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I stood at the register in Wal-Mart. The cashier handed me ‘the register closed sign’ to put on the end of the belt. She was an older woman, probably about fifty. That was fine since I was fifty-four. Her hair was full and red, that I liked.

“Done for the day.” I said.

“I get off in fifteen minutes. I really need to find someone to get in trouble with.” She said smiling at me.

I had heard that line before. I pulled out a pen and paper and wrote my address down. I handed it to her.

“What’s this?” She asks looking at it.

“My address, I could use some trouble too. I live alone and it gets boring sitting home alone all-day.” I said.

“Interesting it takes balls to invite a strange woman to your home.” She said.

“No guts, no glory.” I stated.

“Ok, I’ll see you in about twenty minutes, be ready for some hardcore fun.” She said.

“Woman, My wife died over a year ago. It has been a long year.” I smiled at her. I loaded my groceries into the cart and wheeled them out to the car. I loaded them and drove home. I had just finished putting them away when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, she stood there waiting. I invited her in.

“I brought the booze.” She said.

I got two glasses from the cupboard; she opened the bottle of Jack and poured us a drink. I closed all the blinds and locked the front door. Three drinks later, she was removing clothing. She stood the in her bra and panties. She looked damn good for a woman of fifty. Large tits, slim waist and full hips, her ass looked firm.

“You need to lose the cloths. You are not going to shock me. Shit, man we are old. I know I look good for my age. But you seem to be in good shape also.” She said.

“I walk a lot, breaks the boredom.” I said removing my shirt and pants. I stood there in my boxers. She knelt in front of me and pulled them down.

“Wow, that thing is not güvenilir bahis small, it’s not massive but shit.” She said then wrapped her lips around my cock. I moaned, “Shit, it’s been awhile since anyone has touched me.” I said. I ran my fingers into her hair. I held her as I slowly pumped my cock into her mouth. She pushed her lips down my shaft taking the whole thing into her mouth. She pulled from my cock and lifted it up. She took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it. She popped it out and did the other one. I moaned again.

She said, “So you know, I was a street walker for several years. Don’t worry I am clean. I passed my HIV test. So I know how to fuck a man.”

“Fine, woman, back to it then that feels damn good.” I said.

“Jackie, my name is Jackie Sanders.” She said.

“Nice to meet you Jackie, I’m Robert Mead. I’m a fucking machine, my wife used to call me the marathon fuck.” I said.

She ran her tongue over the head of my cock, my knees about buckled.

“Let’s move to the couch, I can’t stand here and enjoy this. I just might fall from the sensations.” I said.

She released me and stood. I kissed her and pulled her to the couch. I sat on one end and she lay across the couch. Her head in my lap, she pulled my cock back to her mouth and sucked on it. I got my right hand on those large tits. I pull them out of her bra and pinched her nipples. She shrieked I pulled on her tits grabbing a handful. She moaned on my cock. I leaned to the right and slid my hand into her panties, she was wet. I found her clit and flicked it a while. Her legs parted and I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I drove my fingers in and out while she sucked my dick. She started humping her ass to meet my fingers. This kept up for a while finally she pulled from my cock.

“Gawd, fuck me now.” She cried.

I stood and moved to the other end of the couch. She türkçe bahis squirmed up a little and removed her bra and panties. I crawled between her legs and fingered her some more. I then guided my cock to her cunt; she had her legs spread wide. My dick found her wet hole and slid in. She was tight, wet and hot. I pushed deep into her. She screamed, “Holy fucking shit, fill my cunt with that meat.”

I drove my cock until it couldn’t go deeper. I started to fuck her, pulling out and pushing my cock back in. She clawed at my back it felt good but hurt like hell too. I fucked her hard, keeping a steady pace. My cock tore at the walls of her cunt, she spasmed shortly as she came. I drove my cock into her harder.

“Fuck me, please make me cum more. Fuck me all night long.” She begged.

I kissed her, I bit at her neck. I sucked on her tits leaving marks.

“No, no marks, my husband might see them.” She said.

“Your married?” I ask.

“Yeah, he’s in a nursing home dying of brain cancer, most of the time he doesn’t know who I am. Forget that, fuck me silly.” She cried.

I returned to fucking her, slow and easy, deep and hard. She was sounding off like an alarm. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, on and on she sang that tune. Her mind was gone. My cock was driving her mindless. I pumped her for over an hour.

“I need a position change, my back is getting sore.” I said.

“I’ll ride you a while.” She said. So I pulled out, she rolled off the couch and I turned and lay down, she quickly straddled my hips driving my hard cock back into her cunt. She bounced on my body, jamming my cock deep into her twat. She was rubbing her clit at the same time. She started cumming, she returned to her tune of, “Oh, Oh, Oh.” Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her mind in ecstasy. She stayed that way for some time. She finally increased her rate of bouncing on my cock. She screamed güvenilir bahis siteleri and fell over onto my chest. Her breathing was hard and shallow, she whimpered. She brought her right hand up to my mouth and pushed her fingers into my mouth. They tasted of her cunt, sweet and thick.

“Thank you, I have not been fucked like that in over a decade.” She said.

“My turn, get on your knees on the couch, your butt hanging out over the edge of the couch.” I said.

“What are……Oh, shit, you want my ass.” She realized.

“The tightest hole a woman has to offer.” I said.

“Go easy, it’s been a long time since anyone has fucked my ass. My husband wouldn’t do it.” She said.

“I will remind you what it feels like.” I said.

She knelt on the couch, her head in the cushions. I squirted some gel on her asshole and some on my cock. I fingered her ass first, loosening it up some. I spread her wide open. Slowly I pushed my hard cock into her tight asshole. She cried, “Fuck, slowly give me time to adjust.”

I moved slowly, easing in a little at a time. Her rectum opened for me, the head popped in. She sucked air with the feeling. I pushed until my hips were against her buttcheeks. I waited for her to adjust to the meat in her ass.

“Do it, start fucking my bunghole.” She said.

I pulled back, and then pushed in, in and out slowly at first. As my speed increased she started to sing again. She was going to enjoy this as much as I was. Soon I was pounding her into the couch, she was thrusting back to meet my cock. She came. She lowered her head and cried as she came. Her shriek was high and piercing, she continued for several minutes. I filled her ass full of hot cum. She moaned at the warmth in her bowels. I pulled from her and sagged to the couch and sighed. I sat on the end of the couch smiling.

“Feel better.” She asks.

“Much” I said, “You, how did you enjoy it?”

She got up and dressed, “Enough that I will call you I promise, we will do this again.”

“I sure hope so.” I said.

She went out the door. I sat there smiling knowing she would call and soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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