The Beginning Ch. 03

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I woke up to a strange sound. Running water? Is that what I hear? I also woke up to find myself alone in bed. Was last night a dream? Nah, couldn’t be. I still smelled like a mix of cinnamon flavored oil and sweet pussy juice, though. I definitely didn’t dream that! I leaned down and held the pillow to my nose. Yep, I was right! It smelled like you. Could only mean one thing — you were in the shower. I slipped out of bed and walked to the door, where I listened to you in the shower, humming happily as you showered. I quickly called room service to bring us up some breakfast, and then I walked into the bathroom.

I walked in and the bathroom was covered in steam. I could hear you shampooing your hair, humming still as you did. I pushed back the shower curtain, and stepped in behind you. I put my arms around your middle, and heard you gasp in surprise.

“Good morning.” I purred softly into your ear.

“Good morning.” you replied with a smile in your voice. I nuzzled your ear and neck as I held you against me, my tits pressing into your back.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I asked you as I continued to nuzzle and nibble your neck and ear, our bodies swaying under the flow of the shower.

“Oh, darling, you were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to disturb you. After our glorious night last night, I wanted you to get all the rest you needed.” I turned you around and stared into those spectacular green eyes.

“No matter how early it is, no matter how tired yakacık escort I might be, my love, always, ALWAYS wake me to come shower with you. Will you do that for me?” I asked you, taking you into my arms, our bodies pressed together, our mouths inches from one another’s.

“Yes, baby, I will, I promise.” We kissed long and passionately, our tongues dancing in one another’s mouths, sucking one another’s lips. My mouth went under your chin, nibbling and licking your nape, my hands and fingers searching your entire body. I moved us underneath the spray of the shower, letting the water baptize us both as we kissed and fondled one another. My hands found your hard nipples. I rolled them between my fingers as I kissed you. I leaned my head down and took one into my mouth and suckled on it, biting it softly as I sucked it. I heard you gasp and say my name softly. Your hands held me to your bosom as I played with your nipple, and your other hand teased my nipple, pulling it, pinching it, rolling it between your fingers.

I felt your hands go to my shoulders and push me to my knees. You stood under the water and lifted one leg onto my shoulder. Your lovely flower opened to me. Soft, warm, swollen, and bare. It is so beautiful, I stare at it and it takes my breath away. I put my hands on your hips and pull you to me. I lean in and give your soft pussy a sweet loving kiss. I feel your hands hold my hair and dig into my head. I kiss it again and you push against zeytinburnu escort me. I hear you gasp and moan as I kiss your hot pussy. Over and over and over again. All I do is kiss it. Your moans and groans become louder and lustier. Your hands grip my head tighter and pull me into you. All I keep doing is kissing your pussy. You are slowly reaching the edge.

Your hands leave my head and start caressing and pulling at your nipples, hard and wet from the water of the shower. Your hips move faster against my mouth, trying to get me to push my tongue into your hole, but I won’t enter you, not yet anyway. I hold your hips, feeling you moving faster and faster against my mouth. My hands move to your lips and I spread them apart. Your cream oozes from your slit. You are creamier than anyone I’ve ever known! It flows from your hole over your clit and down your leg. I point my tongue and just lightly, with the very lightest of touches, touch your clit with my tongue.

I never knew a person could make such a sound as what came out of you at that very moment. It was like I reached inside you and pulled out your soul. It was a sound that could only be described as L-O-V-E. You gave yourself to me at that very moment. Your soul went into mine, and we became one. My mouth covered your pussy and drank you into me as we melded into one. Your hands held me to you as if your life depended on it, and to be quite frank, it did. I looked up at you as I aksaray escort took you inside me. Your very being, your essence, your life, was now in me, and will always be till one of us dies.

As your orgasm subsided, you slumped against me, unable to stand up. I held you as you regained your composure and felt you get some of your strength back. We both then stood under the water and washed one another clean, taking good care to clean our breasts, our pussys, our asses, every square inch of one another. You finally had your strength back and after you rinsed, you got out of the shower first. I finished rinsing the soap off my body and shut the water off. I stepped out of the shower and you stood there, dripping wet still, and holding a towel for me. I smiled as you helped me to dry off first, then sat me down on a chair in the bathroom and dried yourself off. You got the blow dryer and dried off my hair first, then yours. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth and so did you. Then we went back into the bedroom.

The room service people had brought up the breakfast I ordered before I came into the shower with you, and we feasted on croissants and jam, juice, pieces of fruit, coffee for me, tea for you. We laughed, we ate, we kissed, and as we sat there, you looked into my eyes. There was something on your mind.

“What is it, sweetheart?” I asked, sipping my coffee.

“I can’t let you go back home, dear. Not after all this.” you said, looking into your cup of tea.

“Look at me, darling.” I whispered, as you raised your head, a tear hanging in your eye. “Who ever said I was going to go back home?” I said, with a smile. You leaned over and we kissed deeply and passionately, knowing that this was indeed the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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