The Blue Kimono

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Most stories have chapters. This isn’t one of those stories. The tale between Loni and Jim can’t be told through chapters. Whatever happened between them was more like telling the story of a battle. The perspective of the battle changes from soldier to solder, where they were positioned and which side they were on. Loni and Jim are real people. All persons in these tales really exist, some events happened, some were integrated as shared fantasies. These tales are therapy for me, and I hope someday for Loni. I hope she will read them and understand what happened in my fucked-up head.

I compare the thing between Loni and Jim as a battle because everyone has lost and there is no clear victor. Currently there is an armistice between them. Jim stays in the valley and Loni stays in her costal community. Any crossing of the lines is an unspoken violation of that armistice. Depending on the reception I receive, I will write more tales about Loni.

This is the story of the Blue Kimono.

Jim had seen it hanging on Loni’s wall long before they broke up. A royal blue satin kimono hung, draped on a hat rack behind the open door of Loni’s bedroom. Jim had never paid much attention to the robe. Jim found robes in general bothersome. This one didn’t appear warm and Jim always found them to be kind of a nuisance when using the bathroom. Without more than a passing thought, Jim discarded the robe as more of Loni’s eclectic clutter. Loni wasn’t the best house keeper. A worn favorite jacket might become a permanent fixture hung over the back of the single burgundy velvet chair in Loni’s bedroom. The jacket may never see a closet hanger again.

Loni’s bedroom was in fact quite small and cluttered. She like dark alternative fashion and her bulging wardrobe far exceeded the capacity of her costal cottage residence.

Both Loni and Jim were Gen X’ers. True kids of the 80’s, now all grown up. Together they had been staring down the barrel of the dreaded age of 50 and now it was here. Loni was a “Rude Girl” in high school, album cover worthy in appearance, handsome, cute, well-proportioned and nearly perfect. Lani was the lead female in our group of high school misfits. Jim was more in to punk rock, rougher and liked to drink and fight. Both were upper middle class kids struggling through the perils of suburban life.

Now 30 years later, both Loni and Jim were damaged, after several bad marriages and raising kids. Somehow, they both ended up as professionals in society. Loni was a school teacher and Jim was an attorney. Jim ending up anywhere but in prison was a surprise to many who knew him as a youth.

Decades later Loni found Jim on the internet. Loni left her sadist husband and Jim left the evil woman he was married to for Loni. Jim and Loni had been on a roller coaster ever since.

At this point Jim and Loni had been on a hiatus. Jim had cut it off with Loni in favor of another woman. Loni still gorgeous, and with a passion for life, found herself a new man, easily. Sean. Loni liked bars and Sean was the Cretan who ran the karaoke machine at Loni’s current bar, The Camelot. Jim always found karaoke Dj’s to be annoying. He hated their efforts always trying to get people to sing and shoving microphones in to people’s faces. Ironically, it figured to bahis firmaları Jim that Loni would be fucking one of them.

Apparently, their relationship had grown serious, Sean had asked for Loni’s hand. Loni panicked and called Jim. Jim has never been able to say no to Loni. Face to face, she controls him completely. They met for coffee for Loni to unburden herself. Jim was hooked. Again. Apparently, Loni needed a way out. Jim knew there was trouble brewing, he wanted to keep it platonic. Jim tried to keep the conversation light and supportive. Loni had other plans.

Loni knew Jim’s triggers. Loni told Jim that despite his many flaws Sean was fun and always made her laugh. Jim always resented men that Loni found to be more fun than himself. Loni loved fun guys. Then Loni hit Jim hard. In addition to being a fun guy, Sean had a huge cock.

Jim’s guts churned. His penis swelled and throbbed in his pants. The thought of Loni being pleasured by Sean’s “Huge” cock made Jim’s head spin. He was lost, his resolve crumbled. Loni further fed Jim’s submissive desires of humiliation by texting a picture of Sean’s cock to Jim. Jim eager and impetuous had to glance right when he received the image. He had to know, to see the cock that was enjoying being inside her. Jim saved the image to his phone. He immediately began planning a hundred masturbation sessions to the image of Sean’s cock. In all truth, Jim wanted to immediately run in to the bathroom of the coffee house and stare at Sean’s hard cock while pulling on his own.

Jim lacked control and loved to masturbate. Jim burned the image in to his mind.

Loni continued. She always took pleasure in torturing Jim. Loni related how Sean was insatiable. He wanted her constantly. Sean’s cock reached the spot inside of her that drove her crazy. Loni related how many times she shuddered with orgasm from Sean fucking her from behind. Jim fidgeted in his seat. Jim’s need to play with himself overwhelmed him.

Jim was so hard. He felt the unmistakable wetness of his own precum in his underwear. Jim nervously looked around the room realizing he was about to fill his pants with semen. It would not have been the first time Loni had caused Jim to come in his own trousers. Her power over him was complete. Loni’s eyes glazed over with a faraway stare as she audibly remembered noticing that when Sean was laying on his back she saw his cock covered and went slightly past his own belly button. A slight evil grin broke across the corners of Loni’s mouth.

Jim knew his own meager penis only perhaps bridged half of the gap between its base and his own belly button. Jim rocked in his seat, grinding his anus in to the firm surface of the wooden coffee shop chair and squeezed his own balls between his thighs as he was on the edge of erupting.

Perhaps it was mercy, or her own desire for satisfaction, Loni invited Jim to her car for some more fun. Jim followed Loni to her car parked behind the coffee shop. Loni draped herself across the back seat and spread her legs. As Jim crawled in to his familiar kneeling position on the floorboard of the back seat he felt the recognizable sensation of old Cheerios and discarded children’s toys crushing in to his knees. Jim smiled wondering if these were the same Cheerios that kaçak iddaa were here last time he was on his knees months before in the back of Loni’s car?

Jim’s eyes followed the line of Loni’s right leg from her resting black Doc Marten adorned foot on the seat. Up over the scrunched black socks to the long line of Loni’s fishnet wrapped leg. Loni was wearing her traditional Victoria Secret black bikini cotton panties. Without word or instruction, Loni lifted her butt off of the seat to allow Jim to pull down her panties. Leaving the panties on her left leg Jim took a moment to soak in his prize, Loni’s sweet pussy. The outer lips were freshly shaved with a small patch of light brown hair crowning the top of her slit. Loni’s medium sized clit slightly peeked out between the outer lips. Jim smiled as he saw the distinctive mole on the right labia of Loni’s pussy.

As Jim moved in to taste her he inhaled deeply savoring the aroma of her arousal, barely aware Loni was covering his head with her knee length skirt. That’s when Loni began to describe a recent tryst between herself and Sean.

As Jim licked and savored Loni, she described a tale from a summer night the previous weekend. Sean was sitting on the front patio of Loni’s bungalow. Being by the beach, pedestrians frequently pass by walking in front of Loni’s house. Sean was enjoying a glass of whiskey in the warm dusk staring at the sunset and people walking by.

Loni inspired by desire dashed in to her bedroom and stripped down. Pulling the blue kimono off of the hook, Loni wrapped herself in the blue satin gown. Loni then strutted out on to the front patio and stood in front of Sean drawing his focus away from both the whiskey and the sunset.

Jim felt his stomach knots twist, and unconsciously, his hips humped the air anticipating more of Loni’s story. It was a strange mix for Jim, nausea and sexual desire. His tongue licked upwards on her tangy sweet folds. Slowly Loni’s clit began to engorge. Eagerly Jim focused on her clitoris.

Loni moaned and continued her story. As Loni stood in front of Sean, she slowly shifted her legs to a wider stance. The bottom edges of the blue satin kimono separated exposing Loni’s folds. Sean not being too slow on the uptake, quickly realized Loni’s game and intention. Seeing Loni’s perfectly symmetrical pussy lips, Sean’s body responded. The obvious tent in Sean’s basketball shorts told Loni he was ready for her.

Straddling Sean, face to face, Loni pulled down the pliable fabric of his basketball shorts exposing his substantial tool. Looking down, Loni smiled when she saw the turgid head of Sean’s cock. Slowly she lowered herself on to him. Loni fighting back passion knew the girth of Sean would hurt her if she wasn’t careful. Loni’s legs trembled as she not only supported her weight but also fought the desire to sit down on him hard. Loni was in a rush to feel the fullness of Sean inside of her. Slowly inch by inch she lowered her athletic frame on to him.

Jim frenzied by Loni’s tale of lust dug at the underside of Loni’s clit with his tongue. He knew how to make Loni come with his tongue. Jim focused using his well-practiced technique. Jim was relentless on her button. He licked down at her opening, even her ass. Loni loved her ass worshipped. kaçak bahis Jim would worship every inch of her if she asked. Jim then zeroed back in on her pleasure center, her clitoris. Jim needed to make her orgasm and scream as he was sure Sean had.

Jim knew when Loni started saying “Oh God”, she was close to orgasm.

Loni had paused her story to now focus on her own pleasure. The tempo of Loni’s breathing raced. Jim knew it was time to take the point of his tongue and make small circles under her clit and over her urethra. Loni’s orgasm arrived. She bucked and twitched as the spasms of orgasm over took her. Loni’s orgasms lasted almost a minute. Jim was jealous but proud he had given her pleasure.

As Loni’s body relaxed she pulled Jim to her mouth. Jim always enjoyed that Loni was eager to kiss him with her juices on his mouth and chin. Jim saw the languid smile spread across Loni’s face. She kissed him with deep passion grateful for her sexual release.

As Jim tasted Loni’s mouth he wondered if he should anticipate his own release? Would Loni invite him to enter her?

Jim’s pulse quickened as he felt Loni’s hands on his belt. Loni pushed Jim’s jeans down to the mid-thigh level. Jim felt Loni’s familiar touch as one hand cupped his balls and the other wrapped around his erect penis. Jim fought back the knowledge that Loni may be comparing the size of Sean’s cock to the feel of his own smaller penis currently in her hands. Jim knew he would immediately orgasm if he allowed his thoughts to remain in his mind.

Loni pulled Jim close and guided him in. Unable to penetrate her where she sat, she scooted forward towards the edge of the pleather back seat of her car. Her closer proximity gave Jim a better chance to penetrate Loni. Jim pushed in to Loni and felt the velvety smoothness of her wet pussy. Jim wanted Loni to gasp, moan or cry out. Jim knew his slender girth was easy for Loni to handle and there would be no crying out. Loni smiled as Jim pathetically tried to drive in to her.

Jim bit his inner cheek to try and fight back his orgasm response. Loni knowing Jim, knew she only had seconds, to enjoy the feeling of them together before Jim popped his little cork.

She quickly finished her story letting Jim know that Sean had slowly fucked her to a whimpering orgasm in public on the patio. Sean had exploded inside of her. Sean had filled her with his seed. Loni sighed wondering if any of the passerby’s knew she and Sean had been fucking or had the blue Kimono covered enough to conceal their public union?

Jim lurched and orgasmed. His seed dribbled from the small slit at the end of his penis and oozed in to Loni. After a minute or two of post coital bonding, Loni pushed Jim down back on his knees. Jim knew there was an expectation to lick the semen that was dripping from her. Jim obeyed.

That was the last time Jim had thought of the blue kimono until tonight. Jim went to Loni’s house after work. Loni greeted Jim at the door. After greeting him at the door, Loni told Jim that there were instructions waiting for him in her room. When he entered, Jim saw a puzzling assortment of supplies. Jim immediately read the note prominently placed atop the pile. Jim was to clean himself completely with the enema bottle Loni had provided, and then shower the rest of his body. After being clean Jim was to dress in a pair of purple women’s panties and the blue kimono before joining Loni in the living room.

The battle rages on…

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