That Fateful Day

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This is my first entry and story that I have ever written, so if there are any errors I apologize beforehand. All comments and criticisms are welcome, as they might help me improve if I decide to continue writing. I also might continue this series, depending on the reactions I get. Thank you and enjoy!!!


I came home one day and I saw her. I had always loved her and deep down I knew I loved her as a woman too, but I had never thought about actually doing something about it, until I saw her that day, masturbating in her room. It wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive, no. See this woman was about 5’7″, weighing less than 140 with a nice curvy body in all the right places with about C cup breasts and a nice shapely and well proportioned ass. Not to mention the blonde shoulder length hair with piercing blue eyes that if you made eye contact with her, it would seem she could look into your soul. The problem was she was my MOTHER!

That fateful day I came home early from football practice because one of the players had broken his back. I guess my mother was not expecting me to get home so early.

When I parked my car I noticed that my brother’s car was parked as well, so that meant he was home. I went inside the house and headed upstairs toward my bedroom. As I passed my sister’s bedroom I noticed she wasn’t home, probably out with her friends. I went into my room got my towel and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. As I turned the hallway I could hear a noise coming from my mother’s room and when I turned I was shocked at what I saw. I saw my brother hiding next to the door, spying on my mother as she MASTURBATED! I didn’t know what to do so I stayed there looking at both of them.

Before I go any further I guess I should describe my family to you. Well my mother’s name is Katie and is 39 years old but doesn’t look a day over 25. She works as an accountant, but only for like 4 hours, because we don’t really need the money since my dad sends us a weekly pension that is about 5 times more than we need. He is a very high-end lawyer working for a top law firm in Miami, which he also holds a 50% share in.

She and my father, Michael, had divorced about 5 years ago, because my mother had caught him cheating with his secretary. She wasn’t that upset because from I what could tell they weren’t in love anymore. My father was a nice man and a great father, he has been there for our family whenever we have needed it, and he would always give me and my brother and sister whatever we wanted, and still does. He gave my brother a BMW for his 18th birthday and bursa escort me a customized Camaro that was probably worth more than 40,000 dollars, plus he threw my sister one of the biggest Sweet 16 parties I have ever seen, last year. He comes to visit us every week and always brings us some gifts or money.

My brother, Daniel, was 22, and was getting ready to move to Tampa Bay, he is probably about 5’11”, and from what the girls would tell me he was not bad looking but that he was an asshole to most of them, so I guess that’s why he didn’t have many girlfriends. My sister, Chloe, was 18 and about 5’8″ probably weighed less then 120, toned legs, full B cup tits and tight but nice ass.

My name is Gabriel and I am 19. I am 6 feet tall and very muscular since I played football and baseball at the U. I guess you can say that I was the ladies man of the family. I didn’t go through girls like pencils, it’s just that if I would break up with one girl there was always another one waiting.

So as I kept on watching, when suddenly I saw Kyle get up and headed toward her room. He dropped his pants and approached her bed. My mother’s eyes opened in horror and as she was about to scream, my brother placed his hand over her mouth and he spoke to her with a smirk.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, besides your gonna like this!”

Up to this point I couldn’t move, but then that instinct that all men have kicked in and I sprinted toward my brother. I grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him all the way downstairs toward to the door. During this I realized my brother was not himself, his eyes were bloodshot and he was struggling to say something, and I could smell the alcohol on his breath from a mile away. But still he should know better and so I threw him out the door.

“I better not see you try something that stupid again, because next time I’ll kick your ass too.” I told him with menacing look.

“O…O…Okay bro, no worries. I…I…I guess I’ll be seeing you later then.” He spoke like drunk he was today and he got into his car and drove off. I presumed he had packed his car already and was heading to Tampa.

I headed back up to mom’s room to check up on her. I saw her sitting on her bed wearing only a short sexy robe. Wait did I just say sexy robe! I kept looking at her and I realized her nipples were poking through the robe. Oh how I would love to suck on those nipples. OH MY GOD, why I am thinking that about my mother! I shook myself and cleared my head of those inappropriate thoughts and I approached my mother.

“Mom its okay, I’m here for bursa escort bayan you. Nothing happened and Daniel was drunk he wasn’t thinking clearly.” I said as I put my arms around and held her tight to me. Man I could feel her tits smashed on my chest…OH NO! I was getting a HARD ON!!! And keep in my mind that through all this I was only wearing a towel wrapped around my waist!

“I know I’m just glad you were here and made him come back to his senses.”

“Well then why are you still crying Mom?”

“I’m just so embarrassed that you saw me doing…you know…what I was doing. Oh my god you probably heard what I was saying too!!!” She said as she continued sobbing.

I wasn’t exactly sure what she said, I didn’t fully remember if she had said anything while she played with herself. So I let her continue talking. “All that stuff that I said…I really mean it you know.” She said. I detected some nervousness in her voice.

“What stuff?”

“You know…that I love you, Gabe.”

“Oh well I love you too, Mom.”

“No I mean, I love you…not just as my son…but…also as a man.” She said blushing and averting her eyes from mine.

I took me while to comprehend what she meant by that. Then it struck me, my mother was telling me she wanted me as her man. A million thoughts went through my mind at that moment. Did that mean that she masturbated thinking about me? Was she coming on to me? Did she know I loved her too? Did that mean we could live as man and woman?

I grabbed her chin and lifted her face to look into her eyes. We looked at each other for a couple of minutes but it felt like forever. Then we kissed. I don’t know who made the first move, but somehow our lips ended up together. At first I was a small and sensual kiss, but it turned into a passionate one when I felt her tongue probing my lips.

I reached toward the sash on her robe and felt her hand looking for the knot on my towel. It seemed we both untied the other’s clothing at the same time. As her robe fell off of her I gazed first at her magnificent breasts, then I shifted my eyesight lower and looked at the opening where I had come from 19 years ago. She was shaved and it was dripping wet. It looked like a flower on sunrise, when the dew begins to drip off its petals. I felt her hand timidly stroking my cock and it so good.

I laid her down on her bed and took in her beauty. My God, my mother was so beautiful. I began placing kisses all over her neck and collarbone, then began going lower and lower. I took in one nipple in my mouth while tweaking the other escort bursa with my fingers. I did this for a couple of minutes; I then switched to her other breast and did the same. All the while my mother kept pumping my dick with her hands. I was getting ready to lower my mouth to her opening when I heard her say.

“Please Gabe no more teasing. We can do that later, we have all the time in the world to do that, but I NEED YOU IN ME RIGHT NOW!”

How could I resist such a plea from such a beautiful woman? I grabbed my stiff cock and placed it at her opening. I took the moment in, realizing I was going to go back to place I came into this world from! After 19 years I was finally going back in my Mommy, my beautiful Mommy, well at least a part of me was.

I guess my mother couldn’t take it any more because she raised her hips and I was in her! In one quick and smooth motion I was in. Her pussy felt tight around my cock and I seemed as if it fit just right. It seemed as though my cock was made to go into my mother’s pussy. It was if somewhere in time it was predetermined that, THAT FATEFUL DAY I would become my mother’s lover, for my cock and her pussy fit like a key in a lock. PERFECT!

I began to pump inside my mother and it felt magical, all the while hearing my mother’s moans and it was like she was singing a sweet lullaby into my ears for it just encouraged me more.


She then flipped me with incredible strength I never knew she had and now she was on top, riding me like the stallion I felt I was at that moment. I placed my hand on her gorgeous ass and began to nurse on her breasts, while she continued to pleasure herself (and of course, me as well) on my fuckstick.

When I heard her moans of her cumming again, I couldn’t hold my release any longer. I felt my cock swell in her pussy and let loose like a hose. I felt the strings of cum hit the back of her pussy, I thought the she might even become pregnant of my baby, but at that moment I could care less.

Then mother collapsed on my chest, whispering how much she loved me and that she wanted me to move into her room from now on, which was perfectly fine with me. She then began to doze off and wide smile on her face. I began to do the same but right before I closed my I saw my sister at the doorway with her hand inside her pants (and I presumed, her panties also) and her mouth shaped like an O, as she had just orgasmed. When she opened her eyes and realized I was looking back at her, she blushed and quietly ran back to her room.

I dozed of with a wide smile on my face too thinking what the NEXT FATEFUL DAY would bring!!!

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