The Bad Deal Ch. 02

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The water in Marie’s bath had turned cold 20 minutes earlier, but still she sat there staring unseeingly at the tiled wall ahead of her. It had been scalding hot when she had first gotten in, almost unbearably so, but still not hot enough to cleanse her. The suds had evaporated almost entirely, exposing her mature naked form. She had made sure to lock the bathroom door this time though, she didn’t want any repeat incidents of what had set this whole thing off.

Her mind reeled back to that moment, only 7 or 8 hours ago now, but it felt like another lifetime. Tom walking in on her, fresh out of the shower. His stare had been locked on her lustily, her own son. Right between her legs is where his gaze had rested. She stared at herself there now. It had always made her feel sexy, being hairless down there, but now it just made her feel perverse, and that was only the least of it.

What had made her do what she did? How had she overridden 18 years of motherly instinct to drop to her knees and put her son’s dick in her mouth?

Involuntarily her mind conjured up the feel of him in her mouth, the noises he made in climax, the taste of his cum.

Had the deal with Frank been so impossible to turn down? Did she have no other option? Did she want it?

The last possibility scared her most of all, it blasted apart that last place her conscience had left to hide, the idea that she had sacrificed herself for Tom, for his future.

“Son-fucker” he had called her, his tone equal parts angry and lustful. Would he ever forgive her? He must hate her. He was a young man, driven by hormones. A naked woman waiting on all fours for him would have been impossible to resist, no matter who it was. She was the one who had caused all this, she had forced him to take her.

She would have cried then, but she had done all the crying she could tonight, her bloodshot eyes continued staring out, dry and listless.

She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly 2 am she realised. She was so tired, but she knew sleep would be impossible. Every time she closed her eyes she relived it, him climbing up on the bed, entering her, filling her, fucking her.

With a dread she realised the memories were turning her on. God, what was she going to do? She covered her face with her hands, trying to make the world disappear.

* * *

Later that morning, Marie rang the bell for Frank’s penthouse apartment and waited for a few minutes until she was buzzed up. In her hand she had a DVD that she wanted to smash into a thousand pieces.

When she got to his floor she found him waiting for her with the door open and a smug smile on his face.

“Come in Marie, you look exhausted, long night?”

She was too tired and numb to care about his insinuations. She pushed past him and stood in the entrance hall of his elegantly furnished apartment.

He brought her into his living room and gestured for her to take a seat in one of his comfortable dark brown leather sofas. She slumped into one and held out the DVD.

“Here, take this terrible thing away from me.”

Frank smiled and took it, admiring it.

“So it’s done then?” he asked.

She nodded.

“What was it like? Did you enjoy it?” he sounded fascinated.

She opened her mouth to speak, to insult him but only a squeak came out. Then the tears started to well up again.

“It’s terrible Frank, it’s all terrible. I’ve ruined everything!” She cried.

“Oh come now,” he said, “it was just a bit of sex between two consenting adults. Did he come inside you?” he asked matter of factly.

Her admission was a large shuddering sob. She had to go get the pill right after she left this place.

“How nice. And did you come also Marie?”

“Stop Frank! Please stop!” she cried. “It’s done, just please stop torturing me.”

He smiled secretly at that and nodded, walking into his kitchen. He returned a few moments later with a crystal tumbler in hand.

“Here have some scotch, it will calm you down.”

She took the drink in two shaky hands and brought it to her lips, knocking the thing back in a couple of gulps.

She stared out the glass doors that lead to his balcony.

“I’m the worst mother in the world” she said numbly.

He laughed, “or the best, depending on your perspective. I bet he loved every moment of it.”

She shook her head and went to speak, but her tongue felt as if it were very thick all of a sudden. Her lack of asleep also seemed to catch up to her as her eyelids started feeling very heavy.

Frank was smiling down at her. “Is that scotch taking the edge off now?”

Realisation dawned that something wasn’t right. He must have put something in her drink. Panic would have set in, but instead she started feeling more sedated.

Frank went over to his tv and inserted the DVD into the player and turned the screen on.

Before Marie lost consciousness, the last thing she saw was herself on the television walking into her room naked and getting up on it on all fours, exposing her full vaginal lips and ass to the camera.

The güvenilir bahis tumbler fell from her hand and smash on the hardwood floor.

Frank tutted. “That was careless,” he said looking at the glass and sounding annoyed with himself.

* * *

“Fuck me sweety, fuck me Tommy!” Marie heard herself crying out. She groaned, her mind was still replaying that moment she thought groggily, when would it end?

But as she began to come to she realised the noises weren’t come from her own head, but rather somewhere nearby. She started to remember what had happened. She had come to Frank’s apartment and passed out, he must have drugged her! How could he do that?

Her eyes opened wide and she tried to move but couldn’t. Many things became clear at once. The first was that she was completely naked, the second was that she was now strapped, spread-eagled, to the four bedposts of Frank’s large mattress in his bedroom. Panic rose in her and she cried out in fear, her real shouts mixing with her recorded ones coming from the tv where she could see herself climaxing as Tom fucked her forcefully.

The shout brought Frank into the room.

“Ah hello Marie, how are you feeling?”

“Frank what are you doing!? Untie me please!”

He grinned and shook his head. “Oh no Marie, I have a lot planned for you today, we’re going to be here for awhile.”

On the TV, the DVD had looped and was now starting again, with Marie entering naked and climbing up on the bed again. She looked away, not able to bear seeing it.

“On all fours, just like I asked, good girl,” he nodded approvingly.

“He takes a few minutes to decide here, I considered cutting it out, but I like the tension it adds.”

“Frank please, it hurts too much to see this. Please let me go.”

Frank went to his dresser and pulled a ball gag from it.

“Shhh Marie,” he said as he put it in her mouth and secured it, “I’m trying to enjoy the movie.” He patted her face gently, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

“Now watch it with me and I’ll let you go once it’s done. Close your eyes or look away and, well, I’ll have more fun.” He glanced at her exposed bare pussy and winked at her.

The threat forced her to turn and stare at the screen. In her position, she didn’t doubt Frank would be true to his word. He had never been violent with her when they were together, but the last two years had changed him clearly.

Their son had now made his decision. As he climbed up in the bed, the video cut to a different camera with a better angle on them. Frank had clearly already edited the whole thing together.

Tom undid his jeans and lowered them enough to free his dick.

“He’s big,” Frank said impressed. “Not as big as me, but still good.”

Then he entered her slowly, and she groaned for him.

Watching it over again was surreal for Marie, like an out of body experience. She wanted to stop it, stop them, make them realise they couldn’t do it to each other.

[i]You’re his mother![/i] she wanted to scream at herself through the screen, through time, [i]stop![/i]

And with a horrible realisation, she noticed she could feel some wetness between her legs. How could she be getting aroused? She was sick. She hoped Frank wouldn’t notice.

On the TV Tom was still fucking her slowly while Marie was biting her lip to stop from displaying her pleasure to him.

“Do you like this mom? Do you like being a son-fucker?” her son’s voice said through the speakers. She could hear the anger in it.

“Son-fucker,” Frank repeated after Tom on the screen, “I like that.”

Tears were rolling down Marie’s face freely now. If Tom had sounded like he was enjoying himself maybe she could forgive herself, but it was the hate that hurt her most.

On it went, forcing Marie to relive the whole horrible thing as Tom picked up the pace, as her orgasm started building, as she started screaming for him to fuck her.

“This is my favourite part,” Frank said, pointing at the screen, “when you start pushing back against him. You can’t get enough of it. I knew you would love it.”

How could a woman of 46 not control herself? How could she give in so completely? Marie couldn’t understand her own actions.

After what seemed to take forever she heard them come again, watched Tom’s face scrunch up as he fucked her powerfully through their mutual climaxes.

“Bravo, well done Marie, you went above and beyond, it was some show,” Frank said when it was over.

Marie’s relief at the video being done ended quickly when once again it began to repeat. In she walked, naked, as she climbed up on the bed. Marie started to shout through her gag to turn the TV off, but it was just muffled noise.

Frank smiled at her. “Wait here Marie, I want you to meet someone.”

He left and a few moments later returned, this time followed by a young woman.

She was a pretty, petite blonde, with pert tits, a flat stomach and tanned toned legs. She was wearing nothing except for a pair of lacy black heels and Marie could see she too had türkçe bahis fulfilled Frank’s obligation of being completely hairless between her legs. The cleft of her lips peeked up from the gap between her thighs.

“Marie, this is Jessica,” Frank said.

Marie had recognised her already, though they’d never met. Jessica was the young pharmacy student Frank had been seeing for the last six months or so. Marie and Frank still had plenty of friends in common, and Facebook had allowed her to see the younger woman’s photos.

“Hi Marie, it’s nice to meet you. Are your straps tight enough? I seriously hate it when my straps aren’t tight enough,” the girl said with casual concern.

“They’re very tight, don’t worry pet,” Frank said.

Jessica smiled. “How should we proceed, master?”

“Get your strapon on, I want to see you fuck my ex wife until she comes for you.”

Marie panicked and started writhing in her restraints and shouting through her gag.

“Oh she doesn’t like the sound of that, master. What’s she trying to say?” Jessica moved to the bed and undid the gag, allowing one of her nipples to rub against the older woman’s mouth and nose.

“Please! Please Frank, you said you’d let me go if I watched the video! Please why are you doing this!?” Marie cried when she could speak again.

Frank’s expression darkened. “Why? You were my wife Marie, mine, and you went and fucked that fat fuck Greg Morton.” He spat, referencing her old boss that she’d woken up beside after a work party. “Now I’m making you pay. If you think I’m going to give you a penny for fucking our son you’re in for a surprise you sick pervert, you’ll get nothing from me but my dick in all your holes, but first you’ll get Jessica’s.”

Jessica had fixed on her strapon, the dildo was a huge black penis replica with fake rubber veins along it and a large head at the end.

She climbed up on the bed with Marie.

“No! Please don’t!” Marie cried. “Jessica don’t do this, it’s rape, please!”

Jessica looked at Frank as she lined up her dildo with Marie’s pussy. “Master?”

“Fuck her, pet.”

The fake dick pushed up against Marie’s lips, and then through the resistance with surprising ease.

“Nooooo!” Marie cried.

“Oh my God, I think she was really wet,” exclaimed Jessica as ever so slowly she slide her tool into the mature woman’s body.

Marie had never been stretched so wide before, it was the biggest thing she’d ever had inside her by far. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she made low guttural noises as her pussy swallowed more and more of it, unable to form protests anymore.

When it was three quarters of the way in, the college student started withdrawing it extremely slowly again, then brought it back in at the same speed. She did this several more times, allowing the older woman’s pussy time to get used to the size of the strapon. She smiled as Marie’s pained groans started becoming little involuntary gasps of pleasure.

Picking up the pace, Jessica leaned down and took one of Marie’s nipples in her mouth while a free hand massaged the other one.

Marie was in sensory overload as the young woman expertly worked her tits and fucked her pussy with that massive rod. “Pluh-pluh-please st-stop,” was all she could get out weakly in between gasps and moans.

From the TV she could hear her own voice crying out, “fuck me sweetie, fuck me sweetie, oh God fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” to her son.

Jessica chuckled. “God that’s hot, hearing you begging to get fucked, will you beg me?” She increased the speed of her thrusts now which was causing Marie’s tits to swing back and forth with the rhythm.

Marie prayed she wouldn’t give in and be humiliated even more by begging her ex’s girlfriend to fuck her. Until today, Marie had never even kissed another woman before, and now this girl less than half her age was on top of her fucking her with the biggest thing that had ever gone through her vagina, except for Tom.

As Jessica’s fucking became more and more intense, she was slipping a fraction more into Marie with each stroke, until she finally bottomed out inside her. Marie cried in pain and her hands gripped the bed sheets as the dildo began smacking against her cervix.

“Aaaah-aaaah-aaaah-ssssstop-aaaah!” She cried out.

But Jessica didn’t stop. “I have to keep going until you come Marie, try to come for me,” she said, her breathing become heavier now.

Suddenly Jessica was pushed down so she was lying on top of Marie in missionary position. Marie could see that Frank was naked now and had climbed on the bed with them. Jessica’s face was pushed into the bed beside where hers was looking up and their breasts were pressed together. Marie heard the girl gasp and realised Frank had just entered her from behind.

“Yes,” she moaned breathlessly, “oh yes master.”

Frank started fucking his little girlfriend, and with each thrust into her young, tight pussy, it would push Jessica’s plastic cock into Marie.

He’s fucking me with her body, Marie realised.

Fortunately, the angle güvenilir bahis siteleri Jessica was at meant that she now couldn’t get all of the dildo in, so it wasn’t hurting anymore, in fact it was feeling incredible. Marie was moaning loader now as their three bodies rubbed against each other sweatily.

“Master fuck us, fuck us! Your ex is loving this big thing inside her!” Jessica said.

She raised her face from the sheets and pushed her tongue into Marie’s open mouth, swirling it around hers. Marie’s arousal made her react without thinking by returning the deep kissing.

Frank looked down victoriously as his ex moaned like a whore from the fucking his girlfriend was passing on to her. She was too easy to break. He was ramming into Jessica with force now, in turn causing her to do the same to Marie. The three of them were synchronising their thrusts to slam back into each other for maximum pleasure.

“Oooh God!” Marie cried. “Oh shit, yes, fuck me Jessica, fuck meeeeee.”

That made Jessica laugh and bite her lip with arousal. “Just what I wanted to hear,” she grunted in between moans.

Marie didn’t know how long they were fucking her for, but she had heard herself and Tom orgasm four or five times on the TV when her own climax started to hit her for real. She cried out incoherently as her cunt started pulsating with pleasure. She wanted to wrap her legs and arms around Jessica, but the restraints held her in place, so instead she just writhed on the bed as her pussy squeezed the fake dick inside her.

Watching the mature mother come underneath her was beyond arousing for Jessica. She locked lips again with Marie and stuck her tongue inside the woman’s mouth, muffling her orgasmic noises. The fucking from Frank sending her over the edge too as she came on his dick, while he continued to push her inside Marie.

Like a domino effect, Frank was next as the two sexy women below him climaxed, his ramming became desperate, bringing him to his own release and filling Jessica with his cum.

“Ah my pet! Ah Jessica!” He called out, which made her swell with a feeling that intensified her climax. She reached an arm around her to feel his ass tense as his orgasm ran through him.

His pace slowed once he’d emptied himself. As he caught his breath, his face resting against her back, Jessica tried her best to milk as much as she could out of him with her young pussy. “Master,” she cooed.

He pulled out of her and patted her on the ass, then through ragged breaths he said, “pet, sit on Marie’s face and feed her my cum.”

Marie was catching her breath also when she heard that, the words shaking her from her orgasmic bliss.

She shook her head, she didn’t even know how to give oral sex to a woman.

“No Frank, no, I don’t want that.”

“You’ll do whatever you’re told Marie, or this video,” he said, pointing to the TV, “goes fucking viral.”

The words hit her like a brick, but before she could respond, Jessica had straddled her face. Her young, swollen and red and wet pussy pushed into her closed mouth and nose.

“Lick,” Frank commanded, so she did.

She licked gingerly at first, unsurely, while Jessica pushed herself on her tongue whenever it emerged. Soon she resigned herself to her position, and decided to try to end this as quickly as possible. She began to naturally copy the way she’d had this done to her so many times during her life.

When the older women was lapping properly at her, Jessica relaxed her pussy and allowed the cum to flow from her.

Marie could taste the familiar taste of cum mixed with pussy juices as her tongue delved inside the college student, only this time it wasn’t her own juices.

“Even now I’m not sure you get it,” Frank said as he watched the erotic sight on front of him. “You filmed yourself fucking your son! And then, you gave the video to me! The man you cheated on! You’re mi- Keep licking!” He commanded, when her sex juices smeared face turned to look at him, she obeyed. “You’re mine now Marie, I can do whatever I want with you. I can make you stay here forever as my sex slave, I can make you go out my building a fuck a homeless man, I can make you go seduce our son again. Because if you don’t do exactly what I say, exactly how I say it, I’ll send this video to your tennis club, to Tom’s friends, to everyone in town. You’ll make national news, honey, the world will download your video! You won’t be able to hide anywhere.” He sneered. “Now lick my pet until she cums, you fucking whore.”

Marie couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been, how could she have trusted Frank. She kept licking the pussy in her face, praying the girl would come quickly, as tears began running down her face. The heavy realisation of how she now had to do whatever Frank said was beginning to sink in, and, as it did, she could feel Frank pushing his dick inside her slick vagina, entering her easily and without permission.

“Fuck me sweetie, fuck me sweetie, oh God fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” came her voice from the TV.

On top of her Jessica’s body was coming to a shuddering climax while she cried out in pleasure and grabbed Marie’s face with both hands. The girl grinded herself into her face, while Frank casually pulled in and out of her for some simple stimulation to accompany the incredible scene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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