The Clan Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 – Bri

Bri, like the other guys watched his mum pull into the camp car park and a warm feeling washed over him. It wasn’t because he was a ‘mummy’s boy’, but he loved her company. The only person, who understood him, even understood his strange and even weird places. His mother never questioned or judged his thoughts, and he shared all his thoughts with her.

They spoke in double meanings and provocative language, to get a rise out of the other; to see who would blink first in their game of personal chicken. It was ‘personal chicken’ because they would skirt around very personal or sensitive issues.

Bri had missed his mother these last two weeks more so then ever before, because he couldn’t speak with the guys like this. Some of them understood, like Jeremy, but it wasn’t the same. He and his mother knew the rules, knew the each other’s buttons to push.

As Tracy pulled into the camp car park she could see her Bri, or Bri as she liked to call him and she was the only one he allowed call him that. As she had driven to the camp, the realization of just how much she had missed Bri had hit her quite hard. She too loved his company, and not just because he was the only one she had. But also, because he was like her; he thought like she did.

She too had been considered weird by her peers as a teenager, and she had always found it hard to make friends. Yet, in her 18 year old son, she found someone who was more then a ‘like mind’, she believed he was her soul mate. She thought about this driving the few hours to camp, and tears rolled down her face, because one day her Bri would find a girl and move away.

Tracy would be alone. How much did she want her Bri to stay with her? More than life itself! There he was, waiting for her and her heart raced, as his did when he first saw her car.

Bri threw his bags onto the back seat.

“Hey mum, fancy seeing you here.”

He started, and her who body warmed to her young son.

“Well I was just passing and thought I would pick up some young play thing.”

Now it was Bri’s turn to feel that warm feeling born of the familiar, and the arousing path his mother had chosen to go.

“I doubt you’d now where to start to play with a young thing like me,” Bri countered as he buckled up, and he saw his mother smile. It was on!

“If I started on you, you’d freak at what I could do.”

Tracy was aroused by her son’s willingness to push their normal bounds, and she wanted to go with him.

“Yeah you’re probably right there,” he sounded exacerbated.

Tracy frowned, thinking Bri had given up already, just when it was getting interesting.

“Yeah, I probably would freak with whatever you’ve got, it’s probably very ugly and nasty.”

Bri deliberately said this looking out of his window at the scenery whipping by. He heard an audible gasp from his mother, meaning in their game he had scored a point — a very rare thing for either of them.

“Ugly and nasty?” Tracy questioned her son in surprise.

“You think so too do you; well that confirms my worst suspicions.”

Bri had responded so quickly, he drew another gasp from Tracy. She had to think quickly, Bri was running away with this.

“Well at least they won’t call me ‘pee wee’ at uni.”

She thought that would enflame him into a rash come back, but Bri was in command.

“Na, they just called you ‘ugly and nasty’, where my mates call he ‘Mr Perfect’.”

He had had many hours to think what to say, how to counter and things were working out well. Again, another gasp from Tracy, and this time Bri turned to look at her to increase the pressure on his mother.

“‘Mr. Perfect?’ Oh give me a break, not with your pee wee. Tell me, are you the one guy who walks around with a towel around him all the time in the change rooms on camp, worried that the guys will laugh at you?”

Without hesitation Bri responded,

“No towel, but they do laugh.”

He waited deliberately for her to think she had a point.

“Because you’re so small?” she shot a look at her son and grinned.

“No, they laugh because they want to know how ‘Mr. Perfect’ could have come from ‘ugly and nasty’.”

He stared at Tracy as her face reddened — another point to her son.

“Well maybe you were adopted,” was the only thing she could think of, hoping to attack him at their wonderful relationship.

“Yeah, that’s what the guys think because… well because they reckon ‘ugly and nasty’ probably never had any.”

Tracy’s eyes flew open, as did her mouth and she was speechless. Time for the piece de résistance, thought Bri before his mother had time to recover and the game degenerated into ugly accusations.

“But I told the guys that I wasn’t adopted, and that you were the hottest woman I know, and that you love me too much to not be my real mum.”

It had the effect Bri was hoping for.

Tracy’s eyes filled with tears, and she had to wipe them to see the road. She shot a quick look at her son to see the deep love he had canlı bahis for her in his eyes and etched all over his face. She smiled weakly at him, and then looked back at the road.

“Anyway mum, trust me I’m not a pee wee. I’m average I guess.”

He had no idea why he told her that, and Tracy blushed at son’s bold admission.

“And I dare say you look far from ‘ugly and nasty’.”

Bri left that last comment hang in the air.

“In fact I bet you’re actually, ‘beautiful and desirable,” he left that hang too.

Mother and son travelled in silence for some time. Bri was having second thoughts about his ‘brilliant strategy’, thinking he had gone too far and upset his mum. Finally Tracy broke the silence. Her voice could be just heard above the sounds of the car and the road.

“I don’t think I’m ‘ugly and nasty’, but it’s been some time.”

Bri could see by her expression, a sort of distant and whimsical look that Tracy was remember a better time.

“I also think you’re ‘Mr. Perfect’,” she added in the same quiet voice.

“Always for you mum, always,” Bri let her know he had heard and also where he stood, and his mother smiled, all tears gone.

The rest of the trip was once again travelled in silence, which was very unusual for these two. When they arrived home, both were worn out physically and mentally. They said their good-nights and went to their respective bathrooms, showered, changed for bed and slept long and deep. Yet, Bri had seen his opportunity with his mother, so he would begin again the next day, first thing.

When Bri walked into the kitchen the next morning for breakfast, Tracy was already getting the different cereals out he liked. They turned to each other and saw the same thing; the joy of being in each others company once again, shone in the eyes of mother and son. Bri smiled at his mother.

“‘Morning mum, sleep well?”

“Like a log,” she smiled back.

“Excellent,” he said with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I haven’t slept that well for a few weeks.”

She had given her son a little too much information, and therefore an opening to score a point in their game of banter.

“That’s because you missed me so much when I was at camp.”

He selected his cereal.

“Oh yeah, I missed your whining and moaning for two weeks, and I just couldn’t stand it.”

His mother had recovered well.

“I knew you would miss me, even the most obnoxious aspects of me. Oh how my mother loves me.”

He poured milk on his cereal. During these sessions they would always go about their business, and rarely looked at each other.

“Yes, I missed my weird and strange son, who can’t make friends and needs his mummy’s love.”

Tracy sipped on her coffee and looked up to watch her son, because she knew she had ventured into last night’s territory – very personal insults. She couldn’t see her son smile broadly as he thought, ‘got you now mum’. Bri looked side ways at her and nonchalantly said,

“Of course I couldn’t wait to home to my mummy’s love, you know I love you, don’t you?”

“That’s because I’m such a good mother.”

“Yes, you are that, and more,” Bri said with emphasis and now his eyes held hers.

Who would blink first?

“More?” Tracy picked up. “I don’t know about that, but what more could a mother want from her son?”

The inflection in her voice was not lost on Bri, although Tracy had hoped on one hand he hadn’t heard it — but on the other, she felt herself becoming aroused again and hoped he had. Bri was already rock hard, and he was glad he had selected loose fitting track pants to wear.

“Anything you want mum, anything.” His mother could see his suggestive grin.

“I don’t know that I want anything else,” she ventured, to see where her son was going with this, because the idea he was going anywhere excited her.

“Yeah you do, don’t you?”

“Do I?”

Tracy could feel herself becoming very wet.

“You know you do.”

“Do I?”

“Well I know you do.”

“Oh, and how do you know?”

“Because I hear you.”

Bri had waited and working a long time for this opening. His mother had no idea what he meant, but she wanted this to continue; she was so excited, but not as much as Bri. He had only dreamed Tracy would come with him along on this line. He now knew for sure Jeremy was right.

“Hear what?”

Tracy didn’t know whether she asked to embarrass him into silence, or because she wanted to hear him say it. Who was she kidding? she wanted to hear him say it.

“I hear you playing with yourself sexually late into the night, trying to make yourself cum.”

Bri could see the effect his words were having on his mother, so he became more graphic.

“I hear your vibrator as it hums into your pussy, and your moans and groans as you try to climax.”

Mother and son just stared at each other, and Tracy could feel her temperature rising and knew she was red, but she wouldn’t be the first to blink.

“You hear all that do you?”

“Yeah, bahis siteleri and I’m surprised how often I hear you. I had no idea woman were so frequently in need of satisfaction. You masturbate nearly as much as I do.”

Bri had bated his hook, and now he was enticing his mother to take it.

“Oh, really? And how often do you masturbate?”

Would he answer Tracy wondered.

“Well obviously as often as I hear you, because as you moan and groan, and say things like ‘oh yes honey, fuck me, fuck me’, I have to join you in my room.”

Tracy just had no answer, and she felt her panties were very wet now, her heart was racing and her breathing had become ragged. Bri dare not move in case he came, he had never experienced a turn on of this magnitude. His dick was so hard it was painful, he would need release soon.

“But I do lay there and slid my hand up and down my rock hard dick more often then you play with your pussy.”

He couldn’t believe he just said that, but he had given his mother a mental picture to conjure up in her mind. She was silent.

“Well, do I win a point or are you going to respond?” Bri asked Tracy.

“Do you like listening?”

“Oh yeah, because it’s way better when I can listen to you.”

“So what else do you want to tell me?”

“You look really good today.”

She was wearing a plain light cream skirt and black t-shirt, with nothing on her feet. Her son’s remark took her by surprised, but she knew she had to respond.

“Oh you think so?” was all she could manage, and Bri knew he had rattled her a little.

“Yeah, in fact you look good enough to eat.”

He let that hang. What could she say? Thinking quickly but not clearly Tracy came back with,

“So you would like to eat me would you?”

She sipped her coffee wishing she could have her response over again — ‘that was dumb’, she thought. Without even looking at his mother Bri answered,

“Well I wouldn’t eat all of you, just a small part of you.”

Tracy’s heart was racing and she began to squeeze her legs together in an attempt to ease the need that was building. ‘Did he say what I think he said’, she asked herself. After a few seconds that seemed like an age for her she asked,

“Oh, and what part would that be?”

Bri could hear the change in his mother’s voice. He stood up with his empty bowl and walked to the sink, which his mother was leaning on sipping her coffee. Bri stood next to her and looked straight in her eye.

“Which part of you would you like me to eat?”

Bri saw his mother flush as her eyes widened a little and she couldn’t help but smile. Bri had drawn her over all their normal boundaries, but she still wanted to go with him. She felt herself becoming extremely aroused by her young son, and she was enjoying it.

“Well that depends,” Tracy told her son.

“Depends on what?” Bri asked still staring into his mother’s eyes, which added to her arousal.

“Well you have to know what you’re doing, you know, have good table manners if you’re going to eat someone.” Her innuendo was clear to her son.

“You mean using correct eating technique?” ‘Damn this boy is good,’ his mother thought.

“Yes, that’s it.”

“Well tell me something mum, what would be your advice? What would you suggest is good technique?”

Bri was still staring into her eyes, but now as she turned toward him, he placed his hands on her hips. Tracy felt a thrill go through her body at his touch. She was loving this; the taboo banter, the touch of her son, Bri had never been so attentive; it was all she had ever hoped for. She pointedly put her cup on the sink.

“Well I think one should take their time, you can’t rush eating or you may get some sort of upset.”

Tracy was becoming a little breathless now.

“Do you think one should spend time tasting what their about to eat, you know make sure they use their tongue totally so all their taste bubs fully enjoy what they’re about to eat?”

Bri eased his mother’s body against his, and even though she was older than him, she felt as though she was in the hands of a much older man.

“Oh yeah,’ she almost whispered and then decided to take it to the next level.

“But I also think presentation is very important.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. I think how something is dressed up is very important. You know like unwrapping a Christmas present, half the enjoyment is the unwrapping,” Tracy agreed.

Again his mother was impressed at how quickly he picked up on her leads, and could answer her. Now Tracy draped her arms around her son’s neck.

“Do you think you have good eating technique?” she asked.

Bri could see the lust in his mother’s eyes, and he knew she could see it in his. This told them both, that the other wanted this no matter what the world thinks. Bri whispered to his mother,

“Well if I were to eat that special place of yours I would use the best of techniques, I would take my time and I would make sure you were more than satisfied with how bahis şirketleri your son performed.”

Bri could feel his rock hard dick, and he gently drew his mother closer and as she melted into her son’s body she could feel him too. Tracy could feel that special sensation in her body and especially in her pussy, and acknowledged to herself it was for her son. She had no shame for her feelings.

“Then I would be delighted if you ate your old mum honey, it’s been so long.”

Both knew this was no longer banter and her son smiled his reassuring smile at her.

“I’ve thought of nothing else for years,” he confessed to his mother, and he saw her body’s reaction to his words.

“May I unwrap you?”

These were the words Tracy thought she would never hear.

“I thought you would never ask. Yes Bri, unwrap your mother and see the delights she has for you and just for you.”

She hugged her son with such force, Bri thought she would break one of his ribs, but he loved the passion in her that was behind it. Tracy then brought her mouth to his and mother and son kissed like lovers, as their mouths opened and their tongues ran over and around each other.

Both mother and son were so aroused; yet, it was not because they were mother and son and this was socially taboo, but because it was Tracy and Bri. Both had wanted the other for a number of years now. Damn that Jeremy is good, thought Bri.

As they kissed their hands explored each other’s body, and they had an exciting story to tell. Tracy’s hands confirmed what she already knew of her son, he was scrawny with hard, young muscle. Dressed in only a loose T-shirt and loose fitting track pants, Tracy’s hands were easily able to slide under his T-shirt and across his torso. Bri in turn slid his hands under his mother’s T-shirt, and his hands told him what he had only guessed at. His mother was not taut, because she had the body of a forty year old.

Yet, what his hands told him only fuelled his excitement. Her skin was just that little bit pliable, therefore soft and yielding, but smooth none the less. Bri’s hands moved up his mother’s bare back, across her ribs and to the front of her bra. As he did this, Tracy broke their kiss, so she could look into her son’s eyes as he touched her tits. She had deliberately worn her sheer bra, and it would nearly feel as if she were not wearing a bra at all for both of them. The moment her son’s hands cupped her tits, his mouth and eyes opened and he let out a gasp of excitement. Tracy’s body reacted and she ground her hips into his.

Bri could feel his mother’s nipples through her bra, and they were already very hard and he gently teased them. Tracy moaned softly and had to acknowledge her son was gentle and patient, not what she had expected from an 18 year old young man. But Bri wanted to eat his mother’s pussy, and after all their discussion on it, Tracy was impatient for it also.

She placed her hands on her son’s shoulders and gently pushed him down, and Bri caught on immediately and dropped to his knees. He raised his mother’s little cream skirt, and again she heard him gasp. He was staring at her little see through black panties, and he had to caress her pussy through them.

Her pussy was soft and yielding like the rest of her skin, but far spongier. In his mind this was a beautifully wrapped gift from his mother to him. Her pussy bulged in her restrictive panties, and Bri could see she only had a little pubic hair above her pussy.

Tracy slid her hands into the side of her panties and slid them down her hips, legs and then let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. She wanted to spread herself as wide as possible for her son. She lifted herself onto the edge of the bench, and spread her legs by pushing her knees wide. Bri stared at her trimmed pubic hair; she had a small patch on her pubic mound, while her whole pussy was clean shaven smooth. Her outer lips were big enough to envelop her inner lips, giving her a lovely thin line of a slit up her pussy. Her slit was long to Bri’s mind, having seen many pussies in the porn movies Jeremy managed to get hold off.

“Bri sweetie, start with my outside lips first, nice and gentle honey,” Tracy instructed her son.

Obediently Bri brought his tongue to his mother’s outer pussy lips and gently licked a few testing times.

“A little harder sweetie,” Tracy continued her instructions.

True to his word he took her lead, and did as he was told.

“Ah yeah, that’s it honey, just like that.”

Tracy’s hands gasped his head and kneaded his hair. Bri continued for a few minutes and then Tracy guided him again.

“Keep doing that but come inside.”

Bri instinctively knew she meant come inside of each side of her long slip, with the same pressure and he did what he was told. Tracy began to moan long and loud, the kneading of his hair keeping pace with her moans. Bri knew what he was doing was right on the money for his mother. Without her permission he moved to her slit, and using the flap of his tongue he licked the entire length up and down. This sent his mother to another level of ecstasy, and she pulled hard on his hair.

“Oh honey yeah, yeah, oooo, that’s how mummy likes it, ooo sweetie you’re so good.”

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