings they all turned towards me and did a slow three-sixty. They wiggled and swayed as they did it, placing a hand behind a head, or on a hip, as they turned. They were very sexy.

When they finished Liz asked, “You approve?”

“More than you can ever know.”

They smiled their thanks and I said, “Anyone hungry?”

We ate at the dinning room table and enjoyed the food, the wine, and each other’s company. We laughed at our jokes, told some risqué stories and had a great time. Four friends breaking bread together, sharing good times.

During a break in the conversation Liz said to the room, “Are we ready for the fashion show?”

The girls all yelled, “Yeah!”

Jill said, “To the living room, and bring your glasses and plates, we might as well stay there after we ‘get comfortable.’ Don’t you think?”

We all agreed and ferried our stuff and ourselves into the next room.

“Phil, I think it would be best if you sat in the big chair.” This was Liz.

I had a very comfortable armchair and I plopped down into it.

Liz and Jill returned to their ‘party’ places on the couch and Joie sat in a chair across from me. Together we formed a rectangle.

Liz put her food on the end table and said, “I want to start.”

We all applauded as she rose, then Jill said, bursa escort bayan “Remember, this is for everyone, not just Phil.”

Liz walked toward the CD player, all her lovely parts suddenly in ‘seduce’ mode, and Jimmy Buffet started to sing, ‘Let’s get drunk and screw.’

We laughed at the music and hooted and hollered as she paraded in front of us.

She danced to the music for two songs, moving like a temptress. She would pull up her dress showing her bare legs above the tops of her pink thigh highs, which this time were held up by garters. She stood in front of us all in turn and wiggled her sweet ass in our faces.

When I tried to touch, she gently pushed my hand away and said, “Ogling only, please.”

So I ogled.

At the start of the third song she reached back and unhooked her dress, then worked the zipper down her back. Then she stood back far enough for all to see, and shrugging her shoulders, let the dress fall from her body. She stepped out of it and stood before us in a bustier the same delicate shade of pink as her dress. An almost completely transparent pink g-string covered her pussy. Just barely.

The bustier was cut very low, but it did cover her nipples. Just barely. She turned and showed us her fantastic tush and then turned back and bent forward giving us a delightful view of her breasts. Wow!

We all clapped vigorously as she took her place on the couch and took a sip of wine.

Liz winked at me and I said, “Baby, you look great. I love it!”

Jill looked at me, then at Joie and said, “I’m last.”

Joie took the hint and stood. She danced to the music like a pro and moved suggestively for all of us. At the start of the second tune she turned her back to Liz and asked her to undo the back of her dress.

Liz stood and put her hands on Joie’s shoulders. She then ran them over Joie’s shoulders and down her arms. When she got to the wrists she moved to Joie’s hips and started back up. Once again at the shoulders, Liz unhooked the clasp and slowly lowered the zipper.

Joie, who had obviously enjoyed Liz’s touch, moved in front of us and let her dress fall from her body. She was also wearing a bustier but the bra was made of something thin and elastic and her breasts were clearly visible behind the material. Her nipples were hard and she was breathing deeply. I could tell she was very turned on by the evening’s events. The same material that covered her breasts covered her pussy. I looked for a wet spot, but couldn’t see one. Bad angle.

She gave the classic bathing beauty pose and said, “Ta ta.”

We again clapped and hooted our appreciation. Liz even said, “Damn, you look good.”

As Joie sat, Jill rose. She too only danced for one tune before moving to Joie to have her dress unzipped. Joie stood and did the honors, but without any extra touching.

Jill looked a little disappointed but she didn’t let it spoil the rest of her show. She danced with abandon, and offered us all teasing looks at her body. She would let the top of the dress slide from her shoulders, exposing the tops of her creamy white breasts, then raise the hem of her skirt to about two inched above her pussy and then let it drop quickly. She was not wearing panties and the quick peaks were making us all want to see more.

I thought, ‘How interesting, we had all seen her totally naked, pussy spread wide for us, and here we were, trying to look up her dress.’ Hell, we had all had our tongues in her pussy and we were trying to peek. She was the stuff sexuality was made of.

Jill soon dropped her dress and stood before us in a platform bra, garter belt and matching stockings. She was so hot! Her pink nipples stood out hard and proud against her white skin and the lines of the garter belt and stockings framed her smooth, enticing pussy.

For a moment there was only Jimmy in the background, and then I said, “Jill, you look like dessert. Lord, you look good.”

Liz and Joie joined me with compliments of their own and we all applauded Jill’s sexy show.

Jill sat and they all looked at me.

“Me? You want me to dance for you?”

Hoots and hollers again and finally the chant, ‘Take it off, take it off, take it all off.’

I stood and danced around in front of them, not being at all sexy, but they were kind and encouraged me with applause and the continuing chant.

I lost the shirt and danced before them again. Jill and Liz reached out to rub my chest and when I tried to push their hands away, Liz said, “Girls don’t have to wait, only boys have to wait.”

I danced for Joie also, but she kept her hands to herself, although I thought there was a definite desire to touch.

Next went the pants and I was standing in my new silk boxers, black and a little tight. I knew they showed the outline of my very hard cock while keeping it close to my body.

The girls yelled their approval and as I danced before Liz, she reached in and pulled my cock through the fly of the boxers.

“Now make our good friend dance escort bursa for us, too.”

This, of course, was greeted with loud encouragement and Jill motioned for Joie to move to the couch.

Joie moved and the girls moved so she was forced to sit between them. There I was, facing three babes with my cock hanging out. What’s a fellow to do? Make the ‘good friend’ dance was the only thing I could think of, so I did.

Gyrating my hips I swung my hard cock around and at the ladies. I moved close to Jill who reached out and grabbed it, stroking it gently while I wiggled a little in front of her.

Next, I moved in front of my sister and danced for her. She watched my cock closely but kept her hands in her lap at first but then moved her right hand to her left nipple and teased it between her thumb and forefinger.

After a few minutes of this I moved to be in front of Liz. She let me show off for awhile and then she leaned down and took me in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and sucking lightly.

I stood still for that and Jill laughed saying, “Always the first to go after a good cock.”

Liz let me go and said to Jill, “You’re just pissed because you let him get by you.”

“You’re right.” Grinning she added, “I’ll try to correct my error later.”

“I’ll give you a chance right now,” I said moving back in front of her.

“You’re such a good boy, I’m beginning to understand why I like you so much.”

She scooted forward on the cushion and cupping my balls in her left hand, she held my cock at the base with her right. Looking up at me, Jill licked her lips and slid her mouth halfway down my shaft. She bobbed up and down a few times and then released me.

“I really like your cock,” she breathed.

Liz said, “Someday we should have a cock-sucking contest.”

Like I would ever declare a winner. “It’s a tie. Always has been, always will be.”

They all laughed and comments about diplomacy were made and enjoyed.

I asked, “More champagne, anyone.”

They all agreed, but first wanted to ‘freshen up.’

As Jill walked by me she whispered to me, “Keep the boxers on, I have an idea.”

While they were all in the master bath, I used the guest bath, and by the time they returned I had refilled the glasses.

They each picked up their glass and Joie sat on the couch. Jill and Liz hovered around me, pushing their breasts into me and rubbing me through the material of my boxers. We stood there for about five minutes, sipping wine and groping each other. As we sipped and groped, Jill whispered her plan to me. I looked at Liz and she nodded.

We broke apart and the girls joined Joie on the couch, Jill on the left, Liz on the right.

I stood there looking at them, lost in lust.

Liz called me out of my trance, “Baby, will you help me with these?” She was pulling on the elastic of her g-string.

“Happily,” I said as I knelt in front of her.

We soon had the offending garment removed and Liz spread her legs to show me her sex. “We’ve missed you, baby,” she sighed as she spread her lips, exposing the pink within. I was amazed at how closely the color of her vagina matched to the color of her bustier.

“Now I know what it is about that shade of pink I like so much.”

“Special order, baby, just for you.”

Jill laughed, “You should have seen us trying to match the color. Liz was on her back with her legs spread using her fingers to hold herself open, and I was holding up paint chips while holding a mirror so she could see, too. God, we had fun.”

Liz continued the story, “Then we had to find a material that matched, and then had this thing made to order. I hope you like it.”

I leaned toward her and kissed her full on the mouth. It was a loving, thank you kiss, not a horny, ‘let’s screw’ kiss and Liz could tell. She responded by embracing my neck and holding the kiss.

Liz broke the kiss and said, “Let me show you how well we did,” and she spread her legs wide, putting her right leg over my sister’s left leg.

As I ogled Liz’s open pussy, Jill said, “Don’t ignore me.” She too, spread her legs putting her left leg over Joie’s right leg. As they wiggled around to get comfortable they pulled Joie’s legs apart and I was looking at two completely exposed pussies and one clad only in a very small triangle of transparent gauze.

As I moved to center myself between Liz and Jill, they scooted down a little bringing their pussies to the edge of the cushion. It was so erotic.

I slid my hands down the insides of the girl’s thighs and started to caress their vulvas with the backs of my fingers. To do this I needed to position myself between Joie’s knees. It was crowded with two extra legs already there, but I got settled and was soon within easy reach of both Jill and Liz.

They were now sitting very close to Joie, their hips touching. The girls each put an arm around Joie’s neck.

Jill looked the situation over and said, “Joie, put your arms around our necks, too.

Joie did and they were sitting side by side, their torso’s touching completely.

Jill winked at me and said, “This bra hooks in the front.”

I pulled my hand away from her pussy and unhooked the bra.

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