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I’m not quite sure how to answer that question you asked me during our tryst in the shower. But it got me thinking, dreaming, fantasizing. I know just what I want to do next time I’m in the shower with you.

I want to suck your cock. I roll your silky ball sac between my fingers, my other hand reaches along your asscrack searching for your asshole. Finding it, my wet finger penetrates you and with a “cum here”-type motion, and I stroke the inside your prostate “milking” the cum out of you before you shoot your delicious load into my hot wet mouth. My lips are all over your cock as I swallow your length down my throat, relaxing those muscles to allow your cock easy gliding. As I toy with it, my lips “pop” on and off your cock head back and forth. Then you slam your cock home as you begin spraying the back of my throat.

After your first load, I stand up and hold onto the shower head pipe. You move in front of me stroking your cock and pointing it right into my pussy. Your cock is so big and beautiful, my pussy so hot and willing. The water flows down to your cock and pendik escort runs between my legs, slow and warm. I raise my legs at your urging and guidance so my feet are behind your head, crossed behind your neck. With your hands on my ass, you guide my pussy onto your cock, allowing the streaming water to trickle over my shaved and exposed clit. Your cock fills my pussy so completely. I feel every inch, every vein as it plunges into the depths of my core.

Your thumb moves to my pussy, to the button you know will put me over the top, and as soon as you begin rotating your thumb over it, I start a low guttural moaning. My nipples are aching and tits jiggling as a slow powerful orgasm builds from within. My head tilts, my eyes close tightly, my back arches and my thighs squeeze your trunk as you pound home your rock hard shaft, feeling my oncoming spasms clenching onto your pole.

I’m left weakened and after you slowly guide my feet to the shower floor, I let go of the shower head and turn, spooning my body into yours, wriggling my ass onto your rigid cock. The maltepe escort warmth of the shower spray on my front is matched by the warmth of your body enveloping my backside, your arms wrapped around me, crossed and clutching my spongy breasts, pinching the hard nipples between your fingers. Your cock grows even larger as we spoon and I feel it twitching against my ass. Your member finds a niche in the crack of my ass, feeling so warm and comfortable there, but not to last as your rock hard shaft begins pushing at my tiny hole. My soft, firm cheeks wriggle against it invitingly, as you direct it into my tight hold. I gasp and sigh as it penetrates me and you slowly inch it in, allowing me to get used to the sheer thickness of your wonderful cock.

You let go of your tight grasp of me, pushing my head to the shower wall, roughly grabbing my hair and slapping my ass. The change of mood is as sexy as the change of position. As your rough handling of me increases, you slam your cock into me violently as if I were nothing but your fuck toy. My face is held tight kartal escort to the tiles of the shower as you force yourself into me, raping my senses, slamming my ass, and pulling my hair. Your language has sharpened toward me, calling me whore, bitch, and your fucking cum slut. I’m thrilled as you rip into me with a renewed vigor, slamming me with every ounce of power you possess. I’m reaching down to my cunt, as you order me to pinch then rub my clit. I feel your pace quicken as we both breathe quickly and heavily, knowing its coming to a crescendo soon.

I feel it rise from my core, a warmth searing through me, branching out to my clit, nipples, pussy, and ass. I squeel in sheer ecstasy as my whole body convulses, one with your own spasming and trembling body. You grab me from behind sharply and, pulling my hair you tilt my head back. Your face meets mine, and you plant your mouth over my lips. Fencing with my tongue, low moans emit from us both.

As we step out of the shower, you take my towel from me and begin drying me off, starting at my feet. Your slow and deliberate motions along the length of my body tell me you’re back in tender loving mode. As you rise, you kiss my skin trailing the towel’s path. By the time you reach my neck, I am in a daze. When you reach my mouth, I answer your question. “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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