The Best Teacher Ch. 02

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Barb pulled the black dildo out of her pussy and tossed it back in the case. She undid the nipple clamps and threw them after it. She rubbed her breasts with her palms and sighed. “Oh, God…it’s been too long.”

“I …. How do you fit that inside you?” Sarah asked. “It’s so big–are guys really that big?”

Barb laughed. “Not most of them. But hey you came out of there! If a pussy can handle a baby, it can handle any dick in the world. And you don’t have to get all stretched out or anything. It’s just a matter of having good muscle tone and control. There are exercises.”


“Oh yeah they’re called Kegels, after the doctor who invented them. It’s easy. Okay, just imagine you’re peeing, and the phone rings. Clamp down with the muscle you use to stop peeing. Got it?”

“Uh…I think so.”

“Okay, now let go and then tighten it again. Sometimes it helps to imagine you’re sucking something up into your vagina.”

“I think I can feel it…I’m not sure.”

“Stick your finger in. If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel a little squeeze. Of course, it’s even better with something bigger than a finger!” Sarah tentatively inserted her middle fingertip into her pussy and tried to squeeze. She thought she felt something, but wasn’t sure. “I don’t know–it’s hard to tell.”

“Try two fingers, or the little dildo.”

Sarah slipped her ring finger in and flexed her inner muscles again, this time feeling a gentle pressure on her fingers. “Oh….”

Her mom grinned. “Yeah now with a dildo, or better, a cock, you can really clamp down. I can come just from Kegeling. It took a lot of practice, but I’m sure you could learn it too. Why don’t you shove that dildo in and try it?”

Sarah picked up the smaller pink rubber penis and examined it. It was about five inches long and an inch thick. Even though it was smaller than the one her mother used, it seemed like a very large thing to have inside her. “Um…I’m afraid it’ll hurt I mean, I’ve never…never had anything but a finger up there, and not very far. And I kind of wanted to save my real virginity for a time with a guy. So it would be special, you know.” That was kind of true, at least she did have the fantasy of the first time with someone she loved, of giving him her virginity. But mostly, she knew she was just scared it would hurt.

“Well, it may hurt a bit the first time that’s one of nature’s dirty tricks on women, but it’s not that big a deal if you do it right. And as for saving your cherry for that special guy well, the odds are he’ll turn out to be not that special and all you’ll have done izmir escort is give him a trophy to boost his ego. And if the guy is that special, you won’t be able to enjoy fucking him as much because you’ll be too busy hurting and bleeding. It’s your choice, of course, sweetie, but I wish that when I fucked a guy the first time I’d prepared the way. I might have even had an orgasm if I had and that’s a lot better than the thrill of getting your cherry popped by somebody who’s not much more experienced than you and has no idea what you’re feeling or how to make it good for you even if he isn’t too focused on his own needs to care.”

Sarah felt herself blushing. “OK I guess you’re right, Mom.” She lay back and touched the tip of the dildo to the lips of her pussy, feeling a shiver inside as it brushed over her clit.

“Not so fast, honey. You need to get ready, not just jam it in. Lube it up and use the vibrator for a bit, so you’re really hot and wanting it. Also, when you’re really turned on, pain isn’t as bad it can even intensify pleasure sometimes.” Barb took a bottle from the case and squeezed clear lubricant into her hand, then rubbed it onto the dildo. She held the bottle out to Sarah. “Here put some on your pussy too. Work it up inside.” She squirted more into Sarah’s left hand, and Sarah rubbed the cold gel over her labia, pushing it up into her pussy with two fingers.

Barb handed her the vibrator. “OK, sweetie, now give yourself a good buzz when you feel like you’re pretty close, that’s the time.” Sarah looked up at her mother kneeling over her, smiling down, her brown nipples standing out. Barb grinned, winked, and stuck out her tongue. “You go, girl…come and go, that is.”

Sarah thumbed the switch on the vibrator and touched it to her clit. She was still in the afterglow of arousal from her last orgasm, and she immediately felt the delicious pulsing up into her belly. She moved the tip of the wand in slow, clockwise circles, and felt her hips begin to rotate in the opposite direction. She became suddenly aware of her nipples popping up, and was sure she could feel the air currents teasing them. She again touched the dildo to her labia, just stroking her lips as she might do with a finger, occasionally dipping it inside just a fraction of an inch. She felt the growing warmth and wetness inside, felt her juices, mixed with lube, ooze out and trickle down between her legs to her bottom.

Suddenly she felt something she had never been aware of feeling before: at the center of her body, in the heart of this pulsating pleasure, she felt an emptiness, felt keçiören escort herself opening a space inside her, creating an urgent need to be filled. Her heart was racing, with a blend of desire and something like terror at the same time. She spread her legs wider and slipped the dildo inside her, just a bit farther than before. She pushed gently she couldn’t tell how far in it was, but it felt enormous, stretching the elastic sides of her vagina. She pushed a little more and met resistance. She wiggled the dildo from side to side, tried squeezing as she’d just been taught, and felt a shock of pleasure that seemed to run up her spine, sparking her nipples and jolting her brain. She pushed again and felt a sharp twinge of pain, pulled back. She tried it once more, felt the pain again and pulled back once more.

Tears of frustration rose to her eyes as she thrust against the vibrator, felt the waves rising within her, felt the gaping hole at the center of her that she didn’t dare to fill. “I can’t, Mom, I can’t! I’m scared! I want to so bad, I want to but I can’t, it’ll hurt, I can’t do it to myself help me!”

Barb put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “That’s alright honey, just relax,” she said gently. “We’ll take care of it it’ll be all right.” She moved between Sarah’s legs and took the girl’s hand from the base of the dildo. Only the head was inside. She moved Sarah’s hand upward and placed it over the girl’s breast, covering it with her own hand and moving in a circular motion over the nipple. She took her hand away and Sarah continued to caress her own breast as Barb grasped the dildo in her right hand. With her left she took the vibrator from Sarah and said, “It’s OK honey, it’ll be fine, Mommy will take care of everything.”

Barb set the vibrator aside and touched Sarah’s clit with her finger, stroking gently. Sarah moaned, her eyes closed, tears flowing from their corners. She pulled frantically at both nipples. Barb probed gently with the dildo, feeling the resistance as it pressed against Sarah’s hymen. She increased the pressure and speed of her finger on Sarah’s clit. Sarah began to whimper, short rapid panting sounds that were almost sobs. They came quicker as Barb’s finger worked steadily, their pitch and intensity rising. Barb moved the dildo in and out, gently pressing against the tender membrane.

Then Sarah drew a sharp, loud, breath and her face twisted into a grimace. Barb thrust hard with the dildo as her daughter convulsed in orgasm, her gasp of pleasure and release suddenly blending with a sharp cry of pain as Barb thrust into her again, demetevler escort then a third time, before pulling the dildo out of Sarah’s pussy and tossing it aside, shiny with lube, vaginal juices, and a red glaze of blood. She saw Sarah’s virgin hymeneal blood dripping from her still-quivering pussy, staining her labia and inner thighs.

“Oh honey, it’s OK, Mommy will make it better,” she cried, and she bent to kiss away Sarah’s blood and pain, pressing her lips to her daughter’s dripping vagina, licking away the blood, thrusting her tongue into the throbbing hole and finally zeroing in on the nub of Sarah’s clit, licking and sucking frantically, murmuring in a wordless soothing tone as the younger woman’s cries subsided, then as her breathing began to accelerate again, mounting within seconds to a scream as she thrust her hips against her mother’s probing tongue and drummed her heels on the mattress in another orgasm.

Barb continued to kiss Sarah’s labia and thighs as the girl’s breathing slowed. Then she moved to lie beside her, taking Sarah in her arms with her head on Barb’s breast, stroking her hair and cuddling her. “It’s OK now honey. Are you feeling better? It’ll be all right.” She could feel Sarah’s tears dripping onto her breast.

“Oh Mom I love you,” Sarah sobbed. Barb hugged her tighter. Sarah felt her mother’s firm nipple press against her cheek, and by instinct turned toward it. Her lips found it and she began to suck, tentatively at first, then harder. “Oh baby,” Barb moaned, “Oh, you always sucked so hard…you were such a barracuda when you nursed…oh my God….” Sarah circled the little button with her tongue, sensing her mother’s mounting tension. Her leg found its way between her mother’s thighs, and she felt them clamp down, felt Barb grinding against her leg.

Sarah knew what she wanted to do, knew that if she hesitated she would lose her nerve. She took a deep breath, let go of the nipple, and dived southward. She saw her mother’s pussy before her, and without letting herself think about what she was doing, she pressed her lips against it and thrust her tongue into the dripping hole. The musky aroma filled her nostrils, and she felt her own belly contract in sympathy. She swirled her tongue around Barb’s clit, lapping up the fragrant juices. She thrust two fingers inside, again feeling amazement that she could be so close to the source of her own birth.

It took almost no time Barb suddenly screamed, “Oh fuck, oh yes, I’m coming!” and pulled Sarah’s face up to hers, kissing her frantically, thrusting her tongue deep into Sarah’s mouth, wrapping her legs around Sarah’s hips and grinding her mound against Sarah’s. Sarah felt her own orgasm erupt in sympathy, thrust back against her mother’s passion, and felt the world spin and fade. She again collapsed onto her mother’s breast, and almost immediately drifted into sleep.

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