The Black Panther Ch. 3

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Greetings one and all, Jason Macquarie here with the next installment of The Black Panther escapades which will prove, I hope, a nail biting penultimate to the conclusion that is coming soon. As will be recalled in the previous chapter, the insatiable Ruth, the Black Panther, so named because of a huge tattoo across her torso, subjected me to a rather strange but immensely enjoyable anal fuck session. Since fair is fair I decided that I would get even and subject her to some pretty strong sexual stimulation as well. I knew from our very first encounter that she was dying to try it with another women but had yet to find someone who expressed a discrete interest in bi-sexuality. Being from a small religious insular community that task would prove difficult if not impossible although I had a pretty good idea of who to rope in.

Allow me to elucidate. About six months prior to these little adventures taking place, I was sitting at my teller’s window serving customers, as was my job. The day was busy given that it was a Friday and the weather was incredibly bad, very cold with torrential rain. One of my colleagues has a daughter named Tabitha whom I’d met on several previous encounters at the bank; a very pretty, well proportioned young girl, 18 years old and studying cuisine at the local TAFE college. On the day in question she joined the queue but was allowing other customer in front of her so that when her turn came she came straight to me. I noticed this of course and made sure I was as efficient with my current customer as possible. Tabitha, upon her arrival at my window, got straight to the point and invited me to a party next day at the nearby town of Denmark. I of course agreed and we made the necessary plans.

The following day was no better than the previous and suddenly this party was not looking so good. I, however, stuck to my word and arrived at the designated pickup point with all the essentials, warm clothing, sleeping bag, booze and of course condoms. Given that Tabitha was 18 she was unable to drink or drive (who is these days?) despite owning her own car. Therefore I drove and was badgered into buying booze not only for Tabitha but also for her two mates who tagged along, not that I minded really. So off we went arriving in Denmark an hour or so after lunch and we headed straight to Wilson’s Inlet just on the coast. The waves were horrendous and not surprisingly there was a distinct lack of surfers. Tabitha and her buddies immediately tucked into the booze and smoke whilst I, disappointed, was left to contemplate the coming events with an unclouded head.

Several hours later we decided to head to the party but the directions given resembled little to the local topographical features and we became hopelessly lost on roads that were about to be washed away. We managed to find a Roadhouse and Tabitha’s two friends exited the car to seek some assistance. That left Tabitha and I alone in the car and this was when she decided to tuck into an oversized bottle of Smirnoff. We made plenty of nervous small talk but was incredibly shy around me. All day she rarely looked directly at me rather stealing glances from a distance. For my part I was a little uncomfortable in her presence also and I began repeatedly glancing out of the rear view mirror looking for the return of the two girls whom I seemed to get along with a lot easier.

Without warning there was an unnaturally loud knock on the passenger side window that scared the shit out of the car’s occupants. Tabitha wound down the window and was met by the two girls who announced that some other revellers were on their way and would meet us in about twenty minutes and guide us to the party. Was I ever relieved but was surprised and disappointed to learn that they were going to wait out the time in the Roadhouse where it was a lot warmer. When asked to accompany them Tabitha announced her intention to remain with the car and out of politeness I agreed also.

So more small talk güvenilir bahis followed but the vodka was having an effect and Tabitha and I were becoming more relaxed in each other’s company. At one point I cracked a joke to which Tabitha found immense hilarity followed by a moments silence but just as I was about to turn towards her again and say something equally as witty, my neck was attacked by a hungry and wet mouth. Within an instant, Tabitha’s arms were around me, her mouth moving up to my mouth and a second later we were kissing passionately, tongues intertwined, and lips all over the place.

To say I was surprised was an understatement but I quickly regained control of the situation and began reciprocating with earnest. My hands quickly went for her breasts that I’d noticed earlier were large and firm. Just what I like and I wasn’t disappointed. My right hand snaked its way inside her clothing until it reached those bra-clad beauties. Her hands were busy also and within seconds she had freed my prick and began giving me a rather clumsy hand job. My ministrations on her breasts combined with the mind bending effects of alcohol and cigarettes was beginning to have an arousing effect on my eighteen year old charge and her actions soon had me fully erect. She alternated from kissing me on the lips to licking and biting my neck with her right arm around me and her other jacking me off.

After several minutes of playing with her breasts I moved down to her crotch, shit she was hot down there and damp also! Thankfully for me she’d taken the liberty of wearing button up jeans and so I had no trouble taking these down only to realise that I’d discovered a river. A river of pussy juice that instantly filled the cramped confines of the car with its heady aroma. I began easily finger fucking her young hairy pussy occasionally and teasingly massaging her clit. Within seconds she had disengaged her ruthless lip lock, sitting back in the seat Tabitha gripped both the hand brake and door handle, arched her back and began yelling in pleasure, her eyes screwed up in pain humping her groin onto my hand. She came real hard and actually ejaculated onto my hand. At first I thought she had peed but since this fluid had greater viscosity I figured it must be pussy juice. Hey I was only 21 at the time and this was the first time any women had physically come and I was of the opinion that the female ejaculation was a mere urban myth.

Once she had recovered she resumed her kissing but did not immediately go back to my pressurised member. I was thinking that she must have been getting ready to go down on me but soon seconds became minutes and those minutes began to advance. I realised that despite this passionate trip she was actually quite inexperienced but then she was only eighteen and it was naïve for me to think that she would behave like all those porno stars. So if I was going to get any pleasure I had to take command and this I did without any further ado.

With my left arm, I began to move her head down to my rock hard diamond cutter. She shifted down further between my legs and seemed to be just staring at my rod. Her hand finally came up and hesitantly touched my cock and it jerked in response. I wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began moving it up and down. Nervously she mumbled, “It’s so hard!” I took my hand away, letting her masturbate me on her own. “Do I, do I put it in my mouth?” Of course what else are you down there I thought? “Please baby. It’ll feel so good.” Without responding she opened her mouth and took my cock head in, her tongue licking around and over it. “Oh God Jenny, That’s it! That’s great!” I groaned, watching her blow me and to my surprise she wasn’t actually that bad although on a couple of occasions her teeth got in the way causing me to wince. She stopped and smiled up at me, then sucked my cock again, her hand still pumping me. After nearly five minutes I told her that I was getting ready to cum and asked türkçe bahis her if I could fill her mouth.

“Yeah if you’d like.” She said nonchalantly and with that she took me into her mouth, sucked my cock and really started jacking me off while her tongue licked all around. “Oh yeah Tabitha here it comes!” I screamed a minute later, filling her mouth with hot sticky wads of semen but there was just too much for her to handle. She swallowed twice, and then pulled away, my cum dripping from her mouth, the rest squirting from my throbbing cock, splattering her face and my stomach. She giggled watching it stream out. “Was that all right?” she asked me, smiling. “Perfect baby.” I replied truthfully. She smiled even more at the compliment then used her fingers to get my cum off her face before swallowing it. Just as I had managed to clean myself up with some tissue there was another knock at the window. The steam of a passionate couple obliterated this time the interior view, which was just as well since the few second delay allowed the two of us to present as respectable an appearance as possible.

It was the other two informing us that it was time to head off to the party. The journey only took five minutes although that was plenty of time for Tabitha to take several additional slugs of vodka. The party was pumping but the weather was still horrible and there was a risk that we may become bogged down in the mire so I chose a place close to driveway on as flat a ground as was available. The four of us got out of the car and began walking around; Tabitha was making it clear that she wished to return to the more salubrious confines of the car. She was feeling me up without any shame whatsoever and to be honest I was reacting to her entreaties besides it was bone chillingly cold and the stinging rain was battering my face. At that point in time I wanted to be back in the car as well.

This time Tabitha seemed like a different woman, the additional vodka had given her more confidence and she began to take charge. As soon as I was in the back of the car, she had my jeans down and was sucking away as if her life depended on it and surprisingly there were no teeth. After several minutes she disengaged and sat up facing me. She took off her top and bra to reveal those exquisite breasts, which, only illuminated by the lights of the house, looked magnificent. As she was fumbling with her jeans and shoes I took the opportunity to slip of the condom and began slowly jacking off in anticipation. I was stoked and really wanted to bang her hard. When she was ready, Tabitha crawled onto my lap and started squirming, stroking my cock until it got real hard and popped up between her legs. She rubbed her pussy up and down against my cock. I rubbed my sheathed cock head against her cunt, getting it nice and wet with her juice.

“Are you ready babe?” I asked her. She assured me she really wanted it and so I guided my cock to her dripping aromatic snatch and pressed in. There was no resistance at all although she was tight, she slammed right down onto my pole until she hit bottom. She let out a low guttural moan so I remained still allowing her to become used to the sensation, not moving, holding her soft body and kissing her sensitive nipples. Now I’m not huge but she would have stretched a bit to get all of me in but after a few minutes I judged that she was primed and ready to go so I lifted her up and pulled her back down onto me. I fucked her very gently for a few strokes then began to speed up and become a little rougher since her tight but slick and hot pussy was really sealing me into her.

The sensation of being gripped by a white hot vice was making my head swim in delirious pleasure. She soon took the hint from my motions and fucked me back slowly, rocking back and forth, my cock entering and re-entering her. Several minutes later, I wrapped my arms around her, held her to me and rolled over as best as possible in the tight confines of the car until güvenilir bahis siteleri we achieved something resembling the missionary position. She looked down to see my cock pummelling away at her cunt and smiled at me. God she felt good! Tabitha, due to her inexperience, was moaning a lot from the pleasure but saying little in the way of encouragement or dirty talk but that didn’t matter at all. I moved my hand down her love nest and began to massage her clit and as expected this set her off on her road to a liquid climax. Moments later she sat bolt upright, her hips grinding into me, yelling as she came. I could feel her liquid emissions spilling out of her super heated engine.

Once the waves of pleasure had subsided, Tabitha relaxed back into the seat and I withdrew in preparation of my own orgasm. I whipped off the condom and began wanking my plutonium rod. I was close and knew that despite an earlier orgasm this impending one was going to be strong and messy. I instructed Tabitha to open her mouth and stick her tongue out which she did willingly and seconds later, with all the force of a runaway locomotive I came. It was so good and so very strong. My cock was pulsing with overwhelming jolts of electricity and I pumped what felt like litres of come over my eighteen year old fuck toy. My orgasm lasted forever and when I regained my senses and looked down. Poor Tabitha was literally drowning in cum, I mean it was everywhere; her hair, face, eyes, mouth, neck and chest. She was giggling away and her merriment caused me to collapse in laughter as well. The first priority was to clean up and then we held each other close, enjoying the sensations for a while before being forced by Nature to seek shelter under the sleeping bags.

I asked Tabitha if she wanted to re-join the party but she wasn’t keen and in fact suggested that we ditch it and head back to my place for some more fun and games. That was a great idea for it was miserable weather and certainly not weather conducive to partying. Once we got ourselves organised, we made a discreet exit and headed back to my house and indulged in more of the same. That night sparked the beginning of an excellent friendship, we became very close without actually venturing into a relationship. Neither of us wanted that and was content to be the best of friends and fuck whenever the desire took us. At one point, several months later when drunk Tabitha made a comment about wanting to sleep with a woman as part of a threesome but I had not really thought anything of it until a few days after my silent encounter with Ruth (described in the previous chapter).

The night following my encounter with Ruth I received a visit from Tabitha who was in the habit of popping around whenever she felt like it. Over a bottle of wine, the conversation became quite intimate and I inevitably broached the question. “Remember when you said that you’d like to sleep with a woman? Did you really mean that?” I asked with delectable anticipation. “Oh yeah. Why do you ask?” She saw the twinkle in my eye then added, “What are you up to?” A huge grin broke across my countenance and I replied with devilish glee, “I believe that I may have found someone who is also interested.” By now Tabitha’s interest was piqued and I spent about five minutes describing Ruth, her looks and what she liked. Now Tabitha has never really shown any real interest in anal sex but now that it was mentioned her eyes lit up in curiosity. “She sounds really fiendish. I’d like to meet her.” I said that I’d talk to Ruth and see what I could do. Believe me all the stops were going to be pulled out for this one. I had arranged to cook dinner for Ruth and myself on Thursday so with the speed of light I rearranged my plans, knowing that Ruth would be right up for it, and asked Tabitha “Okay then, what are you doing Thursday night?”

I really enjoy reminiscing about my past sexual encounters and do appreciate the voting and the feedback that I receive. As I’m in the process of writing my very first non-fiction book I would appreciate any comments that you may have on the writing style or content of my submissions to Literotica as this will assist me to pen a truly first rate manuscript

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