The Airport Ch. 3

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Sarah stood in the steaming shower stream allowing, the pulsing massage head pound against her back. She tipped her head back under the water and soaked her hair, savoring the needle-like taps against her wet scalp. Her entire body was still tingling from the love making she and Paul had just shared over the last few hours. Old habits die long, hard deaths though, and she found herself falling back into the old pattern of trying to analyze what had just happened between her and someone she’d only known through conversations over the Internet. Guilt at feeling so good about what she had just finished doing with that man, started to crowd out the lessons he’d been trying to teach her over the last few months. Why was it whenever she felt good about herself, something inside told her brain to belay that feeling and get back to the real world?

The steam of the shower enveloped her features and fogged the door, creating a erotic silhouette of her shape as Paul walked into the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb her yet, he watched as she lowered her head to her hands and shook it gently as if she were struggling with something inside. He knew what was going on. He knew her well enough from talking to her for so long. She was going through guilt pains about what had happened between them and he wasn’t about to allow that guilt to destroy what he’d worked so hard to open up for her. She deserved to know that she was beautiful to him and to all the people whose lives she touched. There was no reason for her to feel guilty because she felt good.

He opened the shower door as she was turning around to face the water. A small gasp of surprise and a slumping of her shoulders told him she had resigned herself to the misconception that she was now a fallen woman. Paul reached for the shampoo and started to lather her hair. He never said a word as he lifted her hair up from her neck and worked the shampoo into this long strands. Once his fingers were on her scalp, pendik escort he worked them into a head rub running from her forehead, across the top of her skull and down the back toward her spine. Making small little circles, applying strong pressure along the points where he knew the tension lay, Paul took his time letting his hands roam over her head. He squeezed the soap out of her hair and let if fall to her wet body. Turning her around, facing him, so she could tip her head back under the water, he started to rub his thumbs across her eyelids and under her eyes, being careful to not get any soap in them. With his fingers, he combed her hair, rinsing all the soap off and down her back and legs, before he returned to the bones of her cheeks and chin. He slowly, methodically, worked the muscles from the center of her face to the outsides where he took each ear lobe in a hand and rubbed the margins of them. Following the natural curves of her small ears, his hands ventured to caress the folds and creases from the outer edges into the inner openings. When he was finished, Paul took her head in his hands, turning it first to the right and then to the left, under the shower head, to rinse any soap he’d missed.

He reached for the bar of soap, wet it under the water and with his left hand, lowered it to the triangle of hair below her waist, creating a handful of lather which he proceeded to slather up her stomach, under her breasts, around her sides and down her arms to her hands and fingers. Paul never took his eyes away from where his hands were working magic on her skin. Silently he took the bar of soap again making a lather in her nest, and kneeled down to wash the front of her thighs, calves and feet. Sarah was beside herself with all the attention she was getting. No one had given her a bath since she was a toddler and the feel of someone else’s hands doing all the work was wonderfully soothing and erotic at the same time. She opened her stance maltepe escort and braced her hand against the wall of the shower as Paul moved his hands and started rubbing the suds up the back of her legs, the back of her knees and thighs until he stopped just below the curve of her ass. He stood up and taking her shoulders in his hands, turned her to face the shower again and allowed her to rinse off while he soaped and lathered her back. Paul still hadn’t said anything to her and continued to work in silence as he let his hands move across the muscles of her upper and lower back, lingering once his hands molded around the shape of her butt. He reached around in front of her once more to work up a handful of soap which he brought to the crack of her ass, letting it drizzle down between the cheeks. His left hand returned to her mound, while his right began to investigate the area around her sphincter. Sarah raised her arms and placed her hands in front of her against the wall under the shower head. With the water streaming over her head and Paul’s hands playing with her clit and little hole, she was losing control again.

Paul finally talked to Sarah as he rubbed his hard shaft along and underneath the division of her ass. He told her to enjoy everything there was to enjoy at the moment, not to think of what might have been or should have been, but what was right now. His soft, gentle voice encouraged her to breath easier. He could see her body start to respond.. Sarah’s back arched just before she pushed against his finger, forcing it within her anus. Encouraged by her actions, Paul stroked both of her openings. Running his fingers in alternating directions so as one went in the other pulled out. Even with the water from the shower cascading over them both, he could feel the difference in the moisture coming from her pussy. She tossed her wet head back as the first wave of pleasure built and released. Paul decided it was time. He placed the kartal escort head of his shaft at her opening and started to work her clit with his thumb as two of his fingers worked that moist wet pussy of hers. The change in his actions increased Sarah’s drive back against his cock and with little difficulty, he was soon buried to the hilt. One hand wrapped around her, he tweaked her nipples and caressed her breasts, the other hand delved into and deeply stroked her swollen clit and cunt while his cock rammed hard into her ass. He drove them both back up the mountain of pleasure where they leaped hand in hand off the summit.

As they straightened up and rinsed off in the shower, Sarah turned around and hugged Paul close. He reached behind her, shut off the shower and grabbed the towels. They took turns drying each other off and when finished, walked out once again to the queen sized bed. Sarah turned back the rumpled covers, crawled under the sheet and lifted the corner of it inviting Paul to join her. Pushing his pillow up against the head board, he leaned back and stretched out next to Sarah. Snuggling against his warmth, she laid her head on his chest, running her hands through the crisp hair covering it. Soft purring sounds accompanied her stroking movements. They lay there and talked for a long time. Like so many of their online discussions, they covered many subjects eventually settling on what they had just experienced with each other. Sarah relaxed enough to admit to Paul that he was correct in his assessments of her natural instincts. She enjoyed learning that being sensual wasn’t a sin, it was a gift and once opened, would lead to more beauty in her own life, beauty that would shine from within, encompassing all aspects of her world. Paul let Sarah think out loud for a long time before he turned toward her, laid his hands on her back, pulled her up close within his arms and leaned down to kiss her sweetly. “Baby, I knew you had it in you. There was never a doubt in my mind. Now take that back home with you tomorrow. Let those thoughts carry you through your days and evenings, through your imagined trials, and when we meet again, we’ll start our next lesson in living life to it’s fullest.

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