The Best Job

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I was 18 years old and just about to hit the prime of my athletic stardom. I was going into my freshman year of college and scouts were watching my every move on the football and baseball fields. How could you blame them though? I stood at 6’3″ and was a ripped 205. I dedicated 2 hours a day strictly to the gym, after school and when practice was over. Unfortunately, the new college I was going to didn’t have quite the weight room as my high school did and in order to keep up being in shape the way I was, I was going to have to purchase my own workout equipment. My parents had agreed, since I never worked a day in my life, that I was going to have to work to have this. The set that I wanted was $1000.00. My dad offered to throw up $500.00, but I would have to work to get the other $500.00.

That’s when my mom started brain storming and thought she had come up with the perfect job for me. She had been talking to my neighbor Kim and mentioned that I was looking for a small job to pay for my equipment. Luckily Kim was looking for someone to paint her entire interior or her house, but just couldn’t get any prices that she could afford. So my mom decided to offer my services. We settled on $125.00 a week for four weeks. I would have to do 3 hours a day of painting while Kim was at work. I had to agree to these terms and began that following Monday.

Let me explain Kim for you. At 46 years old she is a single woman, no kids. She has dark brown hair and an average size body. What stood out the most on her though were her boobs. Kim had by far the biggest real tits I had ever seen on a women. By the cloths that she wore and the way she pushed her tits up, they looked like at time they were going to choke her. They looked great and so did her ass. She has perfect posture, so when she walked her tits were pushed up and out and her assed jiggled ever so gently. I had helped my dad install her new dryer for her a few years back and took a quick glimpse into Kim’s washing machine and her bra was sitting on top. It read 34DD.

Well Monday came and went and I had barley started on the upstairs bedrooms. I knew this was going to take longer than 4 weeks right after that day. Everyday, as I was finishing up, Kim would be walking through the door from work. We would stop for a minute for some small talk and then I’d be on my way to the gym.

Monday of week two came with a flash and I really wasn’t looking forward to two 3 hour college classes and then another 3 hours of painting. But I agreed to help out and knew I had to do it. Before I knew it I was back on top of the ladder starting the final parts of the first bedroom upstairs when I heard the front door open. I called down in a questionable tone “Kim?… is that you?” “Yea honey its me. It wasn’t busy at work today so I figured I would come home early” I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs as she was speaking and I couldn’t wait to see her. She stood in the doorway of the guest room güvenilir bahis wearing her thin strapped blouse that clung to her body and a pair of brown dress pants that showed off her perfect ass. Her tits were bursting out of the top of her shirt. I felt an instant hard on growing in my pants the I knew I had to hide it immediately. I leaned against the ladder I was standing on to push it down. “Don’t let me interrupt you. I’m gonna get out of these work cloths and jump into the shower. You just keep doing what your doing” And with that she turned and walked into her bedroom. Unfortunately she closed the door all the way, so I couldn’t even get a quick peak of her undressing.

The next thing I knew the bedroom door swung open and she came out in a white short cotton bath robe and a towel in her hand. She stood and admired my work for a second or two before heading to the bathroom across the hall. This time though, she didn’t close the door all the way. To this day I don’t know if it was done intentionally or not but I knew I had to take full advantage of the opportunity. I waited until the water ran for a couple minutes before I even dared to step off the ladder. Then I slowly tip toed my way to the crack in the door and tried to peer in. There she stood, completely naked behind the clear glass doors wetting her hair. For a second I thought I was watching a movie when the music starts playing and everything slows down for a second. Then I came back to reality and realized I only had another minute or so before she walks out from behind those doors and sees my perverted self staring. While all this time of me standing there being the creep I am, I didn’t realize that I was holding a soaking wet paintbrush in my hand that was now dripping on the rug outside the door. Shit! What do I do?! I thought to myself. If I stay here and try to clean it up, for sure I’m going to get caught. But if I leave it there and try to clean it up later, then I’m still going to get caught. I opted with leaving the drippings there and hoping she wouldn’t realize anything. I hopped back onto my ladder on continued on painting as if nothing had happened.

Sure enough what did Kim see as she stepped out of the bathroom after drying off? The drippings of paint right outside the doorway. She called over to me with a sort of confused tone “where you painting near the bathroom at all today?” Quick, think of something I mumbled quietly to myself. “Ummm no… I uh thought I heard someone at the door so I uhhh walked to the top of the steps to listen.” “Okay Kim said, if you say so” and proceeded on to her bedroom. I looked over after she had stepped in and realized she had left the door cracked open ever so slightly. I knew now that this had to be done intentional, but how do I act on it without looking like a complete pervert. I couldn’t get a perfect look from where I was standing on the ladder, but didn’t want to make it obvious by sliding it over either. I decided türkçe bahis to lean a little to my right and balance just enough to see through the crack in the door. There she was in all her glory. My hot mid 40’s neighbor with her huge tits and striped pussy, drying off in her bedroom for me to see. I guess the ecstasy of all that was going on made me lose my attention of balancing on a ladder and before I knew it, I was sailing solo across the bedroom crashing to the floor. It made a loud bang and Kim came darting out of her room, barely wrapped in her robe. “Oh my god! Are you okay?!” she asked. I felt my face get redder than an apple because of embarrassment. All I could mutter out was “yea I’m fine” “well what happened?! Were you painting or trying to do a balancing act up there?” I knew right then I was bagged. She wouldn’t of mentioned the balancing act joke if she hadn’t noticed that I was tilting myself half way across the room to get a glimpse of her ridiculous body. I just sat there staring up as she stood there looking me right in my eyes.

What Kim said next was exactly what I wanted to hear, but the last thing I ever expected in a situation like this. With a sexy grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye she said “Was it my big tits you were trying to look at or where you really trying to balance yourself on that ladder?” My eyes almost popped out of my head when I looked up at her. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her the truth or beat around the bush and say I was really painting. I figured hey what could I lose? She asked I might as well answer and I still to this day don’t know how she didn’t slap me in the face but I came right out and said it “to tell you the truth Kim, I really just wanted to see those big tits of yours”. “So why didn’t you just say something? Or at least make some sort of a move on me?” And with that she pulled me by my hand to stand up then pulled her robe off letting it fall to the floor. I was speechless. “Do you like?” All I could do was nod up and down.

Kim led me into her bedroom where she sat me on her bed. I didn’t know what to do. Do I throw her down and fuck her brains out, or do I let her make the move and be in control. I didn’t want to be to aggressive so I just slowly pulled her close to me and kissed her soft lips. A couple pecks led to an all out tongue lashing in each other mouths. I grabbed her right tit in my hand and lightly began to caress it. Immediately her nipple got hard, and so did my cock. They felt so perfect. As I was making my way across to her other tit I felt her had wander down to the waistband of my sweatpants. She reached in and grabbed hold of my 7 inch rock hard cock. A smile of approval came from the side if her mouth as we parted our kiss and she made her way to her knees. Before I could even think of what was really happening, Kim had my pants around my ankles and three quarters of my cock down her throat. I really felt like I was gonna cum within a minute of the blowjob, güvenilir bahis siteleri but I made my way to my senses and managed to hold back. She bobbed and swirled like it was her last meal before I knew I had to take control. I lifted her head up and removed my cock from her mouth. With a helping hand she stood up and ripped my shirt over my head. We both stood there completely naked.

I picked her up and slammed her to the bed with a little laugh. She loved every moment of it. I kissed my way from her right tit then back to her left. I made my way down her stomach till I reached the landing strip leading to her tight soaked pussy. When I parted her lips she let out a slight moan, before I dove in and ferociously licked her clit. This drove her crazy and she began running her fingers throw my hair begging not to stop. Within minutes of biting and licking her clit, she was screaming in ecstasy that she was going to cum What happened next was a surprise to me. Kim was a squirter and had flooded my mouth face and eyes with her pussy juice. I was in love but knew I couldn’t stop there. I stood up with my rock hard dick and with one thrust, buried it deep in her womb. I thought the windows were gonna break with the erotic scream she let out. “AGAIN! SLAM ME AGAIN!, HARDER!” So with her command I plunged my dick in to her pussy, this time just a little bit harder. Kim met my thrust with her own and we now had a synchronized fuck going as I stood at the edge of her bed pounding away as she moaned loader and loader. “HARDER, FASTER! DON’T STOP! IM GONNA CUMMMM!” With that Kim pushed me back and began rubbing her clit faster than anything. Again she flooded her sheets with her pussy juice.

I wasn’t quite done and still had another few minutes left in me. Without second guessing I climbed up on the bed and mounted her. I decided to slow it down this time and play with her huge tits as I maneuvered my cock in and out of her dripping cunt. Sucking on her tits and playing with her nipples started sending her over the edge again. She begged me to go fast so I picked my pace up just a little. With this Kim began to nibble at my ear and sucking on my neck. Little did she know that those where my weak spots and that I wasn’t going to last much longer after that. So I lifted her legs high in the air and began to pound away. “THAT’S IT… FUCK ME! CUM IN MY PUSSY YOU YOUNG STUD!” I knew with this dirty talk and those big tits bouncing around, that this wasn’t going to last long. So I fucked her as hard as I couldn’t thrust after thrust and moan after moan as I felt my cock beginning to pulse up inside of her pussy. “IM GONNA CUM!” “LEAVE IT IN ME BABY… FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR SEED!” So that I did. Three, four, five times my cocked pulsed until there was nothing left inside of my balls anymore. Where lay there kissing and fondling until it was time for me to be on my way.

Kim managed to find her way out of work early for the next three weeks. We fucked 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. After the three weeks was up, I wasn’t don’t painting, and we weren’t done fucking. It took me another 2 months two finish “the job”. That was the best job I had ever held in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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