The Education of Samantha Ch. 2

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First I would like to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement about Part one of this series. I hope you like the following chapter. If so let me know, and I will continue the story.

Huggs and kisssses,


* * * * *

Lil sis and I made sure to spend a lot of time alone the following week exploring each other’s bodies. That next weekend, though, was especially eventful. I had dreamed of seducing my dad for along time. Mom had to go out of town for the weekend to visit my sick great-aunt, so I took the opportunity to try.

I knew my daddy had porn videos in his bedroom, so while he went to the gym I went into his room to see what all he had. I found a coed video in his stash and put it in his VCR with a note on it that said “I did not want you to feel lonely honey, so watch the little girls you love sooo much get their tight twats sucked and fucked. – Love, Sara”

That afternoon seemed to fly by. I told Samantha what I was going to do. She says “You like to keep it in the family don’t ya.” I just smiled wickedly, and told her to check in my bedroom when she got home, if I was not there to just come on in and we would give daddy the surprise of his life.

That evening, dad and I watched TV for a while. He was dressed in some of his workout/jogging shorts. I could not help but look down occasionally and sneak a peak at his bulge. I knew he had a fairly large cock from just seeing him in his undies. I told him I was going to turn in early as I had a busy day the next day at school preparing for a class project. I went up to my room and turned everything off and lay there just thinking of him. I reached down and began rubbing my already wet pussy, and before long was having an orgasm just thinking of him. It was about an hour before I heard pendik escort bayan him coming down the hall towards his bedroom. He took a shower, and then I heard him open up the case where their TV was, and before long I could hear the soft moans of a female. Even with their TV turned way low I could always hear it from my bedroom. I also heard mom and daddy when they would make love late at night. This night though would be my turn.

I waited about 30 minutes before I crept down the hall. The only source of light was a soft glow from the TV in their bedroom. Their bed faces towards the opposite wall from the door, so at the right angle I could see him laying there slowly stroking himself. On the TV was a beautiful ‘teen’ girl, but knowing the adult industry it was probably a 26 year old that looked younger. She was laying there watching her friend getting fucked and playing with herself. I watched this for a few minutes, and nervously barged in on him. He quickly covered himself and turned off the VCR. “W-What is it Sophi” he stammered.

I walked in to the other side bed in just my midriff t-shirt and thong panties. “I could not sleep and saw the light on and figured you were watching TV. I see I was right!” His face turned red and I giggled. “It is ok daddy, I’ve known about your videos for a long time. Why don’t you turn it back on so I can watch it with you? I am in college you know. It is not like I have not seen this stuff before.”

He just sat there for a minute still dumbfounded at me catching him in the act of jerking off. I gently sat down on the bed beside him and grabbed the remote out of his hand. I pushed play and turned the volume up a little. There was the older man fucking this younger slut and her friend. I lay back on the pillow beside ataşehir escort him and just kept my eyes on the TV. It was not long before he could not stand not looking at the screen. We were soon talking about the film. I asked him if he ever thought of cheating on mom with a younger girl like what was on the screen. He said yes, but would never do it. I could see his erection coming back to life after the scare of his daughter coming in on him. I caught him looking at my tits and my erect nipples. The white t-shirt I had on did not hide my dark areolas.

I saw his cock twitch a couple of times and looked down at it. I told him if he did not stroke it his balls would bust and giggled. He looked down, smiled, and said ” yes but, what if your mom found out I was jerking off in front of my daughter?” “Just who is gonna tell? Not me. Here let me help you a little.” I stood up and slowly slid my t-shirt off and my tits just bounced out in front of him. He quickly turned away. “Come on daddy, this will be fun. I saw you peaking at them earlier. They are only tits.” Before he turned around I had time to strip my panties off and sat in the chair next to his bed with my legs over the arms and my bald pussy exposed. “I tell you what I will masturbate and you can too. You can watch the movie or me”

With that I turned on my vibrator, and began running it up my slit. He turned to look at me. His little girl playing with a vibrator right in front of him; I just kept my eyes shut peaking out of them just enough to be able to see him. He sat there watching for just a minute before his hand went under the sheet and he began stroking himself again. When I did open my eyes his were glued on the vibrator going in and out of my wet pussy. I also noticed my sis at the door. She was kadıköy escort naked and rubbing her tits watching the whole scene. I pulled the vibrator out of my snatch and got up from the chair and moved over to him. He was still stroking himself as I got in front of him on the bed on my knees. I reached over and got the satin belt from his robe and told him I had planned all of this. The note had been from me and not mom. He just stared at my tits and kept stroking. I took his hand off of his dick. I did not want him coming so soon. I leaned up and whispered in his ear for him to lay back on the bed. My tits were brushing his chest and I had to push him back down on the bed. I took his belt and covered his eyes, and told him I had a surprise for him.

I motioned Samantha over, and whispered for her to kiss his nipples. His body tensed as she did and he pulled the belt off. Imagine his surprise when he saw his other ‘baby girl’ naked and kissing on him like she was. I quickly moved over his body with my pussy inches from his mouth. “Go ahead daddy taste me. I know you like younger girls!”

I turned around and had just about sat down on his face when I felt the first tentative licks at my pussy. As he began to lap a little more faster and harder, I began to moan. “That’s it daddy, she tastes soooo good doesn’t she?” Samantha said. Before I came I moved off of him and told him it was his turn. We both got no either side of our daddy just above his cock, smiled at him, and turned and faced each other. On our hands and knees we began kissing and slowly moved down. I raised his cock and we both kissed the head of his dick. Our tongues began wrestling each other for his cock and we slid down the shaft and each got one of his balls in our mouths and began to suck on it. He grabbed a handful of our hair and began forcing us up and down the sides of his shaft. It was not long before he shot his cum straight up in the air and back on our faces and his stomach. He lay back breathless and watched as sis and me licked all the cum off each other and then him…

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