The Conference Ch. 04

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Day Four – Creampie Goddess:

She woke up feeling randy after dreaming of unending cum showers all night. Yesterday had been liberating. She had let go of her inhibitions and let herself indulge her secret desires.

Now she was ready for more.

“But why spend the whole day in bed dreaming about it, when I can go out and actually have it?” She got up, dressed in a nice shirt and jeans and brushed her hair, smiling when she noticed some dried cum that didn’t get washed out in the shower last night.

She headed out to the morning sessions, but on the way down, she had a stop to make first. At the concierge desk, she found Bruce, as she had hoped.

He greeted her, “How is my favorite guest doing today?”

She smiled. “Much the same as yesterday: happy, healthy, and horny. I’d take you upstairs and show you, but I have to get to the meetings.”

“Maybe later,” he replied, hopefully.

“That’s what I came to see you about. I’ve been having a ball (several, actually – she thought to herself) but the last night of the conference is coming up in a couple of days and I was hoping you could help me plan something extra special. It’s a special fantasy of mine.”

“Anything for you…”

She beckoned him close and whispered her idea in his ear. His eyes grew wide and he smiled an evil grin.

“Say no more. I have some ideas and some connections that can make that even better than you’re imagining. Just leave everything to me. Keep your evening clear, starting at, say 9 pm?”

“I can hardly wait. You’re the best concierge in town, and I say that as someone who’s sampled your talents.”

“See you later in my dreams, hot stuff,” he grinned back.

The morning sessions were interesting, but she still had trouble concentrating. Four of the grad students she’d flirted with yesterday were sitting a few rows ahead of her and she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. They were all in their early twenties, tall, handsome, fit, and energetic. In turn, she imagined having each of them take her, pressing their hunky bodies against her and ravaging her eager body.

The lunch break broke her reverie, but as she went to grab one of the free sandwiches, they walked up and greeted her.

“Oh, hi, boys. I was just thinking about you guys. This afternoon is the poster session, isn’t it?”

One of them said, “We’ve all got posters, I hope you’ll come by when I’m presenting.”

“I’ll be sure to come. I can’t wait to see your work.” Looking around, she added, “All of you, of course.”

“And what’s your research about?” one of them asked.

Thinking maybe her flirting was too subtle for them to know what she really meant, she kicked it up a notch.

“Most recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about reproductive behavior among graduate students.”

“Let us know if you need some test subjects,” one of them said. They all laughed as if he’d said the most clever thing ever.

“Oh, you naughty boys..” she said. She laughed and said, “See you later.” As she walked away, she turned back to let them know she was interested and was gratified to see them watching her ass as she walked away.

She went and ate her lunch alone, thinking about what kind of research into her body she wanted those young scientists to do…

During the poster session, she went from poster to poster and listened politely, but she also did a lot of subtle flirting with all the ones she found attractive, including a few of the girls, just for fun.

At the end of the session, she found herself walking out of the poster room with the guy who had offered to help her with her research.

“Ah, it’s you. Does that offer to be a test subject still go?”

“Do you have a written protocol? I’d have to review it,” he said, still thinking he was kurtköy olgun escort being clever.

This one is just too nerdy, she thought, so she just laughed and moved away.

Nearby, she saw one of the other guys she had been flirting with. It was Will, the extra buff one, and he looked happy to see her. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Hmm, I think I just made some. What did you have in mind?”

“Netflix and chill?” he laughed, “You sounded like you really wanted some company, if I took your signals right. I’m very companionable and frankly, am aching to be with you.”

“Me too. How about your room?”

“I’m sharing with one of the other guys, but he said he was going out, so we should be alone.”

“The risk of getting caught kind of turns me on. Let’s go.”

On the ride up the elevator, she kept eyeing his strong young body. She could have had any of the other guys, and had even thought of having all of them, but he was a good place to start.

Once in the room, they wasted no time. They began kissing and groping each other as soon as they got inside.

She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it aside, kissing his chest and feeling his shoulders. “He’s so young and strong,” she thought. She found it exhilarating and got all excited licking his nipples. He groaned when she playfully bit them.

She stepped back and unbuttoned her own shirt, tossing it aside, and undid her bra. He gasped when her pert tits popped free, nipples erect and hard. He started to suck on them and squeeze her ass. His hands felt good strongly rubbing the outside of her jeans and she could feel her pussy getting wet.

They started making out like horny teeagers. She pulled him up to kiss him and he started nuzzling her neck. Sweet little kisses there were like her instant-on switch and she almost melted. She reached down without interrupting him to undo his pants and reach in to grab his cock.

It was hard and thick, and she moaned, “Oh, my goodness. That’s a nice one.” He just grunted and continued to kiss her as she slid her hands around the back of his jeans to push them down as she cupped his hard round ass and pulled him against her.

He reached for her pants and quickly opened them and pushed them down along with her panties. They both kicked off their pants and in seconds were completely naked. Still kissing, they started for the bed.

He pushed her back on the bed and stood admiring her for a second. She looked up at his body and saw that it was as firm, muscular and as buff as she had imagined. His cock was rigid and erect, as if it was straining to get into her.

He said, “You look good enough to eat.” and proceeded to do just that. He went straight to her pussy and began to lick and suck her labia and clitoris. She was already wet and he lapped up her juices, smearing them around with his face. It was so good and it didn’t take long for her to start cumming. “Ahh… Ahhh… Ohh… Mmmmmm…” When she had calmed down a bit, she moaned, “I want you inside me.”

He eagerly complied. He settled between her legs and entered her. She was wet and ready, so he started pumping away. He was strong and in his sexual prime, so she knew she’d have a satisfying session.

He fucked her missionary style for a while, then rolled them over so she could ride on top of him. With greater control, she quickly brought herself to another organism. It seemed that the more over-sexed she had become in the last few days, the easier it was for her to cum. She rode him until her organism subsided, then rolled off.

She caught her breath for a moment, then got on all fours. “Come on…” she coaxed.

He wasted no time in getting behind her and grabbing her hips. Slamming into her, he started tuzla escort fucking her hard. She could feel another orgasm coming on, when they suddenly heard the door open and in walked his roommate, Ron.

“Oh, my God! I’m sorry.” He stared for a long second, but Will didn’t even slow down. Janet looked up at him and said, “That’s OK… *gasp* Oh!” as she started to cum again. The idea of being watched sent her into a crazy orgasm unlike any she’d had before. She felt like a Sex Goddess, with men worshiping at her feet.

“Don’t go,” she managed to gasp out as Will kept hammering into her. “Come here.”

He quickly pulled off his clothes and came closer. She looked up and saw another perfect dick, hard and ready.

“Come” he thought he heard her say, or maybe it was “Cum”. Either way, he stepped up and put his cock in her open mouth. She started sucking and he started thrusting, trying to match the rhythm of Will’s fucking.

She’d never been with two men like this before. “Oh my God, I’m being spit-roasted!” she thought to herself. It felt so good to be filled from both ends.

This only went on for a few minutes, though. The sight of Ron getting an enthusiastic blowjob from Janet while she was being fucked silly was too much, and Will started to cum. He shoved his cock as deep into her as he could reach and started flooding her womb with his semen.

She stopped sucking Ron and pushed back against Will. The feeling was fantastic.

Will pulled back and just said, “Wow!” As he moved off the bed, Janet rolled over on her back, a little drop of cum leaking out. She pulled Ron in between her legs and said, “Fuck me…”

Ron didn’t hesitate at all. He plunged right into her sloppy pussy. Some of Will’s cum was pushed out around his dick, but he didn’t mind. Her pussy felt so soft and creamy that he could only keep fucking.

Janet’s mind was a blur of lust and mini-orgasms. She’d just been fucked by one man and pumped full of cum and now another man was fucking her as hard as he could, while the first one watched.

She looked over to see Will sitting in a chair by the bed, watching them fuck. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. He looked at her with hunger and she could see him stroking his cock, which was getting hard again.

Ron kept fucking her, pounding her into the bed with every thrust. The whole thing was too much and Janet started to cum again. She buried her head in Ron’s shoulder to muffle her little screams as he made her cum hard.

This went on for what seemed like forever, then he grunted, “I’m going to cum.” She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, and wrapped her legs around him to hold him deep. He stiffened and started shooting deep into her. He groaned as he pumped his jizz into her.

After he finished, he pulled out and a big glob of mixed semen ran out of her. She reached down to catch some of it. Ron and Will watched mesmerized as she held it in her hand, admiring it, then licked it off her fingers.

She looked over at Will and said, “Ready to go again?” He just nodded and walked over to her, hard cock bouncing.

She got up on her knees to let him enter her from behind again. More cum dripped out and down onto the bed.

He almost growled as he got behind her and plunged in again. Ron sat in the chair and watched her get pounded again. She locked eyes with him and smiled, reddened face wild with lust.

She closed her eyes and drifted into a euphoric state, concentrating on the sensation of being used as an endless sex object. She went into yet another wave of mind numbing orgasms. Will stiffened and shot his load into her again, then rolled off and Ron took his place again. Her orgasms didn’t even stop as they switched and her mind was numb.

After pendik escort she came back to this universe, she opened her eyes to look at Will sitting there again and was surprised to see two other men standing there. “I called for reinforcements,” Will said with a grin.

It was the other two grad students, and they were obviously enjoying the show. They pulled their cocks out and stood there stroking them, watching her get fucked by their friend.

She decided to give them a good show and started pushing back against Ron’s thrusts. Soon, she was rewarded as she felt Ron grunt his seed into her again.

Next, one of the new guys laid down next to her on the bed and she climbed on top of him. As she did, fresh cum ran out of her and smeared over his belly, then down his cock onto his balls as she guided him into her.

He was fresh and eager, and fucked her vigorously. Knowing the others were watching, she raised up to straddle him cowgirl style so they could see her face and bouncing tits. She beckoned the other new one over so she could take his cock in her mouth.

She sucked for a minute, but then the one beneath her began to jackhammer her and she had to take it out to keep from biting it. He grunted, “Here… it… comes”. She slammed down on him and felt hot jets of cum flooding her vagina yet again.

He groaned as he pumped her full. Their cum was mixed together and whipped into a froth around his dick by the vigorous fucking. More fresh semen ran out as she lifted off of his cock.

She rolled on her back, spread her legs, and smiled up at the other newcomer. “Next…”

After that, it was a blur of cocks plowing into her pussy one after another. The guys took turns, fucking her in different positions, then switching off. It literally went on for hours and she lost track of how many times she came. Having these young studs serving her lust was empowering. They weren’t using her, she was using them.

Each time one of them lost control and shot his load into her, another would take his place, so she always had a dick in her. She got off on seeing the waiting men watching her get fucked. She’d lock eyes with them and smile hungrily. At times she found another cock shoved in her mouth and she’d suck it enthusiastically. It was good to have some variety from the constant pounding of her pussy, but then she’d be pulled back as she started to cum again. One by one, they dumped more cum loads into her already full pussy.

When they were finally done, she raised up and smiled at them sitting around, naked and spent. Her lower body was slathered in jizz and she was sitting in a puddle of cum that had leaked out of her.

“I’m a mess,” she said.

“You’re a creampie goddess,” Will said, “That was amazing. I’d love to go back in, but I’m dry. I’d be shooting air if I tried to cum again.”

She asked Ron to take her phone and snap a picture of her. She’d want to remember this.

“I think I’ve finally had enough, for now at least. All I want now is a hot bath and a long nap.”

She got up and went around to the four guys, kissing each one, leaving a dripping trail of semen as she walked. The thought of how sexy and nasty she must look with cum running down her legs was fantastic. She wanted to leave it there forever, but she had to clean up enough to get dressed.

She went to the bathroom and wiped herself off enough to get her clothes back on without ruining her jeans. She kissed the guys again and thanked them, but turned down their offers to see her again. She’d love to keep her little stable of studs, but she couldn’t really take them home with her.

As she walked down the hallway to go back to her room, she felt her panties filling up with the cum still running out of her. She was sure they had all cum in her at least three times each and some even more, so she had taken over a dozen cumloads tonight.

Once she got back to her room, she undressed and ran a tub of hot water. As she sat there soaking, she watched more cum ooze out of her and float away in the water.

What a night!

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