That Morning…

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It fells like we have been driving for hours. I really have no clue where we are as my head is clouded in sexual haze. The roads are growing lighter as we roll along down this po-dunk road in the middle of nowhere. “How did we get here?” I think. God knows I haven’t been thinking clearly for the past several hours. All I can think of is this shadowy after feeling of my hard cock cumming inside your pussy earlier tonight. Every time I get the slightest glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye that feeling just washes over me madly.

Thinking it might be a good time to stop for a bit, I pull over on the side of the road next to this little lake. More of a retention pond, but as the sun is slowly rising it looks nice. I remember how much I always love to look of lake water in the morning, as the warmer water of the lake steams into the cool air and the sun dances in the smoky effects.

Settling in on top of the hood, I realize you are out in the water, pacing about looking very preoccupied. That incredible wave of passion washes over my body again as I see you turn and wade out into the lake, pulling your skirt up to avoid the water. Too high, of course, but I’m not one to complain.

As the sun washes down across the surface of the lake, long shadows mixed with hard morning sun streak across your body as you stand knee high in the water. Your dress is soaking wet in various parts and in each as the sun breaks through the tree tops I can see the sharp contrast of your skin under the white fabric. I see you look towards me as I nonchalantly advert my eyes from your wet nakedness. The look you just gave me sent such incredible feelings down through my body. I’m forced to move uncomfortably on the hood of the car to adjust to a spot where my growing hard cock won’t get squished and hurt.

Comfortable, I look back to see you now softly rubbing your tight nipples. Seeing me you must have be embarrassed because pendik escort you stop. You turn towards me and start walking out of the water. Thinking you’re ready to leave, I go to move but my cock is kinda in the way and I’m trying to be unnoticed. Of course your wet dress clinging to your legs and hips doesn’t help the situation for me.

You’re walking towards me like a woman on a mission, which half scares me and half pleases me. “What is she thinking?” I wonder. You slide up onto the hood with me after noticing my hard cock. So much for inconspicuous.

You sit on my legs and look up towards me. I can’t stand looking into your passion-filled eyes for what it does to my body so I look down your tight body instead as I slide my hand up to your face and down the side. I slide on finger across and then between your lips as your passionately suck on it.

I pull my finger out from your lips and slide the wet covered tip down under your chin and down your neck. I turn my attention to your dress buttons, slowly unbuttoning them as move down your body. As your hard nipples and breast pop out of your dress and into my hand I rub them with my palm and fingers. I slide my other had inside your dress and cup one breast in each hand, rubbing and squeezing them. I grind my palms into your hard nipples and pinch them between my fingers. I slide my hands down the sides of your body, grabbing your waist I pull you up over my bulging crotch. I can feel you wet pussy through your dress as it settles down on top of my hard cock. I groan softly as I feel you grind those wet lips up and down against my cock, your dress and my pants separating us. You lean into me, kissing my lips and sliding your tongue into my mouth, moving your face around on mine, I can’t process what you’re doing with your lips because all I can feel is your soft pussy lips grinding back and forth on my hard cock. Your hands begin removing my shirt as maltepe escort I continue to unbutton down your dress. You unbutton and unzip my pants as I pull my hard cock out into the chill morning air. Your hands are pulling your panties off your hips as I softly rub my swollen cock head.

You push your dripping pussy against my cock and are grinding it up and down against your clit. I’m think I should do something to help, but my body isn’t responding as you as me if I’m enjoying this. My voice has stopped working too so I smile and kiss you deeply. Now gaining control over my body again as I kiss you I thrust up quickly into your pussy. But you move away just as quickly, keeping my cock head from popping into your hole, but not avoiding me getting some hot pussy juices on my swollen head.

You tell me I’m not allowed to do that yet and then slide down the hood of the car and bend over my cock. Your tongue begins to lick my cock head. Thinking you can tease me, but you can tease me that much I thrust my hips into your face and pop my cock head between your lips. You mouth is sucking so hard on my cock head as your tongue rolls around it inside. I’m watching as you slowly slide the entire length of my hard shaft in between your lips. Your chin comes to rest against my balls as I feel the head hit the back of your mouth. Your mouth is sucking harder on my cock as I close my eyes, enjoying your mouth. I can feel you moaning around my cock as your vocal cords vibrate my head at the back of your mouth.

Suddenly, between feeling my cock head in the back of your throat and your tongue sliding around my shaft you stop. Thinking something special is in store; I keep my eyes closed as I feel your hand grab a hold of my cock. Your knees are back around my waist as your straddle me. I feel the head of my swollen wet cock being pushed up between your pussy lips and into the entrance of your wet hole. Suddenly kartal escort and violently I feel my hard cock go plummeting up into your pussy as your crotch comes down and slams into mine. I open my eyes to see my cock buried completely inside your pussy as you grab my hands and push them against your tits. I begin to rub and squeeze them as you grind your pussy even farther down against my cock.

The car is bouncing and swaying under me as your fuck me passionately. You slow down and bring my cock head to focus on your g-spot. As I play with your nipples in my hands I can see your hands pushing and rubbing your clit as my cock slides in and out of your hole. You moans grow louder and more frequent as I grab a hold of your waist and push my cock deeper into your hole than you’re managing to get between moans. Your moaning and your body are limiting your ability to ride my cock so I grab a hold of you tighter and fuck you faster and harder.

Finally your tight pussy relents to the hard motion of my cock and fills full of hot cum as your scream loudly into the quiet morning wilderness. I roll you over onto your back on the hood of the car and slide off the edge of the car. I push you down onto the hood and pull your legs over my shoulders as I fucking you standing upright. Wave after hot wave of cum pounds out of your pussy and over my cock as you enjoy orgasm after orgasm. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, I bury my cock deeply inside your and let my cock go, exploding a big load of hot think cum inside your tight pussy. You respond with one last orgasm around my cum and I slowly continue to stroke your hole as you ride off your wave. As I begin to become aware of my surroundings again I see you pinching and rubbing your nipples. With a big goofy smile I ask, “Ready to drive a little more?” you smile at me devilishly and nod as you get off the hood, button up your dress and get in your seat. You lean out the window to me, still standing at the hood. “Come on silly, the day is fresh and we’ve got a lot of lakes to visit.” I get in my seat, smile at you, turn the radio up and pull out onto no-name road in the middle of nowhere and drive on down north.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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