That London Rendezvous

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I remember it quite clearly. Hmm, would be difficult to forget and neither do I regret it even though it was, technically, infidelity. I was just so absorbed by her and I wanted to be intimate with her.

We were attending professional seminars and trade shows in different parts of London and our schedules overlapped by a couple of days. We arranged to meet and get to know each other better. I travelled economy and had a room at a budget hotel near Westminster Bridge. She had a room at The Langham Hilton near Regent’s Park, because one of her clients sponsored her trip. We arranged to meet in Parliament Square by the statue of Winston Churchill.

It’s still quite a vivid memory, even after these years. I had been sitting in seminars all day, my backside numb from uncomfortable chairs but part of my my mind racing, thinking of the rendezvous. I finally got up from my chair, smoothed my dress and grabbed my jacket. My outfit was 50’s retro’, linen dress, belted with a wide blue belt, and a short jacket, in a beautiful canary yellow, with red buttons. I still have that jacket. I was wearing my favourite peep-toe heels, high, red, and totally sexy. They made me feel beautiful when I wore them, and this seemed like the perfect occasion.

I made my way to Parliament Square, nervous, but eager to meet this amazing man I had only shared e-mails and fantasies with. I wanted to talk to him, be able to reach out and touch his arm, to be able to laugh and hear him laughing too. I was also hoping for more, but wasn’t going to push it. I wanted to enjoy his company in or out of bed, it mattered little to me. Just to be close to him would be good.

When I saw her I hid behind Winston because I wanted to study her, this young woman who had captured my imagination. She looked as attractive and as self assured as I imagined and was dressed immaculately in knee length summer linen dress with little buttons down the front, sandals, bare legs and a little canary yellow jacket with red buttons carried over one shoulder. Her dress had a decorative blue waist belt and her blonde curls fell to her shoulders. She turned around to look at The Palace of Westminster and I got to admire her ass and wonder what she might have on under that dress. Although we knew each other by email (and had exchanged some very erotic messages), I was nervous nonetheless. But just because we had exchanged eroticism’s, I wasn’t expecting anything sexual to happen between us. But what I really did want to do was at least kiss her and talk in person. She had captured my sexual imagination but I knew there is an intelligent and articulate person to know more about too.

I was wandering, looking up at the statue, when I saw him. He looked wonderful, jeans, button-up shirt, blazer, an outfit I have always found sexy on a man. I smile; a small giggle coming out, (which always happens when I am nervous) but his smile in return made my tummy jump, and my pussy take notice. He embraced me, and I felt his fingers slip into my hair, and I loved how that felt. My own arms wrapped him, feeling him for the first time against me. My nipples became hard and I am almost certain I felt hardness against my tummy from him, as we hugged. Pulling apart, but not wanting to, we began to walk, him directing me to a pub. We are talking like two old friends, as we sat, each drinking a pint, and I couldn’t help but reach over and run my fingertips over his skin. I was aching to kiss him, but said nothing.

I saw her look at her watch and I finally got the courage to show myself. Her face absolutely lit up and I couldn’t help but smile and throw my arms around her. Unconsciously I took her hair in my hands. It was so soft and beautiful and her eyes so alive. We walk a short distance to a pub near Trafalgar Square and I cajoled her into drinking a British pint. A little later we took a London cab to Regent’s Park for a güvenilir bahis walk and much more chatting. I had been trying to conceal an erection since Parliament Square and I noticed her nipples, hard, pressing through her dress. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra but there was something covering them under the dress, just as I was sure she wasn’t wearing panties but there was something there. I wanted to find out what but was nervous.

We sat on a park bench under a sycamore tree by the lake in the Queen Mary’s Garden area of the park. Although it is late afternoon, there weren’t many people around, considering this is London. We snuggled up on the bench and I got a chance to really feel her. She looked up at me and I just knew she want a kiss. My lips touched hers, she pulled my head down and we enjoyed a long, deep, passionate kiss. When we surfaced, a mounted police officer went by, smiling at us. I then ventured to touch her legs and they opened slightly. I looked into her eyes for permission and believed I got it but was so desperate to be respectful and not spoil our friendship. One hand slid gingerly up the outside of one leg and under her dress. Her skin was so smooth. I orbited her thigh to the inside and moved warily northwards. She leaned over and kissed me again and I lost my apprehension. My other hand came up and cupped one breast outside her dress.

My northward bound hand reached the junction of her thighs and stopped. She kissed me again, saying nothing, and I continued on to find cool silk. I reached around behind her, under her dress, and find silk extending there too, and upwards. A silk body suit, so elegant, and just the sort of garment I believed she would wear. But not a tight, figure hugging one. It was slightly looser, cooler. I wanted her but, as a married man who has been faithful for 20 years, I was frightened. We began to notice more people in the park so I withdrew my exploring hand, reluctantly. We were both hungry and she suggested room service in her hotel to which I agreed.

We took a cab to a park and found ourselves sitting on a bench under a tree. His arm slipped around me and I looked up to meet his eyes. My hand slid up around his neck and I pulled his lips to mine. I was dying, wanting to attack him right here, right at that very moment. We continued to kiss, deeper, finding what we had both been looking for in each other, that lust and passion. I suddenly felt eyes on us and I pulled back slowly, seeing a police officer smiling down at us. I giggled into his neck as he moves on, shaking his head and smiling still. Then I felt his hand on my leg.

I part my legs a little, letting him know I am ok with this. I saw the sparkle in his eyes as his fingers slid up my outer leg. I was enamoured with his soft touch, aching inside to have him touch higher. I felt his fingers slip to my inner thigh, and my breath caught. I was aching for him, not caring who was watching us, I felt his other hand move to my breast and I knew he knew I had no bra on, but something else. His fingers found the smooth cool silk, and he realised I was wearing a bodysuit, loosely fitted to me. I felt his breath on my neck as he let out a low sigh, knowing he was very much wanting to see me with only that silk touching my skin. The park got busier and we began to notice we were no longer alone. I kissed his neck, and asked if he was hungry. He said yes so I suggested room service…at my hotel. His smile let me know we were in agreement. The cab ride was mild compared to the bench, but I had been admiring his ass for sometime and on the way to the hotel, began to wonder if he was naked under his jeans. I was very eager to find out.

When we reached her room it is like a switch was flicked. I lost all fear and took her in my arms. I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her slowly, deeply but it rapidly became fast and desperate. Our hands türkçe bahis were all over each other and I groaned into her sweet mouth as she squeezed my erection. I feverishly began to try and unbutton her dress but had great difficulty. She laughed into my mouth and pulled away, giggling. Telling me the buttons were purely decorative, she reached up and undid two fasteners cleverly concealed in the shoulder straps and the dress fell away to her feet. I was treated to a view of her in a cream silk body suit, fitted elegantly to her figure. It was low cut at the front and her ample breasts almost spilled out, erect nipples trying to drill holes through the silk. A picture of beauty and every man’s fantasy.

Suddenly she was wrapped around me as our apprehension dissolved, devouring my mouth and pulling at my clothes. I was wearing a black I bucked up, wanting him to take it, to suck it into his mouth. I moaned loudly, my hands in his hair, pressing him to my breasts as I felt his finger part my wetness and I felt my juices begin to pour out of me. My clit was hard, aching to be touched, and he did not disappoint me. He attacked me in a gentle, almost teasing way, as I cried out, forcing his mouth to continue sucking my nipple, fingers working magic on my clit. I came almost instantly, arching my back up, my thighs wide, wanting the pleasure not to stop, my chest flushed red at the shattering orgasm. I was so wet, clit so engorged from a days worth of teasing, I came and came. His fingers stayed in me, bringing me down slowly, gently, something no one had ever done before. I loved it. He slid back up to me, kissing me, cock so hard against my thigh. I wanted to feel my lips around his cock and wanted to feel his load shoot, hot, down my throat. In a throaty voice I told him to lie back and gave a look I hoped he would know he was in for some amazing pleasure.

I don’t think she had fully recovered when she commanded me, in a husky, no nonsense voice with her delicious accent, to get on my back. I was still hugely and rigidly erect and dripping my juice with the pleasure of having made her cum for real and not virtually. Suddenly she swallowed my cock in a move so swift it left me gasping for breath. She seemed to literally feast upon me, paying such expert attention to the crown of my cock. Good God, she knew how to play a man and I had never been treated to oral pleasure like this ever before – or since.

She took me deep in her mouth then shallow, then just the tip of me between her lips. I couldn’t hold back and I shoot what feels like my largest orgasm ever right in your mouth and remember apologising as I did so. But the best, for me, was to come. I shot and pumped as she held me in her mouth and licked and sucked in a way I have never, ever experienced before. And she swallowed my juice. No woman has ever swallowed my juice. If I were a priest I would have blessed her for it.

He rolled over and I had what I wanted staring me in the face. My mouth was literally watering at the thought of getting his cock between my lips. I knelt between his thighs, taking his whole length in my mouth in one deep embrace. My tongue swirled around him as my lips slid down his shaft. Yummmm…..was all I could think at that moment. I heard his breath gasping at the sudden warmth, the sudden deepness, being buried in my throat. I slowed my assult, tongue licking, lips tight, saliva coating his cock. I pulled all the way off except for my lips and tongue working the engorged tip of his cock,teasing it, kissing it, fingers massaging his balls as my mouth worked. I felt him tighten up, fingers lightly pulling on my hair, and heard him apologize, though for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what for! This is what I wanted, his cock deep in my throat and I was aching to have his cum pour between my lips. Moments later I got my wish. I looked up at him and this must have done güvenilir bahis siteleri it for him. I felt him gently forcing my head down slightly as his cock exploded, shooting a long stream of cum deep into my throat. I drank it up, licking and sucking every bit of it off his still shooting cock. I loved how he tasted – musky, so masculine and strong, wanting to get every drop between my lips. I lifted my head to look at him and he saw me licking my lips which were turned up in a smile. Curling up around him, I fell asleep on his shoulder.

After I calmed, we snuggled and dozed. She felt so good against me. Soon enough I was hard again, quicker than I thought I could manage. I wanted to taste her and slipped between her soft thighs and inhaled her woman scent. I kissed and licked around her pussy lips, in her curls and along her thighs and then gently parted lips lips with my fingers. She moaned and whispered ‘please’. I obliged and slowly took her pulsing clitty between my lips and softly sucked her while sliding my long middle finger into her, deep and upwards to her G spot and slowly caressed her there. She began to slowly thrash, buck her hips and pant. I kept a steady rhythm, lapping her woman juice as it flowed onto my face. Her clitty was swollen and sensitive and I felt her nearing the peak. I took my mouth away and heard her cry and gasp in desperation. I quickly dived back into her and sucked furiously until she came and, quickly, changed position and thrust my newly erect cock straight in and as deep as I could go. I slow fucked her as she continued to orgasm, building my own next one. She seemed to continually cum for minutes on end and I finally shot another load, this time deep in her sweetness. I was surprised I could manage another large load so soon. I kept thrusting, wanting to be deeper, deeper, pumping like a sailor on a sinking ship. Finally I could do no more and fell partly on top and partly beside her, remaining in her till I drooped and we fell fast asleep. Heaven.

After who knows how long, I felt his cock on my thigh. I was wet again already, and wanting to have him inside me. I rolled onto my back, pulling him with me, but he seem to have other plans. I felt him kiss down my body, making his way to my pussy, and I feel my juices start to drip out of me. His tongue swirled through my curls and I opened my thighs wide, wanting him to lick me, to tease me. His tongue slipped down one side then the other, not making contact with my clit. I was aching to be licked, sucked, and whispered “please, baby, please.” And he obliged, lowering his lips to my clit. I felt his finger slip inside me and make contact with my G-spot. I arched up, hands pressing his face to my pussy. No one has ever played my G-spot so well, and with every lick it felt like a mini-orgasm. I was dying, wanting to cum, to flood his mouth with my juices. I was floating on the edge, body building to an amazing cum, when he pulled back. I cried out, almost on the verge of tears, wanting his mouth again, his finger stroking that amazing spot again. Then he dove back into my pussy, my orgasm blowing me away it was so strong, one of the very best I have ever had before or since with anyone. My thighs were shaking, my pussy gushed cum.

I was in such ecstasy I didn’t feel him move but felt him enter me, cock deep in me as I cum around it. I felt him thrusting into me, riding out my orgasm and bringing me to another. My body twisted under him and my back arched, pressing my breasts, nipples swollen and dark, hard to him chest. I felt orgasm after orgasm take m, and my pussy muscles clenched down on his cock. I felt him so near another orgasm and I cried out, begging him to pour himself into me. With one hard thrust I felt him erupt into me as I raised my hips to meet his every thrust. It was heaven, filled with him, wrapped around him.

Finally we collapsed, breathless, his cock still inside me. We both fell asleep, but I could feel my pussy tensing in little aftershocks. As I savoured them hoped I gave him as much pleasure as he gave me. But I KNOW I did. I slid an arm over his chest and slept.

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