The Chat Line

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“Hello this is Diamondz in the 757 area. I’m on line looking for that friendly adult conversation let you know a little about myself: I am 36 years of age. I am 5’6 and a 170lb. I have brown skin, and light eyes. I am a very sexy, sensuous woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I have my own place, my own ride. If you would like to know more, hit me back.”

As I ok my greeting, now I wait. As I listen to my choices, I lay back on my chaise, marinating in White Zinfandel. I hit the number three on my phone. I have been calling the chat line for about a week and I have not met Mister Right now yet. I listened to recordings of young insecure guys, breathers and stupid ass rap songs. I wanted to be fucked and well. Sometimes, listening was quite amusing.

“Yo, holler at your boy,” or “looking for hot pussies who want a Mandingo dick in them,” No talent. I’m looking for pure fucking seduction. I continued pressing number three, “You have a message from Mack 007,” I listened, hoping I had a winner but instead he fizzled. He started whining about I’m too good to be true and every woman on here is about games. I hit the three and I bypass complainers.

“You have a message from “Big Ron,”Hello Diamondz, I was mesmerized by your voice and would love to chat with you, listen to my greeting and if you like what you hear, please call me at 757-xxx-xxxx,” His voice was so deep and mysterious. I wanted to know more. I pushed number six and listened to his greeting, “Big Ron” made my pussy moist. He was six foot seven, two hundred and fifty pounds, sexy and very romantic. I hung up the phone and decided to fix me another glass of wine and give him a call.

As I punched the numbers into my blackberry, I wondered what “Big Ron” was doing? Was he has horny as I was? Or was he looking for love? We shall see. Just as I drifted into lala land, the voice on the other end said,”Hello,” I was choked up with emotion. His Barry White voice sent my pussy smoldering.

“Hello,” he said again.

“Hello, this is Diamondz,”

“Say that again, he requested.

“Hello, this is Diamondz,” küçükçekmece escort I repeated.

“You sound very sexy,” Big Ron remarked.

“Likewise,” I replied. I was going to enjoy talking to him. I sat down preparing myself for what’s next.

“Describe yourself,” he expressed. I told him I was five feet seven and weighed a hundred and sixty pounds. I have pecan tan skin, with long black hair, hazel eyes and ass for days. I heard the word damn come out his mouth.

“What’s your favorite position?” he asked.

“Ugh?” I asked. I was taken back that we had arrived at the point, but I was wit’ it.

“Doggy-style,” I replied. His voice was doing something to me, along with the wine. I returned the same question to him.

“The electric chair,” he casually remarked. I could feel the silence over the phone. Ooh I wanted to try that. Could he be the dick of my dreams? I was salivating over the phone, when I got a beep from an incoming call. I looked at the number, it was my momma. I was getting into “Big Ron” and didn’t want to lose the connection; momma would just have to wait.

“Are you, there Diamondz?” He asked.

“I’m here, so tell me about the electric chair? How is it done?” I asked.

“I rather show you. Are you up for a little company?” He asked. I had a decision to make. I know in this day and time it is dangerous to bring a complete stranger to your home but I played craps many a night and this was no biggy to me besides I could play with my pussy all night and be content or I could have some of Big Daddy and have a hell of a night. What’s a girl to do?

“You know how to get to the beach?” I asked.

“I live at the beach too, I can be to you in fifteen” he remarked. I gave him directions to my home, after I went to the bathroom and spruced up my make-up. Counting and count down, seven minutes and my doorbell rung. I looked through the peep hole. I didn’t know what six feet seven looked like but this fine, giant of a man stepped through my door. His smile was contagious when he saw şişli escort me in my red teddy and my Nine West stilettos.

“Damn you fine,’ he expressed as I close the door behind him. I remarked that he was definitely a big boy and I asked if everything on him was that way.

“Why don’t you come over here and find out,” he said. I was wet and ready to feel his monster deep inside this juicy pussy. I went over to him and pulled his leather jacket off and laid it on my couch and pulled “Big Ron” close to me. His cologne was mesmerizing as we held each other. He embraced my face and picked me up as I straddle his hips. He kissed my lips so sweet, and then he stuck his tongue down my throat as “Big Ron” gripped my ass. His big hands cupped my titties; I let out a little whimper. I felt like a rag doll in his arms. Oh God, he was making my pussy wet as hell.

“Where’s your room?” He asked. I pointed upstairs, as he carried me up. I was so excited with anticipation. The chemistry between this stranger and I was pure raw heat. As “Big Ron” entered my room, his eyes widened, and then a sly grin came across his face as he got a good look at the set up. There were mirrors on the ceiling, and walls. I have white silk sheets, and a king size poster bed. My chaise and carpet were done in Egyptian ivory. He laid me down on my firm bed and told me to get that ass up, face down position. I did what Big Daddy told me to do.

He bent down, and unsnapped my teddy and began licking my ass and pussy from behind. His tongue felt like silk as he teased and blew on this hot pussy. He would lick my punani soft then swirl his tongue around it. I moaned, telling him not to stop. I heard him moan as my clit swelled in his mouth. “Big Ron” ate my pussy clean, and when he could not lick it the way he wanted, he opened my legs and I sat on his face. He hit my spot as I came all over his face. He asked me to ride his tongue and grind my cat all over him.

After thirty minutes, I could no longer take it, I yelled so loud I gave Mariah Carey a run for her şirinevler escort money.

“I know someone is satisfied,” He remarked.

“I’m just getting started, Daddy show me that dick,” I ordered. I was praying his dick was as long as he was. He stripped for me putting on a little show. His big broad shoulders and his muscular arms gave way to a torso full of abs. I was thinking to myself, fuck the show, and get to the boxers. I was dying to see what was in them. He ordered me to lie on my back, facing him. As I did, I had nothing but dick in my face, “IT” dropped out of his boxers, “IT” was never-ending.

My extinct told me to back away from the dick but I have always been game to try anything once, so I pulled “IT” toward me and breathed deep as I inhaled a twelve-inch monster down my throat. “Big Ron” moaned and watched as I glided down the dick slowly and then swallowed some more.

“You bad, girl, take it,” He said. I was like the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can. My saliva dripped down as I held onto that dick, licking it sensually, “IT” was filling. I watched as he moaned, his legs buckling; I was doing the damn thing.

“Stop, I don’t want to come yet,” I let go of his piece and told him to fuck me. He crawled on top of me, kissing and caressing my hair. He whispered in my ear, “You ready for me?” I whispered back, “Give it to me.” As he entered my pussy, I could feel my legs shaking. His hips thrusting back and forth sent me into overdrive. The curve of his dick jelled with my pussy, hitting all my spots. We held each other tight, getting lost in the moment.

“Diamondz, you’re such a bad girl, I think you need to be punished,” He whispered in my ear.

I was curious, what was he going to do with me? I know plenty of women who would have shrieked at that point but not me, I was wit’ it. He told me to lay flat on my back as he looked around my room. He saw my rubber Pilates straps and tied my hands to each side of my bed post. He asked me to spread my legs froggy style and he climbed on top of me. We were faced at opposite ends and he pummeled my pussy as his knees dug into my thighs. I could not move and he was very forceful; it was a numbing experience. I felt the blood rushing to my head, I was out of control, and I didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure. He bucked and rode my pussy until his cum shot out, like a cannon.

As we lay lifeless, I thought to myself I found the dick of my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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