The Catfish is Coming

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The pit of disappointment was heavy in Honey’s stomach. The familiar countryside was passing the car’s window; her reddening ears listened to the small talk from the driver. After six months of messaging on the internet, she had not been expecting this outcome. Her online girlfriend wasn’t a college student, but a beefy woman in her thirties.

Whilst Dona had lied about her age, a few things had been true. She still had the coloured blue hair, which hung lazily around her neck. There was also the army of piercings, which were mostly on her ears and an old tattoo of a mermaid on her right arm. If Honey didn’t think too harshly on the matter, Dona was still the cool student from Liverpool.

Still, she shouldn’t have gotten into the car; she knew this from the start. However, she had already told her family about a make-believe trip to the city, and the thought of returning home without a good lie was a worrisome thought. Honey could stomach a few hours with Dona, and then it would be all over. It was one film at the far-way cinema.

No one would know her there, and she wouldn’t have to bother with Dona again. This was just a little hiccup in her life, and big fat proof that she wasn’t a lesbian. Honey came from a small village in the north, and the limited village had caused her to overthink. She hadn’t found an interesting boy, even when kissing a few of them at the Harvest Dance.

Simply, she hadn’t found love and maybe she was getting desperate. It had all started with Rosie Higgins, and that girl’s silly idea of fun. A muggy summer night on a dull weekday, had led to a handful of girls in a murky lake. A silly idea inspired by an American film. There had been splashing at others, and swimming contest. Everything had been fine until the others had left for the shore and a few beers, which had left Rosie and Honey in the cold waters.

Rosie was a bully and a sore loser, it was simple as that and she wasn’t happy with losing another swimming contest. Rosie began to wrestle. Honey was smaller in size and was easily overpowered, her eyes were blurred by the water and she remembered choking heavily.

At this moment in her life, her first taste of a weird feeling happened. Rosie held her from behind, away from the view of the others. The girl’s breasts were rubbing against Honey’s back; it had felt like a rough massage. In the struggle, Rosie’s hand had gripped the bottom of the swimsuit and pulled it up. The fabric had relocated a few times, and every time rubbed Honey in a funny way.

Obviously, that hadn’t been Rosie’s aim. The attempted wedgie had wanted to be a cruel act; however, it caused the first lustful need in Honey’s vagina. The same night of the event, she had dream heavily about Rosie’s wedgie, and had awoken with a very wet lower body.

After that, the thoughts of being a Lesbian began. She had sneak into the local library and found a helpful forum on its computers, the forum ladies with similar interests. It was a pretty normal place, until you wandered into the mature rated topics. Honey tried her best to avoid those topics.

Those types of topics caused her vagina to flutter, and she couldn’t have that type of feeling in a library. On this forum, she had met Dona – Her online girlfriend of six months. Dona had written first and had charmed her in romantic ways, the whole thing had been rubbing Honey’s ego. Dona found her to be beautiful.

Honey hadn’t been labelled this word before; she was on the chuddy side of life and very short. She had spent most of her life, fighting fizzy blonde hair with a comb, and covering her many freckles with make-up. Simply, Beautiful was unheard in her world, and maybe she was tolerating Dona’s big lie for that very reason.

The car had been found the town-sized cinema, and came to a halt in the car park. Dona grinned at her as she got her wallet from the glove compartment.

“Don’t worry about money, i’ve got you covered.” The woman’s voice had a heavy welsh accent. Thankfully, Dona hadn’t lied about that. The women stepped out of the car, and Dona pointed out a nearby pub.

“After the film, we’ll grab dinner there.” The words did not bring comfort to Honey’s ears, as it would mean another few hours in Dona’s company. Honey nodded meekly, and then mentally cursed herself for being weak.

“Don’t be shy, Princess.” Dona nudged her with cocky tone.

“I’ve got a good film picked out.” The older woman began to talk at great length about the chosen film – It was a syrupy film about an older woman rebuilding her life after a messy divorce. It wouldn’t have been Honey’s first choice, but she wasn’t going to argue. There was a bright moment in the choosing of sneaks and drinks, Dona agreed to everything and even brought an extra-large slushy for Honey.

She was already feeling the rush of sugar as they entered the theatre, and climbed the steps until they found the perfect seats. They were spoiled for choice; most of the seats were empty. Two seats at the back of the room were chosen.

“I like to rest my head on the wall.” güvenilir bahis Dona remarked as they settled down. Honey placed her handbag on the ground and continued to devour her slushy. A few more groups appeared and settled into their seats, however, it was still pretty empty when the trailers began.

Dona was chewing loudly on popcorn, and kept offering it to her. Cinemas were not the best places for dates, and Honey was thankful for that. It was twenty minutes into the film and slushy was gone. Her belly was beginning to bloat, but still turned her attention to the bucket of popcorn. Their hands touched as they both reached for the salty sneak.

Honey withdrew; the hot heat of embarrassment flushed her cheeks. Dona snickered and picked up some popcorn, Honey found her blush incensing as Dona had chosen to feed her by hand. The popcorn was pushed against Honey’s lips.

After having a few moments of doubt, she opened her mouth. It had been a brief moment, but one of Dona’s fingers stroked her bottom lip. They returned their attention to the film, which Honey had been hoping for. However, for the next ten minutes of the film, Dona caressed her hand; the thumb took long stroke of the skin. Honey’s legs rubbed together as an unfamiliar tension had overtaken her. Regrettably, this seemed like an invited to Dona’s watchful eyes.

First, the older woman placed a hand on Honey’s bare knee, and continued to stroke the skin with a thumb. Honey tried to focus on the film. After some time, the fingers grew bored and moved upward, massaging the flash as they went. Honey wanted to focus on the film, but it was that awkward feeling. Her vagina began to tingle as the fingers inspected her inner thigh.

They were inches way. Honey tightened in her seat. A mix bag of feelings were happening in her small body, she finally understood where her urges come from. However, this person shouldn’t be touching her. The fingers didn’t move any further. Whilst she was relieved, but her vagina was pulsating as thigh massage continued.

The film ended and Honey stood up, trying to disregard the clamminess in-between her legs. As promised, they went to the pub. Honey struggled nervously through dinner and three glasses of wine. Dona was very relaxed about the whole thing, even to the point of playing footsie under the table.

The bill was paid and they went to the car. Honey clicked the seatbelt into place, and felt relief. It was nearly over. The car ride was going well, and even Dona was starting to seem enjoyable. The radio was tuned to a rock station and the afternoon was turning into an evening. Dona placed a hand on Honey’s knee as she drove. Honey had been too hopeful. An hour into the drive, the car turned into a small lane.

“Where are we going?” Honey questioned as the small car park came into view.

“It’s a national park.” Dona replied in the same cocky voice, as she parked in the corner of the car park.

“I don’t think it’s open.” Honey peeked at the empty place; there were no other cars in the area.

Dona shrugged. The radio halted as the car was turned off.

“I’ve got some beers in the back.” The older woman didn’t wait for an answer and hopped out the car. Honey listened to the opening of a boot, there were a few thumps and then the back door was open.

Dona had climbed into the back and placed a pack of beers next to her. Honey accepted one of the cans, a little unsure about the whole thing.

“Come on, there’s more room in the back.” Dona stated before gulping down her drink. It took three more tries before Honey finally climbed into the back. As she settled into the backseat, a few droplets of her beer landed on the car floor.

“It’s been a beautiful day.” Dona purred. “Do you know what would make it better?”

Honey shook her head. She was still focusing on the emptiness of the place, and the uneasiness building in her mind.

Dona used her free hand and turned Honey’s face toward her. Their lips met. A giant alarm rung in Honey’s mind and her can of beer fell to the floor. Dona’s tongue was already pushing its way into her mouth. Honey pulled away, and Dona started to kiss the neck instead.

“We shouldn’t…” She wanted to start a soft-spoken speech, but she was quickly hushed with sweet nothings.

“Don’t be nervous.” Dona shoved everything off the car seats, and pulled Honey into a laying down position. She was treated like a ragdoll until the right placement was found.

“I’m a virgin!” Honey yelped as Dona towered over, her mind jumped to every excuse to flee from this moment.

“I know. You told me, remember?” Dona chuckled. “But I’ll go slowly.”

“I’m not ready for this.” Honey yapped this time. Dona was balancing herself with one foot on the ground, and the rest on her left knee. This allowed her hands to be free.

“I’ll only touch over the clothes, deal?” The offer was something, and Honey didn’t think there would be a different one to choose from.

“Ok…” It was a feeble reply, and Dona didn’t waste any time. Their lips met again. türkçe bahis The sounds of wet kisses filled the car. This time, Honey parted her lips.

It was only heavy petting and nothing more, she could handle this. It wasn’t her first snog. The sooner it started, the sooner it would be over. Dona’s tongue had a ball piercing. Honey was trying to focus on the end date of the whole matter, and not the unwelcome feeling in her panties.

Dona’s hands wandered up and down Honey’s body. They started with the arms, followed by a gentle touch of the bare legs and then teased their ways around the breasts. The thin fabric of her summer dress was not the best protection. Honey kept her eyes shut. She could feel the fingers massaging her shoulder; the fingertips were creeping lower with every stroke.

The unwelcome feeling was stronger than ever, and was reminding her heavily of Rosie. Honey needed to take control or things would get out of hand, she reached for Dona’s hand and caressed them into an unmoving position. The heavy kissing had completely removed Honey’s lipstick.

Dona moved away from her lips, and she thought it to be finally over. Suddenly, her vagina tightened. Dona had attacked Honey’s earlobe with her tongue. The delightful feeling travelled to every part of her body, and soon relaxed into the seat. Her chest heaved as the tongue licked its way into the inner parts of her ear.

The mixtures of wet sounds and feelings caused a faint moan. She felt the ball piercing as the licks continued, and her hands loosened their hold on Dona. There was eager knot in her stomach now, and each lick caused a shudder to travel into her panties. A heavy pant of enjoyment occurred as Dona’s hand started to attack the breasts.

“Your tits are too big for my hands.” Dona muttered enthusiastically before suckling on the earlobe again. Honey slowly opened her eyes and took in the view. Her breasts were too big for Dona’s hands; each squeezed caused her breasts to flee in every direction.

Her bra had started to emerge from the safety of the dress, and the continuous movement was causing disarray with the lower part of her pink dress as well. The white cotton underwear was becoming viewable, but Dona hadn’t noticed yet. She was still playing with Honey’s neck.

One of her hand crept to the bottom of her dress and pulled it down. The plan had been to cover her panties from view; however, the pull was too hasty and caused a bigger problem. The straps of the dress had relocated down her shoulders, and took most of the fabric with it.

Every rub and squeeze caused her dress to fall further down, until finally her bra was the final defence against Dona’s touch. The older woman hadn’t made a comment on the new outcome, but her hazel eyes were reviewing the white cotton bra. A moment of curiosity crossed Honey’s mind, and she was soon staring at Dona’s chest. A black t-shirt was covering them, but the current angle was revealing enough. Her breasts were smaller in size, and held in place by a sport bra.

Honey’s hand trembled upwards and gripped one of them. It was the first time touching such a thing, and it felt heavy. Heavy shouldn’t feel sexy, but there was something she couldn’t explain. Her second hand reached for the other breast, and squeezed.

The nipples were hard to the touch, and the thought of another piercing crossed the mind. Dona purred into Honey’s neck and stopped touching the younger girl’s breasts. Honey felt a little disappointed as she thought the snogging was over, but Dona was just taking a moment to move the black shirt and tucked it into the top of her black sport bra.

“Keep touching, Honey. You’re doing so well.” Dona encouraged softly. Honey placed her hands on the black sport bra and began again. Dona seized a few moments of enjoyment, before returning the favour. The women fondled, squeezed and caressed.

“Kiss me.” Honey panted the unexpected word before her mind had time to process them.

Dona did as she was asked. There were now moans in-between the kisses, their tongues met and fought for more pleasurable feelings. Dona moved her knee and placed it in the middle of Honey’s slightly open legs, before lowering her body. Dona’s groin was now humping on Honey’s thigh.

The jeans rubbed painfully against the bare skin, and caused Honey to wince.

“Your zipper keeps catching me.” She broke the kiss and was expecting Dona to move, but the older woman remained somewhat in place, mumbled an apology and unzipped her jeans.

There were removed with some haste. Honey was a little shocked at the sudden sight of black knickers, but she didn’t get much viewing time. Dona returned to dry-humping Honey’s thigh, and allowed her own thigh to use. The angle was odd for Honey, but her vagina understood that something was happening nearby – It was enough to excite.

Dona was breathing briskly. Whatever was happening, Dona was enjoying it greatly. This time, the kissing was messy and movements were unexpected. One jerk of hips caused Dona to tremble, and without thinking güvenilir bahis siteleri lifted her sport bra. Her breasts fell out and jiggled with the hip movements.

Her brownish nipples were pierced and hanging above Honey’s face. They were lowered down, and the soft flesh and piercings began to rub against her face. Dona took one of them in her hand, and place the tip of her nipple to Honey’s lips.

“Kiss it.” The voice was covered in lusty haze, the nipple rubbed hungrily against the entrance.

Against her better judgement, Honey opened her mouth and pretended it was tongue. She licked and sucked, and found the sucking caused louder moans to appear. After some time, Dona gripped Honey’s hand and brought it to her mouth, wetting the fingers. The hand travelled again, it was being placed against something hot and sticky.

Honey looked down to see another woman’s vagina. Dona had pulled her knickers to one side, and was rubbing her top part of her vagina against Honey’s wet fingers. She guiding Honey to her pierced clit. A horror dawned on Honey, she was currently having sex and Dona was going to cum.

Her fingers were controlled by Dona, and her protests were muffled by a breast in her mouth. Dona kept rubbing, and her vagina grew shiny with moisture. Honey’s thigh was getting wet from the vagina’s opening pressed against it. Dona released a simple whimper as her vagina throbbed. The car grew calm; a few pants broke the silent.

“Did you?” Honey asked nervously, and got a lazy nod as a reply. Dona was glistening with sweat, and was rather heavy as she rested on Honey. It took a few moments before a conversation could be had.

“It felt really good.” Dona whispered as she placed a kiss on Honey’s cheek. “I want to see your cum face now.”

Honey’s eye widened. She had never reached that one of pleasure; she had rubbed and touched herself in the past, but nothing had happened.

“Over the clothes, you promised.” Honey reminded. She wasn’t going to lose her virginity in the back of a car. Dona griped the matter.

“But I’m naked.” She rubbed her wet vagina against Honey’s thigh.

“But I’m not ready for sex.” Honey pleaded one more time, and Dona laughed in a meaningful fashion.

“I’m not going to put anything inside. It doesn’t count as sex unless it goes inside, and I can make you cum from foreplay.”

“It’s doesn’t?” Honey queried with distrust.

“No, it doesn’t count.” Dona sat back up and pulled her vagina open for a viewing. Honey stared like an inquisitive cat. There was stubble of hair around it, and was still obviously wet from recent event. Dona pointed at her pierced clit.

“I only need to touch this to cum.” She then pulled her large labia lips apart, and played with the entrance of her vagina. “It only counts here.”

The tip of her finger prodded the moist hole. Honey thought on the matter, but the thump in her panties was blurring her thoughts.

“Ok, but not inside.” She mumbled feebly. Dona grinned and went for the white cotton bra, but Honey batted her away.

“NO! Someone might see me.” Honey protested. An idea crossed Dona’s mind and she grabbed a brown blanket, which had been resting on the back. The sudden movement of the blanket caused a box to fall toward them. Dona caught the box and wore a sheepish grin.

“I use this to make myself cum.” She waved it in the air. “Do you mind if I use it on myself?”

Honey shrugged because she didn’t really care about the box, since there were more important things happening. Dona threw the brown blanket over them, and fumbled with the box. It revealed a lumpy double-ended dildo, twisted into a u-shape.

“I got it on sale, and it vibrates.” She pressed a button and the vibration could be heard. Honey gulped.

“It’s just for me.” Dona reassured her. Suddenly, the sex toy had vanished into the blanket, and Dona bit her lip. It was inside the older woman now, there was no doubt about it.

“Let’s see the girls.” Dona fussed as she reached for the white cotton bra one more. The fabric was pulled down and Honey’s enormous nipples hardened without being touched.

“You have slutty tits.” Dona remarked before blowing hot air at one of the nipples. Honey didn’t reply and closed her eyes in embarrassment.

She whimpered as Dona took her first few licks, the pierced tongue was teasing her. Dona used her free hand to pull the other nipple, whilst she began suckling. Honey felt a vibration against her vagina; it took a few moments to realize the cause. The tip of double-ended dildo was occasionally touching her.

She chose not to worry about it, she still had her panties on and the brief touches of vibration felt pleasurable. Her body was relaxing into lust. Dona massaged wonders into her breasts, and caused her to jerk with gentle bites on the nipples. The women kissed again, and Dona continued to manipulate the nipples with her fingers.

The sex toy was buzzing on top of Honey’s panties, the tip was inches from her clit, and a knot in her stomach started to form. Tightness was growing; her toes were curling until suddenly, it stopped. Dona was moving downwards, past her breasts and into the darkness of blanket. Fingers felt around Honey’s vagina, searching for something. The young woman whimpered.

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