The Amulet Ch. 02

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The time had finaly come. It was time to go to the concert. His sister, Christina Aguilara’s concert. Cade had been fucking his MILF, Mother I’d Like to Fuck, of a mother all day. They changed their clothes before leaving. Victoria wanted to go in their own car, an SUV, instead of the limo that her daughter had offered them. She wanted to be able to pull over and fuck her son one last time before the concert in private.

The amulet had made it all happen. It changed the world so that Christina Aguilara was actually his real sister. Christina’s agent told her at the start of her career that it would be better to keep her father’s last name instead of her mother’s since it had a better ring to it. While Victoria insisted that at least Cade kept hers.

But Cade didn’t need to know the details. All he knew was that this was his family now and that he was going to be fucking them on a regular basis, as long as he was under the influence of the amulet.

Victoria dressed casually in a tight fitting, deep cleavage, red tank top, and tight blue jeans, (the ones with no pockets, so that her son could focus on the shape of her waist and ass) and nothing underneath. Cade went casually as well, blue jeans and a shirt, with the amulet in his pocket.

They got in the SUV and went 3 miles before Victoria couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled over and stopped the car. Her pussy had an incredible itch that only her son’s cock could satisfy. She smiled at Cade while straddling him on the passenger seat.

Cade’s mother grabbed his head and shoved it into her cleavage. His tongue danced all over her tits. She threw her head back and cluched his like she was nursing her baby. Victoria ground her pelvis against her son’s confined hard-on. But she wouldn’t leave it there much longer. Her hands reached down and pulled down his zipper. She easily whipped his cock out from there.

His cock felt so warm on her fingertips. But they both wanted to feel it inside the folds of her pussy. Although, she wasn’t quite ready yet. Victoria began to rub the crotch of her pants up and down her son’s shaft.

“I bet I can make you come like this.” she smiled wickedly at him. Cade’s mother loved the control that she now had over him. More like the control that the amulet had taken over both of them. But it still felt like their own thoughts.

Victoria’s pants were increadibly smooth and tight around her body. Almost like her own skin. Cade’s eyes went in the back of his head while he tried to contain the pleasure that his mother was giving him.

“Oh God, Mommmmm…. I’m sure you could…”

“But I’m not about to waste my son’s cum. I’ve got a surprise for you.” she reached down between her legs. It looked like she was picking her ass, but she pulled it back out and pulled off the one piece of her pants that covered her cunt. Cade had never even noticed it before. The blue cloth had been covering her private place by being attached with velcro.

“Where did you get these pants?” he asked his mother.

“They’re your sister’s. I found them in her closet. The same dirty urge to fuck runs through both our bodies. But she can’t have the same feelings that I have for my son. No one can! You’re mine now. All mine.” Victoria said while sinking herself down on Cade’s cock. “Oh fuck me, my baby. Fuck me Cade! Fuck your mama good.”

But Cade just sat there and enjoyed the feeling of having his dick enclosed by his mother’s pussy. Victoria decided to fuck the same way her son wanted at that moment. Slow and sensual. The incestious mother and son fucked in slow motion. Grinding against eachother on the passenger seat in Victoria’s SUV. Cade’s mother leaned back while her son drove into her cunt at a slow but good fucking pace. Their breathing got harder. Breaths took longer for each one to get out.

Cade’s hands couldn’t resist seeing his mother’s tits pressing against the fabric of her tank-top. He grabbed them roughly and squeezzed. Her son only wanted to feel them, but Victoria didn’t care how he touched her now. As long as she had his cock in her, he could do anything he wanted to her body from there on.

As much as Cade’s mom enjoyed the slow fucking treatment, she desired and needed to be what she was, a nasty slut. Miss Allen needed to fuck good and hard. Victoria’s son must have read her mind right then since he started to pound up into her.

“Oh yessssss…” she groaned in a deep sexy voice. The blonde let herself relax and her head was near her son’s feet and the bottom of the dashboard. Victoria wanted to make her son do all the work for now. She just laid back and squeezed her wet cunt lips on his cock. Cade’s mother was cumming already, “Ugghhhhhhh…. I’m cumming baby. But don’t stop! Keep humping meeeeeee…”

Now that she had cum there was one last need left in her. Victoria had to have her son’s sperm in her belly. And she wanted it now. Miss Allen jumped up from the floor and sank down on her son’s cock till her pendik escort pussy folds pressed against his ball sack.

“Are you ready to cum for Mommy?” she asked while giving his cock a squeeze.

Cade’s eyes rolled in the back of his head again. His mother knew how to do it to him. “Sooon…” he said.

“Hold that thought….” she got up and his dick left her vagina. Victoria turned around. Cade could see her tight butt-hole through the open crack of her tight blue pants. Victoria swayed her ass in front of him. She wanted her son to cum in her pussy, but there was something very exciting about having her son fucking her poop-shute in her SUV that she changed her mind. They both knew what eachother wanted. She lowered her ass towards her son. Cade pointed and aimed the tip of his cock at her spincter. The rim of her asshole made contact with his head. They inched it forward. The amulet then had her ass open wide and she immediately sank all the way down. Just like that, her shitter had an eleven inch penis inside itself. Now it was time to really fuck. “Fuck my ass, Cade! Make it hurt baby! Make it hurt really good.”

Victoria started bouncing on her son’s cock. Fucking with their clothes on wasn’t a new experiance. But it was the way they really wanted it. Just pure, unabandoned lust. Fucking was all that mattered. They didn’t need to see eachother’s body. It was the incestious sex that they now lived for.

“You feel reeeeeaal gooood in my ass, Baby.”

Cade spring rocketed his waist up at his mother’s hips. Sending her ass to the brink of disengaging from his cock, but then she would quickly come back down. Now they fucked in furious fashion. Sweat poured from their bodies, especially from Victoria and her tits. It was too hot in the truck. They had neglected to roll down any windows. Her top was now soaked in her sex sweat. And her hair was beginning to cling to her. But Miss Allen only moaned in exstacy as another wave of pleasure rocked her body. The SUV bouced on the side of the road. Anyone driving by saw the mother and son going at it.

“Ugghhh…. Mom I’m gonna cum!”

Victoria may have wanted her son to fuck her ass, but she needed his seed in her pussy. She didn’t neccesarily want to get pregnant. Though now she would admit that the thought of it excites her. To be the mother of her son’s child. To be a mother and grandmother to the same baby. That’s what she wanted now. Cade’s mother didn’t really want to raize children with him. She just wanted to have her son’s incestious seed start life inside her. Miss Allen wanted to have her son fucking her when she was nine months pregnant with his baby. Now that would truly be nasty. The amulet had taken a full hold on her, and there was no going back.

“No!” she said. Victoria lifted up until Cade’s cock was out of her ass. Then quickly sank back down inside her pussy again. “I want you to cum inside my pussy. I need your sperm in my uterus. I’ve got to have your seed penetrate my eggsack….Ughhh… Do you hear me?…. I want you to… Ughh.. impregnate me! Ughh.. I want you to knock me up! I want to have my son’s baby!”

Cade was so shocked by these words, but so excited by them.

“Ohhh Mother.”

Victoria could feel her son’s cock pulsate within her.

“Yesssss! CUUUUUUMMMMM INNN MOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!” she screeched out while he erupted inside her. His cock gushed out more hot gooey sperm than ever before. It wanted to give her that baby. The amulet didn’t really want to make her pregnant just yet. It still wanted Miss Allen to keep fucking her son. But with them trying to get pregnant added to the amulet’s delight. And that’s all it needed. Now it was time for Cade to fuck his sister, Christina Aguilera.

Victoria moved back to the driver seat and pulled the SUV back onto the road. Her son’s cum leaked from her pussy, through the hole in her pants, onto the seat.

They arrived to the arena in no time and were immediately allowed backstage. After all, they were the popstar’s family.

Christina sat in a chair talking to some of her dancing friends. One of them was her boyfriend. She had her hair died in mostly grayish-silver color with some black highlights in front. Someone from the concert team came in and told her that in family was in the hallway. She jumped up from her seat with a smile. It had been over 3 months (in this world) since she had seen them last. The popstar was a little upset with her mother all the time, since Victoria had always disapproved with her daughter’s taste in clothing and the fact that she had taken her ex-husband’s last name over hers. But she still loved her anyway.

Cade was the one she was really happy to see. Christina truly loved her little brother. They had the typical sibling rivalry as kids, but had maintaned their playfullness. She ran straight to her brother and nearly jumped into him. The two siblings hugged tightly and exchanged greetings while doing so. Christina’s tight maltepe escort breasts pressed against her brother’s chest. Cade glanced over her shoulder while hugging her. He could see the shape of her finely toned youthful ass in her jeans. He was tempted to reach down and grab it. All of a sudden, she could feel Cade’s hard-on on her thigh. The amulet had set things in motion.

Christina couldn’t believe that her little brother had a boner. She had never thought of anything remotely close to sex about him before. But now she had his wood feeling through his pants against hers. His cock had to be huge, and it felt like it was still growing. ‘I wonder how big it is?’ she thought. The amulet was helping her thoughts along now. ‘How wide it is? How it looks? And how it tastes? Ewwww! What am I thinking?!?!’ her own thoughts replaced the amulet’s.

Miss Aguilera tried to pull apart from Cade but was stopped by her mother. Victoria grabbed her children into a threeway hug. She had repositioned her siblings. Now Cade’s cock was pressing directly against his sister’s cooch. ‘Perfect fit.’ Christina thought without remorse. Her chin was resting on Cade’s right shoulder. She closed her eyes and seemed to grind a little at her brother’s dick. She licked her lips as thoughts of incest raced through her head, thanks to the amulet. The popstar lifted her leg, opposite her mother, and rapped her ankle around Cade’s lower leg. Miis Allen was sticking her tongue into her son’s ear and grabbing his ass. Cade’s mother guided her son’s left hand to her ass, it all happened opposite the side of Christina. Each woman was oblivious to the other’s actions. Christina took Cade’s right hand, opposite the side that Victoria was hugging them, and started to guide it towards her behind.

The amulet nearly had full control of Christina when her boyfriend interupted them. The trio reluctantly pulled apart from eachother, all of them faking smiles at Christina’s boyfriend. The group made their way into one of the rooms to lounge in. Cade noticed that his sister had a promise ring on and pointed it out to everyone. Everyone cheered in appreciation, including Victoria, who was happy for her daughter. Christina was now engaged to be engaged. But she stared into Cade’s eyes when he said it. She could see that he wasn’t pointing at her ring with joy. Cade’s sister felt sorry for him. She felt like she owed him something. ‘He’s been so good to me. I really owe my little bro something. I owe him….. my pussy. I should fuck him. That will make him feel better. I’ll become his sex-toy. My cunt will belong to him. After all, that’s all I am, a cunt. Designed for mens’ pleasure. I am my brother’s slave now.’

Christina’s mind was being taken by the amulet but was interupted again. This time her mother stood up and walked in front of her. The popstar’s eyes noticed the pants that her mom was wearing. They were her pussy-strap pants. An old perverted boyfriend of hers had gotten it for Christina as a joke. The young woman was no virgin, but she wasn’t a slut either. She had never worn those pants. And here was her mother, strutting them in front of her, her boyfriend, and her brother.

A member of the concert crew came in and told Christina that it was time to get ready. The amulet wasn’t going to be able to keep her in there forever, so it let her go. As soon as Christina left the room, the amulet lost its hold on her. ‘What the hell was I thinking?!?! Surrender my body to my little brother?!?!’ she thought while walking to her dressing room. The popstar changed her clothes. The opening number would be ‘Dirty’, so she wore the same short skirt that was in her video.

Cade looked around the lounge room. His mother appeared to be eyeing Christina’s boyfriend. The amulet wanted her to get some while her son fucked her daughter. And who better than her daughter’s fiance. Once the amulet had set things in motion between the two, it had Cade leave them alone. He walked out of the room and to Christina’s dressing room.

Victoria got up in front of Christina’s fiance to be again.

“So… you’re marrying my daughter?”

“Well were not exactly engaged.” he replied.

“Oh let’s act like you are….. that makes it more exiting when we fuck.”


Victoria pulled off the strap covering her pussy. Her scent filled the room. She stuck her finger into her cunt.

“Look at my juicy pussy. Don’t you just wanna fuck it? And that isn’t just my cum leaking out, its my son’s. Mmmmmm..” she took her finger from her pussy and sucked it into her mouth. “The way I look at it… I might as well be fucking both my sons.”

Miss Allen stradled the entranced man. It didn’t take her long to get his cock out and into her pussy.

Cade knocked on the door to Christina’s dressing room. She was sitting in her chair having her makeup done by one of the crew woman. “Come in.”

Her brother opened the door. “Hey…”

His presence kartal escort filled the room. It was the amulet, and it had taken hold on her again. Her eyes shot down to his cock and she turned away, back to the mirror and stylist. Images flashed in her head of Cade’s bulge in his pants. Then more images of her on her knees sucking him off. And repeat images of him fucking her from behind and cumming in his own sister’s snatch. Christina was wet now, very wet. She wasn’t wearing the right kind of underwear to conceal it either. The smell filled the room and even the stylist could smell it.

“So….Hhh-…How’ss…it going little bro?” she struggled to get out the words. The only one’s that she wanted to leave her mouth were ‘Fuck me, Bro! Fuck me now!’

Cade sat down in a chair behind her. They could see each other in the mirror.

“Everything’s cool. How’s everything with you?” Cade replied.

The stylist was amazed. She had never seen Christina be so still for her. She didn’t know that the popstar couldn’t tear her eyes away from her brother’s crotch. Her stylist could tell that she was tense though. She hadn’t seen her this nervous ever. Christina was more nervous now than her first live performance.

Cade sister was able to maintain a light conversation with him while the amulet flooded her mind with incestious thoughts.

“There! All done!” the stylist pronounced. “Good luck Christina. And it was nice to meet you, Cade.” she left the room.

They were alone now. Christina hadn’t gotten up from her seat. Her eyes now went back and forth in the mirror on her brother’s cock and his eyes. The amulet’s hold on her was tighter than ever. But with the last shred on conscience that she had Christina left the room.

“I have to go now. Enjoy the show.” she hurriedly passed her brother, not looking at him, and trying to escape her own desire. She made it out the door and into the hallway. Christina walked faster than she had walked before. Her juices made a big wet spot in her panties, and they leaked past them and down her thighs.

“Wait up Sis! I don’t know where to go to watch.” Cade yelled to her. He began to jog, trying to catch up. Her brother had a nice view of her tight white panties, that were only half covered by her scantily clad schoolgirl skirt. And they were so tight that you see the exact shape and crack of her tight ass, even from fifty feet away.

“The crew will tell you where to go.” she shouted back without turning. She knew that if she took one more look at him and his bulge, then it would be over.

The amulet wasn’t taking no for and answer. And Cade wanted his big sister now. He ran to catch up to Christina Aguilera.

Christina saw the stage. She was relieved. She thought she had escaped. The popstar could easily hear the crowd chanting her name. All she had to do now was walk up the steps.

“Can I watch from here?” Cade touched her shoulder to get her attention, just as she was about to go on stage. The amulet quickly convinced everyone in the area to leave. Putting thoughts in their heads. Christina and Cade were alone again. His touch was pure electricity to her and she took a deep breath. He nearly gave her an orgasm right there. Her mind now stood on the edge of giving in to her desires.

Christina looked over her shoulder. Her eyes immediately shot down to her brother’s cock. There it was, concealed in jeans, the largest bulge she had ever seen. It was like one of the 8 wonders of the world to her. No longer did she need to do this not only for her brother, but for herself. She needed to cum. But first, she wanted a really good look at Cade’s prick. And there was only one way to get it.

“Oh right here is fine….. Yessss….” she turned and dropped to a squatting position, “This will do very nicely…” Christina petted her brother’s cock through his pants. It was a treasure to her.

Cade knew that he had her now, so he decided to play dumb.

“Christina… What are you doing?!?!”

“I’m admiring my little brother’s cock. I think it wants to come out to play.” she lowered the zipper on his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. Cade’s cock popped up in front of her face. Her eyes were filled with lust. She licked her lips as her hand reached out to touch and grasp the phallus. She couldn’t even wrap her fingers all the way around. The amulet had made him extra thick.

Cade was in heaven. Her soft, wet tongue started licking up and down the entire length of her brother’s aching shaft, swirling and flicking around the head while her hand gently squeezed his swollen balls. When Cade’s dick was slick with her spit, Christina stroked it with her hand while taking his nuts into her mouth, one at a time, and sucking on them. Then, he felt her tongue moving all over his cock. Cade’s sister licked up and down, and all around. The popstar couldn’t get enough of the taste of her little brother’s dick.

Christina was having a hard time believing it. Here she was about to go on stage in front of a crowd of thousands and she was putting it on hold so she could suck her bro’s prick. The wetness in her panties was too much. Her juices dripped through her underwear to the backstage floor.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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