The Black Stone Pt. 12

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Marks phone was ringing as they got back into the car after lunch. Glancing at the screen he was surprised to see it was the Escort Agency’s landline calling. He barely had chance to say “hello” before Fiona, squealing with excitement was thanking him for the car.

“Oh my god, it is beautiful, love you so much. You are so kind and generous, problem though, I can’t drive!”

“Not a problem. Mr Shepley will be calling later, have booked you on intensive driving course with guaranteed pass.”

“But what about the agency? I still have appointments and so much to do.”

“Clear your diary, send someone else if necessary.”

As they chatted about business and how all the girls were getting on, Mark dropped Hanna and Sue off at a large shopping centre.

“How are you finding management, any problems, is Rosemary helping?”

“Rosemary isn’t here, she is in the Caribbean on a client’s yacht.”

“Thought I had asked her to stop doing appointment’s and concentrate on running the business?”

Sounding defensive “well she will be back tomorrow, you need to ask her.”

Assuring her “he would” he hung up, parked the car and walked back to find the girl’s.

After an afternoon of shopping they loaded the car up and headed for a hotel. Checking into the penthouse suite, Mark thought he could take a week or so to think about what he wanted to do.

As they were getting dressed for dinner, Sue and Hanna were asking lots of questions about the agency.

Sue, wanted to know “If she was pretty enough to be an escort and how much could she earn?”

“Well yes, of course your good enough. Most of the girls make around 2 to 5 grand a week.”

Almost in unison, both girls gasped and asked if “he would let them join the agency.”

Smiling, Mark explained that “neither of them owed him anything and they were free to do whatever they wanted.”

Mark said he would “call Fiona in the morning and arrange an interview for them”

Returning to the suite the girls started to try on the outfits, Mark undressed and reclined on the bed to watch the fashion parade. After an hour or so Mark was disappointed, neither girl seemed to understand what was required of his girls.

Sue was clumsy, her movement and poise were just not very feminine. Hanna was the prettier of the 2 but seemed to lack confidence and style. His concerns were temporarily forgotten as the girls returned to his bedroom. Getting onto the bed they started to kiss and caress him.

At 1st Hanna hung back watching as Sue sucked his cock and fondled his bollocks, wide eyed she watched as it stood fully hard and very thick. Unable to fit his cock in her mouth Sue nibbled and licked his bell end, using both hands she slowly stroked up and down his veiny shaft.

Mark was in heaven, what Sue lacked in femininity she more than made up for with her sexual skills. Reaching for Hanna he pulled her legs, straddling his face she gasped as his tongue found her exposed clit. In just a few seconds Hanna felt the warmth in her lower belly as her cunt ran with her juice.

Lifting her off his mouth he told Sue to sit on his cock. Ramming 2 fingers into Hanna’s soaking pussy he heard her yelp in surprise then purr in delight as he rammed in and out of her. Felling her start to cum he pulled her cunt apart and watched as it flexed, her juices streaming onto her fingers.

Hanna’s orgasm was intense and she slumped forward as the sparks continued deep in her pussy. Sue’s cunt was doing a good job on Mark’s cock but she had only taken about 6″. To Marks surprise Hanna pulled Sue off and rammed her cunt hard down on his cock, soon he was balls deep in her velvety softness.

Rocking her hips so her clitty was ground into Marks pubes she soon launched into another massive orgasm. As her tight almost virginal cunt squeezed and flexed Mark’s cock he shot several ropes of thick cum deep into her grasping cunt.

Watching Sue greedily lap at Hanna’s spunk filled cunt. Mark wished he had the stone with him as he wanted to jump into Hanna’s body to experience her ecstasy. The thought had barely left him as he felt the familiar feeling as he left his body.

Revelling in the feeling he always got as pure energy, he watched the 2 girls as they switched into a 69. He jumped into Hanna as Sue’s tongue brought her to her 3rd crashing orgasm. Of all the female orgasm’s Mark had experienced this was certainly the strongest.

Recovering, Hanna grazed her teeth on Sue’s engorged clit and rammed her tongue into her hole as far as she could. Jumping into Sue Mark enjoyed another crashing female orgasm. Jumping again he floated above the girls. Ecstatic that he no longer needed the stone to change body’s he jumped back to his own body as Sue started to work on his cock.

Exhausted, Hanna fell asleep as Mark rammed his swollen cock into Sue’s soaking cunt. Thrusting in and out of her, Mark could feel her bearing down on him as her juices ran down his cock soaking his bollocks. Digging canlı bahis her nails into Marks’s back as she bucked her hips to meet his thrust’s she finally forced his entire length into her pussy. Encased in her softness Mark cock felt like it was going to explode as he poured spunk into her.

Sharing the shower, Sue gently washed and rinsed Marks body before luxuriating under the hot water herself.

Telling Sue, he wanted to sleep alone she clambered into bed with the sleeping Hanna as Mark went to the 2nd bedroom

Mark was unable to sleep as he had so much on his mind. He really didn’t know what he was going to do with Hanna or Sue, unsure that either were up-to the standard he had come to expect. He wanted to track down Collette and urgently needed to speak to Rosemary about the business.

Finally making his mind up about Sue he fell into a fitful sleep.

Waking early, he decided to jump from his body and have a look around, without the limit’s a body imposed. Drifting into the girl’s bedroom, he took a moment to study Hanna’s body as she slept nude on top of the covers. She really was a stunning woman. Her tits although small were perfectly matched to her slim, lithe body. As Marks continued down he admired her firm arse and long toned legs.

Leaving the room, he wandered through several other rooms, before he came across a young couple. He watched as they kissed and cuddled, as the young man took one of her nipples into his mouth Mark jumped into her body. Not taking control of her Mark just luxuriated in the feelings as the young man entered her.

Realising that they were both inexperienced, Mark took partial control of her and angled her hips slightly so the young man’s thrusting rubbed her clitty. Feeling the man start to come Mark reached between the girl’s thighs and furiously rubbed her clit, giving the young lovers a simultaneous orgasm.

As Mark left the young lovers he heard the man say, “Fuck babe that was amazing.” The young girl embarrassed and confused could only nod in agreement.

After breakfast Mark said, “he had some business to attend to and the girls should catch a train, Fiona would be waiting to interview them at the other end.”

Chapter 2

Walking into Collette’s office he ignored the best efforts of the receptionist to stop him as he strode to Collette’s desk. Looking up, Collette visibly paled as she saw Mark and quickly ended the call.

Before either of them had chance to say much, 2 security guards grabbed Mark and attempted to restrain him. As the biggest of the 2 tried to grab Marks wrist’s the smaller man attempted a headlock. Mark ducked and twisted away as he landed a heavy blow to the smaller mans stomach. Looking at his colleague writhing in agony on the floor, the guard drew a telescopic night stick.

Mark felt totally calm and confident as he easily avoided the slashing blows of the night stick. Seeing his chance, Mark hit the big man with a savage body blow. Doubling up in pain Mark hit him with 2 heavy blows to the head, the 1st broke his eye socket. The second blow from Marks favoured right hand knocked his teeth out and broke the man’s jaw.

The receptionist gasped as she witnessed the speed that Mark dealt with the 2 men. Noticing her, Mark asked her “to call an ambulance and the police,” adding that “he hoped she would testify that he had acted in self- defence.” Looking at Collette she nodded dumbly and dialled 999.

After the Ambulance and police had left, exonerating Mark from any blame, he calmly took Collette for lunch.

Over the meal he said that “he needed 200k and expected Collette to put the money in his account by this afternoon.” Snorting with laughter she refused.

Leaning into her “Wouldn’t have thought you wanted to make an enemy of me, after all, if it wasn’t for me you would have nothing!”

“Are you threatening me Mark.”

“No, asking you for 200k to complete our business.”

Thinking about his physical power and special ability’s, Collette thought it “easier to just pay him.”

“Ok, come to the office at 5pm, will have cash.”

“Don’t want cash, send a wire transfer to this account.”

Giving her his account details, he growled “that’s it, don’t disappoint me.”

Driving north it was Marks 1st opportunity to appreciate his new F Pace as it ate the miles back to the agency. Parking on the drive of the house, it made him smile as he saw his old F type with L plates on it.

As he walked to the door it burst open as Mary, his sister, hugged and kissed him, laughing as he tried to answer her questions. Seeing his Mother, Ruth, standing at the door he felt his cock twitch.

Asking Mary if Rosemary was in, he decided to get business out of the way 1st. Going next door Mark saw a strange car on the drive, looking back at Ruth she just shrugged her shoulders. Trying Rosemary’s door, he was surprised to find it locked.

After waiting several minutes at the door Mark assumed that after 3 weeks in the Caribbean bahis siteleri she was jet lagged and had probably fell asleep on the sofa. Deciding to walk around the back of the house, Mark was shocked at the amount of rubbish down the side of the house.

Picking his way around the overflowing bin’s and rubbish, Mark peered into the kitchen window. Continuing around the house he came to some open Patio doors. Walking into the lounge he saw that the house was filthy and smelt strangely.

Wondering what was going on, Mark went upstairs as he could hear muffled sounds. Walking into the Master bedroom he saw Rosemary was sandwiched between 2 black guys. As Mark watched the guy in her arse pulled out and forced his cock alongside the other cock in her cunt. A 3rd guy was ramming his cock into her mouth.

Fascinated Mark watched as one spilt his load into her stretched pussy, this allowed the other guy to really hammer her hard and fast, grunting he rammed a huge dildo up her arse. Pummelling her hard he dropped his load into her. As the 3rd guy spun her round onto her knees they noticed Mark. Asking him “What the fuck boy, you pervert.” Mark continued to lean against the door frame

“Just watching you boys having fun with my women, so guess, I should be asking what the fuck is going on!”

Grinning the men kept coming towards him “We are fucking the bitch stupid.” The third man shot his load into Rosemary’s swamped cunt and joined his friends.

Sneeringly saying “When we done hurting you we going to have a lot more fun with her.”

“What, You 3 little boys are going to hurt me?” Enjoying a good chuckle Mark stood up straight and faced the 3 men. At least 1 of the men realised that something was wrong and hesitated. Rushing at Mark, heads slightly down they hoped to wrestle him to the floor and kick the shit out of him.

Jumping towards the rushing men he landed a crushing blow to one of their necks, the man instantly crumpled to the floor and laid still. The other man’s shoulder connected in Marks midriff and propelled him into the wall, grunting in pain Mark brought his elbow down in the man’s back. As the man let go the 3rd man joined him. Giving them no chance to recover Mark waded in his fists and feet causing the 2 men to back off, catching one off them with a savage uppercut lifted the man off the floor. Crashing to the floor bleeding heavily he didn’t get up. Turning to the last man, Mark saw only fear and panic on his face as he tried to back away.

Whimpering in fear and pain as Mark grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over to the bed, His eyes went wide with fear as Mark pulled the huge conical butt plug out of Rosemary’s Arse.

Pulling the tearful whimpering man down to the floor and putting the butt plug upright on the floor “sit on it, work it in to your arse”

Watching as he worked the tip and a little bit more into his arse. Mark waited until he had got about 3″ and the conical shape had stretched his arse hole a bit. Mark leapt forward and with all his strength and weight pushed the man’s body down onto the plug

Screaming the man tried to stand, falling over, he writhed in agony. Mark saw that he had got most of the plug in his arse and he was bleeding profusely from his arsehole. Soon the man passed out and was quiet, gathering Rosemary up Mark took her next door for Ruth to look at.

Chapter 3

Going back to Rosemary’s house Mark sat and waited for the 3 men to come around. Growing bored, he threw cold water over them. Finding out that Rosemary had picked the trio up on the plane did nothing to improve Marks mood. Assuring them that he ever saw their faces again they would be dead, they limped and dragged themselves to their car.

As Mark was locking up the house an Ambulance arrived next door and took Rosemary to Hospital, shortly a police car turned up. Not wanting to get involved with the police, Mark walked in the other direction and caught a bus to the railway station.

Getting a cab to the Hotel he walked into his suite and called Fiona.

“Hi, any news on Rosemary”

“Mark, where the hell did you go”

“I’m back in my hotel, thought I better stay away from the old bill in case the 3 dudes who beat Rosemary up decided to get chatty”

“3 dude’s?”

“Yeah, they won’t be beating any women up for a while”

Smiling to herself as she imagined what Mark had done to them Explaining that Ruth had called from the hospital “Rosemary was being kept in overnight, but should be out tomorrow.”

“Great, can I speak to my sister please, oh and tell Rosemary I need a chat ASAP”

Giving Mary the address of the hotel “he asked her to bring his car back for him.

“The blue Jaguar on the drive, you want me to drive your car?”

“Yeah, please be careful with it, only had it a couple of weeks.”

“Ok will pack a bag and leave in 15 minutes” she had hung up before he had chance to change his mind.

Laying on the bed, Mark suddenly felt very tired. Muttering bahis şirketleri “damn I must be getting old” he was asleep in minutes. The incessant ringing of his mobile woke him up nearly 2 hours later.

“Hi Mark, I am at the hotel, where do I park the car?”

Telling Mary “to park outside and the Valet would park it for her.” Feeling groggy from his deep sleep, he slid off the bed and jumped in the shower. Enjoying the multi jet shower he reluctantly turned the shower off, drying himself he saw his sister, Mary, watching him.

Grinning, he asked her to “order room service as he was starving.”

“You need a shave; don’t like stubble it makes me itch”

“OK Boss.” Throwing her a mock salute.

Freshly shaven, Mark walked into the lounge area. Tutting, he saw his sister’s discarded shoe in the middle of the room, bending to pick it up he saw her other shoe a few feet further on. “Messy cow” he thought as he bent to pick it up.

As his eyes adjusted to the gloom of the lounge after the bright light of the bathroom he saw a trail of clothes leading towards the bedroom. He picked up her discarded panties and inhaled the damp crotch. His cock grew raging hard as he smelt the delicious scent of his sister’s pussy juice.

The sight of his sister laying on the bed, gently rolling her nipple between her finger’s made Marks cock even harder. Mary’s cunt was sopping wet, as mark got closer he could see pearls of her nectar leaking from between her sex lips. Crawling between her spread legs he ran his tongue up her inner thighs. Just as his tongue reached the pool of girl cum in the crack of her arse, Mary grabbed his head and pulled him on top of her.

Mark’s cock didn’t need any help and soon he could feel the heat and wetness of her. Breaking their kiss “Push it in, I am so ready, I need your cock in my wet cunt.”

Mary had, had a lot of cock since Mark had last fucked her. The agency had been very busy, Mary was very popular, in the last month she had 34 appointments, 1 of them was a gangbang where she had serviced 12 men. As her brother’s cock forced its way deep into her pussy, Mary felt like she hadn’t had sex in months as her 1st orgasm hit her like an express train.

As the massive orgasm crested she could feel her pussy flooding. As Mark continued to pump his fat cock into her a 2nd orgasm, even more powerful than the 1st erupted from her core. As her whole body shook and writhed she thrust her pelvis up to meet Mark’s increasingly powerful thrusts as his cock shot rope after rope of thick spunk into his sister.

Resting on his elbows Mark stayed deep inside her, Mary continued to have small orgasm’s. Mark felt her cunt tighten onto his softening cock as she jerked and spasmed in her afterglow. Gently withdrawing his semi hard cock, they cuddled and kissed, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Ordering room service breakfast they relaxed on the private balcony, in the early morning, sun they made slow delicious love.

Chatting over breakfast, Mark was curious how Mary was finding life at the agency, looking thoughtful she admitted that “she loved it, earnt nearly 80k last month and over 500k, including tips, in the 15 months I have been doing it.

Mark was stunned,”500k! Wow we have been busy”

“Unlike the other’s I haven’t taken extravagant holiday’s or bought expensive car’s and clothes, I have around £450,000 saved. I was going to ring you at the end of the month as I am going to retire from whoring before I wear this new body out.”

Her eye’s starting to brim she looked at Mark “Please tell me I haven’t left it too late and become a worn out old whore.”

Assuring her “Mary you are as fresh as the day you took control of that young girl; your body is perfect and you have the face of an angel.”

Looking relieved “There was a time last week, where I really thought I had sunk to the depths of Rosemary. I took a gang bang job, I got paid £25,000 for a day. I think they were Russian’s. I had to lay on a table, nude, covered in food for 2 hours. They used me as a serving tray, then I had sex with all 12 of them……Multiple times.”

“Fuck, sounds like they had a great time.”

“Yes, they did, At the end I let 2 of them fuck my cunt at the same time whilst I sucked and wanked 2 others. When the 2 in my cunt finished the other 2 did my cunt and arse at the same time. When they had finished I had cum so many times I could hardly breath.”

Mark’s cock was raging as he listened to his sister.

The older man who had arranged the party came along and shoved a roll of bank notes into my soaking pussy. I had already been given the £25,000 fee, when I pulled the notes out there was another £30,000.”

Putting her feet up onto the table Mary pulled her long cunt lips apart so mark could see the deep pink opening of her cunt. “Does she look different after 15 months of abuse?”

In answer, Mark stepped between her legs as his iron hard cock penetrated her slippery depths he groaned, “Fuck no, looks and feels fantastic.”

“Can I retire and travel with you please?” She asked as they relaxed on the loungers

“Oh yeah, let me sort Rosemary out 1st. Where would you like to go?”

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