The Endless Night Ch. 01

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I guess that was the luckiest night of my life because not only it changed my life but also changed the way I was. Before coming to the story, let me describe about me and my family. This story is about 4 years old. I was 21 at that time and used to live with my mother, uncle and aunt. It has been around 7 years now since my mother got divorced. Uncle and aunt were newly married (around 4-5 months before that night). My aunt looked like a fairy at that time and with Asian white skin, gorgeous curves and charming charismatic personality. I was really envy of my uncle because of her. She was always friendly and nice to me.

Now, let me come to the story. It was summer and I was having my summer holidays. At that time, my mother used to work at a cafe near my house, uncle worked as a bank manager with a very good salary and aunt stayed at home and used to help me out with home assignments and study. I really wanted to look her closely but was afraid that if she finds out, I might get in a big trouble.

One night, it was very hot and there was a power cut in entire city (due to some fault). So, we weren’t able to sleep in our rooms due to hot weather and at night we (I and my mother) decided to go to roof of our house to sleep as it was open and airy at night. When we both reached at roof top, we found uncle and aunt was sleeping. Without disturbing them, we slept beside them.

I guess, 3-4 hours would have been passed when I woke up. I found it was very early in the morning (may be 4-5 am) and small birds were chirping. I also found that, my mother and uncle had already left the roof and there was only my aunt sleeping beside me and she was probably in her deep sleep. I thought of going back to my room. No sooner I was about to leave, my mind said some evil words to me. The words were, “This is the chance”. I again looked at her. She was looking just like the sleeping beauty, so beautiful and her face was just heavenly. She was in her T-Shirt which was really low cut and I could see her deep cleavage and curves which were really inviting me for a feast.

Now, there was no chance of turning back. Without thinking about the consequences, I moved towards her. I could see lining of sweat in her face which just looked like the dew in a morning leaf. Her skirt was lifted up till her knees showing the milky white legs and whole scene was just indescribable. You can imagine how it is for a man who is sitting beside a young and beautiful woman whose body is impeccably attractive. Her breasts were just pushing out of the bra. I could see the straps on the shoulder and I was rock hard and her body was acting just like alcohol.

I wanted to take the risk and slowly I started moving my hands towards her breast with my eyes fixated on both, her body and downstairs so that kartal escort I could check whether my mother or uncle is coming or not. My heart was about to blast any moment from the zeal and suddenly I touched her breast. I pulled my hand back so fast like it was fire. Seeing no reaction on her face, again I moved my hand and this time, I put my hand over her breast. They were really large and hard. Now, it was the moment of do or die. I pressed gently my hand over her breast and still there was no reaction on her face. I wanted to move my hand over her breast. As soon as I was about to move my hand over her breast, my mother called me from downstairs. I jumped backward like I have seen a ghost. I thought my heart had come out. I started moving downstairs and after few minutes, my aunt also woke up and came down. We all had breakfast together and I was feeling shy to look at her at that time. I was still thinking about her breasts. After Breakfast, I felt my tool would die, so I went to bathroom and cummed thinking about her. I felt great after that. My mother left for the job and uncle has already left for the office. I went to my room and started studying. It was noon when my aunt called me out for lunch. I went to kitchen and to my surprise, she was wearing a sleeveless t Shirt with a shorts adjusting food on the dining table. The view was killing me and again I wanted to cum. I started moving towards the bathroom when she called me and asked where I was going.

“I am going to bathroom”, I replied.

“You just came out from there!” she said with a naughty smile.

I lowered my face and moved towards the dining table. She said, “Don’t you want to go to the bathroom?”

I said, “I am fine and asked for food”.

I was really feeling shy and confused at the same time. Suddenly I thought what if she had felt me early in the morning. I may be trouble. I was confused thinking what would happen next. Suddenly, she put a plate in front of me. I was sitting in a chair and she was standing beside me and her breasts were just in front of my face. I lowered my eyes and covered my crotch with my hand. She served food and told me to eat. I slowly started eating and she sat in front of me with an evil smile in her face. I was not able to get what was her intention. I felt a little nervous and I picked the glass of water and started drinking the water. Suddenly she asked, “How was your night”.

I spitted out water and some felt on her. I jumped from chair and started apologising. She said it was ok and no need to worry. I could see, Her T shirt was little dripped and table was also filled with water. She took a wiper and started wiping the table and her body was moving as she wiped the table. In such awkward situation, I felt my tool was getting hard. I wanted pendik escort to cum again. I told her, “I am going to bathroom to clean myself” and rushed towards the bathroom without thinking anything. She asked whether I needed any help but I went towards bathroom without replying. I relieved myself and went to my room. After cleaning, she came to my room and I was feeling very uncomfortable after such incidence. She told me, it was fine and I should be relaxed. With a weird smile she left the room. I could sense some kind of excitement in her, but I wasn’t sure if it was me or any other reason for her excitement.

It was evening time and I went to kitchen for some snacks. When I entered kitchen there, she was standing and asked me what I wanted. All I wanted was her, but it was literally impossible to say that. I asked I wanted some snacks. She said me to wait till night. I could not understand what she meant and asked her again that I want to eat something.

“What do you want to eat?” she asked.

“Anything, But be quick”, I replied.

“Ok, let me prepare something” she said and started preparing noodles and I stayed at kitchen unknowingly staring at her breasts.

“Do you like them?” she asked. I shook my head and saw she was looking at the pan with a smile on her face. I lowered my face and started moving back to room.

“I have asked you a question, you haven’t replied yet!” She told.

“Do you like them?”

I was unable to decide what to say but I just nodded my head in positive gesture. She gave me a sharp stare and asked me “Whether I have seen them before”.

I just shook my head into a no. She told,” Last night, how much you have gone?”

I wanted to run away but at the same time was I was thinking of her morning body. She told me, “Do not fear! Its fine” and she told me, “Let go further tonight!”

I was not able to think what was going and whether that was true or just a dream but if it was a dream, I wanted that dream to continue forever! She served me food and went to her room and I also went to my room. Soon time fled away and my mom and uncle came and we had dinner. After dinner, my aunt furtively gave me a small piece of paper. I opened it and I found that she has called me upstairs at 1’o clock of night. I felt shocked and went to my room. Soon my mom slept and I was just lying in my bed thinking what would happen next. After few hours I felt someone went to roof. I was sure it would be my sweet aunt. I followed her quietly and when I reached the roof, I found her stand in middle of the roof. I hide myself behind the gate. Soon I found she started opening her Tees. I was just hiding beside door and was watching her. Actually it was little dark so I wasn’t able to see properly but I could see her removing kurtköy escort her top, bra and panty. I was hard and excited and was looking at her. She became completely nude. Then she raised her hand in sky and stretched her body and then started moving in the roof slowly like she was waiting for someone. I knew that she was waiting for me but seeing her at that state, I was quite fearful to go towards her.

I was quite shocked seeing her so confident moving nude in the roof. Actually we used to live in top floor of our apartment and it was quite high so there was no chance of being caught. I was thinking of how to go towards her. I intentionally made some noise like I was coming to roof. I saw, she just went beside the wall which was darkest place in whole roof. I reach at roof and pretended I haven’t seen her. I stared moving here and there and suddenly she called my name and said why I was looking here and there when I actually know, where she was.

I was shocked by her words. She said she knew that I was following her hence she had put on the show. I felt little shy and started moving towards her. She told me to stop when I reached to the position where there was some light. I stopped and asked her what happened. She told that it was the right spot. Actually she could see me from her place as I was standing in a bit lighten place but I was not able to see her due to darkness. She told me to open my clothes. I was confused and asked her again, “what?”

She told me that she will not repeat anything next time and then told me to remove the clothes. I started removing my shirt. I removed my shirt and stand there bare chest. I was having an athletic body at that time and when she looked at that, she told me that she was impressed. Then she told me to remove my trousers and I did as she told me. I was standing with just a boxer on me with a huge bulge on my pants and shyness on my face. I was having my face down. She told me to look straight and told me to open the boxers. I slowly started removing it. As soon as my member came out she cried, Oh yeah! I was embarrassed and continued to remove it. I threw away my boxer aside and covered my genital with my hand. She told me to remove my hand and let her see my member in full glory.

I removed my hand and she started laughing and cried, “See that thing”, and was laughing loudly. I was standing there helpless with my 7 inch snake ready to bite. It was out of control and she told me to come towards her slowly till she say stop. I started moving towards her and when I reached the point where my genital was very close to her and also covered in darkness she told me to stop. Still I was not able to see her properly rather I was seeing a shadow like things. In the darkness, she touched my dick and I felt a chill over my body. I thought it was like I am about to die! She then holds my dick and told me not to make noise and just stand there quite. I was not able to tell, what was going on was I was just following her lead towards the heaven. I will be writing more in next chapter.

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