The Abrams Health Institute Ch. 03

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Marilyn could barely contain her excitement. She had promised her son Robert she would help select some masturbation material for him. She wasn’t quite sure if this was what Dr. Abrams had in mind when she asked them to repeat the exercise they performed at the institute, but it didn’t matter. Marilyn was just too caught up in the search for Robert’s masturbation material. Maybe she was taking this too far, but her thoughts kept returning to Robert’s penis. Oh, how she wanted to watch him again, see his penis, see him stroke it, and finally see it erupt again with his youthful semen.

“This is for Robert,” she reminded herself. She believed that this would help relieve any embarrassment from being caught masturbating by his mother just a few nights ago. The trauma of experiencing something like that could be terrible or even permanent, damaging Robert’s psyche. No, no, she couldn’t let that happen. The session with Dr. Abrams at the institute was a great first step and Marilyn was pleased at their progress in confronting their feelings about the “incident.”

It seemed that Robert was becoming more open, even willing to talk to his mother about some of his fantasies. It certainly couldn’t have been easy for him. Marilyn felt it was her duty to ease her son’s worries and make him feel safe and comfortable. She would make sure he could trust her and be completely open with her. She would help him and guide him so he would never have to feel ashamed about masturbating.

As Marilyn searched the internet, she was amazed at the sheer amount of sites dedicated to Robert’s “tastes”, older woman/younger man, May/December romances, mature, MILF, and the list went on and on. Marilyn felt herself growing moist and more excited after each site. So many penises, so young and hard, long and short, thick and thin, yet none affected her in quite the same way that Robert’s penis did. She longed to see it again, erect and proud, with Robert’s hand around it stroking it firmly, and another chance to see him ejaculate in strong, white, creamy spurts.

There were almost too many videos and too many sites to choose from, but then one caught her eye. It was a site with a collection of videos titled “The Interviews” but it was the caption that piqued her interest. It read, “Mature women examine young studs to see if they measure up to the task.” As Marilyn clicked to watch the video, she could already tell that Robert would enjoy it and couldn’t wait to share it with him.

Roughly an hour later, Marilyn had finished watching all six videos in the series. She simply couldn’t turn away. By the third video, her panties were already soaked as she reached down with her hand several times to try and satisfy her lust, eventually reaching orgasm twice with just minimal pressure on her clitoris. But this was not enough.

Marilyn was distracted by the flashing advertisements on the side of the screen, displaying vibrators, dildos, and various other toys. She had never attempted to purchase anything like that in the past, but today, her hands simply weren’t enough. She wanted something else, something inside her, something to fill her up.

As she clicked on the site, an enormous list and variety of toys were displayed, categorized by type, color, g-spot, realistic, length, diameter, and even squirting. “My goodness!” she thought to herself, “there are so many!” wondering what they would feel like, especially the squirting type. It had been so long for Marilyn since she felt a man ejaculate inside her. At first, she clicked on the realistic category, wondering just how “real” some of these looked. She was shocked to see just how detailed they were, complete with sculpted mushroom heads and raised veins along their shafts. Marilyn perused several pages, impressed with some of the products, but in the back of her mind, she knew she was looking for something specific. She was looking for something that reminded her of her son.

She recalled quite clearly at the Abrams Health Institute when Dr. Abrams, with the help of her nurse assistant, had taken detailed measurements of Robert’s penis. At the time, Marilyn wasn’t sure why they would need that information to deal with their particular problem, but it was that very same information that stuck in her memory.

In order to narrow her search, Marilyn selected the “Length” category, recalling Robert’s exact length of 7 ½ inches, and 5 ½ inch circumference. Then, near the bottom of the screen, she saw it. It was almost a perfect replica of Robert’s penis, as if they had molded it from the real thing. It had the same shape, same shaft, same mushroom tipped head, same length and girth, and nearly the same color. bursa escort Without any second thoughts, she added it to the cart, entered her shipping and payment information, and completed her order, even selecting next day delivery for her new toy. She needed it right away. She needed it inside her right away.

Meanwhile, Robert decided to busy himself with landscaping chores outside the house as a way of taking his mind off the night’s planned activities. He found it extremely difficult to concentrate, still thinking about his mother’s proposal to find him some masturbation material to assist him while they repeat the exercise suggested by Dr. Abrams. Several times that day, Robert made several adjustments to his shorts, trying to keep his penis from tenting out obscenely in front of him. The thought of masturbating again in front of his mother was exciting him beyond control.

He thought to himself how quickly and easily both Dr. Abrams and his mother were able to ease his embarrassment after being caught and helping him cope with his initial feelings of shame. What an incredible feeling it was for him at the institute to have both of them encouraging him, caring for him, and cheering him on while he masturbated. He felt so free. He just couldn’t wait for the night’s events.

That night, during dinner, there was a definite sense of tension and eager anticipation from both Robert and Marilyn. Their small talk continued with no mention of their next exercise until near the end as Marilyn picked up the dishes.

“So, honey” she finally added, “are you ready for tonight?”

“Oh yeah, mom. I can’t wait! Um, …I mean I think it will be good for us,” Robert added, trying contain his excitement, “you know, I think Dr. Abrams said this would help, um, you know, if we tried the exercise again.”

“Yes, Robert, I think this will definitely help us,” Marilyn replied, “and I’m sure Dr. Abrams would be happy to know we’re following her directions. Why don’t you go ahead and take a shower. I’m going to finish cleaning up here then I’ll meet you in your room. Ok?”

“Ok mom.” And with that, Robert quickly left to get himself ready.

After a nice, hot shower, Robert felt warm and relaxed. As he walked from the bathroom to his room with a towel around his waist, he felt the sway of his penis and testicles. They seemed heavier, maybe due the hot shower and his relaxed scrotum, or maybe because his penis was already filling with blood in anticipation of the night’s events. Either way, Robert was walking with a confidence he hadn’t felt before. He couldn’t wait to perform the exercise with his mother, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but think that his mother would enjoy it too. He could vividly recall standing in Dr. Abrams office, exposing himself to everyone, and seeing his mother staring at his genitals.

“Robert?” his mother called. “I’m almost done in here. I’ll be in your room in a minute, ok sweetie?”

“Ok mom!” he answered. Robert took off the towel he had around his waist and quickly put on a t-shirt and sweatpants and sat at his desk. As soon as the computer booted up, his mother walked in with something in her hands.

“Ready Robert?” she asked. Marilyn struggled to hide the nervousness in her voice. “I brought these. I thought we might need them.”

As Robert looked down at his mother’s hands, he noticed a washcloth and a small plastic container. “What’s that mom?”

“Oh, this is something that Dr. Abrams gave me during our last visit. It’s a lubricant. She said it would help you during, um…you know… um, while you masturbate. You know, for your penis.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. It made it really slippery.” Robert recalled. He wasn’t sure if his mother knew he had been using some of her hand lotion for just that purpose.

“Ok, why don’t you get comfortable and I’ll pull up the website I found for you.” As Marilyn typed on the computer, Robert stood up and pulled down his sweatpants, freeing his nearly erect penis. Marilyn couldn’t help but glance down at her son’s genitals again, staring and admiring her son’s manhood. “My my, you definitely look ready, don’t you sweetheart?”

Robert blushed, but enjoyed the way his mother stared at him. As the website emerged, Robert’s eyes widened at what he saw. There were several screenshots of beautiful, mature women dressed in business attire with young men that looked about his age or slightly older.

“I thought you might like these videos now that I know your, uh, tastes.” Marilyn calmly explained. “Apparently, these young men are looking for a job and these ladies are there to , um, interview them and um you know, see if they have what bursa escort bayan it takes. How does that sound honey?”

Robert still couldn’t believe his eyes. The videos were exactly like some of the erotic stories he read on the internet and had filled his mind with numerous masturbatory fantasies. “Oh wow, mom. Uh, yeah. That looks really great!” he finally responded.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it” she sighed. “I want to play this one for you. I think it’s the best one of the bunch…” Marilyn tried to catch herself, but it was too late.

Robert almost didn’t catch his mother’s last comment after being mesmerized by the screen, but he definitely heard it. “Oh my god,” he thought to himself, “she watched all of them?” His penis twitched at the thought.

Marilyn hit the play button on the screen and stood up behind Robert’s chair. As the figures appeared on the screen, Robert’s hand reached toward his penis but then stopped himself and looked up toward his mother. Sensing her son’s need for approval, Marilyn quickly spoke, “It’s ok Robert, you can start now. You don’t have to ask.”

Her words were so soothing and comforting. Marilyn wanted to support her son and help him feel safe and free of guilt. Now feeling relaxed and with his mother’s approval, Robert finally grasped his penis and slowly began stroking it. Marilyn reached up and put her hands on Robert’s shoulders, gently massaging him, looking down at him proudly, so pleased at their new sense of openness with each other.

Looking back at the computer screen, Marilyn noticed the interviewer had taken off her jacket, revealing a large bust with black bra underneath a white blouse. “Wow, look at those breasts? I bet those must make it hard for him to concentrate. What do you think sweetie?”

“Uh, yeah,” was all Robert was able to manage while feeling his mother’s breasts press softly into the back of his head. As his attention refocused on the screen, he could see the woman starting to undress the young man, starting with his shirt, then reaching for his belt, and finally sliding his pants down. As she knelt in front of him, the camera focused on a large bulge in his underwear as her hands slowly slid up his legs toward the sizeable package.

“Mmm, I bet she wants to know what’s inside there.” Marilyn whispered in her son’s ear. The actress on screen pressed her hand against the bulge, then slowly traced her fingers along the shaft and clearly defined head of the actor’s penis. With an upturned hand, she cupped his testicles, slowly massaging and feeling their weight.

Almost instinctively, Robert use his other hand to mimic the actresses techniques on himself, taking time to feel his own testicles while the other hand continued its slow, methodic strokes on his penis. Up, then down, up, then down. By this time, a considerable amount of pre-cum was forming on the tip which Robert quickly smeared over the head with his thumb.

As Marilyn looked down again at her son, she noticed his pace had quickened. She then reached over towards the desk and picked up the small plastic tube and asked, “Do you want me to pour some of the lubricant on you sweetie?”

“Oh yes please. Thanks mom.”

As Marilyn poured the liquid onto her son’s penis, Robert quickly spread the slippery substance along the entire length of his shaft. Marilyn enjoyed the sounds he made as he continued stroking.

“Oh look honey,” Marilyn pointed towards the screen, “It looks like she’s got a ruler in her hand. I think she wants to know if measures up. What do you think?”

Robert continued to stroke himself, mesmerized by the screen and recalling how erotic an experience it was at the institute when Dr. Abrams and Nurse Janet measured his penis in front of his mother.

The video then showed the actress reach into the waistband of the actor’s underwear and pulled down, releasing his erection. She then placed the ruler along side to gauge its length.

As Marilyn rubbed her son’s shoulders, he bent back down and whispered again into Robert’s ear, “He looks as big as you do sweetheart. She looks impressed.”

Robert couldn’t help but hope that his mother was also impressed with his own manhood even if the actor on screen extended an inch or two beyond his. He was thoroughly enjoying displaying himself to her and masturbating while she watched. As his breathing increased, so too did the pace of his hand, stroking up and down his thick shaft.

On screen again, Marilyn and Robert watched as the actress took the actor’s erection into her mouth and began sucking intensely. Marilyn knew how wet she was, feeling her juices begin to slide down her thigh. Her escort bursa eyes going from the action on screen back to her son’s penis. She then took one of her hands and reached down towards Robert’s chest, massaging him and encouraging him, “You’re doing great honey. Keep going. Keep going. You look so nice. I love watching you do that.”

Robert couldn’t believe his ears. She really did enjoy watching him. The entire experience was beyond his wildest fantasies. He continued to pump himself faster and faster, sensing it wouldn’t be too long before his orgasm.

The video then showed the actress pull the actor’s erection from her mouth, ripped open her blouse displaying her large breasts and ample cleavage. and began pumping the large shaft with both hands, aiming it towards her.

“Oh my, look at that Robert” she directed. “I think she wants him to spurt all over her chest. Isn’t this exciting?”

There were no words to express how intensely erotic the whole situation was. Robert was masturbating in front of his mother who was cheering him on while looking at pornographic videos that she had picked out specifically for him. It was unbelievable.

“Oh look! There he goes!” Marilyn exclaimed as the actor released his sperm on the actresses’ breasts. The semen dripped between her large mounds and ran down her belly. “My goodness that was exciting. Wasn’t it Robert?”

“Oh, oh… um, … yeah…” he gasped

“Are you almost ready dear? Are you going to cum soon?” she asked. This was the first time Robert had heard his mother utter the word “cum”. It seemed so naughty yet so erotic for him to hear her say it.

“Yes…oh, yes mom… I think …um, …soon…”

“That’s it dear, keep stroking. Keep stroking it. Up and down. Up and down. You’re doing great sweetie. Just keep going.”

Her words of encouragement were so exciting for him and sent his mind into a frenzy and his hand into a blur.

“Cum for me sweetie. Cum for me. You can do it. Come on. Let me see it. Let me see you shoot it” She cheered.

“Ohhhhhhh, mmmmm, ahhhh” he moaned has his orgasm hit. Large spurts of ejaculate flew into the air as he continued to pump his shaft. Spurt after spurt, spasm after spasm. Robert felt as if his orgasm would never end. He just continued spewing semen until his testicles were at last empty.

“Oh yes, yes! That’s good Robert. Yes! Oh that was wonderful!” Marilyn cheered as cheer admired the force and volume of his ejaculation. “You did a wonderful job Robert, thank you.”

Robert slumped in his chair and felt his penis slowly wilting in his hand as he continued to milk it slowly, making sure every drop was squeezed out. “Oh wow, mom. That was amazing!”

“Yes honey, it certainly was. Here, let me get the washcloth and help you get cleaned up” she said as the reached for the small towel and began to wipe Robert’s chest and stomach, collecting as much semen as she could. As she continued to clean his body, she began to wipe downward towards his genitals. She then began to wipe his penis, first the underside, then without thinking, she lifted his penis with her other hand and began cleaning his entire shaft.

This was the first time she had touched his penis. At least, not since he was a baby. And he was no child anymore. She began to marvel at its weight, despite being semi-flaccid. Her small hands accentuated its girth. She had gotten used to seeing Robert’s large hands gripped tightly around it.

It was also at this time that Robert, still hazy from the euphoria of orgasm, realized his mother was touching him, cleaning him, and manipulating his genitals. Before his mind could fully comprehend, Marilyn finished her cleaning and released his penis.

Marilyn quickly left to the bathroom and returned with the washcloth, only this time it was warm and soapy. “Here honey. How does that feel?” she asked as she wiped and cleaned his body one last time.

“That feels really nice. Wow. Thank you mom. That was totally amazing” he gushed.

“Your welcome sweetie. I’m glad we did this again. I’m sure Dr. Abrams would be pleased too. That reminds me,” she paused, “don’t forget that we have another appointment soon at the institute.”

“Ok mom. I won’t forget.”

Marilyn then stood back up, leaned over and kissed her son’s forehead. “I hope you enjoyed yourself. Now get ready for bed, ok? Good night son” she said as she left the room. She needed to change her panties as quickly as possible, drenched from the night’s festivities. She would later need to please herself several times that night as a result of witnessing her son’s incredibly erotic masturbation session.

“Good night mom!”

Robert lied down on his bed, his head filled with the incredible memory of this night, and began to feel his penis awakening again. “Well,” he thought to himself, “there are more videos…”

To be continued…

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