The Devil’s Sin

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Brother Sister

Jen entered the Church, dipped her hand in the Holy water and made a sign of the cross. She took a deep breath and headed towards the confessional. Before she went she took one last deep breath. Although at 37 yrs old, she has done this many times before it always made her anxious. She entered the confessional and knelt down on the kneeler. A screened window opened in front of her and she heard his deep voice that commanded attention.

“Bless me Father for I have sinned.” Jen whispered, ” It has been four months since may last confession.”

“Tell me your sins child.” The Priest said.

They both knew the game very well and both played their parts perfectly. She had met the young Priest during marriage counseling. She ended up going to most of the sessions alone, as her husband at the time had no desire to talk to some priest who had no idea about sex and marriage. After one such session Jen found herself locked in the arms of this priest and both were kissing the other passionately.

As the priest listened to her confession he was becoming more aroused by the second. When Jen finished she asked for forgiveness. “Please forgive bahis firmaları me Father.’ Jen said.

“My child, forgiveness is earned not given. Proceed up to the alter and remove your clothes. Lay yourself face down with your feet remaining on the floor.” The Priest commanded. “Yes, Father.” Jen replied meekly.

As she headed for the alter she could feel her moistness building. She had added a few extra sins to her confession that were more provocative than usual. Sins such as anal sex and multiple partners.

When Jen reached the alter she genuflected and made a sign of the cross. She stood and began to remove her dress. As the dress fell to the floor she removed her bra, then finally her panties. Reluctantly she bent over the alter as instructed knowing full well what was about to happen. She lay on the cold marble of the alter for what seemed like hours but was a mere moment or two. The next sound she heard was that of the priests belt whistling through the air then striking her on her bare bottom. She let out a yelp but as it was late at night the only people to hear were Jen and the priest. The priest whipped her on her bottom and kaçak iddaa back of thighs over and over again each time making Jen cry out louder.

“You will earn your forgivness this night my dear child, that I promise you. After which you will be offered the love of the Lord.” The Priest preached.

Finally after close to a hundred lashes with the belt he had stopped. He strolled over to one of the lit candles and removed it from its holder.

“Lay face up on the alter my child as we continue to cleanse you of your sins.” He said rather calmly. Jen did as she was told. The coldness of the marble and the coolness of the air in the church combined to make her nipples as hard and erect as he had ever seen them. Slowly, he dribbled a small amount of hot wax on Jen’s nipples. She drew in a long deep breath as each nipple was assaulted with the hot wax. The priest returned the candle to its holder and returned to Jen.

“Bend over the alter once more.” The priest instructed. Jen obediently complied.

As she once again bent over the alter she could feel the priests fingers probing her wetness. Electric shock waves flowed through her as kaçak bahis the priest found her cliterous. She could feel her orgasm quickly building as the walls of the church echoed with her moans of pleasure. Suddenly she screamed out in ecstasy as a release of pleasure flowed from her. Her body shuddered from the orgasm. Her moans reverberating off the walls and ceiling of this Holy place. When she had settled down the priest sat himself in the large cushioned chair he uses during certain points in the mass. He removed his hardness and instructed Jen to kneel before him.

“Are you ready now child to accept the Lords love?” the priest asked. To which Jen replied, “yes Father.” Jen kneeled and took the priests hardness into her mouth and began to lick and suck it. Her tongue licking the tiny opening where the Lords love would come. Within minutes she felt the first taste of what was to come. She eagerly took all the priest had to offer her, swallowing all of the love. When she had finished the priest removed his limp member from Jen’s mouth and told her to dress and go. “The love of the Lord is now within you child. Go and serve him well as you have served me.” Proclaimed the priest. Jen quickly dressed, genuflected at the alter and made a sign of the cross and left the church, knowing full well that the love of the Lord was not in her but the Devil’s sin.

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