That’s My Spot!

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“You’re in my spot.”

I looked up at you wiping my face off quickly. “Excuse me?”

“You’re in my spot.” You say again, standing there looking down at me.

“I didn’t realize my rock had your name on it. This is my rock, not your spot.” I snap back annoyed.

“It is my spot, but clearly you need it more than I do. You can have it tonight.” You say in a gentle tone, going to the left side of me now sitting down on a different rock next to me. “Do you mind?”

Sighing loudly, “Well you’ve already sat down; You’re not some psychotic murderer are you?”

“You think I’d tell you if I was?”

“Probably not, unless you also happened to be narcissistic as well. I think most killers are a bit narcissistic. You did call this ‘your’ spot.”

“And you called it ‘your’ rock!”


“So what brings you here tonight?” You ask me with a gentle voice.

The sun was getting lower in the sky, casting its orange light on us. I was afraid to look over at you.

“I usually come sit on my rock to clear my head, when I’m having a rough day because it’s the best view of the sunset, plus I also like to come fishing right down there, but there’s also something to be said about the quiet around here too. Don’t you think?”

“Yup, that’s why I come to my spot too. How come I’ve never seen you here before?”

“I don’t get out here as much as I’d like. Letting the fish get larger.” I say, looking at you smiling, feeling at ease with you now.

“Yeah, I haven’t had much luck fishing out here lately.”

I lift my hand to shield my eyes from the sunlight as I look up at your face now, almost luminous in the setting sun.

“You coming fishing here a lot?”

“Not too much, every chance I get though.”

“How come no pole today?”

“Wasn’t planning on coming here. Had some plans with a buddy to catch the ball game on TV, but his wife wasn’t feeling good so plans fell through at the last minute. I don’t know, I just had this urge to come to my spot and watch the sun go down instead.”

“Sorry your plans fell through.”

“You didn’t have anything to do with it, nothing to be sorry about. Besides, I’m not sorry. It’s quite alright. I can’t remember the last time I watched the sun go down with anyone.”

Watching the sun go ever so slowly down, feeling better already looking out over the lake, watching the soft ripples break against the lower rocks.

“A snake!” I pointed towards a rock a little down from where we were sitting.

“It won’t hurt us.” You say, ” It’s just a baby water snake. They aren’t venomous. That one probably doesn’t eat anything larger than a bluegill anyway.”

Shifting uncomfortably on my rock, moving a little closer towards you as I kept an eye on the snake slithering just a foot away now. The sun getting lower now as the snake starts to turn directly towards me. I stand up grab your hand for leverage and move around to the rock to your left.

Releasing your hand, slightly embarrassed.

“You can have your spot back now!”

You look at me and start to chuckle softly.

“Nah, it’s your rock. I don’t mind sharing it with you.”

The snake now within an inch of our rock, I stand up ready to make a jump and dash to escape with my life all while you sit there so calmly, watching me more than having any concern for the snake.

“So I take it you don’t have any problems with snakes?” I ask, rubbing the invisible and not really there snakes off myself.

“They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. Simple as that. See, he just wants to get to the grass. Pointing at the snake now behind where we were sitting.

I stand on the rock now in front of you, looking for the snake in the ever growing darkness; finding him slithering, almost off the rocks now. Finding it hard to keep track of my balance and the creepy snake and make sure there aren’t any more creepy snakes lurching in the increasingly impending darkness so much that I start to lose my balance, when suddenly you grab my hand. I regain my balance, noticing the toughness of your skin and grip.

“Thanks!” I say as I sit back down on the rock.

“You’re welcome.”

“I think I made us miss the sunset. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s the best time I’ve had not watching the sunset in a while.” You say looking at me with a cool smirk.

“Well I appreciate you saving me from certain death from drowning, I’d surely have tripped and hit my head on a rock fleeing from that snake and fallen into the water and died if you hadn’t had the urge to come watch the sunset from your spot.”

“Remind me later to thank my friend for cancelling on me, he saved your life – inadvertently of course. No, but seriously I have to ask, are you always this clumsy?”

I laugh at your question. “Yes. I trip on air. All the time!”

“Maybe I should free my calendar up for the rest of the week in case you should decide to come watch a sunset from your rock again. I hear the snake population is on the rise because of the extra rainy bahis firmaları summer we had. Wouldn’t want you to fall in and die on me, not when I’m just getting to know you.”

“I don’t know about the rest of the week, my calendar is pretty booked with the holidays coming… but I heard there is a meteor shower later tonight. I had every intention of staying to stargaze, now that I know the water snakes also like the grass I’m a bit worried about putting a blanket down.”

“I had heard something about a meteor shower tonight. 100 shooting stars an hour. Would be nice to see.”

“Well then stay and watch them with me, and save me from water snakes that like the grass too!”

“Of course I’ll protect you from the vicious – vicious water snakes.” You say agreeing to stay and watch the meteors with me.

“They won’t peak for a few more hours yet. Wanna go fishing or take a walk or something?”

“I don’t have any fishing stuff with me remember.” You say with a sigh.

“I do, I always keep it in the back of the car; never know when you might get the chance to throw a line in.”

We walk over to my car and I pop the trunk. “I have a bass pole and a catfish pole; what’s your weapon of choice?”

“Catfish ma’am”

“Good, I wanna cast something anyway.”

I hand you the catfish pole pieces and grab my bass pole and tackle bag. We walk back down to the shoreline. I turn the lantern on so we can set-up the poles. I grab you some catfish bait and pick out a jig for myself.

“Might wanna borrow my gloves to bait that hook with this stuff, it’s blood bait – stinks! You won’t get that smell out for a couple days.” I say as I hand you my gloves and the bait.

“Thanks. So let me get this straight, you are afraid of snakes, like to watch sunsets and stargaze, are clumsy enough to trip on nothing at all, and use blood to go fishing with.”

“Blood meal. Soaked in blood, not actual blood; or is it? That’s why I have gloves, gross, you think I would actually touch that stuff – no!”

“Haha, good.” You say watching me cast my line into the otherwise calm water.

“I’m not necessarily afraid of snakes, more afraid of things creeping up on me – snakes happen to be one of those things that do that.” I say reeling my line back in before casting it back out, watching you throw your line out and set the drag on the reel. “I should have a pole stand in my bag if you wanna look, should be right pocket, looks a bit like slingshot without the sling.”

You start digging through my bag and find my pole stand, pushing it into the ground and propping the pole on it before walking towards me.

“Might not want to get too close, I am pretty clumsy, I might hook you.” I say as I swing my right arm out to the side to cast my line back out.

“Oh, you’ve already hooked me.” You say quietly, now standing about a foot away.

I feel my cheeks instantly becoming blushed, my palms sweating as I hold my rod and reel the line with my left hand.

“Yup, I definitely think I’ve got something on my line.” I say looking at you, reeling slowly waiting to feel the tug again.

You smile back at me as I feel that tug again, I set the hook and resume reeling my line in.

“I wasn’t speaking metaphorically, I definitely have something on my line.” I say giggling at you, but looking out at the water watching the line trail closer to shore. Reeling the fish all the way in you walk down to the edge and pull my fish out of the water.

“Wow, nice! That’s a good size crappie you got!” You say taking the hook out of my fish’s mouth. “You wanna kiss him before I throw him back?”

“Haha, I’ll pass! I do want a kiss, but not a fish kiss.” I say walking closer to you to examine my fish before you put him back.

“He is a good size crappie, if only I was prepared for catching fish and not meteor watching I might even keep that one.”

I watch you put my fish gently back into the water, waiting until he got water in his gills before letting him swim off to find his fish friends.

“Do you think he’ll swim back and tell his fish friends about the nice evil humans that stabbed his face with a hook, dragged him forcefully to the dry land and then, threatened to kiss him and then just let him go?” I ask, watching you wash your hands off in the water.

“I don’t know about that. What I want to know is about that kiss you said you wanted.” You say trying not to laugh, presumably having a mental picture of what I just said.

“What?! I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I say looking towards your line looking at your pole twitching.

I feel your hand on my cheek turning my face back to yours as you kiss me. I close my eyes and feel your lips press against mine. My hand instinctively going to your waist as I hear your line dragging out quicker now. I lick my lips as I pull them from yours.

“I think you’ve hooked something now too.” I smile at you, looking into your eyes.

“Yes, I think I may have.” You say as your hand rubs my cheek kaçak iddaa softly.

“Besides me, I think you got a fish too now.” I say pouting to your pole as the line rushes from the reel. “Better grab that quick.”

I set my pole down and grab my gloves and head towards you. I watch as you reel your fish in, watching my catfish pole bend a little at the top as you fight to reel it in, easing up letting it drag the line before reeling again.

“Must be a big fish, sure is putting up a fight.” You say as you continue to reel the line.

I bend down at the shoreline waiting for you to get the fish to the edge of the shoreline wall. I see your fish and grab the line with my gloves hand and pull the fish out of the water.

“I think I might have to grab my forceps, looks like she swallowed your bait.”

I go to my tackle bag and grab my forceps and jaw spreader out. By the time I get back you have her mouth open with your bare hands looking down her throat.

“I think it’s too far down, going to have to cut the line. Don’t want to risk tearing her gills.” You say looking up at me.

I grab my Kershaw out of my back pocket and hand it to you.

“Kershaw, nice knife.” You say as you flip the blade open and cut the line.

“Yeah, my brother gave it to me. I never leave home without it.”

“Smart brother.” You say as you put your fish back in the water.

“What, you aren’t gonna kiss your catfish first! That’s bad luck!” I say laughing.

“I’d rather just kiss you again.” You say collapsing the blade on my knife handing it back to me.

I slip it back in my pocket. “I wouldn’t mind that, can’t promise it will bring you good luck though.” I say looking at your lips again.

“I have been having good luck so far tonight already. Promise or no promise, I’ll take my chances.” You say as you grab my waist and pull me close to you, kissing me again.

I love how your lips feel as they press against mine, I can’t help but to moan softly against your lips. “Mmm.”

I begin to feel slightly dizzy as you pull your lips from mine but, keeping your hands around my waist. I put my hand in your jacket around your back.

“Mmm, you’re nice and warm.” I say as I hug you for a minute, not really wanting to let go of your warmth.

“You are definitely not warm, do you want my jacket? I’m not really cold at all.”

“No, that’s okay. I have a sweater and some blankets in the car along with a thermos of coffee, I’ll be fine.”

“You can go grab em if you want.” You say looking down at me, still holding me to your chest.

“I’m good right here.” I say, surprising myself at how comfortable I feel in your arms, the arms of a man I just met a few hours earlier.

“I’m glad. I like how this feels too.” You say, giving me a quick kiss.

Catching a shooting star appear out of the corner of my eye, I ask, “I probably should get these poles put away though, if you’re done fishing that is?

You turn to look up at the sky, noticing the star just before it darted away. “Yeah, I’m all done fishing, besides it looks like the meteor shower is starting.” You say pointing to another shooting star.

We grab the poles and my tackle bag and start walking back to my car. Standing at the trunk taking apart my catfish pole watching the sky.

“Isn’t it so beautiful?” I ask you staring up at the sky before putting my fishing stuff back in the trunk where they belong.

“Yes, you really are. I mean they are too, but you really are very pretty.” You say as you help me get the blankets out.

My cheeks are on fire again as I hear your words. “Thank you! Um, hold these while I grab my sweater and thermos from the front.” I hand you the blankets and walk around to the front door of my car, taking a deep breath trying to calm my heart down. I grab everything plus a flashlight I had stashed between the seats.

“Do you trust me?” You ask me.

“I don’t have any reason not to and don’t forget I’m the one with the knife in my pocket.” I say looking at you.

You take the flashlight and my hand. “Come with me then.” You say pulling my hand leading me away from the parking lot and the lake towards the woods.

We walk into the woods, down deep following the water that branched off the main lake until we came to a clearing next to the water.

“Right here, look up.” You say as turn the torch off and lay one of the blankets down on the grass.

“Oh wow, yes, this is a great view. So many more stars right here compared to by the main lake.” I say as I sit down on the blanket.

“This is my other spot. I come to be alone and to fish right here.” You say as you sit down behind me putting your legs on either side of mine, pulling me into your jacket.

“Thanks for bringing me here, and letting me have both your spots tonight.” I say leaning my head back to look up at you.

“It’s been a surprise and a pleasure to share tonight with you. I’m glad it’s not over yet.” You say as you kiss my cheek and pull me tight to you wrapping kaçak bahis your arms around me holding my arms.

“I was having the worst day too. Thanks for turning that around too.” I say looking up at the sky watching and waiting for another star to shoot by.

“I saw you crying, that’s why I came to talk to you in the first place. To make sure you were okay. I meant to ask you what was wrong earlier, feel like telling me.”

“It doesn’t really matter, was just everything that could go wrong went wrong today. But, I’m glad it did. I might not have met you, and you might not have saved my life and we might not be sharing this moment if it hadn’t all gone to shit today.” I tell you as I squeeze your hands gripping mine a little tighter.

“I’m so glad too, not that you had a bad day, but that my friend cancelled and we had this chance meeting. I don’t know what it is about you, but you make me feel so comfortable.”

” I know what you mean, I feel like we’ve been friends forever too. I can’t explain it either, I’ve been trying to explain it to myself all night.” I say as I turn in your arms wanting to kiss you badly.

You lean down and press your mouth against mine, sucking my tongue into your mouth this time, gripping my body with a hungry grip. Thoughts spinning around my head, wanting more than just your lips but, not wanting to be too needy either. I succumb to the idea of just kissing you all night. “Mmm…Mmm.”

Your hand now caressing my face and your tongue exploring my mouth for the first time, my cold hands now under your shirt touching your warm back, the shock causing you to jump a little. “We gotta get you warmed up, you’re freezing.” You say, grabbing me laying me down on the blanket, pulling the second blanket over us before laying down next to me, putting both arms around me, pulling my body close to yours.

“I don’t feel very cold right now.” I say scooting closer to your chest, holding your arms with mine. “I think we might miss the peak of this meteor shower like we missed the sunset.”

“Why; do you see a snake?” You ask giggling at me.

I slap your hand, “Don’t poke fun at me.” Turning my body towards you so I can look at your face instead of the sky. “No, because honestly the only thing I want to do right now is kiss you, I mean that’s honestly not the only thing I want to do to you right now, but if I told you what I really wanted to do I am afraid you’d think I’m some raging slut or something worse.”

“Trust me I don’t think you’re some raging slut or worse, and to be honest… I want you too, I can’t explain why but, since the moment I looked at you I wanted you. I am fine with not doing anything but watching the meteor shower with you as long as you’re in my arms, but I am also perfectly content showing the stars what you are made of too.”

“I gotta have you. Right here. Right now. No rhyme, no reasoning. I have just absolutely got to have you inside of me. I’m sorry if that makes me a raging slut…”

Your lips overtook my voice and I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around you pulling your body on mine. Your kisses took my breath away as your hand slid inside my shirt and up to my bra, grabbing my breast and squeezing tight. My hand traveling to your ass as one of my legs wrapped over yours. Lost in each other’s mouths our bodies pressed against each other in desperate need to touch one another. Hands grabbing at body parts with such a hunger I haven’t felt in a very long time.

“I want you.” I say pushing you off my body so I can remove my bra from under my shirt. You undo the button of my pants pulling them off after I kick my shoes off.

“I want you more.” You say as you unbutton your jeans, coming back down on top of me, spreading my thighs with yours, pushing my shirt up to take a breast to your lips.

Hands and lips squeezing and pulling at my nipples as my hips roll against your hard cock trying to burst out of your jeans.

“Mmm, that feels so good.” I say looking down at you before grabbing your face to kiss you again. Our lips fighting for supremacy as our tongues wrestle, twisting together. My hands working their way down to your pants, unzipping your zipper. You grab my hands from your pants and push me back onto the ground.

“Patience, no need to rush. We’ve still got an hour or so before the peak.”

“You talking about my peak or the meteor showers. Haha.”

“Both! Yours, the meteor showers, and these beautiful peaks.” You say putting your mouth back to my breasts, sucking my nipples into your mouth.

My hands and body relenting to your lust, I grab the back of your neck, pulling your hair softly. “Mmm.”

You decide my breasts have had enough attention and you turn yours elsewhere.

“Mmm.” Your lips tracing every curve of my waist, nipping what skin your beard doesn’t cover. Every nerve in my body wide awake and firing. “Mmm.” I say trying to wiggle out of your arms firmly wrapped around me, I try pushing you to your back, but you don’t budge; I push at your arms again to try to wiggle free, but you grab my arms this time coming face to face with me as you pin them to my sides.

“Not yet!” You say more sternly this time as your lips resume their journey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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