The Bet Ch. 01

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It’s the dog days of summer and hot as hell. Days like today make me thankful that our family owns a pool. Having a pool, made our house a go-to for my sister and I’s friends. Since college started though, all our friends have shipped off to college and have their own lives to attend to. My sister and I have returned home for summer break with no particular lives to attend to. So today it is only her and I enjoying the splendors of our family pool.

“I’m hot,” my sister Claire stated out loud. Not really towards me, but just a plain statement out loud. I looked across the pool from my comfortable chair and umbrella, towards her. She was currently splayed out on her lounging chair, soaking up sun rays I would rather avoid. Her above average chest pulled her tiny bikini top tight across her breast, with the bottoms not leaving much to the imagination either. I only ever viewed her in a sexual way, when I took the familial aspect away and just looked at her as the woman she was. And right now I was just soaking in the sheer amount of skin she was tanning right now. Any other time, she was my annoying yet loving little sister.

“Then get in the pool and cool off, you dork,” I finally replied, pulling my eyes away from her gorgeous body. She glanced over to me and sat up with her legs spread over the sides of the lounge chair. With me sitting directly across from her, I could see the hints of a camel-toe forming. Thank goodness I had sunglasses on, or my stare would cause some uneasy questions between us probably. She sat there soaking up the sun, as I continually stared at her legs and other parts I could see. I began wondering why I was ogling my own sister so much. I just played it off in my mind that it was the fact that I hadn’t had a girlfriend since winter. It’s not like I am ugly or unlucky with the girls, but my partying and dating life started to effect my grades immensely. I decided to cut both avenues off and focus, which caused my “game” to suffer. But it didn’t really bother me any to not date, even though since I got home I hadn’t really gone out of my way to find a new girlfriend. So I guess just an overly horny mind was taking over my thoughts.

“But the pool is boring, come play with me.” She whined. My horny brain twist that last part of her statement, but I quickly shook it off.

“What are we 12? You can keep yourself entertained.” I chuckled back, as I leaned back in my chair. I was trying to not let her impending charms (or assets) convince me to play in the sun. It was too late as when I looked back, she was already bounding around the pool towards me, her breast jiggling softly.

“Come on Mark, pleeeeease?” She pleaded, taking the chair next to me. I sighed and thought for a moment. If she wanted to play, we were going to play. I got up out of my chair suddenly and took the few steps over to her. She was a bit taken aback at my quick movement, not sure what I had planned. I scooped her out of her chair and in my haste grabbed her right under the boob. With her top straining to cover everything, my hand touched bare skin of her soft under-breast. I turned around, and without word, threw her into the pool. She quickly emerged from the water gasping for air, and obviously not happy.

“You ass! I didn’t want to get my hair wet!”

“You wanted to play, so we’re playing my game.” I grinned.

“Well I don’t see you in the pool now do I?” She complained back. I smiled a wicked smile back at her. “No, no, no.” But it was too late. I was mid-air, with my cannon ball aimed right next to her. As I sunk lower into the water, I knew she was going to be mad, oh well, she asked for it. I came up for air finally, but Claire wasn’t there anymore. As it turns out, she was waiting behind me to dunk me under, which she did. I let her dunk me a few more times as revenge, or it might be the fact that every time she dunked me, she would jump up in the air and let her boobs bounce fabulously.

“Happy now?” I asked, finally allowed to get a full breath in.

“Never!” She giggled. I turned to run from her, but she was too quick, and jumped onto my back, trying to sink me once again. Her soft breasts pressed against my back. From either the shock of the cold water, or the excitement of playing, I could feel her hard nipples pressing through her thin bikini topo. I tried not to focus on her breasts, but that tricky ADD thing made it hard for me not to.

We played back and forth for a while, splishing, splashing, and dunking each other. There was a tension in the air, but not a bad one, but more of a sexual one. We weren’t kids anymore so the skin on skin contact was starting to effect me differently from when we were young kids doing the same thing. After a couple throws into the air for Claire, I started to feel the effects of seeing her beautiful curves jiggle. My loins started to react slowly and slowly until it was at full strength. I’m not Mr. Super-Endowed, but when I am fully erect, it is very hard to miss. I tried as hard as I could güvenilir bahis to hide it and let it go down, but the more I tried to shy away from her, the more Claire chased after me.

“Timeout, timeout,” I protested.

“You out of breath big bro?”

“Yeah, give me a minute.”

“Poor thing,” she teased. “Must be tiring dragging that thing around.” I looked at her wide-eyed. She pointed down to my crotch. I was at a loss for words. “Don’t worry Mark, I’m not mad. It’s just…weird…since your sister caused that.”

“Sorry,” was all I could muster.

“Like I said, it’s okay. Am I really the reason for that?” She asked sheepishly.

“Well yeah. You are extremely beautiful sis.” I confessed. She started to blush slightly. “But it might have more to do with the fact that it’s been awhile.” I tried to rationalize more to myself than convince her.

“Since you had…sex?”

“Well yeah, that or have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, that’s weird.” She pondered.

“What’s weird?”

“That you’re single. Most of my girlfriends would jump at the chance to date you. Sometimes I would have to beg them to shut up when they would fawn over you.” This actually surprised me a little bit. I know her friends had cute little crushes, but not much more than that.

“Well call one of them over, I’m single and ready to mingle,” I said in my best mock suave voice. Claire rolled her eyes and splashed water at my face. The time talking and not focusing on my sister’s body had helped my erection calm down.

“What would you like to do now?” I asked.

“Are you okay now?” She replied looking down at the water.

“Yes you pervert, stop looking down there,” I teased.

“Me?! Like I haven’t noticed you ogling here and there.” It was my turn to start blushing a bit. I wasn’t as slick as I thought I was.

“I’m sorry.” I said solemnly.

“I was only joking Mark, but now I do know you have been perving at me.” Without letting me speak she changed the subject. “What should we do now?” I thought for a moment and shrugged my shoulders, not knowing what to say or do as I was still swimming in my embarrassment. “How about a jumping contest? Like we used to as kids.” I knew exactly what she meant. As kids we would often hold a competition, sometimes multiple times each day. We would line up at a certain point on around the pool and see which of us could jump farther. When we first started doing this she would win almost every time. But, as we grew up and puberty caught up with us, I began to win more and more.

“Sure, if you don’t mind losing once more,” I joked. She proceeded to punch my lightly in the arm, and then began to swim towards the stairway out of the pool. She slowly (or slowly in my brain) swayed out of the pool. He bikini bottom had ridden up and her perfect shaped ass teased my eyes. I shook my head out of the have and tried not to pop another boner. I took a deep breath and followed her out of the pool. We took our positions on each side of the diving board. Claire and I exchanged one last competitive look and smirk. Without a word exchanged we both took off towards the pool. We both leapt as far as we could and simultaneously hit the water.

We both emerged from the water, each surveying where we had landed, trying to determine who had won. I looked further down the pool to see if I had beaten an all-time best, but noticed something floating away. I turned towards Claire to ask her what the item was and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. In front of me was my little sister, who was now fully topless and fully unaware. Her top must of came off with the impact of the splash and we’re currently drifting off. But now in front of me were her big bountiful breast, and they were glorious with perfect shape and size, with no drop or sag, and with perfectly sized and lightly colored areolas. After a few moments of gawking at her Claire noticed my staring and followed my eye sight to her uncovered breast. She shrieked in horror and covered what she could with her arms.

“Get my top!!” She commanded. My brain had froze and could not compute. “Stop staring and help me Mark!” She half yelled and half cried. The sadness in her voice snapped me out of it, and I quickly swam over to her top. I handed it over and turned my head to give her some privacy as she replaced he bikini top. The image of her breast had already burned into my brain, and it was causing another, and harder, erection to form. I cursed myself for having that reaction to Claire twice in such a small span of time. I tried to think of baseball or college homework, but Claire swam past me and broke my concentration. She was cursing under her breath and saying other things I couldn’t hear. She exited the pool, grabbed a towel and sat under the umbrella with her head in her hands. I swam up to her, not wanting to creep he out with my new erection, especially since she knew about the last one and was really embarrassed right now.

“Claire, its okay. It happens türkçe bahis to everyone.” I tried to comfort her.

“Your thingy has never popped out,” she shot back. I tried to think of what to do to make her feel better. I thought for a moment.

“Well I’m pretty sure you won the jump contest,” I finally told her.

“We both know I didn’t. I haven’t won in two years. Not since you started playing basketball.”. She replied without looking up at me. I sighed, thinking of what else I could do. Instead of lying, I started to think I could be very open with her.

“Well I know I shouldn’t say this,” I started. Claire looked up at me, confused and sad at the same time. “But those were the nicest pair of breast I have ever seen.”. She stared at me for a moment, but a tiny smile crossed he face. Almost as if she was fighting the smile.

“You’re just saying that to be nice.”

“No seriously Claire. I just didn’t think that’s something you should hear from your brother.” Her smile faded and she was once again upset. As her big brother, it broke my heart to see her like this and I felt like it was my duty to do anything to make her truly feel better. I thought and thought until a crazy idea crossed my mind. I looked down at my still straining erection and could not believe what I was about to do, but it was worth it to distract her from her embarrassment. I waded over to the steps, took a huge breath and exited the pool, stiffy and all. I strode over to my sister and gulped as I asked, “still thinking I’m lying?” She slowly looked up and her eyes grew huge, noticing the tent I was pitching again.

“Oh my God Mark!” She giggled, shocked but instantly in better spirits.

“And now I am embarrassed as well.” I said stealing he towel and covering my crotch, and took my seat under the umbrella as well. I took a few deep breaths, happy I had cheered he up, but worried I might be going to far with sexual stuff with my own sister. I knew there was a line we were approaching, but I had no clue how close we were both willing to getting to it.

“I can’t believe you did that.” She chuckled.

“Well I did, and now I’m embarrassed as well.” I replied, leaning back in my chair. I glanced over at Claire, who was looked like she was contemplating something in her mind.

“Well yours didn’t actually popped out, so we aren’t the same level embarrassed,” she said, now acting like she was upset again. I looked at her puzzled, not sure how to take her last statement. Was she insinuating what I thought she was? Did she want my “thingy” to pop out? That definitely would crossed the line we were getting close to.

“Claire, are you trying to say you want to see my dick?” I asked, cutting to the chase. She thought for a moment, probably thinking which way to take in this fork in the road of our rapidly evolving relationship today.

“Well I’m just saying, you saw me fully topless, and you are still clothed down there,” she hinted. Something in her tone perplexed me. She sounded almost anxious, almost hopeful she would see my dick.

“Claire, have you ever seen a penis before?”. She instantly got shy and turned red. This somewhat shocked me. My sister was a beautiful girl and has had a few boyfriend’s in her life. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to assume she was a virgin and none of those dickwads had gotten the chance with my beautiful sister. But still I was perplexed by this info. “How’s that possible sis? You were quite popular with the boys in high school if I remember correctly.”

“Okay 1. I have not seen one in person, even though I have received my fair share of unwanted dick pics. 2. I won’t do anything with a guy unless I truly love him, and I have never come close to loving any of those guys. And 3. You are the first guy to ever see my boobs, so I guess in some way I’m asking you to truly make us even.” I sat there shocked to her all this from my sister, plus how she kind of exploded with all of it.

“Is that why you got so upset? Because I was the first one to see you topless?” I postulated.

“It wasn’t necessarily that. I guess it was more of a shock than anything. I mean that wouldn’t be the moment I would have chosen to expose my breast to a boy, but it did happen and I guess I’m happy that it was you. I love you so much and I trust you so in a way it was a good outcome.” She was pulling at the heart strings.

“Okay.” I took a very deep breath. “Do you truly want us to be ‘even’?” I asked, leaving her to choose which path our relationship would take. She locked eyes with me and smiled softly.

“Yes,” was all she said, almost in a whisper. Before I could let either of us change our minds, I undid the string of my trunks and pulled my trunks down to my knees, letting my dick spring free. Claire gasped at the sight, but soon pulled her chair up closer to me. My dick stood at full attention still, almost glistening there in the sun from the pool water. My sister had no words, but unintentionally inched closer and closer to güvenilir bahis siteleri my penis. I felt so exposed at that moment, but this was what Claire wanted I kept telling myself over and over.

After what seemed like an hour we both heard the unmistakable sound of our garage door opening. I whipped my trunks back on and started tying them back up as we stared at one another. We both knew this was not the end of this, but just the end for now. We grabbed our towels, dried off enough to enter the house and see who had arrived.

It turned out that our mother was returning home after a short day at work and picking up a few groceries. We helped her put away things, then went our different ways, probably knowing we both knew we needed a while to think about what had just happened. Claire decided to return to the pool area to pick up a bit and enjoy the sun and the little bit more for the day, as I chose to cool off and take a shower. I went to my bedroom, stripped off and entered the shared bathroom, that sat between Claire and I’s bedrooms. I started to run the water, and as I waited for the perfect temperature, I tried to clear my thoughts. However no matter what I did, my thoughts returned to Claire and then to her breasts. My erection never really subsided, but it did enough to be around mother without incident. Now with my sister’s tits returning to my brain, I was again at full strength. I finally entered the shower, full of pent up sexual tension. Thinking with my dick and not my brain, I started stroking with images of Claire in my head. Even if I tried to change the image in my brain to some old girlfriend or fling, it would just come back to the gorgeous breasts of my sister. Since I was pent up for most of the afternoon, it didn’t take much and I was soon erupting all over the shower wall.

Now clean and satisfied, I exited the shower renewed yet conflicted. Claire and I obviously had taken our sibling relationship to a different place, but neither of us probably knew exactly how far we were willing to take it. It was one thing to see each others naughty bits, but anything more might take us to a place that would ruin our relationship for good. That is something I did not want to happen obviously. I decided that when the chance arose that I would iron out all these feelings and thoughts with Claire.

I began to dry off when something caught my eye. The door from the bathroom to my room was open slightly. This perplexed me as I knew I had shut it completely when I entered the bathroom. I dried off a bit more and wrapped the towel around my waist. I peered through the cracks into my bedroom, but saw nothing out of place. I was still cautious and quietly slid the door open and entered the bedroom. I scanned the room for any clues of Claire or my mother being in my room until a blaringly obvious pair of feet caught my eye. They were sticking out from under my bed, with the her tell-tale nail polish giving her away. I thought for a moment how I wanted to proceed.

I sighed and announced out loud, “Hmm since Claire is outside still, I think I’ll go snoop through her room. Maybe I’ll find some blackmail material.” I pursed my lips, trying not to snicker.

“Hey! You better not!” I heard come from under the bed. Claire quickly tried to escape from under the bed.

“Claire, oh my goodness, I didn’t know you were down there,” I said in a mock surprised tone. She finally freed herself from under the bed and narrowed her eyes at me. She was now wearing some tight jeans shorts and a tiny shirt to give her a little bit of modesty.

“Hardy har har, I take it you knew I was under there?”

“Yup, but there is one thing I don’t know.”

“What’s that?”

“Why you were under there?” She paused before answering.

“I know it looks bad, but I really wasn’t trying to spy on you. I came in here to talk to you, and noticed the shower was running, so I peaked my head in to maybe talk to you in there, that’s when I noticed you were…” She trailed off.

“Sounds like spying to me,” I accused jokingly.

“I swear I wasn’t trying to!” She defended.

“Just because you didn’t mean to, doesn’t take away from the fact that you stayed for a show.” I smiled and walked over to her. “And now, you have seen a lot more of me.” I gave her a big hug to let her know I wasn’t upset, and just messing with her. As I pulled back, my towel caught on her jean buckle. My towel unwrapped itself, and left me fully exposed once again. For some reason I didn’t feel the need to cover up quickly, as she had already seen it all before. Claire tried to act like she was looking away when she noticed, but she quickly gawked at my exposed penis.

“Well shall we talk now?” I asked casually.

“Don’t you want to cover up?” She asked even though I knew she really didn’t want me to.

“Well how I see it, you owe me some gawking on your body, so I’m just adding more and more time, so we’re ‘even.'” In actuality I was getting a huge kick out of teasing the hell out of her. Her eyes were glued to my cock, but it was okay since I was letting her look. I cleared my throat trying to gain her attention once more. She finally broke he gaze downward and looked me in the eye.

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